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LeAnn Rimes: Pink Pants in Aspen!

LeAnn Rimes: Pink Pants in Aspen!

LeAnn Rimes wears a fun pair of pink pants as she and a girlfriend go out to lunch together on Wednesday (December 28) in Aspen, Colorado.

The 29-year-old singer took a break from skiing and went to Sneaky’s Tavern for lunch with her gal pal.

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“Getting 4 of us dressed and ready for the snow takes an army. Ready for the slopes!” LeAnn wrote on her Twitter account earlier in the week.

FYI: LeAnn‘s jacket and pants are made by Burton.

15+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes wearing pink pants in Aspen…

Just Jared on Facebook
leann rimes pink pants aspen 01
leann rimes pink pants aspen 02
leann rimes pink pants aspen 03
leann rimes pink pants aspen 04
leann rimes pink pants aspen 05
leann rimes pink pants aspen 06
leann rimes pink pants aspen 07
leann rimes pink pants aspen 08
leann rimes pink pants aspen 09
leann rimes pink pants aspen 10
leann rimes pink pants aspen 11
leann rimes pink pants aspen 12
leann rimes pink pants aspen 13
leann rimes pink pants aspen 14
leann rimes pink pants aspen 15
leann rimes pink pants aspen 16

Photos: GSI Media, AKM Images
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  • disgusted

    Please tell me you are buying your mother something nice with Leann’s money. It will certainly make this less dirty.

  • jifdsd


  • Lani

    Eddie’s mistress is better looking than Leann, well, who isn’t?

  • Roxy

    Enough with this H**Ker already. If she’s so called taking care of another woman’s children and it’s so tedious, how the heck does she have time to tweet every second of the day about everything they are doing. LeAnn seriously get a F**King life.

  • Wells

    I see LeAnn brought Brandi’s old parasite “Liz” along for company while Eddie is snowboarding with her cheating husband. Not to be confused, all four of them are cheaters, great foursome. When the vacay money runs out, LeAnn will have nobody.

  • Willow

    You’ve officially lost a reader, Just Jared, until you stop taking these paid “candids”. It’s so pathetic and transparent. Bye

  • Lisa

    Oh look, Leann is rewarding one of her Twitter friends who bully and defame Eddie’s lovely ex, with a trip to Aspen. I guess if you are willing to lower yourself to cyber stalking someone on Leann’s behalf, the payouts are pretty huge. Imagine, the incredible callousness of letting someone who is viciously attacking the Mother of your husband’s children around them while on holiday. When those kids are older and they see the history of what she has done, they will HATE her for all of it. She is too much of a narcissist to understand that.

  • calla

    @Lisa: that’s not one of her twitter friends. that’s bg’s ex friend, Liz, who leann and eddie take with them on a lot of their outings/vacations. liz followed ed and the $$ when bg/ec split.


    Rimes is vile and loathed b all, that is no secret, excpet prehaps to the harlot in question.

    However, be it known to all that Rimes PAYS a particular paparazzi agency to have a photographer travel with her.

    LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian get 50% of all photos taken by GSI pap “Big Head” Mike Kamara.

    It was exposed on her favorite medium, Twitter, by the vermin himself.


    @TIM GUNN:

    If you look under the photo it is GSI photo agency…whom Jared pays.

  • Sarah

    Oh look, ACTUAL paparazzi photos of Leann – that’s novel. You can tell they’re real because she isn’t half-naked, draped all over Eddie and pushing her odd, plastic chest out.

  • Lisa

    @calla: Well, you know what they say, lie down with dogs, get up with fleas. What kind of a “friend” is so disloyal as to become besties with the woman who broke up their friends marriage? Seriously, I don’t think Leann has any real friends. Just people who’s way she pays so they put up with her. Everyone associated with her seems vile. Thanks for the info.

  • jj

    It must be nice to be a professional vacationer/full time camera whore like Leann.

  • Marisa

    Just boycott JJ’s advertisers. President Obama dosen’t get this much press. This is the second or third posting of the day of this cyberbully where her own tweets are used as the post, You are pahettic JJ. & anyone who advertisers here is wasting their $. This site doesn’t just lay down with these dogs but also groom them by licking their ass.

