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Zac Efron & Nicole Kidman: 'The Paperboy' Poster Revealed!

Zac Efron & Nicole Kidman: 'The Paperboy' Poster Revealed!

Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman pose in a vintage car for the just released poster of their upcoming film, The Paperboy.

The 24-year-old actor plays Jack James in the thriller based on the 1995 Pete Dexter novel.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Zac Efron

The Paperboy centers around a Miami Times reporter who returns to his Florida hometown to investigate a case involving a death row inmate.

The Lee Daniel-directed film also starring Matthew McConaughey and John Cusack is expected to hit theaters sometime next year.

WILL YOU BE WATCHING Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman in The Paperboy?

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  • mar

    24 years old!!!!
    i love ZACCCCC

  • Miranda

    I will DEFINITELY be watching this.

  • kary

    Of course, I will be watching this… I love Nic Kidman!!!

  • claudi

    this is going to be better that his romance, i hope he doesnt take his shit off again in this one.

    i guess he doesn’t want to spend all his time with his family… then again this is hollywood, he probally said all that about spend nye with his family and all the traditions he has with them just for promo, thats what his fans wanted to hear.. ok…

  • Nora

    Does he play her little boy?

  • ggg

    Oh another poster for another flop movie with efron.

  • Dieter

    I just creamed my jeans on the ass of hers !!!

  • noth said

    I think Nicole is an amazing actress but i don’t watch any movies with disneys highschool movie starlet Zach afron. And Matthew never amazed me in any movie either.

  • Emily

    I’ll watch it! I love Nicole Kidman and I think Zac is a good actor. I loved him in Hairspray. I’m not a huge fan of Matthew’s but the poster has a 50′s look about it so it could be interesting. I trust Nicole to keep me entertained.

  • Lolita

    It’s Lee DANIELS… the S is important! :)

  • Mike

    OMG Nicole looks GORGEOUS!!! She’s my favourite actor, and even though I can’t stand Matthew McCoughey and Zac Efron I’ll definitely be watching this – I read the book it’s based on and it’s fantastic!

  • Lona

    Can’t wait to see the movie <3 Zac much!

  • mel

    Lee Daniels directing and a great cast. Count me in.

  • florence2

    Of course he did’nt mean it he’s all about clubbing and drinking now he’s got a taste for it and being flown around the world like some super star trying out the clubs.

    And yes yet again he gets his clothes off in this film no surprise really again that’s all his movies ate about now him getting his kit off kissing very woman he works with and then bragging about it’s we have Taylor to look forward to soon and then it will be Nicole s turn all older women and married with kids with the exception of The Lorax movie but it will be the only one. Must have it written in his contracts now must have clothes off and snog a woman in every film. This will prove what a great leading man I am.claudi:

  • cranacacos

    Zac’s biceps is the main character?

  • irene olson

    I will watch any movie Nicole Kidman is in. I feel she is a phenomenal actress. I am not familiar with Zac Efron and do not care for Matthew Mc, but, again, anything Nicoe Kidman is in I will watch. She is fabulous in “Rabbit Hole” and enjoyed “Margot at the Wedding”. Watched “Trespass” on On Demand and she was great in that movie. Not too many talented out there like Nicole Kidman. The same can be said for her husband, Keith Urban. Country music is not my favorite genre, but Keith Urban is so great. Extremely talented musician, songwriter, singer; and to see him in live concert is simply the best. The Urbans are an asset to the entertainment industry.

  • say what?


    I recognize that this is a rant- it just doesnt come across as being penned by a sober person.

    I love that poster so much- it has a real artistic flair to it.

  • Van-Messalina

    Zac is starring in a Academy Award nominated director movie, opposite with Nicole Kidman, Vanessa is starring in a movie of a director whose biggest success is a trash B science fiction movie direct-to-video called “Alien Hunter”, opposite with Brendan Fraser

    And these lunatics are not tired to try pull down Zac, believing SHE is a hit in Hollywood, when actually nobody cares about Vanessa, at least this will not be happening for a long time, maybe 2 or 3 years, this will be the time of her career go totally down the drain

  • zac-is-wack

    This will be another flop.

