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Reese Witherspoon Covers 'Elle' February 2012

Reese Witherspoon Covers 'Elle' February 2012

Reese Witherspoon strikes a pose in Emporio Armani on the cover of Elle‘s February issue.

Here’s what the 35-year-old This Means War actress had to share:

On how she met her husband, Hollywood agent Jim Toth: “It happened out of the blue. This really drunk guy was hitting on me [at a friend's house], making such an idiot of himself, yelling at me. He was like, [slurring, scowling, pointing finger in her face] ‘You don’t know me.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, I know. I don’t know you!’ Jim came over and said, ‘Please excuse my friend. He’s just broken up with someone.’ Jim was a really good friend, pulling him out of that situation. That’s just kind of who he is, a really good person.”

On thinking she wouldn’t marry again: “Jim said, ‘I’m gonna show you every day what a good partner is, what a good person is. I’m going to take care of you. I’m gonna do this so much that you’re gonna get used to it.’ I was like, ‘What are you talking about?’ I’ve never had anybody like that in my life.”

On aging: “Nothin’s going north. It’s all going south, might as well put in on film now. But not without a lot of padding and a push-up bra.”

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Bigger cover pic inside….

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Credit: Carter Smith; Photos: Elle
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  • lexy hates bilson

    She looks great!!

  • Estella

    As much as I ADORE Reese, this picture looks so photoshopped….

  • M Martell
  • kenny

    Okay, that picture looks nothing like Reese Witherspoon…

  • Truth

    I love REESE but I honestly thought it Was MK Olsen at first!

  • Evie

    Jim Toth is a good person? stop lying bitch!

  • Mia

    Her face looks so different here than normal. Not that she is not pretty or cute normally, but she looks way photoshopped.
    Such a waste that these magazines seriously CHANGE these people.
    We want a little bit of touch up but not making EVERYTHING better about the person in question

  • willanka

    She looks great here… but nothing like herself. She reminds me of Diane Kruger on that cover.

  • commonsense

    Way to burn Ryan without even mentioning him Reese! LOL!

  • Goes

    Stopping a drunken idiot from harassing a woman suddenly makes you a good person? My oh my how the standards are low.

  • Truth

    @Goes shes saying thats how they met, he was a good friend for stopping his friend from humiliating himself before it got even more out of hand. And what are people commenting about Jim not being a good person? I’ve read it on other blogs before–what do you people know? I’m curious what’s been said about him

  • Jill

    Sooooo fake! I mean seriously Reese was your marriage to Ryan that bad? I remember that when they were still married she used to gush about him all the time as well, really I’m sure she’s happy and everything but this sounds just so cheesy, BTW the cover is so photoshopped!

  • DumbFakeBlonde



  • photoscam

    Oh please that is someone else…like she totally lost her chin chin. Give me a break…that is serious photo shope of someone else roflmao.

  • say what

    Jenny Mccarthy picture lol. Please this is not Reese

  • Love&Justice

    How long have they been divorced? and why in every interview does she bring it up and slam him? They were long seperated before he was with Cornish!

    She is also a big fat LIAR! She met Toth at CAA. He didn’t come rescue her in some bar!

    What a FAKE you have become Witherspoon!

    You will reap what you sow soon enough!

  • d

    If I was in a store and saw this cover — without the blurb next to her I’d never have guessed it was Reese. She is pretty so why photoshop the heck out of her?

  • keet

    WTF, I thought it was Claudia Schiffer.

  • Carmen

    Omg¡¡ I thought it was Diane Kruger¡¡ Too much photoshop¡¡

  • Oh Please!

    B^tch please! You met him at CAA not a bar! Stop trying to make him out to be some hero for you and Ryan’s kids, is just down right pathetic and you are such a LIAR! Toth is POND SCUM! and you know this too!

    And to continue to slam Ryan for the divorce WHICH you know damn well, you both were long separated before he started going out with A. Cornish and CONTINUE to play the victim card, is also down right pathetic!

    No matter how much you try and shove yourself, Toth and all this other bullsh^t down our throats, all that know the truth are just rolling on the floor laughing their a$$es of at you!

  • kelly

    I don’t like when a woman or man who speaks badly about a failed relationship. I don’t claim to know what happened but to diss her ex-husband, the father of her children and Jake Gyllenhaal and any other guy is sad. If they divorce next year (her and Jim) she’s going to feel really stupid having said all she did. A lot of times people shy away from what’s good and right for them and if this is the case with Jim (who’s saying he will do right by her), we’ll all know that her break ups have a lot to do with her as well.

  • SoCal

    I have LOST ALL RESPECT for Reese Witherspoon!

  • Pattycake

    @Truth: Let’s just say that Toth has a well earned reputation, more in common with the drunken obnoxious friend than the rescuer. Besides that story is all fake. He’s an agent at her agency, are we really to believe they met anonymously? This entire interview smacks of scripted fiction. Just as the photos don’t show what she really looks like, this story doesn’t accurately portray her relationship with her new husband. Think more, I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine. You know, a business arrangement. As for dissing Ryan Phillippe, way to go, Reese. HE never retaliates, he’s a classier act.

  • nicky

    HAHA what a joke! She wants all to believe that she is happily married, when her hubby prefers male interns! Reese is destined to grow old ALONE and MISERABLE!!!!

  • lol pathetic

    jesus, some of you people need to get a life. look how worked up you’re getting about a celebrity that you don’t even know. i’m also pretty sure it’s just the same person commenting over and over again.

  • InTheIndustry



  • IamKevinSmith

    Greasy Reesy at it again! ROFLMAO!


  • Pattycake

    @lol pathetic: Well, then you’d be wrong. And surprise! some of us really DO know her.