  • daniella

    Leann can pay as many paps as she wants to follow her and take pics, but the sad fact is her twitter following is still in the low 200,000′s after a year. She has not gained any fans and I believe she has lost some. Her in ‘your face’ tweets and sharing of personal info have gained her a lot of dislike among non-fans and have turned some fans into non-fans. I’d say it is back firing big time. If you want to do something, go on twitter and let her know you know she pays Big Mike Kamara to take the pics and gets 50 percent of his take.

    I think it is a dam-n shame that she uses these children as PR opportunities. They are even worse than TomKat who pimps out Suri whenever they need press. At least they don’t tweet all day about it.

  • lynn

    not a fan of how she treats Brandi Glanville, then tries to play the victim.

  • betty

    Poor Leann all those paid posts and still didn’t make the most Popular 25.I guess that’s what happens when you have to pay to get attention

  • betty

    Poor Leann all those paid posts and still didn’t make the most Popular 25.I guess that’s what happens when you have to pay to get attention

  • macanalley

    OH! She’s wearing clothes!!

  • who

    Photos of LeAnn and Eddie are a daily thing now so there’s no way not to know what she’s doing daily even for someone like me who doesn’t keep up with her life and isn’t a fan, but I don’t go to twitter, what is this bullying of his ex wife I keep seeing everyone comment about? That woman is off her rocker if she’s harassing the mother of the two young boys she claims to “love”. What did LeAnn do to Brandi?

  • Jane

    @who: SHe has her friends harrass Brandi on Twitter, tries to replace her as the boys’ mother calling herself a “bonus mom”, watches for all the clothes and poses Brandi does and mimicks them on Twitter all the time (ie same swimsuite, boob job, shoes, clothes, posing in bikini shots etc). Most of all she bloody well f***ed Brandi’s husband while he was still married. I could go on, but why beat a dead horse?

  • who


    Oh, thanks! Talk about insecure, not to mention crazy. Something’s off with LeAnn. Brandi will have the last laugh, the boys are bound to find out when they get older, how this nut treated their mother.
    I did know about LeAnn and Eddie cheating on their spouses and both getting a divorce to be together, all while denying for months that they weren’t sleeping together when there were pictures of them in some hotel. But I didn’t know about the harassment. Thanks Jane.

  • PiperPloves AndieK

    No one seems to like Leann except those on her payroll. When she had the song “How do I live” out at the same time as Trisha Yearwood, only Trisha’s version was nominated for any awards, Leann’s was ignored, She complained about it and everything. She said her version was more commercially successful and therefore should have gotten the applauds. Poor Leann seems to think she still calls the shots. She has a drunken husband, someone else’s ex-friends who are the dictionary example of disloyalty as her friends now and has to cling onto another woman’s children to give herself some sort of validity. She doesn’t get that paying for their affection is something we all can see. Leann is a pathetic human being. Desperate, attention starved, and with a husband who does not love her, but her wallet. What a crap life. No amount of Twitter gushing can change what the public sees. We all see the truth Leann, it is pathetic, just like you are. Fake it till you make it is your motto isn’t it?

  • Jane

    The fact that she can get away with this C*** bothers me. It is a sense of entitlement. She preys on people, sucks money out of them and whores herself plus children to make a buck. No one stops her, no one says, “Enough”. When she does all this and anyone does confronts her she breaks down in tears like she did on some early morning talk show. “Oh wo-ith me, I am just a poor lil woman with no tools to know what was right. I just fell in love” Pu-lease, she is a compulsive liar and a fraud. …and who is caught in the middle of all this garbage? The kids. They are too young to know what is going on. Her money brainwashed them into thinking that Bonus Mom WEWE is just the greatest thing on earth. She takes them on these circus ride because the littlest one is a big ham for the camera and gets those precious shots for a magazine or web site. I’m seriously waiting for someone to really tell her off and not give her big mouth a chance to defend herself. She NEEDS to lose her husband, she NEEDS to lose those kids and she NEEDS to lose a lot of her money. Once she hits rock bottom in every sense of the word, perhaps she will be shocked enough to go into hiding and we can be rid of her once and for all. A’men

  • josie

    Jane– I’ll give that a big AMEN sister AMEN

  • Jane

    @josie: Thank you, “sister” :)

  • Comeon

    Seriously…. Brandi needs to shut her mouth!!! She is so bitter,! Just went on twitter to tell all she f eddy while with leann,,, give it up u stupid she man!!! Seriously u should not post close ups of ur face!,, not good!!!! Lol u are not good looking. U are a joke…. God u look like a man