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Daniel Craig & Rooney Mara Premiere 'Dragon Tattoo' in Berlin

Daniel Craig & Rooney Mara Premiere 'Dragon Tattoo' in Berlin

Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig arrive at the German premiere of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo on Thursday (January 5) held at Cinestar Sony Center in Berlin, Germany.

Earlier in the day, the co-stars promoted the thriller at a photo call inside Hotel Adlon.

Over the weekend, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo raked in almost $15 million at the box office, bringing its total gross so far to $55.5 million!

FYI: Rooney is wearing a Michael Kors dress with Nicholas Kirkwood heels.

10+ pictures inside of Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara premiering Dragon Tattoo in Germany…

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Credit: Patrick Hoffmann; Photos: WENN
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  • The Best Hold

    David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo made news for Sony, sporting the best hold of any film in wide release and falling only 24 percent to $11.3 million for a domestic cume of $76.8 million. Dragon Tattoo continued its rollout overseas, grossing $12 million from 33 territories for an international total of $29.3 million and word cume of $106.1 million.
    The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo finished the frame in fourth place with $11.3 million, dipping only 24 percent, the smallest drop in the Top 10. Could the edgy adaptation finally be finding its adult audience now that the warm n’ fussy holiday season is over? After 19 days, Dragon Tattoo has grossed $76.8 million, and if it maintains strong holds like this, it should pass $100 million.

  • Mendel
  • Amy

    She has absolutely a curvy, sparkling, beautiful body..
    Hi Mendel! Thank you for the review. ”In the two hours and thirty eight minutes this film was playing, I didn’t hear one conversation in the audience. I didn’t see anyone get up to use the restroom. I didn’t even hear popcorn being crunched. The audience was still, in an almost hypnotic state- and it couldn’t have been due to boredom.”
    The middle aged man sobbed throughout the climax of the movie when I saw it. Yes, A MIDDLE AGED MAN!!

  • Max

    Can you please stop with your rambling it doesn’t make any sense and you seem to do it on every thread!

  • Elle

    Nikki Finke via Deadline
    Now I’ve learned that Sony Pictures is indeed going forward with The Girl Who Played With Fire already written by Steve Zallian, and The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets’ Nest which Zallian is penning. Studio chief Amy Pascal and producer Scott Rudin have not yet locked in David Fincher as director. But they’re looking to start shooting #2 by the end of this year/beginning of next. Overseas Sony now expects GWDT to do over $200M — so $300M all in globally. “And that’s a really good number,” the Sony exec told me hopefully. But one mogul counters, “The surprising part is that Sony is not waiting to see if the movie works overseas before going forward with the sequels. I would have.”

    Right now Dragon Tattoo has amassed a $76.8M domestic cume and should get very close to $100M because it’s holding better than any other holiday movie. Sony and rival studios believe the movie’s box office was hurt by that long brutal rape scene not appropriate for a Christmas release. (“It’s a notch too dark for that window,” one studio chief tells me. Agrees a top Sony exec, “It was too cocky of us. We might think about that next time.”) Counting against GWDT was that the Hollywood version of the bestselling book had already been made into a Swedish film widely distributed beginning in 2009. Plus Zallian and Fincher changed the first book’s ending. As for book #2, its challenge is that title character Lisbeth Salander played by Rooney Mara) isn’t much in it. But Sony has changed that, too, and Zallian’s script places her front and center again.
    I’m glad to hear that SONY admitted the mistake of release date, and I’m surprised Steve Zallian already has finished writing the script of Fire.

  • Fio

    Hi, all!! I’m home. What’s new? I spent more than three-fourths, if not all, of my holidays on trip with my family, we had a lovely time together. But the only bad thing, the airline lost my baggage twice… TWICE!! Why on earth should I wear my mom’s clothes or a muumuu while the lovely holidays?! Oh well…
    Hi, Guinness
    “6. Watched—yes! Cowboys & Aliens. ohhh- my. very good. I missed the climbing chaps cuz my 8 year old kept coming into the room and screamed when i realized that was the part, cuz i was waiting for it Mendel. the group i was with didn’t want to rewind it. ho hum.”
    Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. You had better recover losses because his chaps is really a great treasure! lol
    Hi, Mendel
    In ‘Kicked The Hornets’, I always thought that Monica should be played by Emma Sjöberg Wiklund! She played policewoman Petra in Taxi. Also, she’s a 43-year-old Swede with blue eyes, blond hair. Don’t you think that’s a perfect cast?

  • Fio

    Do you remember, according to some twitters, Daniel visited the Mongolian hospital (ophthalmology) with Rachel in last summer? Daniel now hopes to visit there again.

