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Brad Pitt Walks With A Cane

Brad Pitt Walks With A Cane

Brad Pitt has been spotted walking around with a cane on private property on Thursday (January 5) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

“He tore his MCL,” a source exclusively tells The MCL is short for medial collateral ligament, one of four ligaments that stabilizes the knee joint.

Over the weekend, the 48-year-old actor picked up some groceries with son Pax in his new sidecar motorcycle.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Brad Pitt

The L.A. Times reports that Brad‘s upcoming film, World War Z, may become a franchise.

Paramount sees the zombie thriller “as a trilogy that would have the grounded, gun-metal realism of, say, [Matt] Damon‘s Jason Bourne series tethered to the unsettling end-times vibe of AMC’s The Walking Dead.”

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  • an opinion

    Cost of being name sexist/hottest = a good pr guy 15%
    Cost of a good chin and nose job = 20,0000
    Cost of a boyfriend = gf pays for everything and CAA get bf scripts to people that matter
    Cost of being intelligent, interesting person, and living a full life = priceless (Maybe Ticky should try it )
    Congrats to Ticky. I doubt anyone will care about that when they look back at life achievements.

  • question

    has aniston showed her face since her publicist bought this poll win for her? i wouldnt have right after if i had been her since she was getting laughed at all across the web.

  • an opinion


    Please don’t compare Brad and Angelina’s real achievements with the silly poll Ticky won.

  • jp fan

    If Jerry P from Extra TV is attending Palm Springs award gala, I am pretty sure he will ask the question. Remember he was one who asked the new tattoo on Angie’s arm.

  • lurker

    hens are funny we all know porgie is the one selling his soul for an oscar which he might get,brad does not give a damn if he wins or not,he doesnot play that game

  • Jaye

    Laranjen @ 01/05/2012 at 11:17 pm
    The bran muffins are obviously not working. Metamucil?

  • Katrina

    @Just a Lurker:
    Octavia is adorable, she will be seeing Brad a lot during this award season. I believe she is also honored at Palm Springs for Breakthrough performance award.

  • LoriLori

    Only BP could look sexy in coveralls, love his hair hope he keeps it for awhile, and the lighter color on AJ looks Great too.

    jenjen is packing on the FaceFillers getting ready for award season the old hasbeen is going to look like a CrazyStalker

  • jp fan

    @from JJB:
    Love the interview, love that when Angie mentioned Brad, the interview guy said “Brad Pitt, your husband” and Angie didn’t deny it.

  • annon

    Mouth-watering decadence at Golden Globes

    It is hardly surprising that the “champagne of success and glamour” will be flowing once again when the Golden Globe Awards are held on January 15.

    For the past 21 years, Moet & Chandon – one of the world’s most prestigious champagne producers – has provided the bubbly for guests at the awards ceremony that recognises creative achievements in film and TV.

    Celebrities including George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Meryl Streep are expected to be among the 1500 guests celebrating the big event at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

    “More than 1000 mini bottles and 500 magnums of Grand Vintage 2002 Moet & Chandon champagne – more than 9000 glasses – will be served on the red carpet and inside the ballroom,” said the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the non-profit organisation behind the awards.

    The champagne, which sells at a retail price of $83 a bottle in the United States, has been praised by Moet & Chandon Chef de Cave Benoit Gouez – the man who made it.

    “Moet & Chandon Grand Vintage 2002 comes from an exceptional year, certainly the best vintage in champagne since 95-96. The climate has been perfect,” Mr Gouez said.

    “Maturity is a key word for this wine; harmony is the second one – harmony across the three vitals.

    “It is rare in champagne when chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier perform equally well across the regions and across the villages.”

    But a celebration of such extravagance would not be complete without dishes of decadence.

    Beverly Hilton Hotel chefs have spent several months planning the food for the Golden Globes.

    “Executive chefs Suki Sugiura and pastry chef Thomas Henzi have created an elegant and mouth-watering menu reflecting the global nature of the Golden Globes and it will take a team of 40 chefs and 110 kitchen staff members to prepare it on show day,” the Hollywood Foreign Press Association said.

