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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Bikini for Jason Statham!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Bikini for Jason Statham!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley flaunts her bikini as she sunbathes alongside boyfriend Jason Statham at their hotel pool on Friday (December 30) in Miami Beach, Fla.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

On Wednesday, the happy couple stopped for a late afternoon snack at In-N-Out Burger on Wednesday in Los Angeles.

Looks like Rosie, 24, and Jason, 44, are in town for the New Year’s Eve festivities at the Fontainebleau hotel. Vanessa Hudgens and her boyfriend Austin Butler are in town for the party too!

FYI: Rosie is wearing a Zimmermann Dreamer Mismatched Bikini.

20+ pictures inside of bikini babe Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

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rosie huntington whiteley bikini 01
rosie huntington whiteley bikini 02
rosie huntington whiteley bikini 03
rosie huntington whiteley bikini 04
rosie huntington whiteley bikini 05
rosie huntington whiteley bikini 06
rosie huntington whiteley bikini 07
rosie huntington whiteley bikini 08
rosie huntington whiteley bikini 09
rosie huntington whiteley bikini 10
rosie huntington whiteley bikini 11
rosie huntington whiteley bikini 12
rosie huntington whiteley bikini 13
rosie huntington whiteley bikini 14
rosie huntington whiteley bikini 15
rosie huntington whiteley bikini 16
rosie huntington whiteley bikini 17
rosie huntington whiteley bikini 18
rosie huntington whiteley bikini 19
rosie huntington whiteley bikini 20

Photos: INFdaily, Fame Pictures
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  • Buzzy

    I’m disappointed. I was hoping she’d gotten Jason Statham a bikini, and he was modeling it for her. Now that would be a hot sight!

  • cw

    OMG she’s totaly crabbing his crotch

  • BEAN

    @Buzzy: loooooooooool W T F

  • Alicia

    Oh wow. She’s totally grabbing his junk in that first photo on the last row.

  • DakotaFan

    Love seeing them together like this – love this georgous couple

  • cw

    this girl has the biggest FEET i’ve ever seen on a female except AJ

  • Number8

    They’re trying too much^^ ( esp: pic 19 O.o )…looks fake :3

    Wonder how much you have to pay for a model girlfriend….

  • Michael Bay

    Subtle as a shotgun.

  • Shannon

    Is everybody on vacation now or what??? And these pictures are just gross…he looks old enough to be her dad

  • sharon

    LOL at her grabbing his crotch!!! ahhaha she is gorgeous though

  • denny

    He’s dating a giraffe?

  • Angelina
  • Jen

    She’s not even skinny-attractive, she’s skinny-nasty. Eat a burger!

  • Cristina

    She makes smoking look sexy but as much as I love her…they gross me out as a couple

  • Bella Bella

    Dating an old, dirty bastard. Yuck. Thank goodness VS fired her.

  • Natalia

    Why is she grabbing at his old, wrinkly and sagging ballsack? GROSSSSSS!!!

  • Mary

    At least she has something in common with Megan Fox, both likes old men

  • mel

    @Bella Bella: VS didn’t fire her. She was working the day of the runway show that’s why she couldn’t walk

  • uyh

    why do u little tweens like Justin Beiber looking KIDS? I’d rather date a hot older man who knows what hes doing than someone who looks like a little butch girl.

  • Isken

    old man? seriously? lot of women would die for a man like him :w

  • A

    @uyh: I’d rather have someone my OWN AGE thanks! Not all of us like “mature” old men….some of us actually like guys our own age!

  • Himama

    Hot couple!

    VS is not the “end all/be all” of modeling anyways… LOL. She is a Burberry model,still gets Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle covers. In fact she actually gets more work now than when she was just an unknown VS panty model/catalog filler.,,,

    Yes VS is a great jobs for a model but actresses get more modeling work than half of the VS models put together do. Rosie is doing just fine. VS didn’t even make her a star, her acting gig did. VS is only a launching pad. You work there for years and years and it looks like no one else wants ya…Glad she’s trying different things than just panty modeling.

  • Dieter

    I love it how she grabs his pee pee !!!

