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Nicole Kidman: New Year's Eve with Sunday Rose!

Nicole Kidman: New Year's Eve with Sunday Rose!

Nicole Kidman has a New Year’s Eve lunch with daughter Sunday Rose and husband Keith Urban on Saturday (December 31) in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

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The 44-year-old Aussie actress recently shared how you can help support the amazing work of the Sydney Children’s Hospital, which is dedicated to working with the community to improve the quality of life for seriously ill children from NSW and beyond. Find out more at her official site!

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  • hannah

    its new years day ?O.O

  • ilyDiCaprio

    @hannah you must live in aus or somewhere in that area like me but its nye in most places :l get your facts right

  • ilyDiCaprio

    btw cute photos ! happy new years to all !

  • thora

    sunday giving paparazzi the evil eye.

  • believe

    Sunday looks so much like her mother and father. Cutie.

  • KARY

    how cute is Sunday… !!!!

  • irene olson

    I could look at more pictures of Keith Urban. He is one hottttt gentleman.

  • Diane

    Nicole looks more like she’s looking quizzically, not necessarily smiling like she’s happy. But Sunday looks beautiful, and more like her mom every day (a lot like her dad as well).

  • Roger

    @dud: So you believe everything you read on the internet? There are many pictures of Faith out there. Use Google (and your brain). Those rumours you heard come from the psychos from UrbanMyths and the E boards. They did the same with Sunday when she was a baby, saying she looked weird and that Keith and Nicole were hiding her. Those crazies have been obsessing over Keith and Nicole’s life since January 2005. Yes, that’s 7 years. They have been posting lies about them all over the internet for 7 years, even creating stories for Ted Casablanca, Lainey and other gossip sites (that’s where Ted’s blind items about Keith and Nicole come from). The poster before you ‘Rose’ is obviously one of those crazies.’They are not a real couple, they are not really happy, Sunday is not their child, Nicole was never pregnant…’. Most of the time, their stories don’t even make sense. The truth is those people were Keith Urban groupies, following him everywhere, hoping he would just look at them. When he started dating Nicole, she ruined their fantasy so they went crazy, creating boards and sites to bash them. UrbanMyths is the main one. If you want to see what true craziness is, go there (7 years of craziness!). Over the years, the crazies have become a joke but they are too angry and hateful to realize that. So they go on and on and on, repeating the same things, still hoping that Keith will read what they say and divorce Nicole or that Nicole will die (yes, that’s what they wish). Now those sickos even attack Keith and Nicole’s children. Pathetic.

  • Dieter

    Still the best ass in the world !!!

  • s

    where is Faith?
    Sunday looks so good and pretty and boring with the paparazzi

    famuly sweet

  • amber

    You’d think, with all her money, she would get her hair done. Her hair always looks a hot mess.

  • hopeso

    Oh they went back to LA good to see them again. looking good all of them

  • d


    If I may point out–Nicole has always been very private with her babies. If you look back, we saw very little of Bella, Connor and Sunday when they were under one. She is extremely protective of all of her children. And if I may point out–that BV that you are so subtly referring to has Jones-Douglas as the main suspects.

  • Moh123

    gorgeous happy family.

  • d

    Love the evil eye that Sunday is giving the paps!

  • offtheproperty

    Nicole looks like a mama kangaroo with little baby kanga in her pouch!
    Haha! Aussies !!!

  • Roger

    @Dee: WTF?

  • fani

    CUTE FAMILY!!!!!

  • leaf

    @Dee: You are a moron. Nicole went with him to NY and Boston through his surgery. They went back as a family to Nashville and back to NY for the checkups over Christmas. Nicole has older kids in LA. This is a family that supports each other. Get a grip and stop obsessing over a man you’ll never have, Newsflash, you were never in the running!!!!

  • irene olson

    The Urbans have a lot of business in LA. Keith shoots most of his videos there, and Nicole certainly works out of Hollywood. Their management companies are located in LA. Also, the Urbans are warm weather people and perhaps they like to follow the sun. Nashville is cool and wet this time of year . Keith and Nicole are soulmates, I don’t think it matters to their marriage where they hang their hats; just so they are together. They support one another in their careers. They are usually not in LA for a very long time. Perhaps they could be going to Australia! or perhaps they will go back to Nashville. Guess it is their business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joan nz

    WoW!! what a lot of crazy people out there, Why bother looking go and perv on other sites. When was the last time you put your hand in your pocket and helped american kids???????

  • Rose

    @irene olson: @irene olson: The weather has nothing to do with it! Keith’s management is in Nashville. Kidman’s is in New York. Tom was Kidman’s soulmate according to the books I have read. That’s what she said anyway. All the rest is just the fans notions. They don’t know a thing in reality.

  • Margot

    Why should we care if they spend their time in Nashville, LA, NY or Beijing?? That’s their f***ing life for God’s sake! You’re completely insane!! Kidman’s agents are ALL located in LA, like every else Hollywood star.. Jesus Christ in Heaven…It’s just the beggining of new year and haters are already starting with their nonsense comments. May Lord save us from this horde of spitting-judgments- with sad lonely lives-morons. Keith’s ex groupies please…They’ve been together for 7 years. Nicole has sex with him every night and you don’t, this happens since 2005, so GET OVER IT! MOVE ON!!

  • http://comcast Dee

    Margot, every night, WOW. I would think their bed was a little crowded with the three of you??????

  • avaya

    Ignore the idiots. They are proven wrong everyday, but choose to ignore 8 years of fact.

    It is so sick they have nothing else in life , except hate for Nicole and Keith and their beautiful children .
    It rules their lives .

  • qqq

    Roger + about 4 others here = skewer mistress

    = double standards

    sorry; no standards at all

  • Rose

    @Dee: Good one!