    “Chef Sugiura has combined local produce with an ensemble of cuisines from around the world to create a globally harmonised menu.

    “It will include an appetiser of pistachio-crusted pistou ravioli with wild arugula, smoked tomato, kabocha compote and burrata; a combination entree of miso and sake lees marinated pacific sea bass with grilled king oyster mushroom and braised prime short rib of beef with porcini pine nut herb ragout in a light cream of sherry wine ginger tamari sauce with roasted fingerling potatoes, candy striped beets, baby bok choy and yellow baby carrots.

    “For dessert, Chef Henzi will be serving a trio of chocolate delice almond crunch terrine and acacia honey, caramel and fresh berries, which will pair ideally with the Moet & Chandon Grand Vintage 2002 magnums specially created for the show.”


    Oh laran-CHIN, Brad Pitt could be wearing a pink negligee, maniston’s smelly old hair extensions and cookie monster house slippers, and he still wouldn’t be as gut busting hilarious as homely Maniston and her middleaged greasestain of a bald dwarf rent a date:
    That said, I want to thank love a &b I believe, for bringing back nancy balbieri, if ever I thought Maniston deserved a break from the slamming, I need only watch nancy capture/encapsulate her vapid, narcissistic, worthless, mean spirited selfish REAL character on stage. That right there, is why she is loathed.

  • lurker

    the troll just expose it self as the name changing loser using the same expression “bambi,so we know that one troll alone has 3 names or more

  • lylian

    @Passing Through:
    The hens are still bitter cuz the best their idol can do is stealing a skinny-jean wearing middled man who’s career highlight has been dissed by the star and is the current laughing stock of the internet for hooking up with the most pathetic woman on the planet. Wait…make that the co-most pathetic woman on the planet. JLo’s trying to give her a run for her money…
    LOL! PT, you were right to call ss the MOST pathetic woman on the planet. JLo, is not as pathetic. Believe or not, Jlo’s name is known amongst the younger generation – mainly as a singer. Some of her recent songs have been hits.

  • lylian

    I just noticed that Daniel Craig is on the RC with his Wife Rachel Weisz.
    I must confess that though I’ve noticed the last round of RCs for TGWTDT with Rooney Mara and Daniel, I hadn’t noticed Rachel’s absence!

  • lylian

    OK, I have a confession to make. I clicked on the link to Foxnews about Dakota fanning’s cosmo cover.
    So now, I’d like to do a reality check – the article in Foxnews is a joke right? No one seriously thinks that photos of 17 year old Dakota next to article about sex is an issue right?

  • Rose

    Someone boasting about SS bought and paid for award as the hottest woman of all times. How delusional are trolls. There were thousands of comments about this award and 90% of the people think this was some kind of a joke. Let’s see if Ricky G think so at the GG, I’m guessing RG will address this award. Also I have seen a TV ad promoting the GG and guess who photo is on the promotion with Ricky. You guessed it, it’s our girl Angie, the sexiest woman alive!


    I guess the troll forgot that Angie WON ALL the HOTTEST AWARDS when she was in her 20s. Pathetic losers that they are. They think that the award given to Ticky @ 43 was for real, then I conclude that this troll is a nutcase.

  • Rose

    Guess what, watching NBC they are talking about that kind of foods will be served at the GG and guess whose pictures are now being shown to advertise the glamour to come. You guessed it, it’s Brad and Angie. I guess they are considered by NBC as the top of the celebrities, I will say no more, that speaks for it self.

