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Ryan Gosling Works Up a Sweat

Ryan Gosling Works Up a Sweat

Ryan Gosling leaves a gym barefoot after attending a training session on Tuesday (January 3) in North Hollywood.

The 31-year-old Gangster Squad actor is back on the west coast after spending time in New York City with his girlfriend, Eva Mendes, and his mama Donna.

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Ryan and Eva tried to keep a low profile while flying from L.A. to New York by boarding separately but attended a New Year’s Eve party together in NYC on Saturday night.

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  • 4

    Is the man beside him the same person who was with him when he left the MMA class?

  • Raja

    Yeah, it’s the same guy. It’s the same building, the same Muay Thai class.

  • http://deleted Bella Coola

    Ryan, Eva is NOT Raquel Welch reincarnated. Get over your obsession with Raquel, and wannabe Raquel a.k.a Eva.

  • Ho hum

    For multiple reasons, I can’t look at this guy the same way anymore. I used to smile when I saw his pics. Now I’m just meh. bummer. Bring it back Ry!

  • 4

    @Raja: Thanks Raja

  • Raja

    FYI, he’s training at the Muay Thai Academy in North Hollywood.

  • Raja

    FYI, he’s training at the Muay Thai Academy in North Hollywood. That instructor’s name is Troy.

  • kris

    I agree with # 4. Yeah, I used to enjoy him in the past, but lately he’s lost his appeal.

  • kris

    And it’s not JUST because of Eva.

  • giveor

    @kris: its because he now believes inhis own hype.

  • :)

    it’s because he let go one of the most beautiful sweet women int he world..Rachel McAdams.

  • Jess

    Heres my reasons:
    He’s a total player wolf trying to pass himself off in sheep’s clothing to maintain his appeal to fans. He says he hates the limelight but so obviously LOVES it. He says he hates the star lifestyle but he jets off to Paris to run around in front of cameras while he wines and dines his latest co star, very normal down to earth behavior. He says show business killed his previous two relationships with two famous people but who is he running around with now? Add these all together=PHONY.

  • Anna

    He is still one of the nicest celebs out there. He just needs a new publicist. and maybe move back to Canada so he doesn’t get stalked by paparazzi 24/7.

  • rose

    Why doesn’t he just be honest with himself and admit that he loves being the jet-setter superstar he has become? Down to earth, shy and private Ryan is gone. He might still be a nice person, but he’s totally changed.

  • Ann

    Shut up,he’s not phony,and..I mean yes,I also hate the fact that he’s wIth Eva’s awful..But he’s amazing and the fact that he works out it doesn’t mean anything,and one more thing..I mean I think that it’s natural that he gets so many paparazzi pics,adn things,because now he’s obviously more famous,than then..he’s still the same Ryan,with a better body and awful bitchy and old gf.xD

  • Lena

    He’s losing his appeal because he’s trying too hard. I don’t really care who he dates, but he’s becoming the total Hollywood player I used to think he never would be. Oh well, guess we were all fooled initially. Or maybe he changed or something happened, who knows.

    Btw, I’m really sick of women still crying over his break up with McAdams, Jesus H Christ, it was years ago, you all sound like Twilight emo fans yelling about the One , True Love, and cutting yourselves for the “ultimate couple” starcrossed lovers shit, F SAKE people, get back to reality.

  • Emanele810

    Why all of this buzz around him leaving gym?

  • VNY

    Gosling toes, lol.

    Anywho, I agree with everyone else. I think it’s because he blew up over the past year and now he just seems really Hollywood cause he’s featured all over the place. I don’t know if HE’S actually changed, he still seems pretty laid back…but I think because he got more famous it’s kinda like overkill. Shame really.

  • Lolly

    Don’t agree that he hasn’t changed. It’s not just the pap pics, its also having some story in every gossip magazine every week with some source having inside info. Some of you need to wake up, People magazine doesn’t print without the celebs approval – and thats a fact. Did all these Ryan sources used to talk to the tabloids?
    There were so many pictures of their NY trip, its like some of the pap agencies had their schedule or part of it.
    I’m sorry to burst your fangirl bubble but Ryan Gosling is a Hollywood player and Eva Mendes has never shied away from pr.
    And personally i can’t blame him for wanting the bigger paycheques and lifestyle. Why not? He’s a much better actor than most of the A-list and he deserves the recognition for that imo.
    And as grating as Mendes can be, I can think of quite a few more annoying women than her…

  • Anna

    But when you look in Gosling’s choices he’s not so much into the money that one may expect. And I am sure that he gets offered a lot of those pay cheque roles. After the notebook he took Half Nelson, reportedly 1000 dollars a week salary. After his “breakout” year 2011, what does he do? He is starring in a movie in another indie with a 4 million production budget.

    I don’t know. When you compare Gosling to other acting talents, he just doesn’t seems to be doing it for the money or fame. Leo, for example, has a tag of $20 million. Fassbender took more studio roles like X-Men and Prometheus, and he even had salary dispute for Prometheus before his breakout year in 2011.

    All I am saying is that he didn’t really have to wait this long if Gosling is really selling out. They may be a real couple and with a Paps friend celebrity gf like Eva Mendes he’s bound to draw more attention to his public life. Maybe it’s all for the publicity of Place beyond the Pines. I am sure Gosling and Derek are close, and the film had made some curious casting choices that may worry a lot of people when it comes to the actual quality of the film.

  • Lolly

    mmm, i can’t totally disagree with your comment but I still get the idea he is actually making different choices than a few years ago like Crazy, Stupid Love and Gangster Squad. Do you think Ryan doesn’t want the kind of career Leo and Clooney have? To have those choices?
    I am in the minority who thinks the mendes situation is for real – and that that also says a lot about him and what he is really like.

  • rose

    I believe it’s a real relationship, but I wonder if Eva is using this to her advantage. She might think he will give her a boost. She herself even said that nothing she does is a coincidence when it comes to her career.

  • Heather aka Miss Microbiology

    Ryan is GORGEOUS ( a perfect 10) and to all you haters out there STOP hating because if you think 2011 was his year, then 2012 is going to be an even bigger year for him. He is just going to keep getting more famous as the years go on and there is nothing anyone can do about it. As far as him dating Eva, that’s his choice. He can get anyone he wants. Trust me, I would much rather see him with a supermodel like Alessandra Ambrosio or even somebody not famous like me lol, but that’s his life. He is a very nice genuine person, and deserves the best so best of luck to him and Eva. STOP HATING people, and get a life. Maybe if you don’t hate so much, you’ll all find somebody like a Ryan Gosling.

  • CristianStan

    I used to smile when I saw his pics. Now I’m just meh. bummer. Bring it back Ry!