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Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade Cover 'Essence' February 2012

Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade Cover 'Essence' February 2012

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade get close on the cover of Essence‘s February 2012 issue, on newsstands Thursday (January 12).

In the issue, Dwyane, 29, spoke about the couple’s thoughts on marriage.

PICS: Gabrielle Union Shows Off Fabulous Bikini Bod

“We’re not rushing it. Both of us have been married before, and we understand that if we choose to marry again, we want it to be right. We both took failing at marriage hard. The next time it’s gotta be forever,” he said.

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Photos: Matthew Rolston for Esesnce
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  • D.Scott

    They look great together

  • jill

    Beautiful couple. Gabby is gorgeous.

  • Li

    Gabby is drop dead gorgeous!! Why do such beautiful women settle for unattractive men? Her kids won’t be cute. Like Beyonce or Christina Aguilera – don’t they think of what the kids will look like????

  • celebfan

    @Li: I think that’s the last thing on their minds.

  • BEAN

    She looks hot as always, but he looks weird.

  • So&So

    Homewreckers stay getting shine…it’s a shame. You reap what you sow…

  • sneg

    Not rushing? I guess she wouldn’t since he left his wife for her! I wouldn’t marry a cheater either. His wife filed a lawsuit against her for breaking up his marriage & causing their children distress. It seems kind of inappropriate to have them on the cover though.

  • Alexis

    They’re the black version of Eddie and LeAnn, except not as attention-wh*rey.

  • Me

    Gabrielle’s been married before?? To who?

  • Jade

    Gabriel is simply stunning! I’ve never seen her take a bad pic!

  • Skys


    Where the hell r u getting your info d-wade didn’t leave his wife for her. He dated star jones for crying out loud after he separated from his wife. You should get your facts right before talking crap or spreading lies.

  • Skys

    First off d-wade never left his wife for gabbie, they didn’t hookup until after he dated star jones when he was separated from his wife. How does that make her a homewrecker. You people need to get your facts straight before spreading lies and hate.

  • fan


  • Hi


  • Nancy McCrary

    In Hollywood, “Forever” means between 1 and 3 years-ish

  • A

    He’s not going to put a ring on it! Dump him, you can do better Gabby!!!

  • Lou

    Fire the person in charge of editing these photos please. Cute couple though

  • CristianStan

    She looks hot as always, but he looks weird.

  • big.

    Have never heard of these people.
    So chose this story. We left the other one this evening.
    I posted a p on the one before that.
    You will receive an email from me within 30 min.

  • rend

    I never heard of them either.

    Yes, Audra is in NYC for meetings this week . Big will include where Audra was in the email.

    I agree Joe is not able to make cok into a celebrity. She needs to be either really talented, really beautiful or really smart. She is neither. I don’t know what cok will do to try to keep him.

  • lley

    I know we are not posting here until Thursday or Friday. Just to write I posted 2 on p. Joe looks tired and sad even with Audra. Is he okay? Does not look like romance. Hope it is.

  • ennif

    begins with J.

    Just have to write this or I’ll forget. Daft has issues and will find a way into our group when you let more people in. Audra looks happy and relaxed. Joe looks sad and tired. When we start p can someone say if Audra is single? Can someone also say if Bridget is single?

  • lley

    with Ca


  • lley

    with Capr with more votes…not good for Joe. P

    Same code, think it is you. Thanks for I pic. Diff angle.

    Audra very new with P. Bridget goes on dates. Out of relationship since late spring. Both don’t count, they are 2 single women.

    Tomorrow or Friday!

  • big.

    hope you can see this story

  • ara

    First on here again!

    Can’t believe people believe Joe has new found love for a cous. Haha

  • Naa

    Thanks. She shows how rude and childish. How does he put up with her? I am sure he told her not to pay attention. I google Joe and get stories of him and cok.

  • aym

    Name starts with M.


    So they got a quick mention on Ex
    tra TV show
    last night. I feel their PR is fed EX
    tra lines or maybe it was taken out of the magazines. They used the same words: with his gf still going strong since Feb. I really think this will not end until she is famous.

  • eliss

    My name Starts with M

    I know. Bridjet is supposedly Joe’s cousin says a Cok fan. Why is Cok paying so much attention to his cousin? I don’t believe it for one second.

    I saw it too! We watch the same shows! Did you see how Mario and the Greek lady did not make any comments about the 1 min piece narrated by someone else? All so strange.

  • lle

    Name begins with E and ends with n.

    Now begins the campaign by Cok and Daft to smear Bridjet. I do not post on the other story but I do read. They are calling her the m word.

    They know little about Joe. They are saying if Cok PR why intro to family. Joe intro everyone to his family and friends. Matt told us he even intro journalists to his mother, family and friends. That other JJ is on same old topics.

    I wonder how long filming of CC is?

  • riell

    My name starts with Ga

    There is someone writing with the same name as me. Joe is making me sick. I put a p of him from the set. We don’t even hear about his career.

    Matt Thanks for your message.

  • Yan

    My name starts with Y. P on Hlywd , WB, and on Harv W. Joe’s comp is WB.

