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Demi Lovato: Eating Disorder Jokes Aren't Funny, Disney Channel!

Demi Lovato: Eating Disorder Jokes Aren't Funny, Disney Channel!

Demi Lovato went on a Twitter rant on Friday (December 23) against her former bosses at Disney Channel.

“Dear Disney Channel, EATING DISORDERS ARE NOT SOMETHING TO JOKE ABOUT,” the 19-year-old songstress tweeted. “‘I could just eat you up, well if I ate’ – Disney Chanel’s Shake It Up…. What are we promoting here? #notfunnyATALL.” (Watch the video clip below!)

Demi continued, “I find it really funny how a company can lose one of their actress’ from the pressures of an EATING DISORDER and yet still make joke[s] about that very disease. And is it just me or are the actress’ getting THINNER AND THINNER…. I miss the days of RAVEN, and LIZZIE MCGUIRE.”

“Just to clarify, I have nothing against any specific actress/actor or tv show,” Demi added. “Nor do I think there’s anything wrong with girls who aren’t curvy, I just was stating a fact that there needs to be more variety on television so young girls growing up don’t feel pressured to look one specific way. Tall, thin, curvy, short, whatever you are, you are beautiful. :)”

A few hours after Demi‘s tweets went out, Disney Channel responded, saying, “We hear you & are pulling both episodes as quickly as possible & reevaluating them. It’s NEVER our intention to make light of eating disorders!”

“Shake It Up” Clip
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Photos: Disney Channel
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  • KatnissE

    omg!! she is crazy!

  • Female

    This chick is annoying.

  • NN

    I dont like the way she expresses herself… is aggressive.

  • Lisa

    She’s right… ED is not funny at all… I think people should think more before say something rude about what Demi said… She is not wrong!

  • 5

    I agree but she is rude

  • Loser

    It’s true, they shouldn’t put this on a show. But she didn’t have to tell the public!!

  • milo

    poor girl! she just need more attention. =(

  • gwin

    If a person can’t be strong in responding to issues such as these then what can we be aggressive about? Excellent work Demi.

  • SohoBoy

    She’s pathetic no one cared at first until demi started to bitch about it she is such an idiot, this episode is really old it filmed way before her problem I laughed at it and thought nothing of it and it’s people’s own fault if they throw up their food to look skinnier not Disney’s. Too bad Demi that you are not skinny and you wont put us down that are naturally skinny good looking people so stop kissing up to Demi Whorevato!

  • Lisa

    @Loser why not? At least she did something… Most of people is afraid to tell what they think… She made the difference… If was any of us telling Disney, that ED is not funny… They would ignore, for sure…

  • JJ

    “and it’s people’s own fault if they throw up their food to look skinnier not Disney’s. Too bad Demi that you are not skinny and you wont put us down that are naturally skinny good looking people so stop kissing up to Demi Whorevato!” <<<<<< SERIOUS? ARE YOU CRAZY? I think the one who need treatment here is you… asshole

  • santa

    I agree but there are other more intelligent ways to make such statements.
    I think sheis a little stupid if this is the way she defends and refers to this type of issues.

  • James

    @KatnissE: yeah how dare she speaks out against ED’s. Its not like people die from it right?

  • ego

    @SohoBoy: Actually people DID care. ED’s have been a huge topic for now but just because it was recently brought into the lite of day makes it less offensive? Also what does it matter if it was an old episode filmed? Are you saying that the time frame makes things ok? If thats the case then why not tell the jewish community to back off being offended at the fact that their race was slaughtered by a mad tryant dring world war 2? Are you saying that Disney is exempted from writing a ba d line in poor taste? If you’re going to be a superficial douche bag SohoBo the least you can do is be an EDUCATED superficial douche bag. You’re so stupid/

  • anne

    she only say those things because she’s fat :) ohh also because she wants to get attention !

