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Emma Watson: Lancome Ad Revealed!

Emma Watson: Lancome Ad Revealed!

Emma Watson shows off Lancome‘s new red Rogue in Love lipstick and Vernis in Love nail polish in this new advertisement for the beauty brand.

“The idea is to make this young generation – that has been a gloss fan – come back to using lipsticks,” Youcef Nabi, president of Lancome International, tells WWD. “At the same time, they were complaining about the fact that the classical lipsticks were heavy on lips. So we invented a formula which is a brand new generation of texture that is at the same time very intense color and six-hour perfect wear.”

“We worked with Emma on the shade range,” added Nabi.

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Credit: Mario Testino
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  • Stacey

    ugly eyes, blue eyes are prittier for ads

  • dd

    She is asexuall and not even pretty.

  • mel

    She looks sad. Her eyes are expressionless. What were they thinking with this especific picture in mind?

  • Haley

    She looks gorgeous. It’s sad that Lancome still tests on animals though

  • csmks

    she looks gorgeous as usual@Stacey: no one needs your irrelevant opinion, especially since you can’t even spell prettier, fool.

  • vid

    she looks stunning

  • di

    This is what you call perfection. Right combination of beauty,talent and intelligence. One and only classy actress in hollywood at the moment who can be compared to Grace Kelly. Sad part is that on any article Kristen Stewarts P.R team starts bashing up this lovely girl.
    What they don’t realize is tha thow much they try to pull Emma down ,it wont work because she has something that that the other person can only dream of and that is called talent
    Emma is the only person who can carry a short hairstyle.

  • SJ

    @Stacey: First of all, learn how to spell properly. Second of all, you come across to me as one of those stupid people that thinks beauty is just “blue eyes” and if someone has that trait they are automatically gorgeous, even if they are far from it. People can be beautiful regardless of eye color, and let me tell you that I have seen some downright unattractive (Stacy that word means ugly) people with blue eyes, who thought they were “the sh*t” just because they had a certain eye color. Beauty comes in a wide range of colors, and remember Stacy, insulting Emma Watts (and everyone else who does not have blue eyes for that matter) will not get you on the advertisement of a multi-million dollar cosmetics company.

  • -

    @ SJ I completely agree!

  • Leandra

    Stacey – Go to school, learn how to spell, and then come back here. The way it is now, everyone thinks you’re a complete dumb dork because you can’t spell properly.

  • Cierra

    she looks absolutely beautiful!!! i love her! not that creepy stalker way but the fact that she is talented, educated, and level-headed and not letting the fame money and movies go to her head like some starlets do. im glad that she has stayed grounded for so long and seeing this photo of a girl who is happy, beatutiful, should show hollywood that despite the eye color, girls are beautiful!! like i said, love her.

  • theresa

    to Stacey

    sorry to break this to you idiot but Emma Watson’s eyes are brown not blue. so why would they want to make her eyes blue? stop being a troll

  • Sheep

    Photoshopped to oblivion. And we say women are not insecure. Sell more lipsticks and nail polishes to women cosmetic companies instead of more relevant investments like a brain.

  • Dizzy

    So pretty!

  • rick

    can’t call ugly and surely can’t call beautiful! only thing for this plain jane type is: AVERAGE!… as F8ck.,,

  • Stacey

    lol in fact blue eyes are PRETTIER then brown eyes like the color of SH*T buwajajaja

  • d


    How shallow you are Stacey. What are you? 13??? Still in high school where girls are little bit-ches?

  • essie

    she’s pretty but it looks like they caked her face with makeup.. how many layers do you really need??

  • Me

    Gorgeous. I actually recently really became interested in trying to wear lipstick, because I’ve always been a huge fan of gloss and only gloss. I would love to try this Lancome brand (especially since it lasts 6 hours!), but it’s SO expensive!

    I’ve got the Tresor Midnight Rose perfume Emma is the face of and it smells really good.

  • Shannon

    Emma’s stunning. I just hate they covered up her freckles with all the makeup

  • mel

    Oh, wow. I can’t believe my comment is hide due to low rating. Wow, people, I wasn’t bashing Emma. I like her but this ad is terrible. She looks miserable here so not full of life nor even sexy.

