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Natalie Portman: Documentary About 'Eating Animals'?

Natalie Portman: Documentary About 'Eating Animals'?

Natalie Portman may be stepping behind the camera for an upcoming project.

Author Jonathan Safran Foer, who wrote the book “Eating Animals,” revealed that the 30-year-old Oscar winner “is going to make a movie of it.”

“She wants to make a very personal documentary,” he added during an interview with the French site Chap last summer. “She contacted me, she told me that she loved the book. I know her now. I will help her eventually but it will be her vision. She’s only at the very beginning.”

The book, which Natalie has credited for convincing her to be vegan, “explores the many stories we use to justify our eating habits – folklore and pop culture, family traditions and national myth, apparent facts and inherent fictions – and how such tales can lull us into a brutal forgetting,” according to its official site.

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  • Lili

    I don’t care about her, she is so anoying ewwwwwwwwwwwww

  • BEAN

    What happened to taking a hiatus? Money talks! lol

  • Stephanie

    They make a movie out of every book!

  • snake eyes

    -_- I WILL EAT AS MANY ANIMALS AS I WANT! Stupid carnivores.

  • snake eyes

    -_- I WILL EAT AS MANY ANIMALS AS I WANT! Stupid carnivores.

  • stacey


  • Polly

    I think she is weird and very overrated as an actress.

  • shamrock7

    Props to Natalie!! I support you completely and I’m looking forward to this project in the upcoming future. It’s about time we have people such as Natalie, shed some light on this world and open others eyes to options and facts.

    Good Luck Nat~

  • Ninaj

    I like Natalie but I’m starting to get really pissed with all those vegetarians and vegans who think that eating animals is bad. It’s part of us as human beings. You don’t eat meat ? Fine but give those who a rest and a break. You choose your own eating habits.

  • Chelsea

    Natalie Hershlag should focus more on how her own people are murdering Palestinians.

  • snake eyes

    um…wtf I mean HERBIVORES…. God I need sleeeep. Let’s try that again AHEM..


    There….now I’m going To BED to dream of STEAK.

  • Oh Well

    Natalie dear you can choose to eat or not to eat meat. I will be glad when these hippies stop trying to tell other folks they are wrong for doing something God has given us as a resource and food be it veggies or meat, seafood, chicken and whatever livestock you choose to eat. just about everything we utilize to live in this world comes from an animal. So shut Natalie.

  • Angelina

    @Chelsea: Lol we can only dream. She said herself that its very hard for her to discuss Israel because its “about survival”. Uh huh Natalie. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

  • gisele

    i believe she still eats animal products, no?

  • Melissa

    Natalie Portman IS NOT A VEGAN/VEGETARIAN.
    She just stops eating meat for some time and then feels like lecturing us.
    a vegan.

  • Cristina

    I don’t get these comments; you don’t HAVE to see the movie. I don’t think she’s trying to shove it down anyones throat but just giving people an opportunity to become educated about their food. People who eat meat get so defensive the second anyone mentions the words “vegan” or “vegetarian,” when no one is actually preaching to you or telling you that eating meat is wrong. If someone chooses not to eat it, that’s a personal decision and they’re allowed to talk about it.

  • bear

    I seriously don’t understand the hostility towards vegans/vegetarians on this site. Read the book before you make ignorant rants! I read the book and it was very informative-not preachy. I decided to become a vegetarian after becoming educated. My reason was not because I thought there was something wrong about eating meat but the horrible condition in which these animals lived in and how they are killed not to mention the impact that meat packing co. have on the environment. You ought to make sure you know why you are against this choice at the risk of sounding really stupid and calous. I made my choice based on ehics, morals and compassion for the creatures and world in which I share this world with–not the people who are vegans or vegetarians.

  • Yoda

    I just finished reading the book Eating Animals, which was a great but heartbreaking read. Looking forward to the documentary and whatever the haterz/carnivores say, you’re in the right on this issue, Natalie!

  • Ummm

    Ummm, Bear you can buy meat from private farmers who don’t mass produce and not the big chains. Your reasonings like others is hog wash because if you saw how some chain store mass produced veggies/tofu were processed would you stop eating all together????

