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Vanessa Hudgens: New Year's Kiss with Austin Butler!

Vanessa Hudgens: New Year's Kiss with Austin Butler!

Vanessa Hudgens shares a passionate kiss with her boyfriend, actor Austin Butler, at the stroke of midnight during the New Year’s Eve party held at Fontainebleau Hotel on Saturday (December 31) in Miami, Fla.

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The couple rang in the new year with good pals Kim Hidalgo and Andy Fisher-Price.

Also spotted at the party, where guests sipped on Belvedere cocktails and SoBe Lifewater with Coconut: Lucas Grabeel, Teen Wolf‘s Colton Haynes, JC Chasez, and Maria Menounos.

Earlier in the day, Vanessa, 23, and Austin, 20, were spotted making out poolside.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler‘s New Year’s Eve kiss…

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vanessa hudgens new years kiss austin butler 01
vanessa hudgens new years kiss austin butler 02
vanessa hudgens new years kiss austin butler 03
vanessa hudgens new years kiss austin butler 04
vanessa hudgens new years kiss austin butler 05
vanessa hudgens new years kiss austin butler 06
vanessa hudgens new years kiss austin butler 07
vanessa hudgens new years kiss austin butler 08
vanessa hudgens new years kiss austin butler 09
vanessa hudgens new years kiss austin butler 10

Credit: Seth Browarnik; Photos: World Red Eye
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  • Robsten_Fan

    Famowhores… -.-

  • Robsten_Fan

    Famewhores… -.-

  • Alaia

    What is up with these two? Do they crave having their picture taken all the time?

    No crazy fans of hers can justify this.

  • sky10

    WELLL..they’re happy and inlove ….Happy new year to everyone.

  • sky10

    WELLL..they’re happy and inlove..Happy near to everyone.

  • sky10

    OPS!!i mean, Happy new year.

  • Laura

    I guess some people have never been young and in love on here before. But try doing it being a public figure. Happy new Year to this sweet couple.

  • N

    Oh my god! STOP IT!!!

  • roxy

    Yay! This time she got a kiss in nye :) so happy for her, she deserves a good man. People need to realize that cameras are on her ass cuz she’s famous, they will always follow her and she can’t help it. She doesn’t call them, she does not need to show attention like other..she found herself someone who cares about her… U need to let her live her life, if u don’t like her actions or her bf simply don’t comment here. Cuz ur showing that u care……its not good to start the new year with hate. She has found herself a new man and unfortunately not many want to accept that cuz their stuck in her past…learn to move on and accept reality like she has…jealosy doesn’t take u anywhere. Have a happy new year and I couldn’t be more happy for her…they are both cute!

  • Gonzo

    Said by people who have never gotten laid or have a boyfriend. Go to a ADULT NYE celebration at any club, even NYC, or any venue these are done at and people do make out and do get their pictures taken if they are a celebrity. Go search any site you will see celebrities doing all kinds of things go to Chateau Marmont or even Standard and you will see celebs having to drag their drunk tails to their rooms. It’s her boyfriend she can do what she wants with him. Of course she will be taken pictures of did it cross your mind that hotel may have given her a free room and all the perks to show up like Kim Kardashian in Vegas? Now go suck on your lemons and bother some other celebrity and read your Teen Beat magazines and crush on your barely one hair chest boys.

  • Gonzo

    PS Look at the lady in the black dress next to her totally fake smiling it for the camera at least Vanessa looks like she is having fun. May your friends and family judge your relationships in this new 2012 as you do a celebrity because she is not with the man you want her to be with.

  • Ohdear

    OMG I am sick of hearing about these two. So Klassy lol. She is turning into such a famewhore it is actually rather sad to watch, she was always one of the good ones in HW but now I have no idea what has happened to her but her desperate attention seeking is pathetic. As for Butler, he will be LOVING it all and will probably go along with anything he is told. All the Vanessa fans on here will defend her no matter what but even you should admit that this is not the same Vanessa we have seen in past. Remember she is the one that said she didn’t want to be known for her personal life, well that aint happening now is it. This is now about her moving on to a new relationship, good for her I truly hope she is happy and that Austin is with her for her and not to make a name for himself but what is she trying to prove by parading their relationship every day.

  • Kro

    havent u guys heard of endorsement contracts? they are not craving for papz to take their pics at their NYE party but, V as Maria were both contracted to Fontainebleau for the NYE party, it is NO coincidence they both had the microphone duhh!! thats why papz are there, they knew all the time coz the party was publicize. and as for Vanessa and Austin, she got the kiss, she got the guy, she is happy, she is not doing anything bad, whats the bad influence? kissing? we all have been on similar situations and dont be hypocrite telling otherwise. and as for famewhore, i doubt since there has been times where we got candids of her everyday and sometimes even 3 or 4 times in a day, so whats different now? the guy with her? so thats why you dont like it. stop the stupid comments then and mature people!