  • ego

    \@santa: Dear Santa. What I want for Xmas is for you to grow a brain and to NOT be an idiot. The only stupid person here is you. please off yourself :)

  • anne

    people are so weak this days! i mean with one simple comment they completely break down! OMG

  • ego

    @Female: No you’re just an idiot :)

  • James

    @anne She is fat? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I want this “fat girl” in my bed then…. Seriously… You guys need to go to treatment…

  • cookie

    all you guys that are making fun of her should shut up.! how would you feel if some one you know and love has a eating disorder a cut them self, how would you feel if ppl were talking shit about them. oh & shes not even fat. you guys need to stop being bullys, your the ones who are pathetic.

  • ego

    @anne: Yeah they are so weak. She should Lighten up! its not like SHE suffered from an eating disorder or that ED’s kill people right?…right?

  • Blondie

    Don’t know why anyone would get mad at Demi for speaking out against issues close to her. I think it’s great she said something. And even better, I am glad that Disney is fixing their error. I don’t see what is supposedly “unintelligent” about how she brought up these issues. She was clear and to the point.

  • anne

    F-A-T-T-Y :)

  • ego

    @5: No shes not rude. You’re just stupid.

  • ego

    @milo: Yeah and guess what idiot. You’re giving it to her. Not to big on intelligence are you? Die in a fire love :)

  • i like gray cats

    she shouldve said she finds it really UNfunny.

  • anne

    i want you all to understand being fat is UNHEALTHY :) so come on with you all defending fat people! the same thing happens with adele!
    anyway happy holidays everyone, dont stress yourself with other people problems ;)

  • Zahra

    She was so right to call Disney out on these “jokes” they have done it twice now and its just not appropriate to let children believe that ED’s are a laughing matter.

  • IK

    @anne you don’t have anything more useful to do? like… seriously… You should look yourself in the mirror, to see who needs treatment here… It’s because of bullies like you, that people commit SUICIDE EVERY F*** YEAR… So think before you say anything about a person that you don’t even know…

  • IK

    @anne you don’t have anything more useful to do? I think you should look yourself in the mirror and see who needs treatment here…. You don’t know the crap that you’re saying…. It’s because of bullies like you, that people commit SUICIDE EVERY F*** YEAR… so STFU

  • fox mulder

    i get it.
    but it’s supposed to be a vapid, model-type saying it, ie., not a ‘good’ character like one of the kids saying it.

    but the other shows dont promote the best qualities either.

    go watch wizards of waverly place.
    the wizards are hardly ever seen doing actual work because they just use magic. selena’s character, alex, is extremely lazy, always gets herself into trouble, disobeys her parents, but she is the ‘cool’ one and the smart, studious one, justin, is always made fun of.
    so disney perpetuates and promotes negative stereotypes constantly in more major ways in other/all shows.

  • The80sRule

    I find it really funny and disgusted a former Disney actress was kissing that sleazeball Wilmer “Don’t call me Fez” Valderama

  • Julia

    Totally agree… DC is “promoting negative stereotypes constantly in more major ways in other/all shows.”….. And like Demi said… I miss the old shows.. Lizzie McGuire, That’s So Raven, Phil of the Future…. Stereotypes didn’t exist in that time

  • Dude

    @The80sRule she’s not in Disney anymore, she have 19 YO… And is HER F** life… She do what she wants

  • SkinnyBitch

    Oh demi how sad and pathetic are you? Jealous maybe? I think so. She’s a nobody with plenty of body if you know what I mean hahahahaha she needs to start using the index finger workout plan again because she is repulsive to look at some can not stay thin like us pretty people do size 0′s only, start packing for fat camp demi :)

  • ego

    @SkinnyBitch: She is not as patehtic as some stupid superficial brat calling her self “Skinny B**ch” seriously love. That pretty much is an insult all on its own. The fact that you bring out the “She is jealous” remark even though right now she is at the peak of her career is quite amusing./ But if she is such a Nobody then why are you feeding the media frenzy to give her more exposure and publicity? Seriously if you are going to be a b**ch? At least be smart, and not use the “I’m a superficial C**k end” line so vividly. its just too easy to insult you love :)

  • Etahn

    I don’t think one can say that ALL eating disorder jokes are unfunny.. I’m sure there are some that are funny. I concede that one was a dud, though.