  • Rose

    @qqq: You have that exactly right!

  • Skeptics are stupid

    @Rose: Denser than a pile of rocks. CAA has a main office in Los Angeles. But guess what they also have offices in Nashville and New York.

    When will the skeptics learn they are digging their own graves?!

  • Rose

    @Skeptics are stupid: I know all about Creative Artists. Take your head out of the sand or wherever else you have it. Just because a person doesn’t believe the hype, doesn’t make them stupid. And just because you do swallow it all hook, line and sinker, doesn’t make you smarter or more informed! And the name calling is still all you got!

  • Joan

    Go back to E! and talk to yourself! Stop bothering normal people.

  • Skeptics are stupid

    @Joan: It’s a slow day on E! so she has to come here to talk to herself! Who do you think Dee is! She already got caught doing that at E! It’s so funny that Rose criticizes Margot for stating the truth and Rose posts likes she has a magical crystal ball! Reading too much CDAN will do that to ya! It’s a real trip to read her ramblings!

    By the way “Rose” anybody with their pinky toe in reality is smarter and more informed than you!

  • Rose

    @Skeptics are stupid: LOL. All you got!

  • qqq

    @Skeptics are stupid:

    “stupid” = skewer mistress

  • http://comcast The Real Dee

    Keith and Nicole–PERFECTION !!!!!!

  • Rose

    @Margot: LOL. You got nothing!

  • Rose

    @Margot: @Margot: Since when do you own a gossip site called Just Jared? I’ll come here anytime. You are the annoying one. You have must have 20 user names.

  • elfman

    @Margot: Believe me Rose and her alter egos won’t leave unless she’s forced out/banned from this site. I mean her picture has been posted here for Christ’s sake and her lies/craziness exposed. She’s freakin mental. To be oblivious to the fact that the more she comes her and posts, the more Kidman’s profile goes up on the site and that gives Jared all the more reason to buy Kidman pics. She’s crazy and she doesn’t care. That’s what happens when you are obsessed and you don’t get help.

  • Rose

    @elfman: @elfman: Another name caller. No the same one with a different user name. That shows who is crazy. My picture has never been posted on this site. You got nothing! LOL

  • Sandman

    Its leery . Just ingore her like all the rest of the peeps do.

  • Rose

    @Sandman: LOL. You got a million of ‘em. You still got nothing !

  • Skeptics are stupid

    @Sandman: Sorry but its nomorefan. When she’s not here or on E she’s at Myths and blue sky just happened to post today. She has a compulsion to posting horrible comments and lying about everything, including what she’s done for nearly 7 years. Her photo has been here numerous times posted by numerous people. the only person she’s fooling is herself.

  • sinbad

    @Skeptics are stupid:

    Ha it really doesn’t matter, and you are probably right.
    nomorebrains is actually the biggest fool of all & thats saying something ! ha…
    Mostly she is ignored too as the chip on her shoulder that she carries around makes her say goofy stuff that even the haters know is stupid. lo
    lI remember that picture that was shown. Poor thing!

  • Skeptics are stupid

    @sinbad: It’s as much about bashing Kidman and Urban as it is any attention she gets from it . It’s about getting the last word for herself ONLINE even if she looks like a complete fool trying doing it. She must have a miserable existence in REAL LIFE. For all her talk about being a model woman and mother, an insider, her country radio station being the be all and end all, and seeing things with the eyes in the back of her head, it’s gotten her nowhere. The skeptics don’t care that she’s pushing a certain agenda because they are all fighting against each other for ownership of Keith Urban. If he was single none of them would think twice about scratching each other’s eyes out for a chance at him.

    The key thing about nomorefan is she will lie until she’s blue in the face. You know it’s her when you feel like you are hitting your head against a brick wall over and over. It’s always the insane that try to make the sane feel crazy. It’s a guarantee she’ll be back with a pointless retort because she has nothing else.

  • Sally Sue

    I was just going to say that Keith and Nicole’s daughter is adorable and looks like her dad but it looks like I’m in the middle of a high school cat fight. If it helps, haters seem to like gossip sites for some reason. I rarely see a thread filled with nice comments. But it’s best to just ignore them. If you ever read anything about tracked down haters, they turn out to be people who are insecure in life and putting somebody down makes them feel big for some reason. Giving them any attention at all makes them the winners, in their minds. Simply ignoring them makes them feel like losers, and they cannot stand feeling like losers. Engaging with haters is like fighting with a pig: you get muddy and bruised, and the pig has a good time. You are just indulging them by acknowledging their existence, so why acknowledge it? These people don’t have any inside information about a celebrity. They’re just lonely people who want to feel important. I studied psychotic disorders in college and many of these people who use the internet in this way are catagorized with psychotic delusional disorder. They have difficulty staying in touch with reality and feel they have a true connection with celebrities or that the celebrity is speaking to them in some way or develops delusions in the context of a relationship with the celebrity. Whether its a bored housewife, a prisoner or someone with a real mental illness, it’s best to ignore them. Because what they most want is your attention. – Sally

  • Rose

    @Skeptics are stupid: I am not nomorefan. Want to try again. You got nothing. You also don’t run my life. You and all your user names is the one who wants the last word. You should take your own advise, because you are here all of the time. I have as much information as you do. But at least I use the same name.

  • Rose

    @Sally Sue: Some of the craziest people in the world are psychologists and psychiatrists. They are mostly more psychotic , neurotic and paranoid than their patients. So physician heal thyself. LOL You got nothing!

  • Rose

    The only thing said here that is true is that the child is adorable. I feel very sorry for her though. She has been exposed to this since she was tiny.

  • @Rose

    Exposed to what? A good home? Loving parents? The child I feel sorry for is yours, if you have one. It’s got a real douche for a mother. Get a life.