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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian Had 'The Best Christmas'

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian Had 'The Best Christmas'

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian head out of LAX airport on Monday (December 26) in Los Angeles.

Joining the couple were Eddie‘s sons, Mason and Jake.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of LeAnn Rimes

“7:40am……the latest I’ve EVER slept in on Christmas day. Wow, blessed Christmas already. First as a married couple. Now getting ready for babies in a bit!!!!!!!! Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!!!” LeAnn told her Twitter followers on Christmas Day.

“Happy day after Christmas! We had THE BEST Christmas. Tons of food, friends, family & two very happy little boys!!!! Hope yours was great!” LeAnn tweeted the following day.

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  • disgusted


  • Gisele

    Jared, it is truly sad that you are such a huge contributor to the Cibrian Circus. Accepting payment from a bully so that she can continue to exploit children who aren’t hers and helping her perpetrate her agenda, says a lot about your value system. Contributing to the exploitation of children is shameful. Accepting payment for posts is one thing and probably to be expected due to the nature of show business, but contributing to child exploitation is quite another and whether you are in denial about it or simply just don’t care, it is wrong.

  • Gisele

    Child exploitation as only Leann and Eddie can do best.

  • kel

    Best Christmas money can buy.


    LeAnn bought the same distinctive bikini as Brandi
    LeAnn bought the same distinctive shoes as Brandi #1

  • Alexis

    She needs to f&%k off and stop trying to convince the world how awesome her life is. Truly happy and fulfilled people don’t tweet 24/7.


    LeAnn bought the same distinctive shoes as Brandi #2
    she has her minions constantly harassing Brandi
    the whole truth about LeAnn Rimes :

  • Lisa

    Yeah I bet the boys were sooo happy they couldn’t spend the day with both parents together.

  • John

    celebrities that really happy and secure bout their life doesn’t need to publicity, prove every single time or announce to the public what are they doing and how luckiest they are, how happy and lovely they are with each other. Very obvious they scare of public forget about them, using scandals, social media to maintain the attention. Sad.

  • John

    how sad to see some celebrities in order to make themself feel better have to announce every single thing they did, how happy they were, how luckiest the relationship and how lovely they were right now. Because in reality they are feel insecure about themself. Secure couple and fame doesn’t need to promote so often via social media, and false scandal by the help pf paparazzi in order to maintain public attention. Ya, she is same gang with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

  • John

    sorry, never know the first comment is actually will published because it gave me a connection error once click submit.

  • Ruth

    Why does she use his children to promote herself and her husband? Why does he allow this?

  • anony

    More disgusting photos of the creature from H#ll and her gigolo. Gawd I feel sorry for those kids

  • anony

    Eddys growing a fat as$. Lying around doing nothing is sending him to seed prematurely

  • Wilman

    Haters! Get over it already!

  • Wilman

    @Lisa: Just like almost every other hollywood couple’s kids. Why are you singling just these two out for having a broken family? Get a life!

  • fdghf

    @Alexis: agree. Truly happy people have got nothing to prove. I feel like she’s always announcing things to the world. I dont hate her like some at all, but I don’t like how she is always trying to prove something..Maybe she just feels bullied, I dunno. but she would look stronger if she held her head high and went about with grace. :/

  • shooey

    @LEANN THE BULLY: bully calling out bully? you people bully this woman worse than she can ever do. I’m not a fan of country music nor reality tv housewife crap so i never follow these two ladies, but dang. The constant hate is the only bullying I see…

  • CJLOVE23

    OMFG!!!! … of coooouuuurse they did! Life is oh-so-perfect on her Twitter feed all of the time :/ She is so fake & disgusting I could hardly stand it. Why doesn’t she tweet about all the insecurities she has or how about the fights her & Eddie have, or how about how her step kids hate her? Nope. Life is perfect according to LeAnn’s (twitter)

  • jj

    She had the best Christmas? Thank goodness! Now I can sleep at ease.

  • CJLOVE23

    @shooey: And she deserves every single word of hate she gets. She is a ugly homewrecking slut! She stalked a married man who had 2 small children at home. WTF does that?? Not to mention is a SWF to his ex. She is completely psychotic. She uses those boys too. It’s so disgusting and everyone sees right through her

  • TexasLovin

    The day before Christmas I had a meltdown over my dad dying & I ended up crying for 3 hours straight. When I looked in the mirror my eyes swelled shut so tight that my brother said I looked like LeeAnn Rimes. I had the urge to jump out the window at that point. way to kick me while I’m down bro. She is an ugly, despicable dog

  • Sandy

    Whatever happened to Gwen? Anybody know? Miss her :(

    Leann The Bully is getting on my nerves!!!