    Craig visits sick children in Mongolia
    (Google Translation)
    Daniel Craig (Daniel Craig) was invited to the well-known ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital, to observe a group of Mongolian children’s problems by cataract surgery. He described the visit is moving testimony: “In any age, loss of visual acuity is undoubtedly a tragedy, but these children are so young they blind is difficult to imagine, for the children to restore vision, try to let them live a normal life definitely is a moving thing! ”
    Although Craig is a busy man, but in the film “Dragon Tattoo Girl” is still freeing up valuable time to go during the goodwill tour trip, he said: “Their Flying Eye Hospital to fly around the world such as South America, Asia, etc. surgery, they happen to be going to Mongolia. when I learned that the aircraft have to spare, jumped, and then transfer to visit Mongolia. ”

    Craig said: “This is my first time to Mongolia, Mongolia, when we drove to the outskirts, saw astonishing beauty, but unfortunately time is limited, then the next time I will definitely go to Mongolia.”

  • Fio

    Cambridge_Uni: Spotted this guy at #Hawking70 event last night. He’s famous for something apparently!
    55 minutes ago via TweetDeck
    camdiary: Actor Daniel Craig @Cambridge_Uni yesterday to honour Stephen Hawking:
    1 hour ago via web

  • Fio

    Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Sequel Officially Shooting Late This Year
    We basically assumed Sony would move ahead with an adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s The Girl Who Played With Fire, book two in the three-part Millennium series, at some point. Hints and rumors have surfaced here and there, though David Fincher was hesitant to commit to anything during a recent press day on behalf of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, even though stars Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara certainly are under contract.

    Well, the actors might want to get their passports out, as it appears they’ll be heading back to Sweden soon enough. Deadline now says that the studio will be moving forward on parts two and three of Larsson’s trilogy, with Tattoo screenwriter Steve Zaillian tacking adaptation duties. And that makes sense. While Tattoo can be viewed as a standalone story, there’s really no reason to start down this path of American versions of the popular stories if you aren’t going to finish the series. And while Deadline points out that the $106 million global gross is less than what the studio likely anticipated, Sony still expects to perform well in as-yet-unopened markets and justify the making of the last two films.

    But will Fincher return? Deadline says that Sony would like to start filming at the end of 2012, but Fincher has not agreed to anything yet. And in the press conference we attended in New York City, Fincher said he’d likely shoot parts two and three back to back, as they essentially tell one long story that happens to be broken in half.

    Yet if Sony’s looking to keep costs down on the sequels in hopes of maximizing its profits, I could see them overlooking the brilliant Fincher for an alternate (read: cheaper) filmmaker. That would be tragic. At the same time, I’m also interested in seeing what innovative projects Fincher might move on to instead, because we’ve already seen Larsson’s Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, and I’m not sure we need Fincher’s attention to detail to make these films work.

  • susan

    Fincher would shoot books two and three of the Dragon trilogy back to back? I wonder. even though Daniel is still under contract to make the two films he may not go for Fincher’s idea. and for that matter neither would Rooney.

    Daniel has signed on for more Bond after 23. BB and Eon are not going to want to wait 4 years between Bond 23 and Bond 24. they’ll want to wait only 2 years. that would put a damper on Fincher’s plan to film books two and three back to back.

    I would not be surprised to hear that Fincher has been replaced. after all, this man filmed the opening scene in Social Network 99 times before he was happy. and how many times did Fincher film every other scene in that film. that cost the studio. Now he does Dragon Tattoo and does the same thing; filming each scene over and over and over, etc. The studio may want a director who will get the other two films made quickly

  • to Susan

    Bond23 will be wrapped in June, so Daniel would be available for Fire in summer 2012. Bond 24 will not start before late 2013. And to make Fire and Hornet’s nest back to back will not take more than 1.5 years. Tattoo filming took more than a year because there have been LONG breaks in between.
    I think if they want to do it, the schedule will not be the problem. Money might be a reason.

  • to susan

    sorry to say, money is not the only reason. it’s in large part David Fincher. for any other director filming Fire and Hornets nest back to back would be approx 1.5 years. but Fincher is not any director. this is the man who filmed each and every scene in Social Network more than 20 times. Some people at the studio were more then upset. the only thing that saved the situation was that Social Network was nominated for multiple Oscars and made money.

    there may have been long breaks in between during the filming of Dragon Tattoo but the fact remains that Fincher was filming each scene dozens of times. Every time Fincher reshoots a scene it costs the studio money. sad to say, but it may come down to Fincher being told by the studio bosses that he will be given a set amount of time to make the next film. if he fails to finish on time another director could be brought in to finish. it’s been done before, several times actually.

  • Elle

    I wonder if Rooney made such a great Lisbeth Salander without Fincher. I highly doubt it. Rooney’s Lisbeth was Fincher’s stylistically innovative works. He gave expression to his ideas through his Lisbeth. 100%. He really made Rooney Mara stunning awesome.

