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Brad Pitt Walks With A Cane

Brad Pitt Walks With A Cane

Brad Pitt has been spotted walking around with a cane on private property on Thursday (January 5) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

“He tore his MCL,” a source exclusively tells The MCL is short for medial collateral ligament, one of four ligaments that stabilizes the knee joint.

Over the weekend, the 48-year-old actor picked up some groceries with son Pax in his new sidecar motorcycle.

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The L.A. Times reports that Brad‘s upcoming film, World War Z, may become a franchise.

Paramount sees the zombie thriller “as a trilogy that would have the grounded, gun-metal realism of, say, [Matt] Damon‘s Jason Bourne series tethered to the unsettling end-times vibe of AMC’s The Walking Dead.”

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  • Lisa

    Saw “Moneyball”. Awesome film!

  • lurker

    hope we get more pictures

  • lurker

    even troll jokes fall flat,they are so lame,ignoring them works wonders

  • William Bradley&The Jolie

    I am surprised that no one has taken note of the fact that no outlet anywhere has mentioned the significance of today’s date. Seven years ago today, William B. shed himself (officially) of Dulliston. Not even Lamey brought it up today. You know, I am beginning to wonder if Brad’s comment about his pretending during the marriage hasn’t had more of an impact than we suspect ( and wasn’t more deliberate than we may suspect). I haven’t seen anymore tab stories about him running back to Dulliston. And once she breaks up with the midget (CB just ran a great blind that points to this already, for what that’s worth), I don’t see how the tabs can having him running back to her without even their stupid readers laughing at them.

  • from JJB

    Angelina’s radio interview with Studio360 about her movie In the Land of Blood and Honey

  • ~Bambi~

    When Brad and I went for a motorcycle ride and stopped off at my little cottage in The Hills, I warned Brad that he was being a little too acrobatic, if you know what I mean.

  • FayeFaye

    Ladies and gentleman: For the longest I’ve always wanted who started the rumor of Jane Pitt being so crazy about Ticky and favoring Ticky over Angie. I’ve always thought Huvane started the rumor and no one ever anything to deny it. Could someone please enlighten me about this? I’d love to see Jane saying it somewhere in print. We know she’s said she loves Angie and how Angie is a fantastic mom, but where is the “love Ticky” quote. Thanks all.

  • wow

    Angelina looks good, jolie pitt is preparing for Zahara’s birthday. Brad looks good too.

  • dougie

    @William Bradley&The Jolie:

    01/07/05: Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston announced they were separating.

    I wonder if People will do an interview.. Jen 7 years after the divorce. Happy at last with Justin.

    LOL.. but I don’t think so.. I think Justin has maybe pulled her in a bit. Because everyone knows she should have been photographed on a beach by now. So maybe Justin is going to help stop the fake triangle..
    YEA…. Justin.. clapping loudly.

  • Laranjen

    Why are my comments in moderation? Your joking. You let others be crude ,vulgar, bully and attack other posters –go over all my comments and you will see I never do that . I said the make of the car in one –is that it? There is a million of those cars on the road and I saw it on another site.

  • lurker

    @William Bradley&The Jolie:
    lol that is why the ticky hens are losing their sh* t lol

  • Plez

    Angelina looks so pretty. I agree with most that Brad injury does look that bad. Hope he get well soon.
    Can’t believe Zahara will be 7 in a couple of days. It just seems like yesterday trolls where making comments about how Angelina (and Brad) we ignoring Zahara leg being crooked and how she needs an operation right away.

  • lurker

    time flies zahara is now a big girl wow

  • Brad Pitt Walks With A Cane

    Must have bought Shi a dress for Xmas.

  • lurker

    yes i remember those days,trolls have always been a nasty bunch
    now aee is a beautiful healthy girl

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    aww @ 01/05/2012 at 7:31 pm

    thanks for the link. pax really don’t like the papz.. I think Angie had a haircut. It looks shorter. is so nice to see the brothers helping mommy with Z’s birthay party.

  • William Bradley&The Jolie

    Okay, must apologize. I got the date wrong. So the dumping day was the 7th. There goes a part of my theory; this means blogs (looking at you Lamey) still have tomorrow to make a big deal of this date. Although it may be interesting to see who does mention it and how they try to spin it since the 7th, in this year, is the day that William Bradley Pitt will be taking his beloved, The Jolie, with him to Palm Spring to get his award. SHE will be by his side throughout this award season and not that hag he dumped. All throughout January and February the hag’s hens will be constantly reminded that Dulliston is still the Sad Spook, forever on the outside looking in.

  • lurker

    If baldy can do that for us i will never talk about ticky again

  • QQQQ

    FayeFaye @ 01/05/2012 at 8:19 pm
    Well it started with the VF interview, where Ticky says Brad and I are not speaking but I am in constant contact with Jane. That Jane Pitt, oh I love her soo and she loves me. Also, just before the mag came out Jane and Julie visited her in Chicago and of course she made sure they got a pic of that.
    Going back further, when people-tab was doing their many stories of her just after the split, they made sure to let us know that the Pitts supposedly gave her a ring with P on it. And of course JPitt visited her in 2007. There were never any pics of AJ and Jane together so the idiot tab world, no pics of Jane and AJ meant that Jane hated AJ and loved Ticky more.