  • KissMyA**

    It’s very clear that she does not give a rat’s a^^ about her and Ryan’s kids.

    If she did, then she would not continue to keep talking about the divorce and slamming him again and again.

    Can you imagine, what the kids will think?

    What a b*tch of a mother I have!

    Along with fake, phony, narcissistic, control freak, OCD, pretentious, over rated, over paid beard!

  • Team Ryan

    Doesn’t she think for a minute saying how their father wouldn’t take care of her and devote himself to her and how the new husband is a good partner and she’s NEVER KNOWN ANYONE like that will impact her children? Hopefully they will realize what a narcissistic, immature little brat their mother is and not let her horrible opinion of their father ruin their relationship with him.

  • Mrs Toth is a JOKE!!!

    It won’t ruin the relationship with their father because he is VERY ACTIVE in their lives.

    It will more then likely ruin the relationship with their crazy b^tch mom!

  • DontHateTheTruth

    Reese just needs to STFU!

  • ha

    i totally agree with a comment at the beginning…

    liar liar pants on fire witherfake

  • Running Crazy

    She just sounds STUPID!
    Not edgy, not sexy, just STUPID!
    and I won’t even comment on those photos!

  • Grey

    I don’t know why suddenly Reese wants to look sexy when she is on her way to 40? It always makes me laugh whenever I see this kind of photoshoot with a full Photoshop, because in her 20s she wasn’t into this kind of thing when she was young. Look at Chalize Theron who is at the same age as Reese and then at Reese. Reese tries to hard to look edgy and sexy when she is not! I so used to like her, but in the last years she has been going down and down.

  • Pritoutinegood

    I don’t like the dig at Ryan. The thing is she chose Ryan to marry and have children with.(not in that order either)..

    Ryan may not have been a great husband, but if that is the case keep that to yourself when you have children that are old enough to read how you feel about THEIR FATHER. Whatever he is; he is the father of your children. Not you current husband. And I’m sure Reese had a part in the end of her marriage. Why these women like to make is seem as if the man is the total blame. It takes two people build a marriage and yes it takes 2 to break it. Reese acts as if she was perfect. And nobody in this world gets to claim that. Ryan has never said anything to may knowledge negative about her. I’m sure in marriage both person could share some interesting little stories about the other.

    she can praise her current husband without trashing (backhanded) at the father of her children.

    Badly done Reese. Badly done.

  • sea

    Elle thinks we are dumb.


    Omg, I thought that was a super photoshopped Chelsea handjob!! Bahahaha! I guess it’s true, you start to hang around with boozy old ugly cable tv hags, you start to look like them. Hey Reese, when you go to church, do you ask god to forgive you for hanging around such sleazy mean spirited nasty vipers who hate other women?? Just curious…


    Yep she’s getting more and more like her other homely mediocre whiny pal, Jen Aniston.

  • Thelma

    Omg…Photoshop much?!!! Didn’t recognize her…

  • Colorado Cowgirl

    @Oh Please!: Calm down, get a life of your own and quit spreading the hate. You sound like an immature 12 year old. Unless you personally know Reese, Ryan and Jim, keep your disgusting rants to yourself.

  • Lona

    She does not look like herself in this cover… She’s way cuter!

  • FFer

    The Hollywood studio insider’s LA Swinger weekly is reporting this week that Ms Witherspoon is in negotiations, on the very down low, to star in the Alfie sequel remake, with Jude Law. Based on the blond that opened and closed the 2004 Alfie remake set in Manhattan. Hence the above Sienna Miller magazine cover homage, etc. etc.

  • aj

    The article said they met at a friend’s party. they already knew each other of course. the “out of the blue” in the article alludes to how sudden the drunk guy appeared in front of reese and how jim came to his rescue. even though she already knew jim since he’s an agent for another celeb, she wasn’t impressed with him as she was before the whole drunken situation at a friend’s party. no where in the article did it said that the drunken incident occured at a bar. you ppl need to learn how to read and not have such short attention span. it’s like you’re all brainwashed to think (stupidly) alike.

    reese did not lie! your brain lied to you!

  • aj

    I mean she wasn’t impressed with jim before the whole incident when he got his drunken friend out of an embarrassing situation. After the incident she realized that Jim’s a really good guy. So, even though she knew Jim’s name at her friend’s party where this drunk guy approached her out of the blue, she didn’t take a romantic interest in Jim until afterwards.

    Get it? It’s not rocket science!

  • gigi@

    Poor Reese
    to reed all the comments dosn’t surprise that all her last movie bombed,not at all

  • ellie’

    beautiful Reese that looks just like her….

  • I Know

    The TRUE and ACTUAL fact to this story is, Toth was actually the drunk guy and it was Toth’s friend that stepped in, not the other way around.

    All this mess (the cover, the article, the interview) is the way Hollywood rolls!

    It is all fake and all bullsh!t!

  • ComeOnNow

    @ Colorado Cowgirl?

    There are a few different articles out there, but some say a bar so unless they decided to add that to make RW look edgy and not a saint, Oh Please! is correct!

    But it sounds like I Know and few others on here know the FACTS!

    Sorry to burst your bubble sweet heart! :-(

  • tweets magee

    Reese and Jim were tweeted about on Christmas day in LAX. They were flying back East alone to see family. They were mentioned on twitter then too. They were out alone on Christmas eve shopping. So Ryan must have had the kids on Christmas. And they were with him for a few weeks in NYC in December. So based on just this past few month its obvious that the kids spend alot of time with their father. You would think she could figure out a way to express her love for her husband without saying something negative about past loves since one of them is obviously around alot. That must be pretty awkward when he drops the kids off.