  • demps

    @di: first of all, I get it that you must be a huge fan of Emma and love her and think she’s your goddess and all.
    I have to say that I’m not really a fan of Emma[I came here purely interested of this new article JJ put out through twitter] nor do I’m a fan of Kristen. But your ignorant statement is really disturbing and simply lame. You can worship an actress all you want but trashing another actress and/or accusing their PR team (do you even know what it means or the real purposes of having them?) are the ones who made those other lame comments, is honestly like fooling yourself when trying to defend your Idol. Even more pathetic is the fact that you don’t even know who the real morons whom made those silly comments but then make this baseless assumption: “on any article Kristen Stewarts P.R team starts bashing up this lovely girl.”. How do you know that? Do you know it for a fact? I could have just easily back it up to you and accusing you of being one of Emma’s PR Team who threw out that libel to another actress while defending their client. How would you feel?
    How old are you anyway? Don’t you get the news already? Well, let me tell you then *NEWS FLASH* EVERY celebrities; actors, actresses, singers, etc. are all have those people who simply dislike them or even in so many cases, they hate them for no reason and just love to be mean and make some dumb comments to make those celebs look bad and get reaction(attention) from people like you, then they make fun of it behind their computer’s screens!
    You do considered that Stewart herself is getting enough hate from the mean people out there, don’t you? Too much hate in my opinion for someone that young who probably hasn’t done anything wrong with those folks. The hate for both Watson and Stewart is simply undeserved and absurd! They’re both beautiful, talented young actresses who seems nothing like Lindsay Lohan or that other “actors”.
    And you realized it or not, you just made Emma’s fans look fool. That is even more convinced me that most of Emma’s fans are have something against Kristen Stewart. But I don’t know what and can’t stand those type of “fans” at all.
    Like I said before, defend your crush all you want and call out those people whom bad-mouthing or bashing your favorite actor. But don’t you ever start to bash and blame the other actor for it just because you don’t like them. As far as I know, Stewart was never done anything wrong or offensive to Watson right? So why don’t you try and respect her?

    For the record, in regards of Emma being in this ad. I think she looks just fine in the picture. She’s a pretty lady.

  • RM

    I like the lipstick on Emma and I’m glad to see she is making a name for herself after HP. I wish her all he best in her future endeavours. It’s great to see a young woman making a name for herself doing something classy.

  • http://arisha10 ariadne

    She looks beautiful. Classy and intelligent at the same time.. :-)

  • Yep

    Kristen did do something negative to Emma. She won all her fan voted MTV movie awards. Made Emma attend then sit through her acceptance speech and shaking her head…

  • dak

    seriously??????????????!!!!!! you have to drag Kristen Stewart’s name in this??!!!

  • Dizzy

    Why does Kristen have to be brought into this? It only perpetuates the made-up rivalry that exists between them. It seems like it’s more of a rivalry between the fans of both girls. I doubt both girls have ill feelings towards each other.

  • kate

    emma u’re so pretty & awesome!! believe in u ~!

  • lizlemon

    @Haley: Really?? Supposedly Emma is an environmentalist and supports good causes. Why would she work with them?

  • lizlemon

    To be honest I used to be such a big fan of Emma, and she used to be totally my icon. But now I’m just tired of her, and the fact that she is acting like a model. She has done like 700 photoshoots within a year, then she had the fragrance, now it’s the lipsticks and after that she is gonna be the face of another Lancome product. I still thinks she is a good person, but she is too much into this fashion stuff and all that, and she has lost her “girl next door” kinda thing. You can’t relate to her anymore.

  • lizlemon

    @Yep: Oh and Kristen is responsible for that? Don’t you think that’s the fans’ fault? And anyway MTV is rigged so that Twilight wins all the time. The American MTV audience prefers Twilight to HP.

  • lizlemon

    @Dizzy: @lizlemon: I’m not saying this in a negative way to Emma, I’m just curious.

  • lizlemon

    @Dizzy: I think they don’t even know each other.

  • lizlemon

    This ad is actually not interesting because there is an exact same shot of Emma in her latest Vogue photoshoot. She even has the lipstick and the nails.

  • lizlemon

    OK most of you are TROLLS. Why even bother discussing something with you? Obsessed imbeciles!