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Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes: New Year's Eve, Here We Come!

Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes: New Year's Eve, Here We Come!

Ryan Gosling and girlfriend Eva Mendes fly off to their New Year’s Eve festivities via LAX airport on Friday (December 30) in Los Angeles.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Ryan Gosling

To attract as little attention as possible, Ryan, 31, and Eva, 37, boarded the same departing flight separately.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Eva Mendes

The happy couple hasn’t been shy about their relationship before. Ryan was seen cuddling Eva in public during a trip to Paris over Thanksgiving weekend. They even held hands at the airport shortly thereafter!

10+ pictures inside of Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes heading to New Year’s Eve bash…

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Credit: Matei H/GVK; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Margo

    Hope he has another one of those t-shirts because it’s the same one he wore yesterday during his sweaty workout. Why isn’t Eva happy? Did Ryan tell her he didn’t want to be in pictures with her?

  • Bobo

    “To attract as little attention as possible…” Ha! It looks like Ryan’s PR people have been reading comments. Give me a break, it’s too late. I don’t believe for one second that the PR wh***s who staged a photo op with the paps wanted “little attention”.

  • Val

    she’s never happy.

  • Stacey

    who cares?

  • cat

    Him and Eva have been doing everything together lately. I don’t like this couple at all. I hope the rumours aren’t true about him wanting to settle down with her. He needs someone more grounded.

  • Anna

    Eva always looks like she is posing for the camera. Paps ready I guess. Ryan is more natural and relaxed, at least for this one.

  • carrie

    the best way to have paparazzis’s focus in Hollywood is to date with another celebrity!
    no one cared on Eva Mendes before she “dates” Gosling whereas Gosling always had attention of paps even if he was enough low-key (i forget his McAdams love story) and he’s even not A list

    Gosling’s RP are so good because all his movies bombed in boxoffice this year

  • giuseppe sallo

    True, Gosling is not bankable star but he doesn’t need to be… he does have talent, and that’s all that matters. Actors like Clooney, JGL, and Hardy aren’t huge draws, but they’re greta actors. Plus I don’t understand why all you girls are so jealous. If he’s happy, so be it. Everything has to be a PR stunt… same excuses all the time.

  • Anna

    @giuseppe sallo
    agree. He doesn’t really need to be bankable or even be in these tabloids. Eva may since it’s a different situation for her.
    Ryan is a respectable enough within the industry, enough that he can basically do the projects that he likes. And he’s a great actor. Blue Valentine and Half Nelson were amazing.

  • Anonymous

    I love that I get hotter chicks than this dude. Her face is BEAT and she’s getting old as HELL.

  • josh

    the most stylish man ever

  • miami

    He can do so much better than this ugly old hag. Why won’t she ever date a Cuban guy for once in her useless life.

  • yuccck!

    Ew1 Gross.

  • ace11

    She’s awful,,and he is wel you know?

    question: him or Gyllenhaal??

  • Please

    He can’t do better than her. They’re BOTH douches. She’s a cokehead and he’s a drunk driver, a scumbag match made in heaven.

  • Holy Cow

    He went from Rachel McAdams to that!

  • Gossipgirl

    This article is contrived nonsense; everyone knows they are bearding so why the subterfuge? And how does Jared know that they are heading off to a NYE bash? Ridiculous! Next year, less Gosling poser, hipster douche…..please.

  • Lmao

    The fakest PR couple in Hollywood right now. LOL @ them wanting “privacy”. That just draws more attention to them. The Place Beyond The Pines is still going to flop no matter how hard they try.

    This is basically the most relevant and most publicity Eva has ever been even though the her career is basically dead. What a coincidence.

  • JCS22

    She’s got such a harsh, masculine face. He and JT should become friends again, they’re with the same type of girl: basic,talentless actresses who look like men!

  • Priscilla

    @carrie: There are no more bankable stars anymore. Gone are the days where a Tom Cruise or Julia Roberts can guarantee #1 at the box office. Even Leonardo DiCaprio had a bomb recently. Action is the star now and the actors are interchangeable. Look at people like Megan Fox, not a good actor but had number 1 action franchise. I do agree that the best way to stay in the tabloids is to hook up with another celebrity.

  • Gossipgirl

    @Priscilla: Word!

