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Kimberly Stewart: Baby Delilah's First Picture!

Kimberly Stewart: Baby Delilah's First Picture!

Kimberly Stewart wheels her baby Delilah in her stroller into a restaurant on Monday (January 2) in Los Angeles.

The 32-year-old actress and her newborn met up with two pals at the eatery for their afternoon lunch.

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Kimberly welcomed her baby girl on August 21 – which happens to be her birthday as well! Benicio Del Toro is the baby’s father, however, the two are not in a romantic relationship.

Look out for Benicio in his next film, Savages, which is set to be released in September of this year.

FYI: Kim is using her Cybex Aton and Callisto stroller!

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  • aimee

    and who are you?

  • Alicia

    These are not the first pictures of Delilah.

  • friscosangel

    I’m positively surprised that she does not push the baby in front of every paparazzi camera she can find. Good on her!

  • Mona

    This is the nanny in the picture with her .the nanny does all the work when there are no cameras

  • Ruth

    # 2 Alicia @ 01/03/2012 at 1:03 am +1

    These are not the first pictures of Delilah.

    You are right, we have already seen several pics of Delilah with her mum and, of course, they were featured in a beautiful HELLO spread some months ago. She is a gorgeous baby and looks a lot like dad.

  • Alicia

    I think she call the paparazzi. She is famous for being Rod Stewart’s daughter and chasing other stars. The modeling thing is a joke.

  • mwannir

    why in the world does this chick need a nanny???She doesnt work!!!!.Pathetic.

  • mimi

    lol jared when did she become an actress? please stop making her head even bigger


    i dont think she has a big head.if anything she must be very insecure.No job,no man,no money.I dont think she has ever found anyone who would date her publicly.Its sad actually.Drlilah is adorable.

  • factoid

    These are not the first pics she famewhored her daughter to Hello magazine – she’s trying to promote herself as an actress and a charity worker like her mother. (eyes rolling). She does have a nanny I can’t fathom why I guess she didn’t realize how much hard work being a parent is but she’s lways been lazy and that will never change. Kimbo you will always be Rod’s effed up daughter who tried to trap a man with a kid and FAILED. I hope Benny is a good dad and he has alot to teach his daughter, KS can only teach her daughter to leech of others and to shop lol.


    @AVERY – Kimberley’s can easily find a man who will have sex with her but not one who will date her. It’s not surprising her life has turned out like this given who her father is. I disagree she does have a big head if she didn’t want the attention she could’ve gotten pregnant by a non-famous guy and raised the baby in private. She’s been broody for a long time (read her interview) and was delighted when she found out she was pregnant. This baby was very much planned by her.

  • thiisentrapment

    @Alicia – ofcourse she called the papprazzi she’s a talentless bottomfeeder – she only known for 2 things 1) Oct-Rod’s daughter and 2) Benicio babymamma. Poor kid she has a mother who will sleep with anyone rich and famous to keep herself relevant (so she thinks!).

  • LOL

    LOL – just realised the guy in the white vest is her equally lazy and talentless brother Sean. Oh Benny look at the family you’re now related to – next time double check your protection…and please stick to sleeping with women who ACTUALLY have a career not pretend to have one.

  • BDT

    @friscosangel @ 01/03/2012 at 1:03 am – Give Miss Lazy Stewart time, I’m sure she has future projects which involve pimping out Delilah to promote her lazy ass. An actress, model, designer, charity fundraiser and interior designer is there no end to her talents?

  • Kyle Livingston

    i think delilah will start slimming down when she’s 2 years old as she starts walking tall

  • Kyle Livingston

    i love delilah genoveva isn’t she a cute baby she’s going to be a stunning just like her mom as time goes on

  • jill

    Did she and Benicio ever have a real relationship, or was it just sex?

  • Naomi

    @Jill – we will never really know but it sounds like a casual hookup. Most people think it was a one night stand but if your’re planning to get pregnant this scheming madam would’ve made sure she saw Benicio more than once. Look at Benicio’s PR statement just said no longer a couple he didn’t even want to mention or pretend they were a couple and even if they weren’t why should he lie – kudos to him. He will now be dealing with trashy Kim and her family for the rest of his life…as mentioned before I really do hope he is a good father.

  • s k


    I read that Beni told KS from the start that all he wanted was a no-strings-attached relationship.

  • s k


    KS doesn’t know anything about real work. I think Delilah is better off having someone who knows what they’re doing to help take care of her. There’s 3 things KS seems to be good at: Eating, Shopping, and $@%&ing…She needs to learn to stay out of mens’ BEDS, and put something in her HEAD!

