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Emma Roberts: College Experience Deferred

Emma Roberts: College Experience Deferred

Emma Roberts has decided to take a break from Sarah Lawrence College.

“She stopped attending classes a few months ago,” sources tell of the 20-year-old actress. “The meetings, auditions, and traveling just couldn’t fit into her school schedule.”

Emma‘s rep also tells Life & Style, “Due to work commitments, Emma has had to defer her college experience.”

Emma has been dating Glee hunk Chord Overstreet, 22, since spending time together at the Coachella Music Festival.

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  • stacey

    i love her so much, she’s my role model<3

  • lani

    Take a break? Did she even go?

  • Ouch!

    Work commitments?! Since when she has a career? o_O

  • AitchCS

    I would follow in the path of J. Foster and N. Portman and get a good education first!

  • Stella

    Haha yaaa right. I see this girl around Hollywood at parties all the time! Too much partying to focus on school..let’s keep it real.

  • Allie Bee

    All the pics of her ever show is her shopping or at Disneyland.

  • John R.

    Her schedule

    most certainly doesn’t prevent her from going to college.

    Single moms, working on minimum wage, seem to be able to get a college degree and they have my highest respect.

    A spoiled kid like Emma – NOT!

  • sillyme

    She obviously wasn’t really serious about attending college. Either you say you’re going to go to school and give up acting for a while, or you don’t.

  • CTgirl

    Really. Her busy career commitments are keeping her from the college experience. Hmm, more likely it’s the fact that she would go to the opening of an envelope.

  • LaCroix

    Why does this girl need an education when she can use her aunt & father’s career as leverage? Not any young girl’s role model if you ask me..

  • Sabrina

    I’m not sure about what I say, because I’m not her. But, I just feel like it’s just an excuse. I mean, when you really want it, you can do it. Look Emma Watson ! Or Natalie Portman. So, I just think she’d rather be in Hollywood, with just auditions and reunions and events or other stuffs than having all of it with college. Because College is not a joke, it’s hard, really hard, you have to enjoy it and be really motivated about it to succeed. And it tooks a lot of your time ! Maybe she just didn’t want to have no time for her anymore, cause obviously college + auditions + reunions + public appearances = no time anymore

  • Sabrina

    it takes*

  • Jessica Rabbit

    I don’t get why she decided to go to college in the first place if she doesn’t want to continue. It’s not like anyone forced her to go to college.

    Didn’t she just begin last September? If she stopped going to classes “a few months ago”, then that would mean that she didn’t even make it for a whole month in college.

    My theory is that she probably thought college was going to be fun, but once all the assignments and essays were being a little too much for her, she was like, “Why am I even bothering when I can attend the new Cartier opening and get photographed?”

    Look at Dakota Fanning. She’s working really hard in college at NYU, yet she has the time to make some legit movies with respected and Oscar-winning actors like Emma Thompson, instead of taking a week off college for a stupid and useless photoshoot with her pathetic BFF Tyler Shields. Ahh Hollywood, Nepotism at its finest. ONTD has nailed her nickname: NEPOTISM ROBERTS! Spot on!

  • Lexie


  • americanhoney

    the way us New Yorkers say, Northerners value a good ole college education, while Southernors do not, aren’t her relatives/role models from Georgia? Did any of them earn a degree? Enough said.

  • Jennica Panettiere

    I love how she’s too busy to attend college but not to busy to attend C-list envelope openings.

  • shoegal

    It makes me mad that some kid who actually really wanted to go couldn’t because people like Emma Roberts took her place.

  • Romeo

    She’s proven time and time again that she is talented in her own right and not just her family’s name, #10.

    She thought she could balance both but realized she couldn’t, #13. Simple as that. I don’t get what’s so wrong about that.

    I wonder if you spend all your time attacking all the talented and untalented filmmakers and actors that are related to famous people or you’re just picking on Emma Roberts exclusively.

    You’re a bigoted fool, #15.

    What made you think she didn’t WANT to go to college, #17.

  • yeah

    @Romeo-Sounds like you’re a big ER fan. Emma has such a small career, I’m pretty sure she could’ve managed to balance both if she had actually tried. Like others have mentioned, look at the likes of Emma Watson or Natalie Portman- they have much bigger careers than ER but have managed to get or are getting their education.
    I wouldn’t call it atatcking but just stating the facts.If it was someone else, I would call it as it was, whether famous or not, talented or untalented. She was given this great opportunity but she just treated it like something useless, and like @shoegal said, she took the place of someone who really wanted to go and didn’t make the most of it. How sad.