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Jeremy Irvine Interview - Exclusive

Jeremy Irvine Interview - Exclusive

Jeremy Irvine is one busy actor – from playing the leading character in War Horse to taking the reins in Great Expectations, he’s caught the attention of many.

The British actor sat down with to talk about everything from his past films to dream roles to favorite hobbies to his upcoming holiday plans. And don’t forget War Horse is in theaters tomorrow, Christmas Day!

Click inside to read’s interview with Jeremy Irvine…

Jeremy Irvine Interview – Exclusive

JustJared: You have a bunch of movies you have done this year…
Jeremy Irvine: Yeah, I’m finishing my third and the next one is The Railway Man so that’s cool. I’m in the middle of filming Great Expectations at the moment so I am going straight back to set. The fact that I can get work is cool enough, without the fact of being able to steer the course of the work that I choose.

JJ: You started out in theater and now jumped into film with War Horse, which let you work with Steven Spielberg, what was that like?
JI: It’s not real yet, it’s not going to be real for a while. You know, it’s so far from the world that I can really relate to. I had no lines in a theater show when I got the job, so it feels like a long way from home. From a little village north of London, it feels like a long way from home. It’s weird, especially coming here [to Los Angeles], stuff hasn’t really started happening back home, you come here and there are billboards and stuff.

JJ: We have seen those all over Los Angeles!
JI: Yeah, it’s crazy! My big fat face all over the place (laughs). That was a shock. I just did the premiere in New York and seeing all over the place there is so weird, I never really thought about that side of things. It’s not the part I really thought about or was ready for, you can train to be an actor. The other stuff is the only part that really scares me. When you are acting there is an art to it and you can work it out.

JJ: What was it like working with Steven Spielberg?
JI: He is the man. He wasn’t just a director for me he was also my film acting teacher. To sort of have someone like him take you under their wing and be so incredibly generous so kind, and nurture you through it is such a huge honor. He really did take such good care of me, he has an amazing paternal manner. On the back of his chair he has “dad” instead of director. On set it’s a very relaxed family environment and it lets you do your best work.

JJ: Are you nervous about the release of the film?
JI: I am, but I am also living in ignorant bliss (laughs). I’ve got no experience of this sort of thing. I don’t really know how this stuff goes down. I’m waiting to see. When we were filming I just didn’t think about that side of it. You have to stop yourself from thinking you’re working with the legend Steven Spielberg. You’re turning up for work each day and trying to do the best you can.

JJ: What films of his did you grow up loving?
JI: You know, like everyone I grew up with all of his movies. Indiana Jones… I remember watching Saving Private Ryan before I was really allowed to on VHS with the volume down. I was watching that movie thinking I would love to make movies. It was beyond my wildest dreams.

JJ: Did you train a lot for War Horse?
JI: I had never been on a horse. I had never worked with horses, so I had to learn all that stuff from scratch. Looking back at it now it was a big thing to learn but it all piled into insignificance. The film had no half measures, we had to learn properly and well. We had such intense two months training that when we got on set I had to learn I was just playing a farm boy and that he wouldn’t know how to ride properly, you have to take it down a step. It was two months of intense training with some of the best horse trainers in the world and amazing Spanish jockeys and a stunt team. I was sore at first, it’s not easy for guys (laughs). You waddle around like a duck for a few months.

JJ: With the long days of filming I am sure that was what made it a bigger challenge
JI: Yeah you do long days and it’s tough. Learning to ride was also one of the fun bits though for me. It was an amazing summer and it was me and Tom Hiddleston and Ben Cumberbatch and Patrick Kennedy and we all learned to ride together. We got to pass the summer galloping across fields and by the end of it galloping with no hands and swords and just messing around really. It was great.

JJ: What are your hobbies?
JI: Unfortunately, one of the things with doing films is you don’t have a lot of time to do your hobbies and things but many things really interest me. I have been writing a documentary recently about a first world war fighter pilot, I have always been fascinated by that period in history. That is so nerdy, I’ve just realized, but hey behind closed doors. I live quite a private life back home and I would like to keep that like that.

JJ: Do you have any favorite books?
JI: My favorite book is a book by Michael Jeffery Welling who was a spitfire pilot in the Second World War and it’s kind of just his diary. It’s one of the most inspirational books I have ever read, it’s incredible.

JJ: What’s a dream role for you?
JI: You know all these roles I have done were dreams. They were all beyond my dreams.

JJ: What do you see yourself doing next?
JI: I want to keep doing scripts that I like, scripts that move me. The scripts I have done since [War Horse] have been ones I’ve found have touched something, or is a character I relate to or a script I find moving. It’s about finding story. If in five years time I can still be basically doing my hobby as a living. Acting is my hobby, it just so happens I’m allowed to do my hobby for a job which is a huge privilege. If I am still able to do that then, that would be amazing. I would love to do more theater.

JJ: I’m sure you would get a talking role now!
JI: (Laughs) Yeah I would love to have lines in theater.

JJ: Any holiday plans?
JI: I’m filming up until the holidays, hopefully if I can, have a nice one with my family. I think it would be nice to stop and take all of this in.

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