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Steven Tyler: Speedo Snorkeling in Hawaii!

Steven Tyler: Speedo Snorkeling in Hawaii!

Steven Tyler goes shirtless and wears a camo speedo as he goes snorkeling on Sunday (January 1) in Maui, Hawaii.

The Aerosmith rocker and American Idol judge, 63, recently proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Erin Brady, and popped the question with a Loree Rodkin ring!

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“The dazzling ring is an original design by Rodkin. It is a 5 carat brilliant cut diamond set on a micro pave diamond and platinum band. [Steven] has been a fan of Rodkin‘s work for many years,” Us Weekly reports.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Steven Tyler’s Hawaiian ensemble – HOT or NOT?

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steven tyler shirtless man boobs 01
steven tyler shirtless man boobs 02
steven tyler shirtless man boobs 03

Credit: Miguel Aguilar/Juan Sharma; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • c

    meh, I don’t wanna get old

  • http://@miss_nora Nora xo

    JJ are so lame,, they post David Beckham’s underwear commercial pic after this !!

  • Mlllllle

    @Reality: So you’re the kind of person whoi care for a person for his/her money, or his/her look ?
    Your parents must be proud.

  • Mary

    What did you expect? He’s 63! And I think he looks good for a 63 years old ex junkie. Think about it. I bet every guy who commented on these picture will look lke 1000 times uglier than that at 63. And, congrats for the proposal, she’s a pretty lucky woman! :)

  • Lona

    Are you seriously asking if this is HOT OR NOT? lol
    ok these photos just prove that some celebrities should not be photographed when they get shirtless. Desperate paparazzi.

  • ohmigawd

    OMFG, fugalore, shagalore, manboobs: what a cruel & unusual punishment!

  • crystal

    @Jennica Panettiere:
    He was a beautiful man. He looks ugly these days because of drugs and wild partying.

  • Mags

    BE Careful grandma!

  • alexia

    Oh dear gawd, it’s like watching my Grandma go through puberty….

  • M Martell



  • M Martell



  • longchamp

    the teats., the legs.

    …nah, the laugh lines.

    …nooo, the speedo.

    good Mother of God! WHY?!???

  • longchamp

    ok, y’all’s comments cracked me the hell up!! thanks for the laughs!

  • oslec

    He should be wearing a bra of somekind…

  • Scribe

    As a former film publicist, I’d take the idiot who took these pics out back and have him shot. What, the guy isn’t allowed to enjoy the sun and surf without some scum-sucking media peep grabbing some shots?
    And as for you morons who comment, you guys who think you’re all so beautiful and young, just wait till YOU see the world through eyes that are 60-plus. I’m 54, so I will likely be gone by then, but it gives me tremendous satisfaction that you’ll wither away in 20-30 years yourselves. Really, the shame is yours alone.

  • whocares

    Fed up with people making fun of this. That’s not trendy anymore!!! ok?

  • Che

    Why is everyone freaking out? Sit down and do something productive with your life.

  • abutterflyloves

    I thought it was grandma porn, or worse, an albino african lady in the encyclopedia. (You know we all looked in 3rd grade)

  • John

    Im don’t mean want to offender him, but he look like he got boobies.

  • Paulie

    I’d motorboat them!

  • Sandy

    People, he’s 63! Give the man some slack. Not all men have the vanity that women have. When you get past 50 and haven’t had any plastic surgery, look in the mirror and then comment on what you see.

  • Jenna

    Ew – so NOT what I wanted to see….ever!!!

  • crystal


    I love his music. I am upset about his plastic surgery, drug problem and life style. He used to be a handsome man; he should become a good-looking 63-year-old. He did work hard to make himself ugly.

  • Andrea

    @Mlllllle: Your language and writing skills are so poor that your comment made no sense at all.

  • Andrea

    @Mlllllle: Your language and writing skills are so poor that your comment made no sense.

  • Kim

    Hmmm yeahhhh that’s not a good look:-/

  • ewww

    that is so revolting!
    Manboobs on a 70 yr old (what he looks make that 80)
    Speedos? WTH? have some kindness to us.

    I lost my appetite.

  • lisalouise

    Now that’s just wrong…lol!