  • zac-is-wack

    So far reviews say Nicole and Matthew can act but Zac is horrible. Flop for sure!

  • Van-Messalina

    @zac-is-wack: Stop insisting on this “flop” subject, you know very well that your sweetheart has never been a success, and with these future ridiculous projects her chances is shrinking, except for High School Musical 3, she never made 100 million in box office even internationally, Zac did it domestically, and unless you are blind, you know reviewers have never been very complimentary about Vanessa also

  • say what?


    Please share “reviews” of this unscreened movie that claim Nicole K and Matthew M “can act” that Zac is “horrible” and that have completely failed to mention what sort of performance John Cusack turned in for his chilling character?

  • zac-is-wack

    zac does not have acting ability. all he knows is take his shirt off in movies and then brag about how he liked kissing his leading ladies. eventually, what really matters is if you are considered a “legitimate” actor and sadly he won’t be ever one of them!
    go take a shot of tequila, it sucks.

  • say what?


    Ok then-but fyi- a personal vendetta doesnt equate to “reviews”

  • Van-Messalina

    There are best evidence that Vanessa Hugens fans are lunatics? @zac-is-wack: just repeats the same things over and over again, rather than rebut the arguments, invented reviews about a film with Zac that is in post production, always using arguments about the approval of commercial failures of Zac movies, ignoring that his darling is in exactly (to not say worst) same situation

  • Love the shoes

    Zac Efron is the NEW Brad Pitt; fine and knows it but picks projects that downplay that. I have thought this for so long. He’s BP just like Lautner is the NEW Tom Cruise. I cannot wait to see this movie.

  • zac-is-wack

    maybe Brampit!

  • zac-is-wack

    whatever the staunchest and wackiest fan says, there is nothing to argue when talking about zac’s acting…because there’s none. it’s not even vendetta, it’s pure, simple, fact.
    so far, there’s no potential. he’s miles away from the acting ability of josh henderson who is not even his age. what about andrew garfield? not close! deal with that.

  • Rami

    Zac new Pitt – LOL – and silly fangirls Zacs arms could never be big like that. Nice airbrushed pic though.

  • say what?


    You made a claim concerning reviews- i was merely requesting them. I most certainly am not going to argue with you concerning your opinion of his acting- please know that an opinion is not a fact

  • fan

    ofcourse! no matter the storyline, zac efron’s in it, so im there :) geez he’s turned out to be so goooood looking

  • florence2

    So much for him wanting to spemd more time with his family at xmas and in the new year, he’s off in Turks more than likely meeting up with Rumer Willis again like he did two weeks after him and v broke up, must be going for a repeat performance with her and will no doubt be clubbing it up with anything in a skirt who will fawn all over him.

    And just like him Vanessa has worked with some A list actors and actors who have ben established in the buisnessa long time like Sir Micheal Caine, Nicolas Cage, and like Zac John Cussack so he is not the only one who can say that he has worked with the best so can she, she just does’nt make her promo’s all about what sexual joyment she got out of kissing someone or how pleasurable a scene was for her that involved kissing, making out in a trailer all the things that efron brags about thinking it makes him sound like a stud, more like a teenager bragging to his friends about his conquests.

  • Guest

    @florence2 why do you care so much about what he does in his private time? What do you really know? And stop comparing him and van, careerwise or personal choices, their time is in the past.

  • florence2

    Because his film career is no bigger or better than Vanessa but his fans are quick to call her projects crap but when Zac gets the same comments then all hell breaks loose. My point was that she just like efronis working with high profile actors/actresses so that does’nt make him better than V.