  • 64th Annual DGA Awards Nom

    DGA Nominations – Fincher in!
    Midnight in Paris
    (Sony Pictures Classics)

    The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
    (Columbia Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures)

    The Artist
    (The Weinstein Company)

    The Descendants
    (Fox Searchlight Pictures)

    (Paramount Pictures)


    EARLIER: The year feels so wide open, with three locks at this point: Michel Hazanavicius for The Artist, Martin Scorsese for Hugo and Alexander Payne for The Descendants. From there, you have three or four more possible: Woody Allen for Midnight in Paris, Tate Taylor for The Help, Steven Spielberg for War Horse and Bennett Miller for Moneyball. Throw in Terrence Malick for Tree of Life. But guessing Malick for director now still isn’t really a No Guts, No Glory. Predicting Tomas Alfredson for Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy or Nicolas Winding Refn for Drive would be.

    My official predictions are:
    Spielberg is my alternate — having a tough time between Spielberg and Taylor – kind of think it’s going to be Spielberg but the stats don’t lie. SAG + PGA + Best Picture = DGA nom (in all but one year since the PGA began). But the only one to miss the WGA is War Horse (The Artist wasn’t eligible but wouldn’t have missed had it been). Munich missed out on the WGA and the ADG too but got an Eddie nod and eventually a Best Pic/Best Director nod. So essentially, since Steven Spielberg kind of rules this town, thinking he’ll get snubbed is a No Guts, No Glory in and of itself. But I have to have some excitement in my life. You should all predict Spielberg in the contest, however, as he’s the MOST LIKELY to get in.

    No Guts, No Glory: Just for the fun of it, I’ll say Paul Feig gets in for Bridesmaids, throw a whole kink in the works.

  • 64th Annual DGA Awards Nom

    HAMMOND: DGA Surprises – Fincher In, Spielberg Out; What Does It Mean For Oscar Race?
    DGA Awards Nominations Announced

    With another major guild nomination following PGA and WGA recognition, this morning’s very significant DGA Awards nom for David Fincher’s direction of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was the only mild surprise on a list that included expected nominees Woody Allen for Midnight In Paris, Alexander Payne for The Descendants, Michel Hazanavicius for The Artist and Martin Scorsese for Hugo. The only December release of the five, Dragon Tattoo has had a slow build during awards season (just as it has had at the box office) and now appears to be reaching a crescendo. At one point things looked so bleak for serious awards prospects that Sony reportedly even began pulling back on some previously planned Oscar ad buys in various publications and sites. That has all changed now and the film has become a serious contender, earning Fincher his third DGA nom in four years following The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button and last year’s The Social Network.

    The biggest snub on today’s list has to be Steven Spielberg, who was overlooked for DreamWorks’ War Horse, an expected Oscar power player that may be slipping back in the pack a bit during the crucial stretch run. After all, Spielberg is a DGA favorite with 10 previous nominations (most recently in 2005 for Munich) and three competition wins — including The Color Purple, which didn’t even earn him a nomination for an Oscar. A large part of the voting block at the DGA are TV directors, and Spielberg with his long list of television projects keeps many of them employed. A past DGA winner as well for lifetime achievement, Spielberg’s omission is a crushing blow for any Oscar prospects from the much smaller directors branch.

    No director not at least nominated for a DGA Award has gone on to win the Best Director Oscar, and only a handful of past DGA winners have failed to go on and grab the Oscar. The last time there was a discrepancy came in 2002, when Chicago’s Rob Marshall won the DGA Award but lost to The Pianist’s Roman Polanski at the Oscars.

    Of course, the DGA doesn’t always match up 5 for 5 with Oscar, so there still could be hope for him or others bypassed today like Moneyball’s Bennett Miller, The Help’s Tate Taylor, The Tree Of Life’s Terrence Malick and Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close’s Stephen Daldry. The latter two films have been completely overlooked now in each major guild contest — SAG, PGA, WGA and now DGA — so their Oscar chances in major categories have dimmed considerably. It should be noted that despite a DGA nomination for Malick’s 1998 war film The Thin Red Line, the same snub occurred from the other three guilds and the Golden Globes; but on Oscar nomination day, it went on to surprise everyone by earning seven nods including Best Picture and director. This year, there isn’t even a DGA nomination for him. Daldry, who has been Oscar nominated for every one of the three previous films he has made, actually only has one previous DGA nomination (for The Hours). But right now he’s looking like a real long shot to make it 4 for 4 this year, and Extremely Loud — which, like War Horse, was expected to be a major player — just can’t seem to ignite so far with industry voters.

