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Katy Perry: Divorce from Russell Brand!

Katy Perry: Divorce from Russell Brand!

Katy Perry and Russell Brand are getting a divorce after 14 months of marriage, his rep confirms to

“Sadly, Katy and I are ending our marriage,” the comedian said in a statement. “I’ll always adore her and I know we’ll remain friends.”

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Divorce papers were filed in Los Angeles, where Russell cited “irreconcilable differences.” Rumors of a split surfaced earlier this month when both Russell, 36, and Katy, 27, were both spotted without their wedding rings.

The couple married in India in October 2010.

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  • Jordy

    Such a shame

  • kary

    that’s really sad =(

  • Alicia

    WOAH didn’t think they would actually divorce.

  • Tim

    I was wondering when was this going to happen, i thought it would be sooner though!!

  • Ana

    I always thought Katy Basic didn’t seem cut out for marriage.

  • BEAN

    What happened to his till death do us part comment yesterday?
    How unfortunate!!!!! I really did like them together, and they both seem like lovely people.Thaaaaat said, I have always thought Katy should have given man-child Travie another go. Maybe I’m just living in the past.
    Sad times anyway.

  • t

    sad i like them both

  • Meow

    Never surprised. This is it just Hollywood fate but the state of marriage in America. People marry without really knowing the person and then are surprised when they discover something they ‘didn’t know’ or like when married.

    Or people just don’t try to work on it. They say oh well it doesn’t work I don’t like X about you and just divorce.

  • Mailey

    Wow they were only married one year.

  • booo

    I can’t believe they lasted more than than a year. That’s more shocking the the divorce.

  • Jessica

    I’m sorry, I saw this one coming..

  • Nancy

    I will never understand why these people GET MARRIED?!?!?

  • D.Scott

    Man, they looked together at the VMA’s…sad.

  • :)

    I’m sad for katy but not shocked

  • tomas

    wow and lol

  • Val

    Not surprised.

  • constn

    surprise because why? They always seemed rather odd together and I never got a “total love” vibe from them, ever. It always seemed more about fun in the sack tbh.

  • Ashley

    I did NOT see this coming. They seemed like they would last. It’s a shame, they were so good together:( Wish them all the best and hope they stay friends. At least it lasted longer than Kim “bitchass’ Kardashian!!

  • :)

    @Nancy: Me either When they sign their contracts it should read record deal or movie deal = loss of privacy and failed marriages

  • Safireskeye

    Again, there is no “sanctity of marriage” left. Let the gays get married already! If these idiots are allowed to, then so should those in a loving and committed same-sex relationship.

  • Asha

    So sad. I was rooting for them.

  • sillyme

    Good for her. I knew she’d come to her senses sooner or later.

  • Jessesgirl

    He’s too old for her. A nine year difference can certainly work for many, but in their case Katy is still a young party girl who doesn’t want to think about the deeper stuff yet, wheras Russell is pretty mature underneath the wild-eyed image.

  • jessa

    i thought they were a match as they are both equally ANNOYING.AS.HELL. guess they annoyed each other.

  • lala

    I thought they would last for atleast 5 years!
    this is the worst! I hope they can get back together, they are my favorite couple

  • Fergie


  • james

    @Jessesgirl: ladies mature faster than men tho. and 27 is no spring chicken.

  • Lily

    It’s really sad, but he seems to be such a jerk taht it might be good for her… I hope all the best!

  • Lily

    It’s really sad, but he seems to be such a jerk tat it might be good for her… I hope all the best!

  • Lily

    It’s really sad, but he seems to be such a jerk that it might be good for her… I hope all the best!

  • Line

    That’s really sad :(

  • blah

    not surpried! She is kind of lame and generic- but he is plain weird and unappealng! He is a good actor but I sure wouldn’t want to be his other half

  • nata

    I’m surprise they’ve lasted this long.

  • Safireskeye

    Cause you’re hot then you’re cold
    You’re yes then you’re no
    You’re in then you’re out
    You’re up then you’re down
    You’re wrong when it’s right
    It’s black and it’s white
    We fight, we break up
    We kiss, we mak—-

    Uh, what was that? Nevermind…

  • Moon

    Anyone surprised? Those actors/ singers brought marriage to such a low level that it is very embarrassing. Now I don’t blame the couples who have been together for a long time, but haven’t married yet.

  • mrsvagabunda


  • wow

    I feel sad for Katie, but Russell is a class A jerk & Katie is way too good for him. I’ve always thought Katie could do way way better. Seems like he might be trying to cash in on her good year of record sales – he is such a loser!

  • carrie



    But then Russell and Katy were seldom in the same place. How do you make a marriage or relationship work when you are never together. Just a day or two here and there.

  • Rachelle

    SHOCKER! . . . even REAL marriages in the real world end

  • Charlie

    @Safireskeye: Dude, creativity man! Pretty sure I saw your same comment on Perez ;)

  • Gilmore

    Wow that was quick. I thought they’d go into public denial mode like they usual do, although I’m not surprised I think they rushed into things.

  • Jess

    So sad dude!! They were the perfect crazy couple ever!

  • Jess

    So sad dude!! They were the perfect crazy couple ever!

  • thora

    they wont be lonely for long.
    theyll both have a new love interest within 2 weeks, if they dont already do now.

  • The Twin Spin Blog
  • dd

    I hate them both I hope it will be long and nasty divorce.

  • nat

    @dd: lol

  • Alla

    She’s young, beautiful, and free spirited. I don’t think she’s ready for marriage just yet. I’m sorry things didn’t work out for her, but I’m sure she didn’t lose too much.

  • Xox

    This makes me sad. I really liked them together.

  • Stacey

    im glad btw he’s soo ugly ew