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Lady Gaga & Taylor Kinney: PDA!

Lady Gaga & Taylor Kinney: PDA!

Lady Gaga and her boyfriend, Vampire Diaries hunk Taylor Kinney, wrap their arms around each other during a romantic stroll in California in early December.

Taylor, 30, and Gaga, 25, met on the set of her video for “You and I.” (They played love interests.)

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Lady Gaga

Gaga has also been spotted around Taylor‘s home in Lancaster County, Penn. She reportedly checked out real estate in the area!

Can’t wait to see more pics of these two together!

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Photos: Coleman-Rayner
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# 2

Nooo way! Gaga is banging Taylor Kinney?! Wel good for her. He is beyond hot

# 3

They look great together :)

# 4

OMG!!! i didnt know they’re dating! i love them both, so wish them all the best, Gaga has a good taste in men :)

# 5

UAU she looks soooo normal in this pictures… change people…Happy New Year everyone

# 6
l0nely-girl @ 12/29/2011 at 11:50 am

Since when was an innocent hug PDA!
Anyways, if they are really a couple, they will definatley be the couple of 2012! <3

# 7

would have never imagined them in a billion years

# 8

I wonder if having a boyfriend will make her want to dress more “normal” and attractive? I’m guessing yes…

# 9
Dubya Bush @ 12/29/2011 at 12:20 pm

He can do better tbh

lady whatever @ 12/29/2011 at 12:21 pm

Many people are already starting to not give a flying f*ck about Lady Caca.

I applaud the poor idiots. Finally, they recognize how ****** plagiarized and useless Lady Caca’s clownish career is. Better late than never.

It’s funny how these celebs (female) say they’re lesbians or bisexuals, but they’re ALWAYS seen with a man. Talk about using the gay community to sell records and make money!

@lady whatever
Haha, jealous ass mofo, somebody’s feeling worthless :-( get a life.

and just like that.. I don’t like uncle Mason anymore. :p jk. He could do way better though.

Yes gagas falling down the social 50 cause everybody knows you have borrowed talent.. so fame ***** by going public with your relationship that i I thought was to personal to share as you said many times. I guess now you changed your mind again.

@Lolita: I agree. I am waiting to see how long it takes Amber Heard to start dating dudes, again. Awful.

I call this random. but good for them.

the_boyfriend @ 12/29/2011 at 12:58 pm

He looks a bit douchey here, i think it’s the hat.
But it’s an upgrade from that last nobody that didn’t get her press..
She’s smart enough to know the buzz around her is falling and this is a way to get people interested..also she could never get someone that looked like this if she wasn’t famous and this is a way for her to tell the world that yes, she is pretty, really, seriously, just look.

Good to see for once, Mother Monster Lady Gaga doing something Not Gaga like strolling on streets with Taylor Kinney ;)

he’s hot…she’s not…

Odd couple

lafamepoma @ 12/29/2011 at 1:44 pm

At the end the photos came out, at first i didn’t trust when i read about it but now… Gaga why you changed your old bf? I prefer the old one, Taylor is more for another kind of celebrities, and did he gain pounds? in the video he’s more hot, anyway i just expect he don’t break her heart.

I wonder if she wears her meat dress in bed.

I approve this!

Didn’t know Taylor was into dudes.

Yeah they all talk about being bisexual.. Katy Perry, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj.. go on go on…
It is exactly to win the gay community and not for any other reason.
They are promoting everything that is wrong and they will do anything for money and fame.
Just like lady gaga.. she knows the price of fame.. Look at her new vid Marry The night.. does no one notice that this is her life she is talking about? She is not the real Stefani that she claims to be when she turns into Gaga..
She is made by the companies and now when her high is going low..
They put this out as a publicity stunt.
As if i believe that this is a real relationship. She can’t have one because she is so into herself just like Kim K.
Always I did this, I have done that… Please, you are not the first person in the world who can sing, write and dance.

i know she’s weird but she’s cool and sweet, besides she’s a talented artist and he’s soooo hot omg they look really cute together >>>>>>>>>>> SHITNEY

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat ??????????????!!

GAGATHEQUEEN @ 12/29/2011 at 3:05 pm

Mia: publicity stunt.@Mia:

publicity stunt. wtf? are you kidding, if she wants that, she could pick something like leonardo dicaprio, taylor isnt famous, gaga doesnt need that, she’s the biggest pop star in the world, her born this way album, was the most selling album in united states, she’s the forbes # 1 most powerful woman , she earned this year $ 90 millions, publicity, yeah righ, is she wants that, she could pick at least something big like her!

for the one’s who say he can do better, thats for gaga, she can have whateaver she wants!

