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Adam Levine & Anne V: Christmas with the Lakers!

Adam Levine & Anne V: Christmas with the Lakers!

Adam Levine holds hands with his girlfriend, Russian model Anne V, as they celebrate Christmas at the Staples Center on Sunday (December 25) in Los Angeles.

The happy couple watched the Chicago Bulls beat out the L.A. Lakers, 88-87.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Anne V

On the same day, Adam and Anne were spotted driving around Los Feliz in Adam‘s vintage Porsche convertible.

“Merry Xmas!!!” Adam tweeted. “Especially to all of the LA Jews that celebrate Xmas…”

“Merry Xmas everyone!” Anne added. “I hope u are spending this holiday with the people you love the most, like I am. Tons of love and happiness to you all!”

On Friday, Adam and Anne were spotted dining at Mastro’s Steakhouse.

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Credit: V. Labissiere, Oliver S Wolf; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Sharon Cole

    I love them, they’re really talented And I think Adam has an amazing voice, it’s very unique and he’s super cute and both of them looking so nice couple.

  • unknown

    Thats because they are friends dear. She calls him to let him know when and where. Or she calls her other man and he lets JJ know. Either way. Adam is her Bitch when it comes to publicity. Anyone argues that on here will notice when she is mentioned even on her. She is constantly notede as a Russian Model, and never a VS model. You think people would notice her after the lil performance they did for the Fashion show. Guess no one was really impressed with her after all. Noticed the body language is chan.ging a b it. She used to be as close to him there were no sdpace. Maybe Mr. Levine is finallhy opening bis eyes. Look at all the times he has been on here for his personal life instead of his proffessional. And when it does mention his proffessional life. She has to be mentioned. Its publicity for Anne and JJ. Sorry dude but even the hard core fans are starting to get miffed even at her mentionj during his career success. And let me guess she RfTs every time she is mentioned, not just Adam, but as long as her name is with his. Thats something a fan does not a GF. Just my opinion. @Rose:

  • http://55 GEE

    I like them

  • lil

    I like this couple. She’s charming

  • Shannon

    @unknown: I think he deleted Rose’s comment because she hit a nerve of truth calling him out, but I agree. Anne wouldn’t be on this site at all if she were dating someone else. I did take a quick glance at her twitter account and notice she has more pictures of Adam’s friends than she ever does with him. I don’t recall any personals of them at all from her, but you’re right in saying when it comes to publicity, either one of their PRs makes sure that they get the notice. Most GFs are happy to share a picture or two of the person they are with; not via dialing up someone to be there on cue to take stock shot to post up on media/gossip sites.

  • unknown

    Think of like this, when with Leo she didnt make a dent in the media circle. Maybe a mention or two, but nothing like this and Leo is a much bigger name than Adam every will be no matter what he does, and that prooves that something isnt kosher at all. I still am amused at the pic of Adeam & Jake and ironically its one pic from a cell phone and Mustard seed doesnt play that crap. However, it didnt make head ways or was on any real sites until Perez Hilton got it. Here is the irony, the date was wrong on when they had lunch together because that was originally taken before Jake went to NYC to be with his family. All the sudden that pic and his name is surrounded around Jake again. Think about who access and had knowledge of it previously. Think about the photos of Adam outside the Mustard seed. The fact he mentions Jews that celebrate xmas. Really, what is he really saying. Ayou have to remember Adam says one thing and means another. So i take it she was right there telling him to wish it to everyone. He doesnt like being pushed and eventually will see the truth. She doesnt care for LAQ BTW, unless they go some where and be photographed watch the timeline. And she always refer to NYC as home. Why is that, because NYC worships models like they rule the world. And its so obvious that she and a couple of people are involved in putting him out there. No offense to him, but even the Voice cant give her what she wants and thats to be number one. She never will be either no matter who she is with. I mean she did SI and when Adam and Anne first starting dating first pics came up. They called her Angela, so that tells you right there she isnt all that special. Most of her fans are from Europe, and Maroon 5 fans. Rare are actual fashion fans. Even if Adam couldnt get her noticed from the lil trick from thee performance on the runway. Then you know she isnt anything spectacular. And whats amusing even when Anne is getting JJ all access pass to her personal life. Here is the thing, its gonna blow up in her face majorly. I mean, come on the first time she gets pissed and tells JJ no. You think he wouldnt get info back to Adam all the truth. I am sure that there are things that even Perez Hilton wouldnt do and thats not much. Oh bTW Shannon did you know that Perez Hilton is a friend of Jorges? Here is the funny part, that phot of Jake and Adam apeared on his site. Makes ya wonder! @Shannon:

  • Aluma Wallet

    holding hands together automatically feel safe like money in the wallet

  • nunyabisness

    @unknown: what are you going on about…

  • unknown

    I am simply stating take Adam away fromt the picture no one would two rats asses about her or the fact that all the sudden he is on here more than usual. Every since the fact that Anne has became friends with JJ she is mentioned every time Adam is. And the fact that that places in LA that normally would never be on sites or even paps even have knowledge about. They find them. How is that possible. I get celebrities are mentioned all the time but since when are gossip columnists are invited to hollywood parties. She is a bragger she wants attention and wants to play lil miss innocent. I won’t tell you how I know all this but trust me the only reasona any of the bands fans esp the ones that are all about Mr. Levine. Are now noticing differently. Of course you know many will kiss her ass simply because of him. I would say more, but unfortunately those who are attached to her because of Mr. Levine, simply would say I am hating on her and that’s not it at all. I am not a jealous fan, or a psycho. I know what I know and that’s all I am saying. There is more to her than everyone realizes it including Mr. Levine and one day it will come to light! @nun@nunyabisness:

  • unknown

    And also the fact i was having a conversation with @shannon. Something we both know and many dont see! @nunyabisness:

  • unknown

    Example #1 she gets pissed cuz she got thrown out of a Club Med party, and throws a tantrum to the security gaurds that she is a SuperModel and her BF is a famous RockStar.
    Anyone who follows her remembers her twitter statement was the fact she got thrown out and it was a big mistake on Club Meds part. She needed to reevaluate her career.
    Translation she couldnt crash even a midiocore party at a resort and threw a fit and still got kicked out!
    #2 she refered to a music video of the bands as @Maroon5 and her video.
    Now correct me if I am wrong here, even because she is in it. Isnt it the bands video? Sorry i must have missed it when it said on the title Maroon 5 feat Anne V.
    #3 since meeting Adam his friends didnt seem to happy about him dating her at all.
    #4 he has been saying and doing things that contradict himself on even on twitter.
    #5 she mentions two Halloweens ago that she has improper pics on her camera that will stay there. She seretly is in party pics with her friends with out Adam when he is gone or on tour and a few times she is seen wearing a wedding like band and making damn sure it is shown in the pics.
    #6 Jorge (her other man) as she refers to him, owns a photography like studio which is in part friendly to a well known pap site and company.
    #7 while Adam. Was at the Chateau Marmont in LA hanging out with some friends. Jorge posted a pic of him sitting next to Jason Segal. Which a mirrors reflection u can visibly see Adam & another memeber of the band near a pool table.
    #8 she refered to him as her hubby, and after he finds out through his fans that the statement was said. All the sudden after they meet up she goes on to twitter and blames it because she is Rfussian.
    Now if you ever heard her speak trust me she speaks it very well.
    #9 she claims to be in Africa for two weeks and got inspired to help.
    who the people that were hungover.
    She went to wild life ride with some friends. She couldnt even tell u which country either. Just Africa when asked.
    #10 at the Malibu hosted Beach Party for the Super Bowl in Dallas she walked around talking to people acting like she was hosting a party.
    Seriously she did.
    #11 when acted like a certain person after a certain someone told him to act like he had no clue who he is. He works for an agency for casting out in Culver City.
    She basically gave her whole resume, and when he didnt blink she brings Adams name imediately.
    I could go on but i have things to do! :)
    Any questions

    oh one more thing
    remember the first dinner pic of them coming out of a rest she had a big ass costume ring on her ring finger. And everyone went nuts about whether they were engaged or not. Look at the photos and see how she models it for the world to see. She wanted everyone to see it. Thats why she walked with her hand curved the way she does.