  • lurker

    hopefully ticky will look for a mama;s love from baldy boy toy’s mum because the pitts cannot be played by her and huvane their game has been up years ago and she hates her mama

  • cute
  • Thelma

    Love B and A: thank you for the interview with TFT’s old room mate. What an eye opener. Shows her lack of loyalty and shallowness right from the start.

  • Karen

    Injury from fight with Angie because she is mad that “Blood and Honey” only made like 80,000 dollars so she hit him. Sad. Maddox looks like old man.

  • America’s Sweeetheart

    He was so pretty when he had the lovely golden locks of Jen now he looks beat up but that’s ok, who needs looks?

  • Hottest Woman of All Time

    Men’s Health Mag voted Jennifer Aniston as Hottest Woman of All Time. Amazing honor. Now carry on.

  • fun day

    thanks- boys are adorable & Angie looks great! I’ll bet they’re shopping for Miss Z’s bday!
    cute @ 01/05/2012 at 9:40 pm

    x17 has pictures of Angie & Mad & Pax:

  • Hottest Woman OF ALL

    Sticks and stones will break your bones Brad but a beautiful blonde Goddess like Jen would never do that.

  • Hottest Woman Crown
  • trt

    Don’t know if anybody watched Anderson Cooper today but he showed the interview he did with Angie. They’re replaying it tomorrow at 1 PM Pacific Time.

  • Jen Hottest Of All Time

    Congrats Jen!

  • Men’s Health

    Can’t wait to see the beautiful kids Jen will have with Justin. Amazing woman. And the right weight, not anorexic but healthy and beautiful.

  • zynart

    Anarchy! sons of….

  • ab

    maybe maniston or trolls tried to run him over

  • trt

    Trolls come out when fans have gone for the day. Shows how much like rats they are. They come out when the lights go off and everybody has gone. Going now but before I go: RATS DON’T ENJOY YOURSELF TOO MUCH.
    The hottest woman on the planet????hahahahahahahaha!

  • Jen Crowned Best

    Read Men’s Health magazine: they voted Jennifer Aniston most beautiful woman of ALL time. Don’t be envious. Read the mag and accept the truth!

  • ab

    maybe maniston & trolls tried to run him over

  • lurker

    poor pathetic loser,keep dreaming everyone was laughing at ticky with that lame thingy from mens health,its old news i guess trolls have nothing else to bring to the table

  • ab

    what true ?what magazinne people or the time no!read mens health magazinne . ja ja ja or yahoo ja jaaaaaaaaaa

  • lurker

    its a hard life to be a troll lol

  • trt

    @Men’s Health: hahahahahahahahaha! Big chin=big nose with receding hairline and whatever hair it’s got, it’s not going to be bleached blonde. LOLolololol! It’ll have short stumpy legs too close set eyes…poor baby. Everything will have to wait till it grows up to get plastic surgery and hair replacement. Oh, I forgot, no lips too.

  • lurker

    when fans are gone that is the time ticky hens come here to spam the thread fuc8ing cowards

  • Media Wh@re MANiston
  • Troll Meltdown

    Sad, sad troll(s)- soooo addicted to the JPs. Brad & Angie are so beautiful, kind, and loving and trolls are in so much pain- spewing all these lies and all this hate, but can’t stay away from the JP gorgeousness! Trolls even taunt JP fans- troll(s) are so addicted to the amazing JPs!! Here is some JP love to help with your pain:

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    trt @ 01/05/2012 at 10:21 pm

    That stupid troll forgot that there were many people who don’t agree with that stupid brought hottest list. There were more people who disagreed with that poll than agreed.

  • ab

    jenipiggie & trolls is soo pathetic loser .her to plase old news.
    nobody care

  • yikes

    #93- OMG- that is a scary, scary old monster!! Here is another to add to your collection:

  • ab

    jenipiggie & trolls is soo pathetic loser .her to plase old news.
    nobody care

  • leni

    lmao at the trolls thinking that men’s magazine poll was an “honor”. It made Ticky more of a laughing stock than she normally is. I wouldn’t have wanted Angelina to have that “honor”, even though she’s a million times hotter than Aniston; to have the title of hottest of all time beating out Marilyn Monroe ,Raquel W, Elizabeth T.,Rita H.,Jayne M., etc. sets you up for criticism and debate.For Aniston to have “won”, it makes you wonder how many drugs were the editors of the magazine on, how much money did Ticky’s publicist pay to buy this “honor”, and just how much more delusional can Ticky’s fans possibly get!?. lol Ticky isn’t the hottest of her own time much less of ALL time. Too funny!

  • ab

    look loser trolls oh yes she sexy uhm
    ja ja ja my bad
    trolls pathetic and loser

  • Vanessa

    I hope some reporters ask Brad if the waterfall gift is true this Saturday. I wanna a confirmation from him.