  • Yum

    Getting my Moneyball DVD on TUESDAY- Brad & Angie on Saturday- yeah!
    If you saw Moneyball this weekend, perhaps you walked out of the theater thinking, Wow, that Brad Pitt really is a charming and handsome movie star. Or maybe instead you thought, Huh, Brad Pitt eats a lot in movies. The man does not stop feeding. (Except to throw a chair across the locker room, and then: more food.) Popcorn, Twinkies, Christmas cookies, a cheeseburger — it all ends up in Brad Pitt’s perfect mouth. When Terry Gross asked him about this exact phenomenon, Pitt ascribed the tic to the intensity of the real life Billy Beane, but Ocean’s Eleven aficionados will remember that Brad is chowing down in almost every scene of that movie, too. In fact, he eats in a lot of his movies. And so to prove the Brad Pitt Eating in Movies Theory, Vulture put together a list of every single item of food that Pitt has ever eaten in a movie, ever. Click through for the definitive and basically nutrition-less list.
    - bagel (Mr. and Mrs. Smith)
    - baguette (Inglourious Basterds)

  • Tree

    OK, just watched Brad with cane, hope he gets better soon. And am so excited for Octavia Spencer, she is going to meet Brad Pitt at the Globes!! It’s so cute to watch her talking about Brad. Excited for Globes all together.

  • double standard

    lylian- yeah, me neither…however, seeing these pictures did make me recall how he was ALWAYS w/ his fiance (Satsuki?) for YEARS of red carpets…I think he & Rachael were trying to give it some “time” & make it a “special” unveiling of sorts…funny how they are getting very little blow back for their unapologetic “overlap” of new & old flames…double standard- AGAIN.

    I must confess that though I’ve noticed the last round of RCs for TGWTDT with Rooney Mara and Daniel, I hadn’t noticed Rachel’s absence!

  • Wonderbust

    i loved Octavia in the Help,,Minne was fact all the ladies were phenomenal, can yall imagine ticky playing one of those ladies bwhahaha..yay for Brad being on the BAFTA longlist

  • jenifer

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  • ZeeZee JP

    lots of cute pictures here in celebration of Zahara’s 7th bday on Sunday!
    Sunday is Zahara Jolie-Pitt’s seventh birthday! She’s been growing up so fast surrounded her family, who love to travel. Just in the last year, Zahara’s been around the globe with her siblings sharing exciting days on set, park adventures, boat rides, and so much more. Take a look back at her adorable first seven years, including sweet moments with dad Brad Pitt and mom Angelina Jolie, and fun with brothers and sisters Shiloh, Maddox, Pax, Vivienne, and Knox!

  • Laranjen

    Get original–the ones on here always accusing others of posting under other names are doing that themselves. I don’t have trouble expressing myself and am proud to be Laranjen!

  • stacey

    Larenhen you are a bore like your idol the American SweetFART, go away to her site you fraud.

  • Happy Birthday, Z!

    I agree with most of these picks, but especially this one (bathrobe-so funny!!):

    Tyler Durden, Brad Pitt, Fight Club
    Who else could play Durden but Brad Pitt, who gives a wild, macho, untamed performance as the ultimate man’s man, the embodiment of a dude’s id? Pitt comes off as carelessly sexy and intense throughout the film, pulling off a waiter’s tux and a ratty woman’s bathrobe with equal panache.

    Buy Fight Club: A Novel from

  • Happy Birthday, Z!
  • art consultant

    With all the breakups, it’s nice to see some engagements, too…Drew B seems ok- not a huge fan of her movies, but ET was good. I hope it works (I think this will be her 3rd or 4th marriage), BUT, the coolest thing is her fiance’s job- ART CONSULTANT! I’m not even sure what it is, but it sounds like a super-cool thing to do!! Have a great weekend & Happy Birthday to Zahara!!!!!

  • pittstain&damegaforehead

    Jajaj try hard Pittstain tried hard to get attention wit da side car and his giant onesie but Angie go out with her sons and pax has a toy gun gasp Pittstain getting fillers in a onesie or pittstain in a onesie wit pax and a side carstill cant generate da interest Angie can. Jajajja

  • pittstain&damegaforehead

    I can imagine many actors playing any part Pittstain has and doing it betta than Pittstain. His pr team has not fooled us all in to thinking he iz brilliant a actor. He might be da best America / Hollywood has to offer these days but dat is not saying much for Americans and hollywood@Happy Birthday, Z!:

  • Lurker

    Aww, Hope Brad gets better soon, Need to see his sexy self on the red carpet in next few months.