  • Rini

    Enough with them!!!

  • Savannah

    Ok, they try way too hard. They were cute in the beginning but every time I go on JJ there’s a new kissing post about them, enough.

  • Savannah

    I knew before I even turned on the computer that there would be new pics of our lovebirds haha :)

  • em.

    I love Vanessa and would be happy to hear about that she was in Miami for NY with her boyfriend and they were cute throughout the trip and then kissed on midnight. Seeing a breakthrough of each day through photos is a unsettling for me as a fan. Why is it that when she’s with anyone else, her mom, her sister, her friends she seems uncomfortable with a camera but now all of a sudden this happens…

    All I have to say is that come interview time she better own up to this and not complain about having her relationship out there or her private life, not private. Because it would seem that through this trip she forgot her camera and decided she could just get the pictures online…
    I live in Miami and have my entire life. I can tell you right now that it’s no surprise during this season that hotel is a pap haven. And any celebrities staying there know this, it’s obvious.

    And to all the people that will attack me for this. I don’t hate V & Austin. Anything that keeps her happy, i’m good with. But I can’t deny I find it tacky to have your relationship out there like this. V isn’t a teen, she’s 23 and if she wants to take on the benefits of being a sucessful, privilged 23 year old she should take the responsibility and maturity of one. I really can’t name a sucessful relationship in the industry that took this route…. Making an effort to be private is in my opinion, protecting both her career (if she wants to be a serious actress) and her relationship.

    I’m a big fan of hers, I am. And i’m glad she’s happy, but to be honest, there is something about her lately that’s been pushing me slowly away. I know it’s her work that should make me be her fan, but as of late i feel like she’s been shoving her relationship down my throat and it’s impossible for me to seperate them right now… One of the reasons I’ve always loved her so much was that she unlike alot of people her age was mature in wanting to have a seperation between work and personal life. Posing for NYE pictures that are bound to make the rounds online…Sounds like something Kim Kardashian does.
    And i’m sorry if you diagree but… it’s how I feel.

  • nes

    yawn, nothing special about them!

  • Savannah

    @em.: Well said!

  • Savannah

    @em.: Well said!

  • JConan

    She’s getting fatter as she grows up

  • Charlie

    @em.: You’re right. Unlike you I’m not a fan, I’m in my early twenties so that whole high school musical came in my late teens so I guess I felt I was too old for it. But I guess I get the loyalty her fans have, cause it’s funny you reminded me of how much of a big fan I was to actresses in tv shows which were popular at the time.
    Anywaysss, relationships which are as publicised as this FAIL. Sad, but true. So, in my humble opinion, if she wants a successful and happy relationship she needs to adopt some privacy to her daily routine.
    However, if she’s doing it for the attention (only she knows that, nobody else) then I’m sorry but that’s just disgusting.

  • Lona

    She’s begging for daily attention. I mean look at these pics, they’re not even paparazzi photos, they look like they were taken from her own camera, she’s looking straight to the camera with a big smile. It is getting boring and we don’t need to see her every day on here. If she’s so much into showing people her private life then maybe she should just make a reality TV show, at least this way it will be more justified lol

  • Female

    @Kro: Well having endorsements contracts is not exactly great, either. Isn’t she supposed to be an actress?

  • mkhay

    zac efron must be so grossed out, not so much by this picture but by the other stuff

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    Vanessa was so beautiful :))) NYE,Vanessa kiss Austin in new year eve :(
    What about Zac ahah

  • weirdo

    What the hell? Photogs, please, for god’s sake, leave these two alone with their sickness of each other and “fame”.

  • Haters Suck!

    Well I’m glad Vanessa didn’t do what I did at midnight. I kissed my ex at midnight just so we could both get one but we’re on good terms so it wasn’t all bad. Plus I still had a fun night i can see most here didn’t get a kiss at midnight and I bet went to bed before the ball even dropped. Vanessa just did what every couple in Miami every couple in times square every couple across the country did at midnight get a kiss from their other half. As for the people saying she needs to be more private and not be so public (ain’t her fault), her last relationship was “private” (not as private as you think) and last time I checked that ended in failure. Defeniton of insanity doing the same thing over and over again amd expecting different results. Gotta try something new.
    I agree with everything you especially the last part. Well said.

  • Ohdear


    well said

  • elizalee

    If i see one more effing post with the title being “Poolside Kiss,” “New Years Eve Kiss,” or “Holding Hands” i will shove a candle up my butt. i can’t take it anymore.