    Other than first-time nominee Hazanavicius, the rest of the pack are DGA veterans including Scorsese, who has been nominated almost as much as Spielberg with nine feature nods, and Allen, who has five now. Both are the only previous winners on the list, with Scorcese scoring in 2006 for The Departed and Allen in 1977 for Annie Hall. Payne was previously nominated for his last film, Sideways, in 2004. Fincher is the long shot among this bunch, but in a topsy turvy year like this there is no slam-dunk winner — though first timer Hazanavicius might be the prohibitive frontrunner at this point since The Artist seems to have the most momentum.

    The nostalgia wave that has been so prevalent among top contenders this season (see HAMMOND: Tough Economic Times Make Nostalgic Films Hottest Bets For Oscar) continues with the DGA and its love for lighter period pieces like The Artist, Hugo and Midnight In Paris. But it is only the latter film, along with the more contemporary Descendants, that have earned all-important key nominations from the four big guilds (The Artist missed out on that distinction by being ineligible for a WGA Award). What direct impact, if any, the DGA’s nominations have on the Oscar race remains to be seen. But Academy ballots are still out and not due back until Friday at 5 PM. There is still time, brother.

  • Mendel

    to Fio

    “Hi, all!! I’m home. ”

    Welcome back!!! This place has been a lot quieter without you!

    “But the only bad thing, the airline lost my baggage twice… TWICE!! Why on earth should I wear my mom’s clothes or a muumuu while the lovely holidays?! Oh well…”

    That’s bad!!! If Dan had been there, you could have used it as an excuse to go nekkid ;)

    “I always thought that Monica should be played by Emma Sjöberg Wiklund!”

    She looks great, and definitely could play the part, but she looks exactly the opposite to what I thought Monica would look like! I always imagined Monica as dark-haired, curvy and tanned…

    The picture of Dan in Mongolia is so sweet, and I just love the black and white one of Dan at Cambridge Uni.

    “Yet if Sony’s looking to keep costs down on the sequels in hopes of maximizing its profits, I could see them overlooking the brilliant Fincher for an alternate (read: cheaper) filmmaker. That would be tragic.”

    I think it would be a bad move (also for continuity). I wonder if awards and Oscar nominations might make a difference, and make them decide in favour of Fincher.

    to ‘to Susan’

    “it may come down to Fincher being told by the studio bosses that he will be given a set amount of time to make the next film. if he fails to finish on time another director could be brought in to finish.”

    Would Fincher agree to this though?

  • to Mendel

    “it may come down to Fincher being told by the studio bosses that he will be given a set amount of time to make the next film. if he fails to finish on time another director could be brought in to finish.”
    Would Fincher agree to this though?
    Fincher may have no choice to agree unless he wants the directing job to be taken away from him.

  • Susan

    yes, David Fincher nominated for another DGA award. this must really upset Gina and the other troll whom we all know. wouldn’t it just wonderful if David won both the DGA and the Oscar.

  • Amy

    Hi Fio. Yes, Emma is so much sexier/taller than an action star Maggie Q, IMO!!
    @64th Annual DGA Awards Nom:
    Congrats to Funcher on his DGA Nom!

  • Fio

    Hi, Mendel
    “If Dan had been there, you could have used it as an excuse to go nekkid ;)”
    That’s a good idea! But I’m afraid he mixes me up with my mom…
    “but she looks exactly the opposite to what I thought Monica would look like!”
    Oh… but according to the books, Monica has curled-blond short hair, and blue eyes. Emma, 43 years old, may be too old to play Monica, 36 years old, tho…

    I agree with Daniel. One may as well not know a thing at all, as know it but imperfectly…

    Daniel Craig: I’d rather be ignorant to hacking
    Daniel Craig has no interest in finding out whether he was the victim of phone hacking.

    Stars including Sienna Miller, Hugh Grant and Steve Coogan have all given evidence at the ongoing Leveson Inquiry in London, which is looking into claims several UK newspaper hacked into celebrities’ phones to obtain information.

    Daniel has no idea if his privacy was ever compromised in such a way – something he is glad about.

    “I don’t know for sure. But I don’t want to know it. Because what else would this information do apart from bother me? I’d rather not know it,” he told

    Daniel stars as Mikael Blomkvist in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which is based on the book by Stieg Larsson.

    The movie contains a lot of violence and sexual scenes, but Daniel didn’t find them hard to shoot. He is keen to point out how easy his job is compared to what some people do, and gets tired of actors claiming they have things hard.

    “My job is simple I don’t have go coal mining or anything,” he said. “I go to work and act and it is just so much fun! I’m allowed to do what I always wanted to do. I work with incredible intelligent and creative people. What’s hard with that? Sure, [some] scenes [were] heavy but did I get hurt? Or do I wake up at night screaming? No.”

