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Ryan Reynolds: Holiday Dinner with Blake Lively!

Ryan Reynolds: Holiday Dinner with Blake Lively!

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with her family in Utah late last month.

“Thanksgiving dinner table! Johnson’s and Livelys,” Instagram user dtheman24 posted, along with the photo here.

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The same Thanksgiving weekend, Green Lantern co-stars Blake and Ryan were seen smooching at a nearby bed and breakfast.

Since then, Blake was seen leaving Ryan‘s Boston apartment.

We can’t wait for their Christmas family photo to leak too!

Just Jared on Facebook
Credit: dtheman24
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  • becca

    :( that sucks. but i guess they are into each other how awkward will it be if they break up before they start shooting green lantern 2. the first one was so bad by the way!

  • lolz

    Blake is so young for him. Why do these older actors go out with people who are so much younger than them? And then they wonder why they can’t find anyone who they can settle down with??? ie Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett (who was older than Blake) , Eva Longoria and Tony Parker, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher… SMDH!!!

  • http://j lohan#1

    Does her Pr team ever stop

  • kelly

    She doesn’t let any failed relationship slow her down. #ontothenextone

  • Pippa

    they are lovely together!!!

  • norton

    beautiful couple

  • BEAN

    I think Blake is too young for him. It’s not even the age, she doesn’t seem mature enough. I think Ryan is having an early mid life crisis since Scarjo. The relationship won’t last and at 35 you shouldn’t be ‘messing around’.
    This older men dating really young women thing is becoming rather dull! I don’t even want to get started on man child Leo.


    All these pictures of them together are all coming from the same company, so how is it that they are able to find them everywhere they go??? Duh Blake is calling them for them to get caught and for these to be splashed all over the internet. Ryan isn’t used to all of this publicity so I give it a couple of months.

  • ace11

    This thing is happening way to fast….

    I mean dinner with her family already?

    they have been togther like a month

    She is all over the place

    and He is a loser

  • JEN

    of course she would leak this. She’s joining the leagues of Kate Boswhore

  • Cleo

    It’s nice that they spent the holiday together, and his mom is there too. They may be boring to some people, but they seem happy with each other.

  • LaCroix

    This is so wrong on many levels.. do these celebs have any privacy? Pathetic posting.

  • Katie

    I love these two!

  • SkinnyBitch


  • vick

    most annoying couple of 2011! congratulations! =B

  • Heather

    i posted about seeing them in vancouver on twitter and us weekly tracked me down and called me! i didnt know they were such hot news.

  • @Heather

    Don’t let that information get out
    According to the numpties here its Blake calling them!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chuck Bass


    um theyve know each other for 2 years though??? they did film a movie together, you know…

  • Love the shoes

    Love them! I sincerely like Scarlet but if people were really REALLY honest about it they’d admit they never EVER seemed joyful. He looks geniunely happy with Blake. Something about him feels lighter and just happy. He and Scarlet always looked intense and not in a good way. Blake does not have a gun to his head. He has never ever given me the impression he’s a wus. He is where he wants to be and happy.

  • sweetness

    why do people keep accusing her of calling the paps…the paps seek out stars who bring them bucks. sites like these pay big bucks to have her pics here. here career is taking off she doesn’t need to call paps they seek her out. Also if it truly bugged Ryan..wouldn’t he have called it off by now. Maybe they both are mature enough to understand they are hot actors and yes their pics will be taken. And guess what? It’s ok.

  • Blake and Ryan

    I believe these two fell for each other while they were working on GL. He was still with Scarlet and she was dating Penn. But both their relationships didn’t last longer and it was a question of time they reunite to become more than friends. After all, they came to know one another during several months. I believe they are a very good match and I am certainly not surprised to see them visiting each other’s families. They certainly have a nice future together….. and the babies will be more than gorgeous.

  • yep

    i think they make a great couple! happy for them.

  • jiji

    i’ve never seen either of her one-millionth as happy as she has been since she got together. good for them.

  • @sweetness

    Probably because Blake is well known for calling the paps–according to Lainey Gossip she uses Startraks much of the time. Look at all the photo ops out there that are obviously staged by her–she is as bad as Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian when it comes to staged photo ops.

  • Mariana Cunha


  • BR

    ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!? Enough with fame whore .. I found this foto myself on instagram it was posted many weeks ago and it was interesting to me that vancouver wasnt the first holiday blake spent with tammy (ryan’s mother) .. look closely who sitting beside ryan ?? so yeah! i shared this link on twitter .. well am sorry blake, my intension is purely innocent but excited to know that both families seems get along well .. and also wanted to pointed out that stories that going around on internet are like fiction .. none of them know exactly what happened between this two and this is for example

    and FYI the guy that posted this foto on instagram is actually just a person NOT a pap but well, i dont even think you know what is instagram until today, huh

  • BR

    @Blake and Ryan: @@sweetness:
    Seriously!! You listening to her?!? if it wasn’t me posted the link on twitter she doesnt this foto exist !!

  • BR

    FYI im not her PR and certainly not pap .. this link of foto is going around twitter bcuz of me ..

  • Chuck Bass


    why do people think lainey is a trusted source? emma stone/andrew garfield and ryan gosling/eva mendes call the paps just as much if not more than blake supposedly does yet no one calls them famewhores. the irrational hate blake gets is ridiculous because she’s one of the sweetest people in the biz.