GAGATHEQUEEN @ 12/29/2011 at 3:07 pm

Mia: publicity stunt.@Mia:

publicity stunt? are you kidding, if she wants that, she could pick something like leonardo dicaprio, taylor isnt famous, gaga doesnt need that, she’s the biggest pop star in the world, her born this way album, was the most selling album in united states, she’s the forbes # 1 most powerful woman , she earned this year $ 90 millions, publicity, yeah righ, is she wants that, she could pick at least something big like her!

for the one’s who say he can do better, thats for gaga, she can have whateaver she wants!

This guy is with her?!
Omggg she got lucky.

I don’t dislike her, but damn
He is too fine to be with her


GAGATHEQUEEN @ 12/29/2011 at 3:12 pm

@Sam my:

Mmmm,she can do better, is Gaga, but she choose this guy, i like him, but cmon , Gaga is beautiful, talent, just because she wears crazy outfits and so much make up, dont make her ugly, she’s really a beautiful person not only outside, inside too.♥ but people love generic good looking people, Gaga is italian, so her beauty, is more european, classy.♥ if you are so blind to see that, poor of you, stay with their generic hollywood beauty!!!!

lady horse shiat @ 12/29/2011 at 3:43 pm

We are approaching the year 2012. Who seriously still gives a flying sh*t about Lady Bullshiate??

Lady Bullshiate is f*cking boring. This stupid overrated clown never did/isn’t doing anything I haven’t seen before.

Lady Caca is the biggest wannabe I’ve ever seen or heard. How this troll managed to have fans in the first place, I will never understand. People are crazy.

lady mierda @ 12/29/2011 at 3:46 pm

Taylor was paid by Lady Caca’s team.

We all know these two clowns will not last.

Lady Caca is getting punched in the face by Adele and she’s mad about it. We all know Lady Caca is a fame-obsessed idiot.

This fake relationship is Lady Caca and Interscope’s attempt to get attention. Because nobody cares about Lady Caca’s “Born This Fake” album and its lame singles.


Taylor is hot! why is he doing this to himself? Oh it’s all about FAME! Keep your eyes closed and imagine it’s someone else, if that helps lol..

ugh he just wants to be famous

When will she go away..sick of her

She craves attention :)

“her born this way album, was the most selling album in united states”

When? According to Billboard, Adele has the best selling album this year. Eminem had the best selling album of 2010. She hasn’t had a best selling album of any kind in the US =)

Gaga has the 3rd best selling album in the u.s.a. and 2nd best selling album worldwide. Real facts. Great for her!

gaga has the 3rd best selling album in the u.s.a and 2nd best worldwide. Real facts. Great sales for her!


I A tbh she is overrated and all her singles are flops.

as fake as never

its so funny how shitney fans are haiting here when that fat beetch FLOPS with her latest album i mean BTW 8 MILLION VS FLOP FATALE 1.3 MILLIONS WUAJAJAJAJA


800 k were sold for 99 cents who does this?n How many #1 has BTW had? or for that matter top 10, imo Britney 13 years in her career still the one to beat. Will gaga be on top 13 years from now be 38 years old…doubt it honey. Beyonce and Britney will out live/perform them all!

Britney is still the one to beat 13 years in the game…lady gaga will be 38 years old 13 years from now, can she still be on top like Beyonce and Britney? Doubt it there is only so many qierd costumes before ppl get sick of it. Britney first album sold 60 million and her second sold 10 million. *this was the cd which could have been pirated and wasnt. Tell you something cant compare an icon to a fad like gaga

i have lost all faith in Lady GaGa I just feel like she is trying to be like Madonna and miss fame GaGa :(

I really like her , I find her to be very articulate in interviews and she is a very good entertainer(good singer, dancer…) good for her and good for him, if they get along why not. Happy new year!

she has become a snoozefest she needs to give born this way a rest, its not working for her

The whole “Lady Copy and Paste” “Lady Gagme” Shady Gaga” is getting old its like beating a dead horse. She copied Madonna,Britney and every arrtist before ..THERE CAN WE MOVE ON!

Ahhh, they were hot in “You and I” video!! Bravo!!

Another day, another photo op. This is so staged. When people begin to lose interest, she comes up with another lie or something else to force feed the public. Now it’s this “relationship.” No comment about him having a girlfriend when he got with Gaga. She’s previously hooked up with other guys who already had girlfriends too.

@carol: Love didn’t change her, she often dresses like that, since way before daiting Taylor, you are just used to seeing her in stage clothes.

@Lolita: She had sexual encounters with females before becoming so famous. Know your facts

@tara: She often dresses like that, also other times dresses very sophisticated, you guys are just used to her stage clothes

@Stacey: Lady gaga sold 5.4 million world wide for album of the decade she was left in the dust by Adele who sold 14 million and basically did nothing lol. and in the US she was 3rd adele and swift beat her..