    Did you see Harv W does not say Ameri H as one of his fav movies?
    I am surprised. As the article said maybe he will amend his list.

    Maybe Joe gets nominated. If he doesn’t get nominated, if Bridjet has not made up her mind, he might be where he is now. I hope he gets one, is healthy and is with a real woman like Bridjet.

  • Nay

    Aaaah hope we do not have to move

  • lle


    Cok fans better be wrong on the message you sent.
    I hope you are right.

    Uhmm is Bridjet’s pic about to be revealed on other article? I’ll be back with an update.

  • ijm

    Name starts with J. P on Harve.

    Thanks. The last pics at the beach are dreadful. I think she is going to spend more time with him to make us believe they are in love. She is reacting to our fan comments.She can stalk him for the entire month.

    Thanks. Report back if she does.
    I doubt she will.

    Any more set pics from CC movie?

  • big

    I p this on yahoo. Matt has told many on yahoo. the time month and Question for Matt from a few of you:

    When does contract end? How much longer will this go on?

  • ria

    Joe’s AH poster. P

  • enni

    No reveal!I hope she does it in a few hours. I p on there right after cok. She keeps p with other names.

    I guess Nov. before he starts to promote AH.


  • bat

    I type Joe’s name for AH and I get island articles. Bad career move.

  • dy

    Name begins with Za.

    P on AH posters from Joe fan twitter. They look good.

    All over the web, fans are saying Joe’s mother did not take pics with Coke as she knows or likes Bridjet and they are both IA. Now the next pr opp will be with her. How do they know she is IA or did they just guess? Did we know that?

    Is she IA?

    Cok did not respond to your last message. Is she asking Joe how you knew the nights she was in

  • ad

    My name begins with Z ends with y.

    I posted the name on 40 on other by mistake.

    Fash wk in Paris over. Where is Bridjet now?

  • aug


    ad I hope Joe’s m does not give into photo opp. Bridjet I’ll guess is in AL. I can’t wait a whole month for Joe’s next interview. What will he say on personal life? “I don’t wanna talk about that”. augauagauagugaug

  • enni

    Hah! She told all her friends, her fans and they blabbed. She knows it is true. Those managers at MD paid by her PR have closed the mostly negative comments section.They made sure the comment on top is from her RP saying she doesn’t care. She does!She participates on stories and on sm! Ewwww!

    You were so on when you wrote about the days and next day article comes out saying different day.:) Soon we will see Joe hanging out with yma and Jen. Big eson better not be around!

  • net

    My name begins with Ja.

    Bridjet is back in AL.

    Cok fans saying Cok says does not give a xxxx what
    Joe’s fans think. Does she give what his momma thinks?
    There is more I’ll send since you have eyes on you.

    Some critics think Joe will get nominated for AH but more think not.
    I have not gone to an early scree and all movie critics haven’t either.

  • ria


    Nice to see you again. :)

    No surprise that the Cok fans are saying she doesn’t care. Cok knows the fans hate her and there’s nothing she can do about it.

    Her only option is to pretend she doesn’t care.

  • net

    p of e article with posters

    elaw is a smart lady but too young for Joe also. I like her with the bf she has. She is filming several movies now.


    If she doesn’t care why does she write so much about it? She has eyes on the JJ and E stories when you see what she says. Her fans talk so much I am sure they post what she says on their sm and Joe’s fans will hate her even more. She talks about Bridjet. I think another reason she wants to move to AL is she knows Bridjet lives there. The best part is she says we are jealous of her. LOL.

  • enni

    Am going to p J story on elaw and Joe!

    I agree too young for Joe and happy she turned him down. Some say he is with Cok to make elaw jlous. It is not working.

  • ria


    It seems to me she spends so much time writing about it to compensate for her inability to DO anything about it. Complaining to her fan club is her only outlet.

    In REAL life the fans have hated her from day one and in all this time the hatred has simply gotten worse. Look no further than the constant scroll of negative comments which follows EVERY story written about her. Even moderating the comments doesn’t work, they’re still negative.

    If you ask me, her moving to AL is a compleat non-issue. Matt has said Joe doesn’t care if she moves and I can’t believe Bridjet does either. Why would they? AL is a big town and Joe and Bridjet will have NO problem avoiding Cok’s stink.

    As for saying we are “jealous” of her, it sounds like she’s getting desperate with her insults. Is that REALLY the best she can do? It’s pathetic and hilarious in equal measure.

  • eann

    My name starts with J

    I can’t imagine anyone being jealous of Cok. I really can’t. I can see women wanting to take trips with Joe but not to be Cok. Maybe Joe can defend his RP follower next time he is on HS? He can if he wants and if Bridjet is okay with it.

    Cok or fan has not come back about your LA days. Another Cok fan (also JM there), daft or Cok changed the topic from she is so much in AL to Joe is so much in lond. We happen to have those dates too and he was not there for her.

  • dot

    Waoaof! No, I do not want her to move to AL. Is the pic really from yester? Why is he wearing an unclean shirt? P.