  • nunyabisness

    @unknown: how do you know all this stuff? other than twitter

  • unknown

    @nunyabisness: that i cannot disclose my dear. Lets just say i know alot more than people think about lil Miss Annie! The truth will come out, but ya know what the sad part is. That Mr. Levine is the one who has to pay for it all with his heart! And that to me is just cruel! To use love as a way to get what you want. He is a very intelligent man as I am told and very very kind and true at heart. Unfortunately he suffers from leading with his heart and the fatuation of love gets to him. Especially when he sees his friends all happy and settled or having children. These are things he wants and sometimes when someone wants certain things in life they can be blinded a whole lot more from what the truth is. Its really sad if you think about it. Besides I have seen girls like her a million times in that industry. Its pretty damn easy to spot if you know who and what to look for.

  • nunyabisness

    @unknown: oh…poor adam i guess i don’t know much about her but he seems like pure perfection and if she is that way than i feel bad that he’s blindsided by loving her…i think

  • Shannon

    Did she really call Adam her hubby? Sounds from what you are saying he either had her correct herself or she got blasted with tweets about it till she had to come up with some excuse to get herself out of a jam.

  • unknown

    I take it that he corrected her the timeline was to much together. Yep she called him that and aparently he has talked to her about wearing rings on her ring finger as well. From what i have heard & seen she hasnt worn any on there especially the gold band on.that finger since then. Fans can say what they want to her she wont ecknowledge them but if he gets wind of it think about it. It was to much of like oh i thought it was just an American term. She can talk slang but she doknt know American terminology and she has been here since she was 16 or so. Russian my ass. LOL it was an excuse to get her out of hot water with Adam. See LA dont give two craps about her, she is just an average everyday typical model out there. Where as in NYC models are goddesses. No matter if they are famous or not. Why do you think that she calls NYC home. She tried to get Leo to introduce her to people in Hollywwod but it backfired. He dumped her. When photos of them emerged on a yact down in Miami. Trujst me its very difficult to get in that ship yard let alone on thwe property. So in order for those photos to be taken that clearly. Someone had to not only tip thewm off but allowed thwem on the property. Meaning they had to give a name and show ID. Soon after that and the employees were clearwd of wrong doing. Leo dumped her. Just to obvious. And at that time Jorge was working with a friend who knows a well known pap service. @Shannon:

  • unknown

    Another good example she took a photo on the set of a shoot near a pool she was suppose to do an underwater shot. Ironically in the back ground if you bzero on it good u can see Adam and who I have been told the guy next to him was named Shawn? So back ground photos of him and ooohhhh who can forget the pap pics that came up of them on a bike. When she kissed him. Its not marking territory its called staged. Wanna make sure everyone sees that one for sure. And ironically the photo Jorge took of them in Soho NYC. Where Adam was on the phone and Anne was slightly posing but not looking at the camera. Unless u zoom in on her eyes. How also ironic one of Adams friends pksted a pic of him performing at their BDay party and made a slight comment like. Look i can take photos of Adam Levine too. And of course hisfriends partner in crime mad a comment according to the paps who needs them when he has his new GF and her friends. Then all the sudden that friend is in no longer Adams company. Just a lil bit to much for me!

  • unknown

    Dont forget about the photos that leaked on here of her and Kullan ( the actor) in the parking lot leaving a shoot and usually a private shoot like that are never let out. How would the paps know? Where the location was, and what brand of jeans they were? What i gather Kullan is a very private person and ironically the photos showed them hugging and a bunch were posted on here. Really? Coincidence?

    Sorry for the hates me and i need to get hooked on phonics. There are so much more but ive got to go!

  • blah-blah

    @unknown: more!!!!! tell more!!!!!! lol

  • anonymous

    Okay seriously? If Adam thought that she was using him at all, I doubt that they would still be together. Anne may have had her moments in the past, but who doesn’t? And I’m a fan of hers outside of Adam, I knew about her before Adam came around, and she was fairly well known. And unless you are a diehard Maroon 5 fan now, none of the publicity that she’s getting from Adam even gets to you. So I’m just going to conclude that pretty much everyone here is just bashing her because either A) you’re jealous of her B) you don’t have anything better to do with yourselves or C) You don’t want Adam to be happy.

    And if I recall correctly, she didn’t blame the hubby tweet on her being Russian, she was simply stating that people misunderstood her. I for one understood her first tweet perfectly, I know that they aren’t married or engaged, and she wears a different ring every time they’re together. I don’t see what all the Anne bashing is about, really people. Just get on with your lives.