  • jade

    im glad she said something disney channel sucks now anway

  • jade

    im glad she said something disney channel sucks now anway

  • k

    Demi Lovato – The Drama Queen

  • HelenaG___

    Im reading the comments and all i see is most of them,saying bad words about Demi. Maybe the way she actually exressed this was wrong,but her point is REALLY strong. This is NOT and not SUPPOSED to be a joke.Imagine yourselves dealing with eating disorders and just in time you’re getting better,your former bosses come and joke around about that.How would you feel?I dont care if EVERYBODY disagrees with me,i am talking from my personal experience.I,myself,have dealt with issues like those and my friends considered this a joke as soon as i got better.Well,guess what?IT IS NOT
    Stop judging people without even knowing them.This is just bad and harmful for some.

  • Brandon

    Considering demi has physically attacked a girl on her tour, and has had a couple of “nip slips” (we all know this is easily prevented) who is she to insult people she acts like and animal.

  • bitterness

    wow, somebody is still BITTER, about being axed from disney.

  • ego

    @k: Yeah what a drama queen. It’s not like eating disorders KILL PEOPLE right? idiot.

  • ego

    @Brandon: Last time I checked Brandon, Demi Lovato never verbally insulted or poked fun at a serious mental disorder that people DIE from. And are you really gonna compare WARDROBE malfunction and a black eye to a line that is clearly offensive to people who suffer from a serious mental disorder? Are you really that stupid? You’re gonna compare a wardrobe malfunction, which is beyond ANYONE’S Control to verbal castigation which people should be AWARE about? It must be nice to have the mindset of a moron. How is that working for you BRandon?

  • Nancy T

    Oh for pete’s sake, grow a thicker skin! It’s just one friggin line! Would anybody would’ve noticed this if Demi hadn’t pointed it out? A little overdramatic. If everything on tv was to be taken seriously, then it would be a complete bore. I doubt the writers sat around their round table saying “You know what, let’s poke fun of young girls with eating disorders! And then with the next episode, let’s take a jab at wristcutters!”. It’s not the end of the world Demi. You ain’t exactly Ms. wholesome yourself!

  • ego

    @anne: Psh thats all you have? calling her a fatty? Lame. Even by the standards of JJr lol

  • ego

    @bitterness: 1. She LEFT Disney CHANNEL on her own. 2. She is still part of Disney’s sister companies 3. Kill yourself for your stupidity. Thank you :)

  • ego

    @Nancy T: Hey Nancy T. I was just wonder how that ignorance is bliss lifestyle is working out for you? Good? Ok then. Lets continue. Yeah it’s just one line! I mean it’s not like words to impressionable young kids hurt people right? I mean its not like a children’s network television programming show should have known better than to poke fun at a serious mental condition right? Oh wait, thats exactly what happened. Are you serious? Over dramatic? Lol First off, does it matter if Demi Lovato pointed it out? Would that make it less offensive? Thats like saying if a Nick Show made a stab against black people and its only offensive if Leon Thomas III pointed it out. Are you saying that because celebrities pointed it out, it can’t be offensive? And what the hell does her past indiscretions have to do with Disney making a verbal faux pas on their television show? What is it with her detractors and bringing up non related bull crap into their argument? Please for the love of god try again. This time without the chronic stupidity.

    And at least attempt to stay on topic?

  • ego

    @Nancy T: “You ain’t exactly Ms. wholesome yourself!” Last time I checked Nancy T, Demi Lovato never insulted those who suffered from a mental disorder that people die from. You are really gonna compare a rehab trip to out right slanderous statements? You’re friggin stupid.