  • betty

    Lost luggage and later little snow, falling on your a$$ hype vacation not off to a good start.Good thing boys got to be with their cousins.aunts etc and got see how the real world lives instead of that delusional world his father&step mom presents.with material things being the priority.Hope Brandi keeps them grounded showing uncles have jobs in law enforcement and work steady and provide for families unlike their father.

  • Marisa

    JJ you really are a hypocritical site. Always trying to be politically correct but always posting about Trigger & her little pony mr. ed. Let’s see if for once you can give back the bribe money & not post about these two disgusting, no career bullies. At least have the decency not to post Brandi’s sons pictures.

  • calla

    There’s already photos out of them in Aspen. It’s telling that when she and EC aren’t aware of getting their photo taken, by paps they are courting, or paid themselves, that they are not hanging all over each other. They actually look…..bored and detached.

  • pOke her faCe

    Now getting ready for babies in a bit!!!!!!!!
    & two very happy little boys!!!!
    OMG seriously -_-

  • Me

    only reason Leann was invited to go on this vacation was because…she paid for it. PS-anyone think she has gotten some injections done around her mouth? her face looks strange around her mouth/below her nose.

  • me

    also, you could not PAY me to live leanns life! she probably knows deep down inside if she gains 5lbs or doesn’t entertain eddie on an extravagant trip every few months, she’s getting kicked to the curb. she is barely hanging onto him by a thread.

    Also..she was tweeting about her sick stepdad not too long ago…telling that she turns to twitter for emotional support at a time like that—where is her husband at that moment? shouldn’t he be consoling her instead of twitter? they must not be very close.

  • Mia

    She is the bully here.. Her songwriter, her friends, and one fan especially bully Brandi. They tell her hurtfull things about that she is a old ugly woman, a bad mother.. go on go on.. And yes, they call her that! That Brandi is a bad mother because she lets her boy pee on the grass.. Oh so Leann does watch RHOBH? hahaha good for the ratings, itsn’t it.
    She is just so jealous that Brandi is getting attention too and is looking WAY better than her.. That’s why she lets her buddies to the job for her now ;) So she can convince the other part of the NORMAL world that she is a good stepmom and loves them jadda jadda jadda..
    What kind of dad is Eddie (always smiling like an idiot) Cibrian? Does he like pmping out his kids for money? Sure why not, he doesnt have a job so every penny helps.
    He doesn;t even pay child support, how low is he..
    Brandi is never photographed with her children, only bitter Leann is.
    Yes maybe sh can sing, soo many people can. Leann you are not liked.. by no one,, only your delusional fans who just like you for being ”famous”
    Eddie just is with you because you have money..Wait till it runs dry..
    She is saying that they spent Christmas together for the first time as a man and a wife. hahaha Does she think we believe how lovely and great their relationship is? She is morphed into Brandi and he wants that. Period.
    She knows she has to do these things to keep him, not only the money can keep a guy like him.

  • ashley

    they both need to find legitimate jobs

  • Jane

    All those exclamation points in her Tweeting just goes to show you how immature she is. Dear God, we are looking at a15 year old inside of a horny 28 year old’s body!

  • lynn

    we all know your getting paid by LR.. your articles are truekly funny at this point. & i could never take your word as reputible journalist. will not be visiting this fake ass site again.

  • randi


  • The Only One With Sense


    Oh MY GOD! Get off of it already. They’re a FAMILY. Get off of Eddie’s D***. Move on, LOSERS.

    The Homewrecker crap is OLD now. Worry about your OWN man & children.

  • Lisa

    @The Only One With Sense: Your response to her post makes absolutely zero sense. There is no mention of home wrecking, and it barely mentions Eddie at all. It seems to be directed at JJ. I guess people will move on when Miss Twit and her unemployed wonder boy quit paying to have their lives chronicled on gossip sites with comment sections. Speaking of LOSERS, look in the mirror. She is their STEP-MOTHER and she uses them in photo ops. Anyone who thinks that a bully who plays victim is worth defending needs a wake up call.

  • cammy

    Leann is so disgusting!! She copies everything Brandi does! She acts all innocent, claiming she is his” wife”. The word “wife” didn’t mean anything to her when she was somebody elses “wife “and sleeping with a married man! What a joke! She can’t buy his love forever! And no matter how much weight she loses , she will never be beautiful like Brandi is! She is a nut job!

  • cammy

    Leann is disgusting! She talks about being his “wife” when it never meant anything to her when she was somebody elses “wife” and was cheating on him with a married man! She is pathetic and ugly! She copies everything Brandi does! No matter how much weight she loses , she will not be beautiful like Brandi! It is just gross! I hope her money never runs out, because that is when her “husband” will run out too! I am sure he is tired of closing his eyes in bed every night!