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Violet Affleck: Lemonade Stand with Seraphina!

Violet Affleck: Lemonade Stand with Seraphina!

Violet Affleck and her little sister Seraphina set up a lemonade stand outside their home on Tuesday (December 27) in Pacific Palisades, Calif.

The sisters sold cups of homemade lemonade for 50 cents each. Their mom, expectant actress Jennifer Garner, bought a cup for herself.

Shortly after, dad Ben Affleck came out to help get the girls more customers. He even asked a few of the nearby photographers to buy a few cups – and they did!

On Christmas Eve, the whole family was spotted shopping at Limonaia in Santa Monica.

20+ pictures inside of Violet and Seraphina Affleck‘s lemonade stand…

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violet affleck lemonade stand 01
violet affleck lemonade stand 02
violet affleck lemonade stand 03
violet affleck lemonade stand 04
violet affleck lemonade stand 05
violet affleck lemonade stand 06
violet affleck lemonade stand 07
violet affleck lemonade stand 08
violet affleck lemonade stand 09
violet affleck lemonade stand 10
violet affleck lemonade stand 11
violet affleck lemonade stand 12
violet affleck lemonade stand 13
violet affleck lemonade stand 14
violet affleck lemonade stand 15
violet affleck lemonade stand 16
violet affleck lemonade stand 17
violet affleck lemonade stand 18
violet affleck lemonade stand 19
violet affleck lemonade stand 20
violet affleck lemonade stand 21
violet affleck lemonade stand 22
violet affleck lemonade stand 23

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  • BEAN

    Oh my god SO adorable

  • mae

    i love bennifer!

  • Elizabeth


  • kizbit

    So precious! I love the cash register! I had one when I was little! So much fun!

  • ellie’

    Those children are so precious..just love this family..

  • ellie’

    Those children are so precious..just love this family..

  • Ariel

    OMG! Too cute for words!

  • maria

    I love how Jen and Ben want a normal childhood for their kids. Dance classes, lemonade stands, etc. It’s so hard to be normal in such a messed up world like Hollywood, but this family works hard to be just that. Love that about them!!

  • Lisa

    On the contrary, Violet is getting back some of the money she’s made for them. Good on her!

  • Ariel

    Something told me the hate brigade would show up soon. Get lost and don’t come around here to rain on our parade. We love this family, why not find something to love instead of hating on beautiful stories like this. Thanks Jared for the great pics. Love love them!

  • Sassy

    Every picture of the Affleck children shows them smiling. They are such happy, well-adjusted children. Love the cute family. I pray for them to have a son to go along with their 2 beautiful daughters. So cute to have a lemonade stand!

  • bobbi

    I agree with the majority of posts. These parents seem to be trying to raise their adorable girls with as much normalcy as possible.

    God bless this family.

  • an opinion

    Where in the heck to the famous rich movie stars live that the paps can take pictures right in front of their home? This is as bad as the parents sending the kids to a school where the paps can hang out right outside the school door.
    Sure these people hate the paps.

  • deana

    please let them have a hit movie so they can stop pimping these kids!

  • aimee

    Aww, sweet, they even gave glasses to their i mean paparazzi

  • deana

    they are often seen smiling because jen and ben made a deal with the paps. the paps stay a good distance away, don’t get in their faces…and the paps get invited for nearly daily photo ops. you think those kids would be looking happy if they had to deal with a ton of flashes in their faces like suri cruise or the joliepitt kids have to endure..?

  • B

    Some of the haters apparently haven’t been to Hollywood. You can actually go on tours where they show you where the stars live. Or all a pap has to do once they spot someone out in Hollywood is follow them home. Once the paps know where the stars live all they have to do is park outside and wait for them to leave. That’s why you get all these random shots of them at obscure locations. It’s not that the stars call the paps, the paps just follow them from their homes. I think Ben and Jen have realized if they can’t legally stop it, they may as well let their kids live as normally as they can. I mean would the haters be any less up in arms if they never let their kids leave the house and when they did wore veils like MJ’s kids? Doubtful. The paps wouldn’t waste their time there if the pics weren’t worth money. Love or hate them, but when you click on the pics you’re telling JJ it was money well spent!

  • to b [or not to b]

    Personally I normally lurk but I recognize names posting here who often criticize OTHER celeb parents [even bigger and more famous than the afflecks] for supposedly pimping THEIR kids. Perhaps they too are trying to live their lives as normally as possible? Perhaps, also..some of these so called “haters” are a bit sick of the hypocrisy?

  • racheal

    Only “hater seems to be tiffany, not nice, tiff.

  • jen

    I remember my lemonade stand and also when I had one for my daughters……this is what all kids love to do.

  • wizard

    Adorable overload!!!

  • lol

    OMG! Now they are handing out lemonade to the paparazzi? Don’t anyone EVER AGAIN complain about Tom and Katie out and about with Suri or Angelina being seen with her kids! Suri and Shiloh would be swarmed by fans and hordes of photogs if they attempted to do the same. Ben and Jen are no better parents…just less popular.

  • Lena


  • http://none MARIE

    This is what we did as kids!! How precious and the sign says “sugar free and with sugar” probably written by Violet!! Love Seraphina and Violet – they are always so happy!! Nice going Jen and Ben!!!

  • lucy

    to Mimi

    Unfortunately stupidity is not a crime, as of yet, so you’re free to go back to your little bat cave

  • Minka

    So damn corny and retarded. Don’t they/their parents have anything better to do? Idiots. The older girl is very ugly, btw.

  • JJ

    Ewww get off the streets you hideous brats! I’d plow my car right into that stupid lemonade stand if I saw this crap on the streets.

  • Branj

    Is this supposed to be cute?

  • CARA

    Lol the afflecks are not pimping their kids. Just look at the smiles on the girls’ faces. It certainly does not look like they are doing smething that they dnt like. Besides, Ben and Jennifer are always near their kids so if anything were to happen, they would be beside their kids straight away!

  • grrrrr

    They are going to be so hot when they get older.

  • LisaLipps

    Love your comment “stupidity is not a crime”. Too funny!

  • EvaM.

    These girls could not be any cuter. Love that they’re not decked out in designer wear. Clearly, they’re allowed to choose their own outfits even if that includes wearing old bunny slippers outside :) How refreshing to see kids doing what kids should be doing. Jennifer and Ben are great parents. There is such joy on their girls’ faces.

  • Ariel

    Jennifer’s asss is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jean

    In the summer time, they would sell lots of lemonade.

  • Dani

    Cute. The best picture is the one of Violet sitting down reading her book.

  • lily

    wow is that ben? He looks horrible, and that wig omg!! Jen has a big ass and looks like is about to pop…

  • Kenny

    @an opinion:

    You must not know LA…. there are many stars who dont live behind gated communities, Its pretty open out here.

  • strike


    oh my, i can”t believe you just said that! you’re a very, very bad person.
    all kids are adorable you dumb ass.

  • Ariel

    @Ariel: DUH, she is pregnant sh!thead. what’s your excuse?

  • mwannir
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