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Vanessa Hudgens: Miami with Austin Butler!

Vanessa Hudgens: Miami with Austin Butler!

Vanessa Hudgens slips off her overalls and sunbathes in a sexy sheer black bathing suit on Thursday (December 29) in Miami, Fla.

The 23-year-old actress was poolside with her beau, actor Austin Butler.

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Earlier in the day, Vanessa posted a cute “Peace and Art” photo and asked her fans to guess where the pic was taken. Sound off at her official site!

The day after Christmas, Vanessa and Austin were spotted on a romantic stroll together.

FYI: Vanessa is wearing Free People Raer Donna overalls.

15+ pictures inside of Miami mates Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler

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vanessa hudgens miami austin butler 01
vanessa hudgens miami austin butler 02
vanessa hudgens miami austin butler 03
vanessa hudgens miami austin butler 04
vanessa hudgens miami austin butler 05
vanessa hudgens miami austin butler 06
vanessa hudgens miami austin butler 07
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vanessa hudgens miami austin butler 10
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vanessa hudgens miami austin butler 12
vanessa hudgens miami austin butler 13
vanessa hudgens miami austin butler 14
vanessa hudgens miami austin butler 15
vanessa hudgens miami austin butler 16
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vanessa hudgens miami austin butler 18

Credit: Pichichi, Thibault Monnier, BRJ/Fame Pictures; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline, SplashNewsOnline
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  • amy

    His hair is gross. Greasy curtains :/

  • Lola

    V looks great. And Austin looks fine too! I Hope they have a Nice time

  • roxy

    sexy bathing suit shes wearing! she look hot :) im glad shes having a great time with Austin..The boy puts a smile on her face and i just love it :)

  • ivy

    V looks amazing! Like always haha and wtf, can’t Austin wear other colors besides black and gray? lol

  • Ash

    He looks even worse in shorts and a tee shirt than what’s he’s dressed in everyday.

  • Haters Suck!

    Damn she’s so HOT!! I mean holy crap.

  • Katie

    Geez. Only went two days without a sighting of these two.

  • Tina

    Soo, did the papperazzi like follow them to Miami? These two are spotted everywhere no matter what their doing.

  • http://thesmiths85 crystal

    i think she looks beautiful here love the bathing suit and there’s nothing wrong with her hair quit hating

  • Alex Voronov

    Awww Vanessa.

    Chatting Easy

  • Shannon

    Overalls….really??? Just when I thought her fashion sense couldn’t get any worse

  • jr

    Ah it’s the overalls you’re paying attention to? Ok

  • melissa scully

    cute couple!

  • http://www.twitter/mrsvagabunda Mrsvagabunda

    I’m happy for both, austin seems like a really good guy and he always puts a smile on vanessa’s face :) that’s what matters

  • ?????????

    shouldn’t take long for the new set of nude pics to appear she looks like she’s up for anything.

    she’s definately getting into practice with those photos

  • ?

    Youre impossible I’ve tried to be nice to you and reason with but some people you just can’t reach. You’re just a horrible horrible person
    Again the reasons you said you hate her you still can’t.prove and your idol still isn’t.talking about it given multiple opportunities so you’re just lost. I have to ask are you and Florence the same person? You’re both crazy and harbor the same hateful heart.

  • http://www.twitter/mrsvagabunda Mrsvagabunda

    @????????? That was so not cool

  • anna

    she’s been doing a lot of pda lately and it’s so tacky at least with zac she had some class

  • ?????????

    No I am not florence.

    And yeah I agree far too much PDA lately

    Looks like Austin needs a good wash but I’m sure V will scrub him clean soon. Lol

  • Haters Suck!

    Damn reading peoples coments latley You’d think zac and Vanessa never touched each other. You want to see PDA google their vacation pics or pics of them at laker games and other places. So far between these two it’s been mostly hand holding with the occasional kiss. Don’t really see it being as bad as people claim.

  • elendur
  • ?????????

    @haters suck!! So you havn’t seen the pics jj missed out the straddling and the snogging his face off. Ohh and don’t tell me she didn’t know she was being papped because that smirk on her face during the snog clearly says she knows. This is all for PR.

    She just trying to copy what she was doing with Zac last year.
    But she won’t get the same publicity with it.

  • claudi

    Vanessa looks so HOT!
    thats what a hot body looks like!

  • Haters Suck!

    They do look similar don’t they,lol. And it wasn’t last year it was more like 2 or 3 years ago. Kind of ironic considering that’s exactly what I was talking about. I didn’t have a problem with it then and I don’t now. And I could think of several reasons why Vanessa is smiling but I’d rather not

  • justsaying

    After reading what a lot of you have been saying on here lately..I just see one thing. Jealous people who just can’t stay away from looking at her and her life. Maybe she can teach some of you cold fish something about affection and love. Keep rocking the LUV V ! Live your life girl !

  • Jk

    @?????????: have you thought maybe she’s smilig cause she’s happy? And if you think anything she does these days is with Zac in mind than you’re living in the past.

    And you’ve made it obvious you don’t like her, so why do you go to other sites to look up her pics and then come back here to talk shit? Get a life.

  • Jk

    Btw V looks hot as hell

  • Xox

    @justsaying: IA 100% Vanessa’s a better person than her haters will ever hope to be. She lives her life with a smile on her face & they call her names from behind a computer screen lol

  • Carter

    @????????? Oh, just shut up already. You know that if this was any normal couple that we’re just having fun, you wouldn’t say a SINGLE thing. but because they’re celebrities, you make a big deal out of it. Austin’s happy, Vanessa’s happy and they’re just out there having a bit of fun before V goes off around the world to promote her upcoming movie and then starts to film for another movie. Quit hating!