  • Fio

    Again. I can’t make out why they don’t put his knit on sale. I’m sure it makes a big hit!!

  • LameyConcedes

    Even though we know TGWTDT isn’t a flop, it is just nice to hear it from Lamey. Maybe she can find someone else to hate this year. But that is just wishful thinking.

  • RC2012

    @Fio: Welcome back, Fio!

  • to 73

    This Lainey hag is not even able to get her fact straight. Fire and Nest were made by the same director.

  • Fio

    to LameyConcedes
    Thanks for the link. Lainey didn’t like TGWTDT so much, so she appraised critically it. I supposed she disliked Fincher cuz he pointed out some problems regarding Scarjo. Maybe she found the BAFTA’s list out, so she changed her mind A BIT.
    Hi, RC2012
    How’s it going? :)

    I really wish Daniel plays with Carey together sometime!!
    Carey Mulligan Says She Went Through Three Rounds Of Auditions For ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’
    While the movie is out, and Rooney Mara has proven to be the perfect choice for Lisbeth Salander, the story of what could have been is alwasy intriguing. As has been well documented already, “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” wen through a lengthy, and very publicized casting process and in the final days, Sarah Snook, Sophie Lowe and Léa Seydoux were said to be the final candidates, with a mix of established and lesser known names like Ellen Page, Natalie Portman, Emma Watson, Mia Wasikowska, Emily Browning and Katie Jarvis also in the running. Last fall, David Fincher said that Scarlett Johansson gave a great audition but proved to be too sexy for the somewhat androgynous part. Also being considered was “Drive” and “Shame” star Carey Mulligan, and she reveals she was called back more than once to try out for the part.
    “I auditioned three times for ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,’ ” Mulligan told Little White Lies in a recent interview. She went on to explain that Fincher’s exacting methods and pursuit of what he wants, isn’t just restricted to the film set. She also hoped that landing the role would allow to her break out of being offered parts that mirrored her youthful turn in her breakout film, “An Education.”

    “The first audition I did, I don’t think I was sort of in his mind for it. So the first audition I did for the casting director without him. And then the second was with him and the third one was with him. He is very specific. He tells you exactly what he wants you to do. He’s very kind. I was intimidated, but he was very…He’s very direct. I like people who are direct,” Mulligan explained. “I just sort of went all out for it because I did feel a little bit stuck in sort of being young looking or playing these parts. And I’d done so much costume drama and all these things kept on presenting themselves as opportunities and I just thought, ‘If I could do that… ha!’ And also to work with him and to work with Daniel Craig was an amazing opportunity. It was such a great character. But he was just very, yeah, very specific, very direct, very honest and quite brief – with me, at least. His reputation of course is that he takes, like, 45 takes so him being brief with me was probably an indication that I wasn’t going to get the job. But that’s okay.”

    A fascinating peek behind the curtain, from an actress who appears to be quite grounded. The rest of the interview is fascinating and worth clicking over there for, particularly for Mulligan’s thoughts on the “one for them, one for me” strategy (she doesn’t particularly buy into that notion), how her U.K. agents tend to take more risks in finding her roles the responsibility women have in creating their opportunities in the industry.

    At any rate, though she lost out on ‘Dragon Tattoo,’ Mulligan has an envoius 2012 ahead of her with roles in two of the most anticipated films of the year: the Coen Brothers’ “Inside Llewyn Davis” and Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby.”

  • Mendel

    to Fio

    “But I’m afraid he mixes me up with my mom…”

    The Mother 2 ? ;)

    “Oh… but according to the books, Monica has curled-blond short hair, and blue eyes. Emma, 43 years old, may be too old to play Monica, 36 years old, tho…”

    Hahaha, yes, but the book may say one thing, my imagination another…
    Emma could easily pass for a 36 year old (and they might just not mention Monica’s age in the film…)

    “I don’t know for sure. But I don’t want to know it. Because what else would this information do apart from bother me? I’d rather not know it”

    That’s strange, knowing he’s so protective of his privacy. I thought he would definitely pursue the issue if he had an inkling his phone had been hacked…

    “My job is simple I don’t have go coal mining or anything,” he said. “I go to work and act and it is just so much fun! I’m allowed to do what I always wanted to do. I work with incredible intelligent and creative people. What’s hard with that?”

    Gotta love Dan!!!

    “I can’t make out why they don’t put his knit on sale. I’m sure it makes a big hit!!”

    Agreed! Those clothes are fabulous!

    to LameyConcedes

    “Maybe she can find someone else to hate this year.”

