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Nicole Kidman: 'Sesame Street' Vocabulary Face!

Nicole Kidman: 'Sesame Street' Vocabulary Face!

Nicole Kidman gets a rude awakening when Oscar the Grouch acts mean and mopey in this new video from Sesame Street.

The 44-year-old actress demonstrated the meaning of the word “stubborn” in her interactions with Oscar. When Oscar refused to help Nicole define the word, she simply stated he was, in fact, exemplifying the very meaning of “stubborn”!

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Oscar has some good one liners in the vid, including calling Nicole “vocabulary face,” and “Ms. Informative.”

Check out Nicole and Oscar’s interaction, where she gets him to accidentally define the word “stubborn.”

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  • Amanda

    She should teach them about the word ‘Botox’

  • kary

    Really funny, I love Sesame Street!!!

  • Dieter

    How intelligent is that girl. She should teach the younger generation how to get a butt like her’s which will be remembered in 500 years !!!

  • lucy

    to Amanda

    you are too stupid for words.

  • Moh123

    so lovely, Nicole know how to deal with kids.

  • Frozoid

    @lucy: To Lucy:

    Amanda is entitled to her opinion. That’s the beauty of a celeb site- people are entitled to opinions that differ from yours.

    Amanda: I concur with you. Kidman looks weird- and angry.

  • Little MY

    That was a good one, very fun and genuine. Nicole looks lovely!

  • irene olson

    Nicole is a very appropriate person to be on Sesame Street. She truly loves children (and people) and she is so lovely and animated that children will quickly look at her. Some of the nasties on this site should focus more on Nicole’s positive attributes rather than worry about botox and other negatives. Keep posting about the Urban family JJ. :)

  • Female

    That’s some bad acting.

  • Mike

    So adorable – Nicole is such a sweetheart and such a genuinely lovely and down-to-earth person. <3

  • thora

    oh gosh her face work is so obvious.
    it’s just botox but it is not good, u wonder if she realizes?
    look at diane lane, sandra bullock and such who are her age or even older who dont use it.
    they look like themselves.
    similar to meggie fox, nicole doesnt even look like herself anymore.

  • Roger

    @thora: Diane Lane and Sandra Bullock don’t use Botox? That’s the biggest joke I’ve heard today. Bullock’s face has looked very plastic in the last few years. Just watch her last movies, it’s very obvious.

    If anything, your comment only shows that people attack Kidman for no reason. They just post the same cr*p about Botox again and again and again like good little robots. It has become ridiculous. Many actresses and actors use Botox : Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, Jennifer Aniston… The only one who is attacked for it: Nicole Kidman.

  • Jessica Rabbit

    That was cute! I really love Nicole. She’s very classy and I’m sure her daughters will appreciate this whenever they get the chance to watch the episode. They’ll also undoubtedly be learning something new – which in the process will lead them to learn a new word and make them less “stubborn.” Win-Win for Nicole! :)

  • chris

    @Roger: if those women use botox than obviously theyre using it the right way and kidman the wrong way.

  • Dieter

    Nicole never did any botox. What I would like to see is Nicole Kidman explaining the kids together with BFF Naomis (!!!!!) how to keep their body in shape. Nicole should concentrate on the butt and Naomi on the boobs !!!

  • ethel

    She uses botox and so what? Has she ever asked you money to do so ? It’s nobody’s business

  • http://comcast Dee

    If we could look like Nicole Kidman we should all use it. Nicole is gorgeous.

  • http://yahoo Ltish

    I’m not a fan of every performer, but if I ever get to the point one drives me over the edge, I hope someone puts me away. There are people here who’ve definitely hit that point. Nicole has a really nice husband and two beautiful daughters, let it go, folks. You’re pathetic.

  • 65473

    @Frozoid: Thanks E! Hater for being so predictably stupid.


    Amazing, the vitriol of the sheep who continue to copycat allegations that Kidman’s face is Botoxed when it is clearly evident she is not Botoxed.

    The sad truth is that the people who post those comments have no knowledge of the substance. Botox stops the ability to crinkle one’s brow or frown between the eyes, which in turn stops the development of wrinkles…from frowning.

    The above video clearly shows Kindan not only creating vertical frown lines between her brows but also raising her brows creating several horizontal lines/wrinkles on her forehead.

    Botox is used on the forehead to stop that very movement and IF Kidman had used Botox there would have been no frowning or lines!
    it is not used on other areas.

    Bottom line: People who have no knowledge of Botox sound ridiculous opining that Kidman is a user, when it is clear she is not.

    PS: Adorable video

  • morley

    It’s quite amazing isn’t it? Two screenshots clearly showing Kidman can move her face. The sludge that resides on JJ must want to look denser than a brick.