  • haha

    I wish I had the willpower to go veg. I know it’s healthier and I do feel bad for the animals. but I love food too much

  • BallSoHard

    @haha: Decreasing your consumption of meat is a great start. Not everybody has to go to extremes, but currently most N.Americans are with how much meat we are eating. Balance is key and also buying local.

  • Heather

    you would think she would be spending her time supporting pedophiles not animals….but they’re one in the same so I get it.

  • Gmd

    Very cool! Think this is a very good idea for her :)

  • Amorie

    That would be great, because then more people will see how many negative consequences this meatindustry has (for climate and environment) but also for the billions of animals.

  • Amorie

    @Ninaj: The problem is dat we eat too much meat. Over only the last 50 years, people are eating 60% more meat than they used to. THAT is the problem, that it is too much. The meat industry (in it’s form now) has many negative consequences for climate, environmant and the welbeing of animals. You should watch the movie Food Inc. and read the book Eating Animals. Or if you are into science, you should read the reports of the IPCC. This stuf explains what goes behind the meat that we all eat.

  • belle

    I honestly think she’s very talented and very beautiful. her documentary is gonna be great and useful. way to go Natalie!

  • Yamby

    I love Natalie. If you too, join to

  • ???

    I agree we eat way too much meat and the way it is produced is horrible, but how is this going to be any different from the other “eating animals” documentarys? People haven’t listen the in the past. Just becouse this time it’s someone “famous” doing to documentary doesn’t make it better or more on the issue?

  • Sabrina

    Come on, it’s natural to eat animals. Rabbits, Horses,… I completely understant, just thinking about it, eeerk ! But beef,kitchen,… it’s natural. It is the alimentary chain, like cats eating mouses and birds, like a lion eating a gazelle… so, please, stop.

  • Alaia

    How this fake actress won an Oscar over Michelle Williams, I’ll never know.

  • kris

    have you people actually read the book ???

    Or are you all just retarded judgmental idiots ?!!!!!

    I just want everyone to realize, that they eat way to much meat and the way it is being made today is not natural…it’s a sadistic torture!!!
    Meat comes from living creatures for god’s sake – we should at least care that this animal was treated with respect before it landed on your plates!!!

  • asz


    i became vegetarian after a documentary, so another one can make an impact on some peoples lives. don’t forget that she has fans all over the world, who will watch his film.

  • asz


    you should focus more on your country’s impact on our environment .

  • ilia

    How about making a movie about thousands of Palestinians being slaughtered every single day by her fellow Zionists? Hateful, racist little b****.

  • ilia

    She is more than okay to go along with the Palestinian genocide on their own soil, but animals being slaughtered keeps her up at night. Insincere c***!

  • Rose

    @Chelsea: Why do you think you’re going to decide on what she should be worry about?? Do you worry that “your own people” are murdering Iraqis and Afghans?

  • lollol


    How about making a movie about how “your people” killed Indians and took their land ??? !!!
    Or how Americans kill Iraqis every day & pretend to fight against terrorism when really they just want the OIL ??? !!!
    Or how about a new documentary about how America is destroying the environment ??? !!!


  • Tara

    Yeah. There you go! How about the next time you try and insult a group of people you know NOTHING about, you’ll make some sense.

  • Tara

    Let people be. Let them choose what they want to eat. Maybe watch this movie or read the book before making snap judgements though. I am a huge animal lover. I also read this book and became vegan. It changed my life. That’s something to be proud of.

  • reba

    Really can’t stand her anymore on her high horse about EVERYTHING.

  • Yamby
  • CristianStan

    She just stops eating meat for some time and then feels like lecturing us.

  • danielle

    for all of you that are ripping on Natalie for promoting veganism why dont you open a damn book and learn about what goes on in these factories that produce the food you eat then you will have the standing to say whatever you want to her. You are supporting immense brutality to innocent animals and you are eating meat that is produced in often unsanitary conditions. So say all you want but shes right. if you eat 100% organic than do what you want but Natalie is completely right. most of the meat eaten by Americans is disgusting