    Doesn’t seem likely, with calling Dan ‘Daniel Cranky Pants Craig’ and not even showing a pic of him in the article (while featuring Fincher and Rooney)… ;)

  • Amy

    ”not even showing a pic of him in the article (while featuring Fincher and Rooney)… ;)”
    Well, now that you say it, that’s true. But those photos were taken at the Roma premiere. Daniel didn’t attend it.

  • Fio

    LOL!! Listen to it!! :)

    (VIDEO) James Bond Theme With Lyrics: Funny Video Explains 007
    Sure, James Bond saves the day, but does that give him a free ride to do whatever he pleases?

    Since Sean Connery first donned the tux, 007 has been famous for three things: infiltrating the organizations of international criminals and taking them down; sleeping with lots of women; and getting really, really drunk. Oh, he also causes tons of destruction and makes snide comments left and right. It’s been a delightful ride for the past 50 years, and there are millions of men who would kill to be him, but, well, his habits kind of make him a jerk, right?

    YouTubers Rummy & Kormers tackle that issue in this new video, which lays the truth out to the tune of the famed Bond theme. (Don’t tell Daniel Craig about this; he tends to punch really, really hard).

    Just don’t tell Daniel Craig about this; he tends to punch really, really hard. In fact, don’t tell Connery, either — he probably can still pack a wallop. Also it’s a tiny bit NSFW.

  • Fio

    I realized something about Daniel Craig
    He was cast in the first Lara Croft movie with Angelina Jolie. I didn’t even realize he was in Elizabeth with Cate Blanchette. Wow. Look at him now. He’s on my list of top ten actors. Might even be my number one.

    What I find most interesting about Daniel Craig is the progression of a career. A real career. Not an add water get a giant dinosaur sponge type insta-celebrity career like say… the now nearly invisible Paris Hilton. You know, being famous for being famous. Although I have to admit I really enjoyed the Paris for President video during the last election. That was funny.

    Writing is kind of like that. A career progresses in increments, yet the occasional author jumps to the front of the line, sometimes for very good reasons, sometimes the reasons aren’t readily apparent.

    This is life, boys and girls. Some interesting discussions this week about authors, reviews and how we behave, or don’t.
    Kinda feel like we can’t win for losin’ so we might as well take a lesson from Paris and laugh at ourselves.

  • Fio

    Where I’ve Been
    Daniel Craig
    “WHEN I TRAVEL I ALWAYS TAKE A PILE of books, because I never know what I want to read – which is kind of bad for travelling because they’re so heavy. I’ve got Bose [noise- reducing] headphones. They are an old pair and they are literally taped up, but they are a great investment. I kind of got my money back on those straight away. You do one flight with those, and you can switch yourself off.
    “Just being in Sweden is one of the biggest, best things. Filming in Sweden, working with Swedish people and eating in Swedish restaurants, just soaking up and pretending to be Swedish. I’m from the UK and there are traditions that we kind of share: it gets dark in the winter and we like the darker side of life. We like good drink. We enjoy discussing our depression! There’s also a very strong storytelling tradition. Stieg Larsson’s books deal with this dark side of life.
    “In Stockholm the food’s good and the nightlife’s good – especially on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. It keeps you up all night until 3 o’clock in the morning. It’s banging. The Venice of the north! It’s beautiful. I highly recommend people to go there and visit in their millions.
    “I loved the archipelago where we were filming [The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo], and a place called Katrineholm. It’s just beautiful, stunning countryside. I saw a tiny piece of it – it’s huge. There’s about four Swedes who live there, as far as I could make out. Four Swedes and about 20 million square miles up there. I think that was the ratio. It’s an amazing place.
    “My character in the film, Mikael Blomkvist, is weak. He’s weak as a man; he’s weak as a human being. But he admits he is and he’s not kidding anybody. He’s not pretending to be anything that he’s not. In that sense, he is strong, he’s honest about that. He’s straightforward. He doesn’t lie. I did get told in Sweden that’s the way you chat people up, but I’ve never tried it out. ‘Do you want to do this, or what?’”

  • Mendel

    to Fio

    “LOL!! Listen to it!! :) ”


    “I didn’t even realize he was in Elizabeth with Cate Blanchette. Wow.”

    Neither did I, but I do remember the role he played – the rather menacing assassin with the striking blue eyes:

    “What I find most interesting about Daniel Craig is the progression of a career. A real career. Not an add water get a giant dinosaur sponge type insta-celebrity career”

    A real career, yes! He worked hard for it (although he’d probably say that acting is not as hard as working in a coal mine, and he is having a lot of fun… ;)

    “I’m from the UK and there are traditions that we kind of share: it gets dark in the winter and we like the darker side of life. We like good drink. We enjoy discussing our depression! There’s also a very strong storytelling tradition.”

    Hahahaha, how true!