  • Wait

    Didn’t she date Jason Sudeikis, who’s now dating Olivia Wilde, who’s used to date Ryan? Ewwww….Hollywood is gross and seriously like a sexual musical chairs.

  • belinda

    Why is he wearing the same t-shirt from his workout the day before? Hope he washed it after the workout.

  • aaa

    ryan is way too good for her. hes so sweet,funny and down to earth and she is just an annoying, self centred old woman. i hope this realationship ends soon! i also hope that it really just for PR and nothing more. ryan needs someone like rachel mcadams

  • AKay


    hahahaha, I know. It’s pretty gross when you think about it.

  • Roxy

    I think he’s handsome. I love his movies, especially Notebook. He has a certain charisma, and swagga about him. However, I don’t think they make a cute couple at all, he can do alot better. He’s in his career prime, and she’s B-lister at best.

  • miami

    This chic would not be caught dead with a Cuban man she only wants white as a trophy boyfriend.

  • Pshh

    He turned down Olivia Wilde and went for Manjaw Mendes? What a fruit.

  • pj

    I don’t think this relationship is completely fake. Ryan is an idiot if he thinks this will help his career, if anything it hurts it. His talent speaks for itself and he doesn’t need showmances to invoke interest. He looks very uncomfortable in photos with Eva. She seems to enjoy the attention more than he does. I bet it’s her who calls the paps. He was never photographed with a girlfriend this much before, famous or not. I liked him better when he was more mysterious.

  • Torry


  • Laurel


    Her last boyfriend of 8 years was Peruvian. Is that good enough for you?

  • Wilson


  • Well

    Well, he can’t possibly think she’s talented. Meh, he’s the definition of overrated so I don’t think he can paticularly do any better.

  • Sabine

    Ryan! Stop being a Clooney!

  • megan

    eww she is way to old and ugly for him

  • Alexsa



  • Alexsa


  • Polly

    I hope he brings her to the Golden Globes, then she can have one of those “accidental” nipple slips. Hmm………… it really that difficult for him to find somebody just a bit more sophisticated?

  • skye

    I agree with #38. Why does he choose Eva? Total mismatch, but what do I know. Maybe she’s nice, but I don’t get a nice vibe from her. I could see him with someone more hipster and low key, like Zooey Deschanel or Michelle Williams. Ryan’s changed quite a bit over this last year. He doesn’t seem like the same guy.


    @Laurel: Her last boyfriend was Jewish and they were together for a long time.

  • Sally

    Eva ran after him and threw herself at him like all ugly tranny desperate to have a white rich husband Cuban women do.

  • Transvestite

    She seriously looks like a dude. Just look at her manjaw in that picture. Her face is rough.

  • Funny


    Manjaw Mendes LMAO. I’m going to call her that from now on. Fits perfectly.

  • Leenah

    Somehow I can’t relate to them as a couple..they don’t seem natural.I hope Ryan comes to his senses,he needs another type of girl..I used to love him,now..not so much.

  • George

    He’s not stupid enough to get bogged down with this ugly old tranny. He will move on soon to someone more appropriate for him.

  • Jo


    People don’t like Eva because she’s a crappy actress and a C-Lister and they’re many stories about what a witch she is. Plus, she’s ridiculously overrated looks wise, which is about the only thing she’s worth for to Hollywood.

  • zero

    It has nothing to do with her race. She just seems mismatched with him personality wise. She’s more a high maintenance princess type and he’s more low key down to earth. Or used to be anyway.

  • Hmmm

    how does Jared know all that information? and why is this post up at the top? Is their PR team behind this?

    There is a Blind Item that says a “couple” is going to announce a fake engagement soon and that they’ll announce their split before the end of next year. Some people said it was these two,especially since it mentioned that one was considerably more talented than the other. Although they also said “young”, Eva isn’t young. I wouldn’t be suprised if it’s them though, plus their movie will be out by then.

  • aaa

    ryans so sweet and down to earth and eva is not remember how she was in rehab for doing lots of drugs

  • Sihaam

    I sense a lot of jealous girls here and obvious gays. I don’t know what you are smoking but Eva Mendes is hot and can do way better than Ryan if you ask me. Cut the BS and lets us know how much better you look or better yet show us a picture of your fugly faces next to Evas lol. She is in her late 30s and I certainly can say she is a lot more prettier than any of you hags here.