  • Jaye

    Summer @ 01/03/2012 at 2:40 pm
    Don’t you just hate when that happens? lol

  • Nancy


  • josh

    Damn look at those man tits i guess steven was right DUDE LOOKS LIKE A LADY jesus this guy looks like joan rivers with that elastic skin and those saggy man boobs

  • Sue

    Happy to see Tyler out having fun and BEING HIMSELF. Who’s perfect? Those who invade others’ privacy are the ones we should be making nasty comments about. The job of belittling others is not to be celebrated.

  • Bongfoot


  • plastic surgery

    Well I just saw pictures of celebrities w/o makeup in Star magazine and he doesn’t look half as bad as they do. W/o makeup you can see Jennifer Garner’s collagen lips she is fugly, tory Spelling, Kim Kardashian, Pamela Anderson, et etc etc. ewwwwwwwwwwww they look awful…

  • plastic surgery

    I just saw pics of celebrities w/o makeup…Jennifer Garner”s collagen lips, Tory Spelling, Pamela Anderson….ewwwww they look fugly…they look tice as bad as this guy.

  • Tina

    @ Nicole :

  • me


  • sue

    How gross, I think I’m going to spew.

  • Sassy

    I’ve had a huge crush on Steven Tyler since my first Aerosmith concert in 1978, Providence Rhode Island, when I was 13. He gets a total pass on the pics, given the incredible musician & songwriter this man is. If you haven’t read his book, read it. His parents were so inspirational and totally encouraged his talent, they deserve major kudos. We’re all lucky they did so.

    (He just needs to stand up straight & his chest would look awesome. He’s freakin 63 years old, for God’s sake.)

    Again, listen to the lyrics he has written. Listen to him on the piano, drums, guitar, hermonica; you name it. The man’s a God to the music world.

    Hope his 3rd wife doesn’t take him to the cleaners. And also remember, he’s a Grandpa! Not too shabby. I’d do him!

  • oy

    I don’t know what’s more offensive- his aboriginal man-ta’s or his underoos. JJ why do you hate us when we help you make so much money?

  • LuLuLaBuZZ

    i expected the comments they were funny, and yes itsa thoroughly disgusting display,, but he’s loaded, wtf does he care?

  • Kelly

    I wanna suck on his moobs or her titties. Is that a guy or a girl or a tranny.

  • Nina

    Who are you to judge about his own looking? It belongs to him, if you dont like it, close your eyes and go with yes closed on the street. He is what he is. He cant be whathe is not. Can you? He has no choice. Who are you to judge the nature? Are you God? I am not, i pass, he is what he is, period.

  • Nina

    PS: Plastic surgery? No chance, not in this case: he is just…different, its not the body at all, no surgery can change…this… BUT: he is not doing it to hurt you, me or somebody else, he is not doing it with purpose :D He is like Justin Bieber, like Russel Brand usw, just different. THESE PEOPLE EXIST TOO. THEY DONT EXIST TO HURT YOU. THEY HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO BE SOMEWHERE, TO EXIST. Calm down, the world is not over, its ful of different people, if you dont like this, just look at somebody else: David Beckam will alawys be therefor you, Brad Pitt, Adrien Broody, in the past there were Elvis, Richard Burton, etc. Dont die from this pic. Its just a part from somebodys existance-not yours. What is hurting you? Live your life and let other people live their just like you do. If he is happy in his own way and you are happy in your own way-wheres the problem? Realx.

  • sensible99

    Considering his age and the fact that he has spent the majority of his life trying to kill himself with drugs, I’d say he looks pretty good. In fact it’s amazing he’s still alive all things considered.

  • http://Facebook seen76

    All u people need to shut up. He is Steven Tyler and he can do whatever he wants. Stop making fun of him. How do you think he is gonna feel while he reads all these mean comments? Not Good. Who ever took these photos should be arrested. Steven Tyler is a rock legend! So all you people need to shut your mouths and leave him alone. Aerosmith is is America’s greatest rock and roll band. Everybody who said something mean….. should go back and write something nice. I will never go on the website Jared again. Im disgusted with them.

  • http://Facebook seen76

    @Sassy: Thank You! Sassy you make a good point. All these people are jerks.

  • aerosmithlover

    Who cares what he loooks like here? I grew up listening to Steven Tyler and his band Aerosmith! His music is the sound track to my life! I live and breath Aerosmith! I LOVE him!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

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  • Laura

    ahahahaha I have so much joy reading these comments