  • Amy

    She wrote a porno novel about Daniel. :D

  • The Love Nest

    Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz are close to ending their aggressive apartment search. The Hollywood power couple, who have been scouring downtown for a new home after getting married in June, are set to buy a three-bedroom, three-bathroom condo at 20-26 Greene St. in SoHo. The 4,350-square-foot apartment was listed at $11.5 million and taken off the market last week.
    In addition to 2,000 square feet of outdoor space, Craig, now appearing in “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and working on the next James Bond film, and the Oscar-winning Weisz might appreciate the apartment’s media room with a woodburning fireplace. Another dramatic entertaining space is the private roof garden with its own kitchen.
    Brokers involved in the deal declined to comment.

  • Fio

    Hi, Mendel
    I know how Cate Blanchette felt. When Daniel came over from the other side, I thought so. “Who are you? (Damn!! Who is this sexy man?)” lol
    Love these FUNNY captions!
    Hi, Amy
    Wow, she’s a great storyteller. Daniel was at the mercy of her. lol

  • Fio

    Is this true? Or the Phil’s press made up story? If it’s true, why did Daniel want to see Rachel that much? :)

    ‘James Bond’ was also in PH: source
    MANILA, Philippines – A source of ABS-CBN News has confirmed that actor Daniel Craig, the husband of “Bourne Legacy” lead actress Rachel Weisz, was also here in the country.

    The source said he saw the James Bond actor at around 10 a.m. on Wednesday but he allegedly declined to have a picture taken with him so people wouldn’t know that he’s also in the Philippines.

    The source also said that he heard Weisz call Craig “hun.”

    Reports said Craig already left the Philippines last night.

    Craig is famous for being the sixth actor to portray British spy James Bond in the highly successful movie franchise.

  • susan

    to Fio

    it would make perfect sense for Daniel to go the Philippines to See Rachel. he’s obviously not required to be on the set of Bond 23 now so why shouldn’t he be with his wife.‘bourne-legacy’-movie-starts-filming-in-the-heart-of-manila
    Bourne Legacy’ movie starts filming in the heart of Manila
    By: Marinel R. Cruz
    Philippine Daily Inquirer
    January 11, 2012 | 5:54 pm
    MANILA, Philippines—Venus Reinoso, 22, said she felt the shivers after seeing Academy Award-winning actress Rachel Weisz in the flesh Wednesday morning, right in the middle of the San Andres Public Market in Malate.
    The British actress arrived in Manila on Sunday night for the filming of the Hollywood spy-thriller “The Bourne Legacy.” Weisz, dressed in a black tank top and blue jeans, walked a total of seven minutes from her van that was parked at the nearby San Andres Complex to the actors’ holding area in Barangay 705. She later met up with director Tony Gilroy, who was in a white button-down shirt and denim pants.
    “Rachel said she couldn’t believe people in the Philippines know her,” Reinoso said in Filipino. “Is she kidding? I’m her No. 1 fan.”
    Reinoso, who traveled all the way from Quezon City, said Weisz was roughly 5-foot-eight tall and was “really really beautiful in person.” Reinoso added that she was about to take pictures of the actress with her camera phone when a production staff member stopped her.
    Wednesday was the first of a 45-day shoot in the Philippines. Filming will also take place in the Navotas fish port, Marikina public market, Jones Bridge, Ramon Magsaysay Boulevard, Ayala Avenue and Pasay-Taft Rotonda. Some parts will be shot in scenic spots in El Nido, Palawan.
    Manila will serve as the setting for the film’s climax or the last 20 to 25 minutes. In a previous interview, Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) chair Briccio Santos said Manila would be part of the story. “What I know is that Bourne’s group comes here in search of a rare medication and some forces try to stop them,” he explained.
    During Wednesdays shoot, Weisz was made to buy medicine from a local drug store located on Purok (zone) Singko, then a chase ensued all the way to a chapel on Asuncion Street, according to source who requested anonymity.
    In a nearby set, a “major actor,” believed to be Academy Award-nominee Jeremy Renner (“The Hurtlocker”), rehearsed his jump from a three-story building to a two-story house. Actual filming of the scene happens on Thursday, according to the source.
    Renner plays the leading man, agent Aaron Cross, in this fourth installment of the popular spy-thriller flick. Several Filipino actors were tapped to play important roles, too.
    Toteng Picados, who has been living in the area for six years now, claimed he saw Renner on Monday. “It’s possible that he wanted to see for himself how far the jump would be,” Picados said in Filipino.
    When the Philippine Daily Inquirer called up Philippine producer Lope “Jun” Juban Jr. to verify the information, he said this was “highly unlikely. (Picados) could have just seen one of the American stuntmen rehearsing.”
    “I’m very excited about this,” Picados shared. “I’ve been awake as early as 6 a.m. I’m not at all bothered by the chaos. I’m used to the noise and because I live close to the public market.”
    Bike shop owner Sonia Prieto, however, was disgruntled. She said her business was affected by the road closure around the public market. “My clients are complaining. Nahihirapan silang pumasok (They’re having a hard time entering the area.) There’s also a big truck blocking the front of my store. I heard that this would go on for four more days,” she said.
    Parked on Leveriza Street were 10 trailer trucks, some marked with “sound and video,” “grip,” “lighting and effects” and “props.” On stand by were an ambulance, an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) and a truck carrying power generators.
    Twenty five personnel from the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) were deployed in the area since 4 a.m. “There’s still no word from our office as to when we could leave and go home,” MMDA employee Rogelio Nuiz told the Inquirer at noon.
    Personnel from the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the film’s local producer, Philippine Film Studio Inc. (PFSI), took charge of crowd control.
    “The first day of filming went well. They were mostly day scenes and interior shots,” said Juban, adding that today’s shoot would be “more or less in the same area. There would be exterior shots, too.”