@Stacey: Make 15.3 million for adeles total she sold another million this week lol. Gaga must be crying that she had to perform every show possible and still couldn’t come close lol.

She’s hot… he’s not. she can do better.

Totally thought that was Christina Aguilera! She looks EXACTLY like her!

God Bless him for sleeping with that thing!!! Could you imagine waking up in the morning with Lady Gaga on your arm??? Yikes!!!! Talk about wanting to chew your arm off LMAO!!! But hey, Good for her for finding LOVE everyone should feel LOVED even Gaga, God Bless her heart!!!

I think the real news here is that Lady Gaga is not dressed as if she’s joining the circus. Any guy that can make her do that must be the one!

shitney spears is a FLOP buajajajaja

what the heck..odd couple..

taylor has bad taste in offence lady gaga is fugly


Monstards love to exaggerate lady copy and paste albums sold

Omg you guys are such HATER just Bc you live a boring azz life, while lady gaga livin up her life and doing the nasty with a fine ass man like Taylor makes ya such big haters!!!! Stop hatin!!!!

She needs to STOP worrying more about fashion and get to making Monster Hits again. For being at her PEAk she isnt so hot. Let be honest BTW wasnt exactly “the album of the decade”

Cant wait for Madonna and Xtinas new album its going to slay!!

lady copies and pastes 24/7 @ 12/30/2011 at 1:06 pm

Lady Caca is looking like Christina Aguilera all the time, because she is a wannabe.

Lady Caca wishes she could sing like the most bad@ss pop singer of her generation : Christina Aguilera. But Lady Caca can’t and never will.

The only thing Lady Caca can do is attempt to look like Aguilera.

It’s funny how Lady Caca didn’t like the Amy Winehouse comparisons and decided to wear a blond wig because of that…. BUT, Lasy Caca is making NO EFFORTS TO STOP THE CHRISTINA AGUILERA COMPARISONS, WHICH ARE MILLIONS AND TRILLIONS MORE TIMES MORE PREVALENT THAN THE ANY WINEHOUSE COMPARISONS EVER WERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lady Caca is the epitome of a wannabe. A stupid deranged lunatic.

omg Taylor Kinney IS gay

Hey guy, not so much to love money! Gaga is ugly.

@carol: altho yes, she is wearing something relatively normal, its cuz shes not in a big crowd just strolling the street. but we will never see her wearing a t-shirt and jeans,

@carol: altho yes, she is wearing something relatively normal, its cuz shes not in a big crowd just strolling the street. but we will never see her wearing a t-shirt and jeans,

@Mia: lady gaga is actually bi. she truly is. maybe not nicki and Katy Perry and them but lady gaga is. she is not just a person who wants fame. she doesn’t care about the fame, she just enjoys expressing herself. She is truly symbolic. evry thing she does has a meaning, no matter how random it seems. her meat dress had a meaning. she told the world, and i quote ” if we don’t stand up for what we believe in and if we don’t fight for our rights pretty soon, we’re going to have as much rights as the meat on own bones. And, I am not a piece of meat.” so stop assuming and hating. she is bi, she was bullied alot as a teen because of it . and for all you frickin know it is a real relationship.

@Lolita: shes been with many girls actually, just not PUBLICALLY. she doesn’t tell evryone because then evryone will assume its a fake, and anyways its her personal life. and she fights for the gays and bi’s. Her song “americano” is about her fight for being able to be with whomever she chooses, and how she wulkd die for gay rights.


She never claimed to be a lesbian, bisexual means you are interested in both women AND MEN. – ____ – SMH idiot

i love this pictures ..he’s hot and gaga finally looks like a normal girl or like a simple celebrety

That outfit would have been perfect if she wore biker boots instead.

they look so cute together!!! i love You And I video, and they really looked natural in it… they’re a beautiful couple! i’m glad they’re happy :) she looks more normal, too. and that’s way better.

Lady Gaga is so ugly…blö­öö and new friend is a higher category..­…

ALEJANDRO @ 05/02/2012 at 4:10 pm

Well I think I will be Thurs show today in peo ous fans who do not tidy + confusion for me and gaga agent will try to be friends is BOMs for good or for bad agent has to learn to Thurs colviver as friends even with these problems thanks to all bjos

” Very Good” I Have That Talk Gives Lady Gaga Why She is very smart and I’m still using the aliaça when Nois is still married consertesa not esquissi I still love her and she tanbem devi still do not know me to love good hope yes it is probably Thurs + Thurs me to stay in the school of music in the anofre Thurs think major will stay in that defisio anofre tãom bequeathing me all the time bjos all good …;)

LOL….thats the first thing i thot when i saw em 2gether

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