    On a side note, love you Brad but those ONSIE or Jumpsuit on whatever you want to call them, you have been sporting lately don’t do anything for me but look on the bright side, I am not Angie. Lol.

  • MIMI

    Wish Brad speedy recovery on his knee. Upcoming award events gonna be crazy for him. But Brad and Angie always rule the red carpet.

  • Jaye

    Yum @ 01/06/2012 at 7:37 am
    Don’t they say that Art imitates life? In life you gotta eat too.
    I think It’s about time to watch Fight Club again and I am so getting Moneyball dvd. What would Tyler Durden do? lol

  • QQQQ

    While Ticky’s one idiot fan go and on about about her stupid “of all time’ fake award.. AJ is being awarded for her work.
    For ten years Cinema for Peace supports around the world the struggle for human rights, social justice, humanitarian and environmental protection through films. Many of these projects are funded by donations to the Cinema for Peace Gala, which is now one of the most important film gala events in the world and has found among other offshoots in New York City and Los Angeles.
    The gala in Berlin with about 600 guests each year is the highlight. In the past ten years over three million euros have been collected for charitable purposes. In 2011, the actor and activist Sean Penn was honored for his excellent involvement in Haiti. A year earlier, the “Green Oscar” was awarded to Leonardo DiCaprio and former President Mikhail Gorbachev.
    The focus of this year’s Cinema for Peace Gala are especially Bosnia and Burma: That was the message in the film “In the Land of Blood and Honey” which is the directorial debut of Angelina Jolie, excellent for the struggle against war and genocide in particular. Bosnia is also a focus of the foundation work of the Cinema for Peace Foundation, which opened in November 2011 an office in Sarajevo in Bosnia-Herzegovina. This is mainly concerned with the investigation of the genocide in Srebrenica in 1995. As part of Documentation, 10,000 interviews with witnesses and survivors are led to the massacre extensively present. Then the interviews in an online library will be made available. They form the basis for a documentary. Students, scientists and non-government organizations will give you an extensive insight and background on the events of the massacre in Srebrenica during the war in former Yugoslavia.

    The Jury of the Cinema for Peace 2012, under the chairmanship of former Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and Nobel Peace Prize (2005) Mohammed el-Baradei will award the “Cinema for Peace Award for the Most Valuable Movie of the Year” at Gala presented by Sir Bob Geldof.
    The “International Human Rights Film Award” goes to the 2012 human rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi and the movie “The Lady” by Luc Besson, starring Michelle Yeoh in the lead role. The prize is awarded jointly by Amnesty International, Cinema for Peace and Human Rights Film Network awarded.
    The Cinema for Peace Gala will be held on 13 February 2012 at the Konzerthaus am Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin under the auspices of the Fourteenth Dalai Lama. Special guests at the gala at the Konzerthaus Berlin in addition to the Angelina Jolie are Madame Catherine Deneuve, who was ten years first event was hosted by the Cinema for Peace Gala, and Sir Christopher Lee, Luis Moreno Ocampo, Council of Europe Goodwill Ambassador Bianca Jagger, and the German actor Katja Riemann, Jan Josef Liefers, Anna Loos, and many other renowned personalities expected.


    Angie is truly inspirational! So very proud of her. She deserves EVERY BEST THING in life. Ticky on the other hand. that’s KARMA for Miss Fugly. She is NOTHING BUT A JOKE. Even her fan is pathetic enough to rejoice her PAID AWARD. That is really SAD. HAHAHAHA

  • Love B&A

    ‘Moneyball’ Scores in BAFTA’s Film Awards’ Longlist
    By Stuart Kemp

    January 6, 2012

    Photo by Sony Pictures

    LONDON – The Brad Pitt-starrer “Moneyball” has fared well in the first round of voting ahead of this year’s British Academy of Film and Television Arts’ film awards.

