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Rooney Mara Covers 'Entertainment Weekly'

Rooney Mara Covers 'Entertainment Weekly'

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo actress Rooney Mara takes the cover of the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands December 30.

Here’s what the 26-year-old actress shared with the mag:

On watching her sister Kate Mara on American Horror Story: “I think she’s so crazy in it. She scares me every week. For you to be able to be scared by your own sister…I think she’s brilliant in the show. She’s f—ing scary. She’s really good at playing a crazy person. I had no idea.” (Rooney and Kate moved to L.A. and moved in together.)

On having a comfortable childhood but being drawn to darker roles: “You can’t assume that because someone has grown up comfortably they don’t have darkness inside of them. I’ve always sort of been that way since I was little. I don’t know where it came from. And certainly I had a very comfortable life, but it was also very normal. I didn’t grow up in this dynasty that people kind of think that I did. We went to T.J. Maxx. I never had to want for anything, but I was not a spoiled child by any means. I was always taught that I had to work hard at what I wanted in life.”

Bigger cover inside…

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  • http://j lohan#1

    Box office disappointment

  • yep

    i am looking forward to seeing this movie this weekend!

  • snake eyes

    Yeah I wasn’t too happy with the overall performance by Mara only because I genuinely felt she herself was trying too hard. The story is very loyal to the books except for a few crucial places which I wasn’t too happy about, the accents didn’t have a lot of continuity in some ares, but rather than break it down I’ll just say that Mara was good but unlike the last girl to play the heroine I didn’t feel Mara really translated the victim portion of the character. I think she was kind of stoic in a lot of places – but over all I like how loyal they were to the book which the last installment really wasn’t. Still I wish Mara did focus more on the actual pain the character. Did she play a badass – yeah but that wasn’t why I personally loved the character of the book. It was the victimized portion of the story about women that really drew readers in. That didn’t translate very well in Mara but she was very loyal to the best of her ability. Good Job Mara.

  • Marie

    She’s soooo incredible as Lisbeth! im in love with this girl…;))

  • Derpina

    She looks strangely beautiful

  • Kate

    Major crush on this girl in this role. Reminds me of Shane from The L Word

  • sad

    Not surprised it faitled at the BO…Only sick minds find torture entertaining.

  • karen

    She did a wonderful job at portraying Lisbeth. She actually looked the way as described in the book. While Noomi also did a good job, she didnt physically look the part. She looked too old and way too muscular.

  • Grey

    Tired of seeing this girl on every magazine. WTF? Is she the only actress who is promoting movie right now? Why we see only her?!

  • taytay

    im kinda over actors that come from rich families who down play it all so we think they’re humble and ‘just like everyone else’.

    “i was never a spoiled child” made me role my eyes. blah! nepotism is deffi’ ruling the acting world right now and its only producing sh*tty actors.

  • meagan

    Noomi Rapace will always be the Lisbeth Salander for me :)

  • Marie

    If money really could replace the talent, Balthazar Getty and Paris Hilton should be nominated for an Oscar … pffff Mara is not “guilty” of being from a rich family, if she hadnt the ‘thing “and the desire to work hard, she would be just another useless socialite.

  • Bella Coola

    They can STOP promoting the shit out of this movie and this woman now.

    The last time I saw an “actress” get on so many magazine covers without having earned it was Gretchen Mol during her FIRST movie. Everyone knew it was because she was sleeping with Harvey Weinstein. So, what’s Rooney’s secret?

  • Bella Coola

    @karen: They MODELED Rooney’s style on Noomi’s. They copied Noomi’s hairstyle and fashion. Noomi wore her OWN clothes for the movie. Noomi is still better.

  • Facts

    So now thery’re promoting the film, that already came out, and nobody saw? Too late. The film tanked.

  • karen

    @Bella Coola:
    Lisbeth’s style is actually spelled out pretty clearly in book. She didnt copy Noomi’s style. Noomi looks like a 30+ olympic swimmer, in no way does she come off as a boyish waif as its clearly depicted in the book. And if Noomi wore her own clothes, it was because the swedish versions were so low budget that they couldnt afford a wardrobe department.

  • d

    Noomi Rapace was sooo much better in this role. Wish she and Craig could have starred together.

  • mark

    you are an idiot.

  • Ben

    Not a fan of her after she made those rude comments about SVU.

  • sky


    I’m right there with you Ben, this chick is overrated and she has too much self importance.

  • Ricky

    Rooney rocked as Lisbeth!!!!!!!!

  • G

    Saw the original movie and this new version, still don’t see why they had to remake it so soon after. Do people really hate subtitles that much? It’s crazy and maybe unfair but I am so sick of this Rooney girl already. Read her interviews, I think she’s got her head stuck up her own a** but I guess the same could be said for most of Hollywood. I can’t wait for the hype over this movie to die down so I can stop seeing her “look how I have suffered for my craft” face everywhere.

  • jessa

    funny how her proof is in sharing she was slummin it at tj maxx lolol
    yah she definitely wasnt privileged……….?
    she’s funnyyyy

  • Bekka

    She’s as edgy as a stick of butter.

  • Huh?

    Wow what a bunch of bleeping haters. I think she performed fantastic and was absolutely convincing. I swear, some of you think you are Jesus or something.

  • harley

    She owned this part. Better than Noomi.

  • Marie

    lol! I’m sure many of the commentators here have never seen the Swedish version, otherwise they would not say so much crap, but it is useless: Mara is already a true movie star, a safe bet for the best directors
    “the dogs bark and the caravan moves on” arab proverb

  • Puzzled

    Didn’t this movie open already? Why are they still promoting this? Anyway, I prefer her sister Kate, who is not only much prettier but also less full of herself. Rooney comes across as a try-hard and a bit of a snoot.

  • Mel

    I hate that everyone is pretending the original movies don’t exist ‘new thriller – bought the heroine to life’ what a joke! As if they are trying to totally denounce the Epic Swedish ORIGINALS

  • Johnny B Goode

    The cover was planed months ago. Wake up people the entertainment press exists to manipulate you. Rooney Mara is a product of marketing. The movie is tanking and will not make back its production costs. What has Mara done? Think about it. She put in a FEW scenes in the Social Network, a remake of Elm Street, that by the way didn’t do well and some other crap. She is a nobody created by the press for the dumb asses who believe what they read.

  • mh916

    I saw the movie yesterday. Mara gave one of the best acting performances I’ve ever seen. She should win the oscar for that. She was great!

  • karolina

    I saw this movie and the swedish one too. I am sooo drawn to this girl, there is something just about her , she is so attractive in the movie,, so yes i agree she rocked

  • aguar

    @snake eyes: im really sry dude you have to be such a hater moron , she was A-MA-ZING