  • http://comcast Dee

    Love Nicole Kidman, I’ll watch anything that Nicole is in. I’m probably not a good judge of movies though because the movie Trespass was said to be a horrible movie but I loved it. I thought Nicole was great in it.

  • Derpina

    @Rami: Zac’s arms are bigger than this in The Lucky One, he is pressing the arm against the car’s door making it look bigger and the arm is in front of him if you don’t see

  • Derpina

    Zac’s seems a little, very little better than Vanessa in career now, not a big deal, Lee Daniels made a good drama movie (Precious) but his only other movie (Shadowboxer) is a big flop in all senses, all this Paperboy cast is not a unanimity too, we don’t know what to expect

    But I think actually is just nonsense criticize Zac about his box office and reviews fails when you are a fan of Vanessa Hudgens like this @Zac-is-wack does

    You want to compare Zac with Andrew Garfield?

    Why don’t compare Vanessa with Carey Mulligan and Jennifer Lawrence?

    Just saying

  • Nicky

    @florence2: It would be really time for to check in in a mental home, that would be the right place for you. Zac spent xmas with his family, you would have seen it if you would have been there. But you don’t know the address of his parents so you had no chance to be there. And if he spends new year’ eve somewhere else in the world, where the heck is the problem. Don’t you have enough money for such a trip. Is it too much money for you to pay 6,000 or 7,000 $ for one night in a hotel. Good for Zac, bad for you. He deserves a little free time without paps and haters like you. Get a life and back off.

  • qqq

    love the poster, and I like this look on Nicole

  • http://justjared mig345

    awww zacy , has five movies coming out in 2012 awesome !!!!!!!

  • Merlin’s Mum

    @florence2: He said he would spend Christmas with his family, which he did. And that at New Year he would go off and enjoy himself as he always does. So perhaps when you are busy spouting bile you could at least get the quote right? This film looks like it is gonna be good. But of course if it doesn’t do brilliantly it will be Zac’s fault regardless of who else is in it. Apparently he is only in Liberal Arts for about 5-10 minutes, but no doubt if that ‘floops’it will be his fault too!! :)

  • kami

    this is crazy funny:

  • florence2

    Of course it’s Zac and Rumer Willis he’s gone off to Turks just like he did lat year with her and the rest fits esoe I ally about the man wanting to keep the relctionship super quiet. And if course he’d have a thing for the mom too everyone’s heard the way he raves about older women so it’s his style. @kamiOf

  • kami

    don’t think zac is in turks this year. isn’t he in st. barts?

  • loserwinner

    You all hate Zac and follows every move of him, this is creepy, looks like sick people or something

  • Nicky

    @florence2: It would be really time for you to back off. Ya, Zac left the US to go on a holiday, and for starters like you, he left alone. You hate him for no reason. And if you have a problem with the fact that he not only likes young girls but also older women, it’s only your problem and from nobody else. You’re judging a guy you don’t know. You NEVER talked to him, you’ve NEVER seen him and you will NEVER meet him. Go back where you come from.
    I just hope for him, that he can enjoy his vacation.
    You really deserve to get back all the hate that you spill towards him. You shouldn’t forget one thing: What goes around comes around … and usually at least 10 times worse.

  • Me

    @ kami
    Do you realize that ppl make up ” blind gossip”
    Also rumor is already dating zac’s friends so seriously quit believing evertythinh you read!?

  • ?????????

    @florence2 yes Zac went to T & C last year after the split but you also seen Vanessa partying it up and looking happy in Vegas for her birthday.

    and this year she is stripping off in front of quite a few guys and not being shy about it either.

    zac can do what he wants this year as he is free and single so back off and grow up

  • Moh123

    Gorgeous Nicole.

  • Florence-is-whack

    How is it that you keep escaping from the mental hospital? Maybe Zac-is-wack is helping to break you out. You both are stupid idiots. It’s okay if you don’t like Zac. That’s a personal opinion. But you need to stay off of his threads. Just go away.