  • el

    Worse couple of 2011!!!
    I am sick to death of seeing pictures and news about them everywhere.
    I think their relationship is a little convenient that days after news that she had broke up with leo there was pictures of these two out together. Its probably just a rebound or totally set up.
    Its a little strange how the paps happened to be in utah in a remote area where blakes sisters b&b happened to be, at the same time they were.
    This relationship is staged just like her one with leo.
    There was rumours that they had broken up and later on that day they just happened to be pictures of leo and blake out shopping.
    Its just pathetic really

  • BR

    @Love the shoes:

    love your statement, im not a fan of scarlett but nothing against her .. i think they look grumpy bcuz they annoyed by pap esp she hated that so, her reaction was purely honest which is grumpy and thats effect to ryan but in other hand blake try not to be bother by them, not bcuz of she luv it but she is incredibly smart and aware of consequence of being well known so she just living it as normal as she could .. blake treat ryan the way he deserve which is caring and loving .. wish they keep each other happy until the end of time .. blake light my life by just looking at her and i hope she did the same to ryan ..

  • @el

    Well if the relyash was staged as the haters ALWAYS insist
    Why would there need to be a rebound as there was technically no break up according to your sad logic?
    I doubt Leo, Blake or anyone else goes shopping solely beacuse of intenet rumors from saddos like Leda

  • BR

    @FAME WH0R3 MUCH?:

    FYI Instagram is an apple app, you can’t use it unless you have apple account and the person who posted this picture seem to have normal profile and look like he related to johnson’s family .. after look through photo in his account .. i am 100% sure that he is not a pap .. and That’s a FACT .. next time little less jealously before say something you don’t even know what you talking about .. don’t let the whole media eating your brain, use it wise, i recommended

  • BR


    i disagree, I’m 34 yrs old but prefer younger partner bcoz i don’t act like people my own age, always joking around, uncomfortable to hang with people my age because we have different lifestyle but doesn’t mean am not mature .. Work and Play are different stories and these two are just happened to get along well with both roles I think the only thing that matter is their goal, if it’s the same, they will walk together just fine ..

  • capri

    Lainey Gossip is an idiot who doesn’t have any inside information. Why would anybody bother with that site?!

  • Robsten_Fan

    Don’t jeaous, you stupid girls…
    They are so cute together~!


    He’s too OOOOOOOOOLD for her. He looks like her big brother.

  • beautiful

    gorgeous couple. nuff said

  • wow

    All gossip sites are saying that she calls the paps. She has a sorts of deal with Startreks (pap agency) which is undoubtedly on her speed dial.
    Also if you think about it, how come Startreks ALWAYS gets all the Blake Lively exclusive pics? They were the first and ONLY ones to get pics of Blake and Ryan in a place like UTAH, at her sisters bed and breakfast, in the middle of nowhere. Think about it. The girl is a big famewhore and it’s getting ridiculous.

  • BR


    Thats why is called “Gossip” .. u dont know the truth and i am not going to auguing that she called the paps or not because i obviously DONT KNOW HER PERSONALLY and so do you!! .. do u think how many people is working in Startreks? I first heard of this agency from gossip site so if i have camera in my hand and i took their shot, who do u think i’ll try to reach? in this kind of business big name mean big money!! and what is pap job? describe it? so, they must do they job not just sitting around and wait for phone call to move their ass!! otherwise you are sooo fire!!

  • @17

    Very funny! Not. Why don`t you give us an equally funny explanation how is it possible that these photos are always from the same agency and that photographers managed to find them at remote locations like that Utah B&B? Everyone in Hollywood plays this game not just her.
    I can`t stand her but I have some sort of respect for her for turning her back to manchild Dicaprio ( regardless who broke up with who ) and won`t waste time on him.

  • Jo

    @BR: There are a lot of celebrities who call paps. D listers like Blake. Funny how Scarlett and Ryan who had been married for 3 years never got papped thismuch. Look, I dont know if what wow is saying is true but it is mind boggling how startreks is the only agency that was able to get pics of Leo and Blake around the world where paps wouldn’t normally be at and now they keep *coincidently* getting pic of Blake and Ryan? They were the only one that followed Blake to the cupcake charity thing and iPhone store launch. Hah pretty funny.

  • @@32

    Oh, so everything posted here and everyone who doesn`t like her but is a Leo fan is Leda? And you are the one calling people `saddos`? Look who`s talking? LOL!

  • Bluez

    @BR: Paps Use their energy to stalk Georgle Clooney, Brangelina, Johnny Depp, Robert Pattinson, Natalie portman… Celebrities who hide and are hard to find

  • youyou

    still going on good for thm love em

  • BR

    @Bluez: You seriously building a big company just to stalk those name you mentioned? I mean seriously?

  • BR

    @Jo: well, like i said ‘You don’t know the FACT neither do i’ so i can’t deny that those photo aren’t stage but This pic right here, IT IS NOT STAGE that is fact because i found it myself on instagram, it was posted weeks ago but only few people saw it .. i posted it on twitter just need some opinion if the woman next to Ryan is his mom, that’s why it is going around on twitter and that is FACT!!! it wasn’t my intention to give opportunity for all haters to called her bad name ..

  • @43

    Considering you’re the same person to return to post typical hysterical conspiracies 4 times on someone you despise, yes I think saddo is a right term.

  • Wading

    Why do you bother unregulated JJ is notorious for attracting these 5 – 6 types of posters.
    They don’t speak for everyone, so don’t waste your time and enjoy your New Year.

  • @48 ( & 49 )

    Sure, whatever you say, ‘saddo’. I guess you idea of the same person posting all over the Internet ( without proof of course ) doesn’t sound like a conspiracy! LOL! I guess for some it’s easier to deal with opposing opinion this way. Whatever works for you! :)