  • PARTY????


    OBEY!!!!! HAHA

  • PARTY????



  • to susan

    Why did you post the article? The article didnt prove Daniel was in the Philippines though we already knew Rachel has been in the Phils.

  • Amy

    “why did Daniel want to see Rachel that much? :)”
    Because his wife is Rachel Weisz. Isn’t this a good enough reason? :)

  • Fio

    Rachel has just sold her old house at $3.4 million, with the buyer being Darren.

    Daniel Craig And Rachel Weisz Buy 11M Home
    Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz are splashing out $11.5 million on a three bedroom apartment in New York.
    Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz are splashing out $11.5 million on a new home.
    The couple – who married in a surprise ceremony last June – are set to buy a three-bedroom, three-bathroom apartment in New York’s SoHo district.
    The 4,350 square foot property boasts an additional 2,000 square feet of outdoor space – including a private roof garden with its own kitchen – and facilities including a media room with a woodburning fireplace, the New York Post newspaper reports.
    Meanwhile, city records show that Rachel has just sold her old house in the city – with the buyer being her former partner, director Darren Aronofsky.
    The ‘Wrestler’ filmmaker – who has a five-year-old son, Henry, with Rachel – paid $2.52 million for the five-storey townhouse.
    The sum is considerably less than the $3.4 million the former couple paid for the 11.5 room property in 2005 and the house is said to be worth an estimated 3-4 times more than what Darren has just paid.
    Though it is unclear how many bedrooms the house has, it also boasts a terrace off three second-floor kitchen, a double parlour, and a garden.

  • Fio

    OSCARS: Producer Scott Rudin Talks Critics Awards, Salander, His ‘Jeopardy’ Discovery And Why A Non-Baseball Fan Relates To ‘Moneyball’
    AWARDSLINE: What made Daniel Craig right guy to play Mikael Blomkvist? An actor known for action takes a backseat in that department to Salander.
    RUDIN: He’s the guy that can do anything. He has integrity and smarts and sex and righteousness. He’s exactly the thing you want in a movie star. And, in a way, he accommodates to the presence of Lisbeth in the most beautiful, effortless way. I mean, she comes into the movie and sort of like inhales everything around her and he just sort of exists next to her in the most fantastic, stylish, witty way. He’s totally confident in every single move he’s got in the story and she’s like this dervish around him. He’s the essence and stillness and I think it’s really beautiful to watch.

  • Fio

    I was misreading it. Rachel sold her old house at $2.52M.
    Hi, susan
    I thought Daniel was filming Skyfall in UK, so I wonder if he has got time to see Rachel. And Daniel was all the time with Rachel until last week, nevertheless he wanted to see Rachel soon. I mean, he seems to want to stay close to Rachel at all times, so he still looks like a lovesick man! lol
    Hi, Amy
    Yeah, it makes perfectly sense :)

  • Fio









  • Fio


    Skyfall Gold!
    Sneak peek at Daniel Craig as Bond
    2012 sees the Golden Jubilee of a true British icon – someone who, for 50 years, has ruled hearts and minds, and become a one-person monument in the process. We have managed to get our hands on this stunning shot of Daniel Craig as James Bond taken during filming of Skyfall at the London Four Seasons recently.

    With Craig and director Sam Mendes promising something on an even bigger and more emotional canvas than ever before, expect great things from Bond 23…

    Skyfall also stars Judi Dench, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Whishaw, Albert Finney, Bérénice Marlohe, Naomie Harris, Helen McCrory and Javier Bardem. It will hit cinemas on October 26, 2012.

  • RC2012

    @Fio: I came on to post that, thanks Fio! It’s almost not human. AND. I. LOVE. IT. Rachel is a lucky girl!!!