  • HOTT

    Rosie u little minx you mEOW. they look like they are fun in the you know what. yum.

  • Dieter

    It would be even more beautiful if we could see Rosie’s fellow Angel Erin’s grabbing Leo’s pee pee !!!

  • Jade

    Their age difference alone is disgusting, not including their looks.

  • Dieter

    I love her tite ass !!!

  • tacky!

    That picture of him with his hand down his pants scratching his bells is very telling. As is the picture of her fondling them.$$$ does not buy class, does it?

  • megan

    hot couple!!!!!

  • tella

    they’@tacky!: oh like he’s the only man to ever grab his ….LOL okaaayyy…

    I love that Rosie was with VS from 2006-2010. It’s perfect timing and then she moved on. 5-8 years is perfect as a VS model. Any longer and its wearing out the welcome….Rosie obviously has a drive to want to expand her horizons. Nothin wrong with that! if it fails it fails. If it succeeds it succeeds. Nothing is worse than NEVER at least trying…

  • Jordan

    Rosie and her cute bikini are perfect!

  • betsey

    She’s so hot. Love the bikini I want one for my vacay

  • tacky!

    Yes, they all adjust their balls or scratch, but in public? Where I come from that is very bad manners. Men can adjust their stuff all they want/ need, in private! What, is digging for gold, picking your as*s, and farting in public okay with you, too? Gentlemen don’t do that stuff, sorry! LOL! And where I come from, it’s gross and rude to play with your bf’s genitals in public,too.

  • Jane

    She’s hideous and looks disgustingly underweight. Guess anyone can be a model these days… looks just don’t seem to matter anymore.

  • Mel

    if i can see your ribs sticking out that much, you need to stop cutting out those carbs and sugars and get a hot dog or something

  • sarahh

    jeez she looks like a crab when shes grabbing at his peen. relax those pincers!

  • DakotaFan

    Let them be, how were they supposed to know the paps were up on the roof or someone was taking photos from a hotel room …… look at the angel of the shots! In any case there is nothing disgusting with him or his age – he is hot I tell you and obviously fun to be with. They look georgous together and totally suited to each other – as opposed to some stars. Yeah its great she is moving on from VS – new gigs are much classer ie Burberry and H&M and all the magazine covers. Good for her for trying and not just wanting to stagnate like some of the other VS girls. If you wanna talk skinny then go look at Karlie Kloss. Rosie is just awesome although those might not necessarily be the most flattering pics of her but then who cares I love them both and would love to look like her and have him :-)

  • amy

    she knows the paparazzi are arnd – - just keep your private life priiiiivate.. or at least put a towel arnd yourself.. you know if you seen a couple doing this you wldnt be like ‘aww.. isnt that sexy’.. blagh!!

  • tira

    he was 20 when she was born!!
    so every ones OK with that?

  • Drew

    @tira: Michael Douglas was 25 when Catherine Zeta Jones was born and is anyone bashing them? They’ve been married for over ten years and have pulled through bad times with Michael falling ill. I’m not saying that Rosie and Jason are going to marry or won’t break up eventually, but why always point at them because of the age difference? It’s no big deal, really. For some, it works out that way.

  • tira

    @Drew: its no big deal? yes it is. its weird… and this thread isnt abt michael douglas (altho i think thats odd 2). keep on topic.

  • Rose&Sage

    I do not see the least savvy they are important as lily victoria secret rosie erin and other celebrities is DONE to get more fame and publicity campaigns

  • mia

    disgusting ! rosie’s father cried !

  • megv;losdjgogjsg;psd

    Ewwwwww look at the 1st pic of her with her arms over her head. Anyone else a little weirded out by that massive bulge in her armpit???????

  • safiah

    @Bella Bella: she wasnt fired from VS. stupid rumours you listen to

  • Carter

    @Jen I’d like to see how your body looks and your such an ignorant idiot. You do realize everyone that is skinny don’t starve themselves, don’t you? You do realize that it is possible for someone to be NATURALLY skinny, right? Oh wait.. No, you don’t. Please go back to school and educate yourself on that cunt.

  • Leanne

    @Carter: She’s a model, of course she starves herself dumbass lmaoo.