  • s k


    KS doesn’t know anything about real work. I think Delilah is better off having someone who knows what they’re doing to help take care of her. There’s 4 things KS seems to be good at: Eating, Shopping, Partying, and $@%&ing…She needs to learn to stay out of mens’ BEDS, and put something in her HEAD!

  • LALA land

    @SK @ 01/04/2012 at 3:25 pm – sooo true LOL!!

    Not surprised she has a nanny she’s immune to hard work. Can’t believe BDT would agree to pay for that but I guess it stops her whining “I’m an actress, model blah blah…

  • jay

    @Naomi: Benicio was seeing KS for aleast a month..that is why I don’t feel sorry for him and the outcome…What is he doing with a ho and getting her pregnant it takes two!! Now KS gets all his money 18 years and more.
    Plus she will use this baby in the media and to met A list stars…if benicio has another baby that would shake her up! But her father will tell her to get everything of benicio…his life will never get better sorry to say..

  • janet

    I heard that rod stewart doesn’t like the fact of having a mixed race grandchild…watch this space more to come out

  • what?

    @janet – Benicio is white although he was born in P.Rico he’s of spanish/italian ancestry. Now his daughter is half trash from the mother’s side

  • Naomi

    @jay – I don’t feel sorry for him either. 20years in Hollywood he should know better. Yeah he sleeps around strippers, models etc at least these women work Kimbo Slutwart expects men to pay for her lifestyle that’s why she had the kid by a rich and famous man. she will be pimping out Delilah to promote her lazy ass. As for Hollywood they won’t own her she is Rod’s lazy and talentless daughter nothing more.

  • janet

    @what?: Yes but in the stewart house they are blond and blue eyed…this little girl will be the odd one out..

  • jay

    @Naomi: I don’t even think benicio knows this is what he will now been known for…having a baby with a ho not his acting and wait until the stewart family get all his money it not like he is young and gets load of acting jobs…

  • what?

    @janet – Delilah has white skin, both parents are white, she also has blue eyes so no she won’t be the odd one out, she can dye her hair blond when she’s older to fit.

  • s k

    @what? gee, you really think she would have to go through all that just to be accepted by her own family? that would be pretty messed up…

  • Jackson

    @what?: Benicio is white but you can tell his genes are mixed with something else his dark features but I don’t care if the kid will be messed up like mother like daughter. Benicio will never be looked at with any repect everyone knows he sleeps around but having a baby with a ho you can’t get any lower than that..

  • tara

    @LALA land: does benicio have a choice this is going to be his life paying bills…

  • jay

    @tara: it’s funny i just heard that Kimberly still lives at Rod stewart house and takes advise from Penny rods wife about bringing up delilah. What 32 year old stills lives at home….She went out and got pregnant stand on your own two feet…I wonder benicio goes to rods house!!

  • joe

    Benicio del toro had a vasectomy a week ago a little late as he has one with the biggest slut in hollywood kimberly stewart…

  • joe

    Benicio del toro had a vasectomy a little to late as he has one with the biggest slut in hollywood kimberly stewart…

  • factoid

    @jay – yes Penny says “Kimberley is very independent” How can you be independent if you don’t work at 32 and leech off your parents. Her interview said she had moved to be near Benicio when in fact she lives with Rod and Penny – that woman is a compulsive liar.

    @Joe – how do you know he had a vasectomy?!?!? Don’t believe that Benny is a macho man that would’make him (in his eyes) less of a man.

  • joe

    @factoid: I know because my friend is a nurse where he went …and if benicio was macho he would of found a respectable woman to have his baby even if it did work out between them instead he found a slut.

  • jay

    @factoid: Benicio will have to put up with this liar for the rest of his life..and the baby will be like her just using his last name to be famous.

  • JR

    Yeah and she made fun of one of the “Live with Kimberly Stewart” contestants for living at home. What is she other than a talentless leach? This woman has no talent, and I agree a bottomfeeder.

  • DG

    She thinks that being Benicio Del Toro’s baby mama gives her an identity. Who the hell has a baby from a non strings attached encounter. I bet she would not have had the baby if she got pregnant by a non-famous, rich person. I would be embarrased if I were her and not doing an interview with hello magazine. I would lay low. Instead she has to try and legitamize herself because she was just used for sex and got pregnant. When a real couple in hollywood has a baby you don’t see them doing randon interviews. I thought Benicio was smarter than to go bareback with someone who has nothing going for them.

  • DG

    And yes, she will paparazzi this child to try and become famous.

  • CristianStan

    I think Delilah is better off having someone who knows what they’re doing to help take care of her.