    The baseball drama secured berths in major categories including best film, best director, best adapted screenplay and leading actor for Pitt when the longlist for this year’s British Academy Film Awards published Friday.

    Pitt is up against a heavyweight list to secure a best actor nomination berth with Ryan Gosling featuring twice in the list for turns in both “Drive” and “The Ides of March.”

    Also challenging is Antonio Banderas (“The Skin I Live In”), Brendan Gleeson (“The Guard”), Daniel Craig (“The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”), Eddie Redmayne (“My Week with Marilyn”), Gary Oldman (“Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy”), George Clooney (“The Descendants”), Jean Dujardin (“The Artist”), Leonardo DiCaprio (“J. Edgar”), Michael Fassbender (“Shame”), Owen Wilson (“Midnight in Paris”), Peter Mullan (“Tyrannosaur”) and Ralph Fiennes (“Coriolanus”).

    The longlist of best film entrants sports documentary “Senna” alongside “The Artist,” “The Descendants,” “Drive,” “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” “The Help,” “Hugo,” “The Ides of March,” “The Iron Lady,” “Midnight in Paris,” “Moneyball,” “My Week with Marilyn,” “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy,” “War Horse” and “We Need to Talk About Kevin.”

    The longlist is the result of a first round of voting by the 6300 strong Academy members that places the top 15 films in each major category.

    Best documentary, film not in the English language and outstanding British film lists are voted for by membership chapters.

    A second round of voting will cut the number of films to five in each category to be announced Jan. 17 as nominations.

    Following a third vote, the winners will be announced on Feb. 12 at the Orange British Academy Film Awards.

  • Love B&A


    Good read, thanks for the article!

  • Love B&A

    Thank you for posting this audio link to Angie’s interview. I really enjoyed it, so I will repost it just in case some fans missed listening to lovely Angie talking about ITLOBAH.

    You don’t get much more famous than Angelina Jolie. The acting roles that made her famous (the troubled teen in Girl Interrupted, the ass-kicking archeologist in Tomb Raider) have long been overshadowed by her personal life – the endless stream of chatter about her six children with Brad Pitt.

    But Jolie’s latest project found her behind the camera. In the Land of Blood and Honey is her directing and screenwriting debut. Set in the former Yugoslavia during the civil war of the 1990s, it follows a love story between a Bosnian Serb soldier and his Muslim prisoner. The film is violent, political, and it’s performed in Serbo-Croatian by a local cast. “I was so excited as an artist to work with other artists from former Yugoslovia,” Jolie says. “What could we learn from each other?”

    Some of the scenes of violence — particularly sexual violence — hit close to home for the actors playing the scenes. “They’re screaming and yelling at the women and pulling their coats off. As soon as we’d call cut, they’d put their coats back on them, they’d apologize,” Jolie remembers. “They were very uncomfortable. [But] the reason they played that is to show the violence against women.”

    “I love being behind the camera,” she says. But it was hard for her kids to take in. “They came to set and they said, ‘Why does it say director on your door?’ I didn’t even have an answer.”

  • Jaye

    Jen Crowned Best @ 01/05/2012 at 10:15 pm
    She got a crown? Huh! I just thought that was one of her weaves gone bad.
    Before I go bragging about this questionable honor, I’d consider the source. The backlash from this farce was epic. As if she weren’t enough of a laughingstock, this obvious publicity stunt, has cemented her title as the all time pathetic celebrity.
    I, frankly, don’t know how she can still hold her head up; she’s just one pitiful glutton for punishment. You know what kind of people keep humiliating themselves publicly? People who don’t have self-worth; at their core, they don’t like themselves. Her behavior and actions over the past years might be ok when you’re young and ‘finding’ yourself, but for a grown woman, it’s beyond sad.
    Her clueless fans should know that you don’t listen to what someone says as much as you watch what they do. Actions truly speak louder than words. Her actions still say, “I’m not good enough.” Maybe that was partly her mother’s fault, but she’s had the money, therapy and opportunity to be her own person instead of the wounded little girl who wasn’t pretty. H*ell maybe she should pay me instead of spending obscene amounts of money on psychiatrists over the years.
    So, when her PR people are paying for superficial ego stroking ‘honors’ and she’s lapping it up like a new born puppy licking at his mama’s teat, you gotta know she’s a desperate woman with an ailing ego.