  • Carter

    Vanessa looks beautiful and Austin’s really cute, so what if he wears the same colors of clothes? That’s not a reason or excuse to hate and bash on him and it’s his fashion taste. He will wear what he likes, how does that even concern you in the slightest? Exactly. It doesn’t okay. I’m glad to see Vanessa having fun with Austin and her friends before she heads off to Australia in late January and I’m glad to see that Vanessa has moved on. You haters that call yourself ‘Vanessa’ fans may not realize this but Zac does not own V, she’s her own person and they did what alot of people do, they broke up. Accept it and leave it alone.

  • hilde

    they looks amazing together..

  • claud

    you should be back on zefron hahaha

  • claud

    everyone is sppoted in miami lol

  • claud

    jealous much? or are you still hurting? hahaha
    you must love Vanessa, you know everything about her

  • claud

    this is like zanessa 2, but with more love, and without his team behind the relationship, the turks and caicos pictures were staged, all the zac and Vanessa fans know that by now. the whole turks and caicos was for us weekley magazine i think.. so blah…

  • claud


  • maria

    Sorry, but they look like any other normal affectionate couple who can’t keep their hands off each other. Totally normal. And THAT’s the point. She wants to be NORMAL. She doesn’t want a dysfunctional relationship, full of insecurities and a lack of priorities. She wants to be with a good guy, who has her as a priority, not his image, or his career first. That didn’t work the last time. Every woman deserves to feel like the most important thing in the world to someone. If she’s not, it is not the right guy. With Austin she feels free to be affectionate, and he clearly returns her feelings. I don’t see anything wrong with them. I’ sure there was far more PDA going on at that poolside.

  • claud
  • kami

    anyone wanna guess who this is? vanessa and austin or emma and chord or ryan and blake?

    “This good-looking young couple will announce their engagement. Their relationship was conceived in the office of their publicist/s, so don’t hold your breath for a wedding. They are already scheduled to break up before the end of next year. While they are both attractive people, one of them is considerably more talented than the other.”

  • claud

    Justin and Selena / Ryan and Eva

    this one is about Zac, Rumer and Demi…

  • claud


    this one about Zac, Rumer and Demi

    So, this actor is A list. Barely. He had a franchise but really nothing else. A couple of times he has headlined a movie since the franchise, but the results have not been good so I think he lost his tentative hold on A list and is back at B where he belongs. The franchise was a fluke anyway. It made some other people stars who have no business being in movies. I am reserving judgment on this guy. Anyway, he has a celebrity girlfriend which is kept super quiet. Not that it is private, just they go to great lengths for two not very huge stars to keep things private. More on his part, I think then hers. She could use some publicity. The thing is, our actor seems kind of shy about the whole relationship because there have been rumors, especially now, that he has quite the thing for the mother of the celebrity girlfriend. The mother happens to have had her own tentative A/B list hold on her movie career throughout the years.

  • florence2

    Of course it’s about Zac and Rumer obvioulsy going for a repeat performance with her like last year when he went to Turks after breaking up with V and you don’t tell me that Rumer and Demi just happened to be there.

    And everyoneknows that he has a thing for older women so everything else said including keeping it super private is efron to a tea. H ewas only interestred in showing Vanessa afection on the red carpet if the cameras were there or when they were promoting HSM.

    Finally Vanessa has a guy who is’nt afraid of showing or receiving PDA from his girl and does’nt care who sees it which is how it should be. Can’t wait for these two to announce their engagement in 2012 they make a georgous couple and know how to have fun, Vanessa is still career minded but she also wants a life outside of hollywood and so is balancing the two really well, so it’s obvious out of her and efron who is going to have true love and a family and career without letting one of those things go. Many people in their buisness juggle family, career and still stay together he chose his career which is’nt that brilliant over love but V has managed to have both. Unless efron is going clubbing or winking away on promo tours he rarely smiles, Vanessa is enjoying life.

    And just for the record comment 39# was not made by me so whoever is using my name I hope your having fun with it, I know what I write and what I don’t and would’nt write a comment about Vanessa like that, but people will choose to beleive what they want.

  • Sarah

    where is her bathing suit from????

    i want one!!!!

  • What a laugh

    it would seem she wants to make sure nobody points how how fake these pictures are this time around. she has covered all the bases to be sure she proves to the world this is real. hey, she even brought along her own paparazzi all the way to Miami to chronicle the whole thing. how is desperate is she going to get? i guess she is taking pointers from paris and lindsey on how to get attention. why would either of these two get so much paparazzi coverage? think about it.

  • Deb

    I call those pictures – same position, different guy. Clearly she is the dominant one when it comes to s e x. I’m no prude, but she needs to keep that in the bedroom, not out in the open for everyone to see. Way too sl utty.

  • Emem

    @Deb: Agree.

  • Mia

    Agree too. And a relationship based on lust never really lasts….

  • maria

    It’s obvious some of you have never been to a resort in a warm, tropical place, where people are in only bathing suits, are there on romantic getaways, and don’t have a care in the world. I’m sure this wasn’t the only PDA going on there. She has every right to be normal, with a normal guy.

  • elendur


    That would be Emma an Chord. He has already done some photo-op dating with Taylor Swift.

  • claud

    but are fun hahaha