    It is an adorable video. Love that Kidman wore pink with her red hair.

  • Roger

    @chris: That’s your opinion. IMO, Sandra Bullock is totally unable to emote these days. Just watch this recent interview, now that’s a face that doesn’t move:
    See? No frowning, not a single line on her face, only her eyes and mouth move. But it’s Sandra Bullock, America’s sweetheart, so she gets a pass while Kidman, one of the very best actresses out there, gets trashed.

  • Little MY

    I laughed when that poster said Sandra Bullock doesnt use botox, he must have not watched her recent films, the woman cant move a single muscle on her face and she keeps bobbing her head left and right and pecking like a chicken to emote.

    Nicole’s, forehead lines are visible in this video, she looks more natural than before. More Importantly she looks lovely!


    Anyone with eyes can see Bullock and Joile use the most Botox in Hollywood. Jolie does let up between filmings.

  • qqq


    society is to blame for women feeling uncomfortable with wrinkles as they grow older; you only have to see how the public brands women in their late thirties and forties “old”,

    whilst men have it much easier being able to grow into a ‘distinguished’ persona with their silver hair and character wrinkles.

    also, the big screen and high definition TV shows up every single blemish and line … and moving pictures can’t exactly be airbrushed like virtually every single magazine picture is … life is tough for women ageing. Some are luckier than others in that ageing suits them; whilst it doesn’t for others.

    I just find the lip-enhancement to be one of the most unfortunate procedures that women (over)do; it just never looks good.

  • qqq


    @skewer mistress:

    whilst you certainly have a case against those who make the most ridiculous, insane and ugly comments about Kidman and her children, you yourself are no angel: you post under every Kidman/Urban thread under many different names, and you display an unnatural obsession with these nutters; stalking and reposting their comments all over the place, and clearly scouring all the gossip sites becoming just as entrenched in the rubbish. You are simply too involved in all the negativity and simply succeed in drawing attention to the rubbish.
    Try and raise your own personal standards and focus on the good instead. You may just lose your 7 year long frustration; which is clearly getting to you. What do the comments of a few non-entities matter in the bigger picture? These are after all gossip sites; everywhere they attract the obsessives. Try and make 2012 a more positive one for you. Keep one name and thus keep your integrity.

  • Andy

    @TIN GUNN: Proof is in the screen shots that she does use Botox. She is frowning but the area above her eyes is not.

  • Michelle

    Awww, she’s adorable! Nicole is one classy lady and always has been. 25 years in the business and never a scandal. Love her and Keith.


    Pow! Pow! Pooow! “THE Vocabulary FACE” LOL

  • Rose

    @Moh123: She certainly does. Use them for publicity!

  • Rose

    @Moh123: She certainly does. Use them for publicity!@TIN GUNN: She already admitted to using botox. It took her years of being called out on it. There are plenty of pictures out there to prove it. She looks 20 years older without it. She should grow old gracefully.

  • Fernando

    Nicole you are so beutiful and sweet; good job for the kids

  • Roger

    @Rose: “Using them for publicity”? That’s weird because you and the rest of the psychos always complain about the lack of pictures of Faith. And from what I understand, not that long ago, you weirdos also complained about the lack of pictures of Sunday Rose, saying that Nicole was hiding her because she was a “special need” child or something. You also often complain about the lack of pictures of Nicole with Connor and Isabella, saying she’s a bad mother. That makes no sense at all. Which one is it? Is she hiding them or using them for publicity? You crazies always contradict yourselves so much, it’s hilarious.And what’s even more hilarious is that you don’t even seem to realize it.
    It’s pretty obvious to anyone with a sane brain that Kidman is extremely protective of her children and of their privacy. Just look at the number of pictures we see of Suri Cruise and compare that to the number of pictures we see of Sunday Rose. Just a couple of weeks ago, we saw at least 10 sets of pictures of Suri in one week on this site. We see one set of pictures of Sunday Rose every what? 4 or 5 months? And most of time those pictures are taken in airports (places full of paparazzi).
    You and your 3 little friends from Urban Myths are obviously OBSESSED with Nicole Kidman. Stop thinking/posting about her all day and start living your own life. It would be a good thing for you and a great thing for people like me who are sick and tired of your nasty lies.

  • hotchellelover

    That’s so cute! I saw the Muppet movie over Christmas and loved it. Nicole is so pretty.

  • jen


    if you are ‘sick and tired’ of it, move on!
    you are equally obsessed

  • http://comcast Gooley

    Most of the people that are knocking Nicole are soooo jealous of her it is making them mentally sick. Nicole and Keith Urban (he’s not available girls) cannot hide how crazy the are about each other.

  • Cristian

    That was a good one, very fun and genuine. Nicole looks lovely!