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Jennifer Garner: Smooches With Seraphina!

Jennifer Garner: Smooches With Seraphina!

Jennifer Garner kisses her adorable daughter, Seraphina, after having breakfast at Caffe Luxxe on Wednesday (January 4) in Brentwood, Calif.

The 39-year-old actress, who’ll soon welcome her third child with hubby Ben Affleck, covered up her baby bump with a grey sweater.

Sera, meanwhile, showed love for her famous papa by wearing a white tee with Ben‘s picture ironed on!

FYI: Seraphina will be turning 3 this Friday (January 6) – happy early birthday!!!

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner and Seraphina at Caffe Luxxe in Brentwood…

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jennifer garner smooches seraphina 01
jennifer garner smooches seraphina 02
jennifer garner smooches seraphina 03
jennifer garner smooches seraphina 04
jennifer garner smooches seraphina 05
jennifer garner smooches seraphina 06
jennifer garner smooches seraphina 07
jennifer garner smooches seraphina 08
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  • mimi

    omg! what a tacky move for Garner. letting your kid wear a shirt with her dad’s face then making sure she get’s papped. what a famewh***

  • annie

    Jen and Serpahina are so cute – she is a wonderful mother who gives her two daughters a loving and normal life – I love the Tee Shirt with her Dad’s picture on it – if all “Hollywood” celebs were more like Ben and Jennifer they wouldn’t be getting divorced so quickly and also moving on to another disastrous relationship so quickly. I know that they are photographed a lot but when you see photos like this, they’re worth looking at. They’re natural and don’t put on any show for the public!!!!

  • Lili

    OMG she is still pregnant?? i wonder if she is having another girl. I like her she look pretty normal.

  • me

    @annie: Yeah right lol!!!

  • just saying

    @mimi:I totally agree…what celebrity does that lol. She poses for the paps all the time, and has trained her kids to smile especially when the paps are around

  • just saying

    @mimi:I totally agree…what celebrity does that lol. She poses for the paps all the time, and has trained her kids to smile especially when the paps are around

  • Cristina

    Literally every time Jennifer Garner leaves the house, she’s photographed. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. Honestly, it seems like she’s trying to project this image of being such a devoted mother and wife to keep Ben from leaving her. It’s all PR.

  • @mimi


    Mimi, you complain every single time she appears on Just Jared. If it bothers you so much, just don’t look at the post. I am beginning to think you get some strange kick out of making sarcastic remarks about her frequent appearances on the site. Seems like it is a compulsion for you. And by the way, the number of posts that post gets helps influence whether photos of the individual are bought. Your constant complaints that she is seen too much just help with that. And there is nothing wrong with a child having her dad’s photo on a tshirt. It seems to me that they have made the decision not to let the press dictate their lives and they just go about their daily lives.

  • sarah

    I think they love the press especially Jennifer Garner…And Ben has a movie coming out soon so they really don’t mind the press as long as it is about them being great parents…they love that kind of p.r. They are constantly projecting that image…it is all calculated. They are not any different than Paris Hilton lol.

  • Alaia

    She clearly calls the paparazzi, which is quite sad considering she has two children.

  • Kate

    @annie: yeah because making out with her daughter in front of the paps isnt putting on a show. DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!

  • Scorpio16

    @ Cheryl,
    HA! Perhaps U never had children is why! Do not judge. She looks like a good devoting mom. Surprised she has not had the baby already. She must be due soon. Best of luck to her.

  • Appletini


    I guess it’s a good thing you’re not my daughter, then. I have always kissed my kids on their lips, still do. Nothing wrong or strange about it. And I don’t know about the parents you hang around, or what they put in their mouths.

  • annie

    @Kate: Kate you are a pathetic human being – obviously your mother never ever showed you any affection – Jen is being a natural mother and showing your child any type of affection is NORMAL – whether it be in the privacy of your own home or in public. Ben and Jennifer don’t call the paps – they don’t need to because the paps sit outside their house and wait for them to go out and then follow them – besides they would know the time Violet starts and finishes school so they probably sit outside the school and wait for them to arrive, just like they did when she was in kindergarten. They are entitled to walk the streets, go to parks, shop and eat at cafes – they’re not hermits – they aren’t going to live in their house 24/7 – get a life all you nasty jealous parasites.

  • jaspisgirl

    lovely little girl with a carrying mother .so where is the problem now?????kid is looking healthy,mom is looking happy,no high-heels on kids feet.i do not understand,can someone be so jealous to say stupid things???? i like this family very much and for sure if i would have had a famous dad when i was a kid ,i would have liked to have a shirt like this. these two kids are always in a good mood,they are laughing,they are healthy,they go to ballet and playgrounds and birthdays and OMG when you go out with ur kids and when u r an actor or an actress there are paparazzi’s. there are only two ways:u keep ur kids inside or u live with that.say yourself what is better????? stop bitching and live your live haters!!!! DONE HERE!!!!!

  • Joe Blow

    I love this gorgeous family and seeing cute sweet pic like this just melts my heart.

  • Green Eyes

    Re: Kissing children on the lips. The problem with doing this is that the child thinks everyone kisses on the lips meaning that opens this activity and acceptance up to Dirty Old Uncle So & So etc. If the child is taught that only Mommy & Daddy kiss on the lips and that otherwise you kiss on the cheek, then the child will know that something is amiss if someone wants to kiss them on the lips.

  • Ariel

    @Appletini: you’re trying to tell us you never had a d*ck in your mouth before????

  • annie

    this is the ugliest family in the universe! GET A ROOM! no one wants to see that.

  • Scotia Girl

    @annie: How old are you???Judging by the comment about 10??? Honestly some of you are complete attention seeking idiots!

  • Scotia Girl

    @Ariel: Same question posted to annie – how old are you? 10? Your immaturity shows!

  • Kyle Livingston

    I Hope Seraphina’s Hair Will Definitely Starts Darkening From Blonde To Dark Brown By The Time When She Turns 3 Years Old On Friday January 6, 2012

  • mwannir
  • annie

    @annie: I am not the same annie that posted this nasty comment =- I’m the one that think this family is nothing but a normal loving family – you might have perverts in your family but kissing your parents on the lips especially at 3 years of age is frickin’ NORMAL as I said above. Leave this loving family alone and keep your nasty crude comments to yourself – these children are so well behaved and look so happy all the time what else could they ask for – oh yeah they also have to of the most beautiful celebs for a mum and dad – love, love, love this beautiful family xx

  • CristianStan

    She looks like a good devoting mom. Surprised she has not had the baby already. She must be due soon. Best of luck to her.