  • Love B&A

    Sorry, I forgot to give the link to Angie’s interview, audio link.

  • Love B&A

    Great interview!

    Uploaded by LynnJPS on Jan 6, 2012

    Aniko Navai interviews Angelina Jolie in Budapest, Hungary. Originally aired on M1 Hungary on Jan. 2, 2012. Profuse thanks to Bev for the video!

  • Love B&A

    Part 2 of above interview.

  • Love B&A

    Part 3 of above interview!

    Uploaded by LynnJPS on Jan 6, 2012

    Aniko Navai interviews Angelina Jolie in Budapest, Hungary. Originally aired on M1 Hungary on Jan. 2, 2012. Profuse thanks to Bev for the video!

  • Love B&A

    I am only posting the JP related portions, there rest is at the link.

    Posted: Fri., Jan. 6, 2012, 4:00am PT
    Directors on directors
    Eye on the Oscars: Directors’ Roundup
    Bartlett Sher on “Moneyball”
    Directed by Bennett Miller
    No wonder Bennett Miller, Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill wanted to make this movie, because any artist worth a shit wants to make a film that says something like this, that posits that we can change in some basic way, the world. For if you analyze and prove that looking at slugging percentage and similar numbers and applying this info in a certain way, you can undermine the entire payment structure of baseball and overturn an entire structure for an industry, then you can make a revolution. And if that is true, what other new ways of thinking can we use to think differently, and think to change.
    And the real bravery of this film can be found in Bennett Miller’s storytelling. It has a genuine modesty, relying on real situations and real people in small rooms that don’t look powerful and expensive, but in these small, carefully designed offices, we see a struggle over what is an old way, and how to make a new one. Brad Pitt’s sly, understated charm and Jonah Hill’s awkward certainty push this change, and the genius cameo of Arliss Howard (for my money one of the great actors in America) show how cleverly “the man” or in this case the head of the Boston Red Sox, appropriates this revolution, and uses the “new idea” in the very cause that reinforces the oppression.
    Bennett Miller reminds me of a great conductor, a maestro, who trusts his players and knows how to find nuance and delicacy in this lovely, dark morality tale that tells you something about art and about commerce and about bravery, and I found it an inspirational and cautionary film, not too mention a damn good one.

    Diane Paulus on “Kung Fu Panda 2″
    Directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson
    I saw “Kung Fu Panda 2″ with my 7-year-old daughter. She was riveted, and I was too. The action sequences are gripping, the sweeping shots of China are lush and atmospheric; and, of course, there is an emotional story about a panda exploring his own identity. Po is a lovable hero — a no-nonsense fighter, but a cuddly bear at the same time. As his voice, Jack Black strikes the perfect tone. Po’s gang of Kung Fu fighters, the Furious Five, are very cool, especially the Tigress. The movie never lags, and the 90 minutes fly by. My daughter insightfully remarked how important it was that Po found his “inner peace.” Director Jennifer Yuh Nelson brings all of these elements together to successfully create a fun, adventure filled action film, which also packs a philosophical punch.

  • Laranjen

    OMG just saw where Johnny an Vanessa may be splitsville–always thought of Johnny as the male version of Anj-won’t be long till they get together after she tells Brad and his onesie adios. We all saw Brads silly nonstop grin on the movie set this summer around the assistant.
    Midlife crisis? Goodbye Brad …go be Ashton cause Jen doesn’t want you back either !

  • Just Asking

    What time does the red carpet start tomorrow? I wanna be at home in time for the red carpet.

  • briseis

    Jen doesn’t want Brad back? Please! She’d sell her mother, Dolly, her ACC, throw Justin under the bus to get Brad, Plan B and his Triple A-list status back into her life.