  • Whatever

    This is the new Vanessa or maybe she is just coming out of her shell. Anyway, this is a new year and I expect Vanessa will continue to surprise us with her movie roles. I’m glad that she’s happy. If you don’t like what she’s doing then ignore her post. Don’t be a fan. I’m sure while she may have lost some of you, she’s gained some others. I’m sure its no love lost on her end. The Hell with the haters. I see she’s not caring about you haters and still doing what she wants. Your not her mother and you certainly don’t run her life. Get it! If not, then I feel sorry for those who are so bitter. She is who she is and has not apologies for that. I look forward to seeing more pics of her. I’m glad she’s having fun.

  • ash

    This is bullshit!
    Theres no way you can tell me this is real.

  • ash

    what the hell happened to being private?


    Jared, you are a sneaky weasel throwing that picture of Colton Haynes in a Vanessa thread, knowing good and well some of us cannot resist the power of a sexy werewolf in a suit. That’s just down right dirty.
    Let the record show I clicked on this thread to see the werewolf only… (beautiful Colton!)


    @elizalee: That was brilliant. I’m borrowing it.

  • Haters Suck!

    sweet more insentive for me to want to see one of those titles. I’ll help shove the candle up there if you’d like. But how are we going to
    fit the candle when you already got a stick up there? Oh well we’ll figure something out.

  • stacey

    she’s such an attention wh0re she’s sooo clasless and tacky ew

  • Lola

    I find it so weird that people are here are being so nasty to V for living her life? Why shouldn’t they be allowed to show and be how they feel. If you think It’s “gross” or too much then look away for good sake. No ones forcing you to stare at there pictures! Just saying..

  • Lola

    I find it so weird that people on here are being so nasty to V for living her life? Why shouldn’t they be allowed to show and be how they feel. If you think It’s “gross” or too much then look away for god sake. No ones forcing you to stare at there pictures! Just saying..

  • Lola

    I find it so weird that people on here are being so nasty to V for living her life? Why shouldn’t they be allowed to show and be how they feel. If you think It’s “gross” or too much then look away for god sake. No ones forcing you to stare at their pictures! Just saying..

  • Alissa

    Jared must be getting payola from Vanessa’s PR people now.

  • maria

    You people must not have read the post that explains this was a paid celeb endorsement, like all the parties celebs do in Vegas. She and all the others there are paid for this. I have no problem with that. But shame on faux fans who now think she controls all this. Yes, she signed on to endorse, like Menounos, and the others. But she can’t control the number of pictures, nor the interest in her new relationship. I think this is overkill as well. But again, if it was Efron, nobody would be saying it was too much. She obviously feels like a bird let out of it’s cage right now. Nothing wrong with that, but I’m sure all these sightings, with Christmas shopping and holidays over, we will not see much of her until promo. And not for nothing, we had daily postings of Efron doing his gushing and promo last month. THAT was awful too.

  • zac-is-wack

    Vanessa is photographed in a club on New Year’s Day, what’s the big deal? She’s seen kissing her much improved choice of a bf, hurray? It seems Vanessa goes to the clubs only during her birthday, movie promo and New Year’s day so the paps think they can sell the pics more than the clubbing of her ex which is almost every weekend that’s for sure.
    And the ex kissing tequila bottles almost nightly got too old to make the news.

  • QTPie

    I can’t stand that famewhore VH what a cheap slut

  • Scar

    Really? I liked it before when her photos popped up randomly. Now its every freaking day. People need to stop saying that she is ” living her life” or ” the paps are following her around. ” No. Even when she has a new movie they don’t follow her around like this. Honestly no one is followed around like this.

  • Lilo

    Maria and zac is a wack your arguements are beginning to get boring, try a diff defence line, other what about and if it waz the ex. Like i said before for austin van is a catch but for van i don’t think he is much of a catch, who pays the bills? If it is austin, he might run out sooner than expected if he continues to indulge her, cause i think she might be runnin this ship. And am not a zac or zanessa fan. Just someone who just came to this site for the fun of it.

  • Soni

    em and Ash,
    I agree with both of your statements.
    Ash is right, what happened to her wanting her privacy.

  • :)*

    to mach publicity i feel so sad for her I want the old V back

  • Haters Suck!

    Well I know this much people who have met Vanessa during her time Miami have nothing but nice things to say about her. From people who were on her plane to Miami, people meeting her in the hotel and resturants have so far said how nice Vanessa has been how sweet she is and thts she’s very kind. This ain’t me saying it these are people in Miami who are meeting her. That works for me and that’s my story amd I’m sticking to it.

  • Hailey

    I like Vanessa’s outfit. It’s very cute :)