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Olivier Martinez & Nahla Hit the Beach

Olivier Martinez & Nahla Hit the Beach

Olivier Martinez steps out on the beach on Sunday (January 1) with Halle Berry‘s daughter, Nahla Aubry, in Malibu, Calif.

The 45-year-old French actor and Nahla, 3, were joined by a friend of Nahla‘s as they built sandcastles and walked on the beach.

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Halle, Olivier, and Nahla recently checked out a children’s party on New Year’s Eve to help ring in the new year.

The trio also headed out to lunch together on Friday in Los Angeles.

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  • http://deleted Sayer

    Olivier gets to spend more free time with Nahla than her biological father.

  • Paloma

    There is nothing sweeter than a little girl.

  • booo

    he always gave me the creeps with the way he looks and the roles he played. i’m glad that halle ended up with him.

  • Olivier sux

    ugh..something creepy about this guy. (cannot pinpoint nor I will accuse)
    Nahla has ONE father.
    her bio Dad that loves her & he needs to have supervision when this
    >>>>>> gets to be be with Nahla.

    I’m telling ya, Penn STate creepy

  • Mixed kids tend to love blonde

    Why doesn’t it surprise me that Nahla’s friend is blonde ….

  • Orbel

    You guys are creepy enough ewwww

  • amensister

    @Olivier sux
    judges orders, now ask urself why?

  • vid

    Such cute pics , love the fact that Olivier takes care of Nahla. It would have been sad if he was indifferent to her , as he is dating her mother.
    I’m sure whomever Gabriel dates will also take care of her ( as long as its not Kim K :) ), don’t see anything wrong with it, so why all the complaining , its natural.

  • pickles

    I don’t think he’snecessarily creepy or bad. But I do think Halle was wrong to pick a fight with Gabriel and stop him from spending as much time as he wanted with Nahla.Halle limited his visitation. He is her father and he loves her. Halle complained that Gabriel wasn’t carrying his weight with the financial end, but he was working and doing way more than Olivier. Olivier is lucky Halle wants him around. He hardly ever works. He seems to jump though hoops for Halle and she seems to want that. Beautiful little girl. Needs to spend more tie with her real dad. At least he doesn’t usually chase after publicity/cameras the way Halle and Olivier do.

  • SJC

    I think she should be able to spend more time with her real dad. She’s missing out on a lot

  • Verity

    @amensister: It does not mean he is unfit or a bad father. In this case, the order was held up due to the signed agreement between both parents that a nanny/caregiver be present. Halle has one herself.

  • huggy bear

    how long is going to be in the picture until the movie dark tide every come out

  • Nonmay

    @Olivier sux
    There is no need to worry about Olivier Martinez because French men are usually very good fathers! French people are family oriented my dear.
    He is spending a lot of time with Nahla because that is what a responsible “future” step-father does.
    I suggest you take care of your sad life and go back to school to learn how to write and speak properly. By the way, it is “you” instead of “ya.” Hopefully, you don’t have any kids!

  • A

    @Nonmay: They’re just a bunch of miserable African Americans who hate Halle Berry and project their own issues onto her and her family, creepy as hell.

  • seer

    Halle will regret accusations.

    Safer with bio dad than mothers’ men.

  • seer

    Halle will regret accusations.

    Safer with bio dad than mothers’ men.

  • kimber


    African Americans? Where the heck do you get that from based on these comments!!?? You’re an idiot!

  • amensister

    no more than the idiots who hate on Hallie for their own personnel reason and what they read in the gutter press

  • Michele

    While I hated what Halle put poor Gabriel through. He seems like a decent man. However, I like how Oliver takes care of Halle and Nahla. I hope this relationship works for Halle. Oliver is a decent man.

  • KingOfPotatoePeople

    I must say I expected this photo op. Several days ago, Nahla has been photographed with her father,now Halle’s PR team managed this – sweet step-dad/step-daughter bonding time.
    I really like that Olivier do spent quality time with step-daughter and she is happy, but I’m so sorry for her, that she’s in the middle of her parent’s media war.

  • annab

    Who is that idiot…..looks like he posing for the camera. He probably wants to be elsewhere.

  • A

    @kimber: Did I ruin it for you “Kimber”? lol Come on, you’re all miserable and talking absolute crap about a woman you don’t even know! Dissecting her and her child and her relationship. It’s both creepy and sad. I never use this phrase but : Get a life!

  • Kimber

    So, black people are the ones downing Halle!?? If anything, we are the ones that have supported her the most! I think it’s disgusting that people keep making these negative comments about her and have nothing but praise and admiration for Gabriel. Get your facts straight dummy and stop making ignorant comments based on someone’s race. You are the one that needs to get a life, you troll!

  • flo

    I detest Halle’s manipulation of Gabriel Aubrey, she just used him for his sperm. She intentionally left his name off the birth certificate so she could deny him his custody/visitation with his daughter. Her inner ugliness shows with her maligning her last partner everytime she ends a relationship.

  • not true-pf he’s on bc

    @flo: Not true Flo-Aubry’s name IS on Nahla’s birth certificate and the links have been posted on JJ before…

    I will post it again:

  • Tony

    He’s not creepy he’s just european

  • Toya

    These sites sure do keep the ignorant relevant o_O
    I actually love that 5th picture of Olivier and Nahla! It really captured mommy’s boyfriend admiring her beautiful daughter… Why are folks so compelled to draw such NEGATIVITY from photos of Halle, Olivier and Nahla? NONE of us know the true story behind Gab/Halle except those two.. Why put so much energy into something we know NOTHING about?! Does the media really dictate our thoughts and beliefs? It’s so sad!! I guess if we couldn’t BITCH about someone eles’s affairs… some of us would truly be lost!!!

  • jill

    @KingOfPotatoePeople: #20

    Olivier is NOT Nahla’s step-father, he is just a boyfriend that is temporary in Halle’s and the child’s life. You guys know Halle’s record.

  • CristianStan

    I really like that Olivier do spent quality time with step-daughter and she is happy, but I’m so sorry for her, that she’s in the middle of her parent’s media war.