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Is This the Best Angelina Jolie Look Alike?

Is This the Best Angelina Jolie Look Alike?

Check out this video of a woman who looks just like Angelina Jolie – the resemblance is uncanny!

The clip first hit the web in 2009 but has since resurfaced showing aspiring actress Lina Sanz looking – and even somewhat sounding! – just like the famous 36-year-old actress.

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“I would love to work as an Angelina Jolie look alike,” she says in the video, adding that she has been studying acting for three years.

At one point, another woman behind the camera asks Lina to put her hair down and show off her strikingly similar side profile!

Angelina Jolie Look Alike
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  • fox

    she’s no angelina jolie. but WHOA she is practically identical, cept she has an accent. nonetheless very beautiful girl

  • Dana Katherine scully

    Totally her doppelgänger. Cool accent.
    Angelina & brad should meet her, bet it would freak them both out.

  • quinc

    She’s a beautiful girl…she should definitely get work as her double!

  • BEAN

    Saw this a couple of days ago. She is STTTUUUUUNNNNNNNING. No homo but she for a moment she really did take my breath away. She really really does look like a younger much innocent Angelina. The only difference is her chin

  • me

    This is SO OLD. Yes she’s beautiful and a lookalike but why post this now? Not even trying to hide she must be paying you for a feature

  • dia

    Very slight differences I think are Angelina’s eyes are a little wider, A’s nose more defined, and maybe the eye brows.
    Look like twins tho.

  • BEAN

    @snake eyes: Oh get over yourself you loser. She’s at uni, and wants to make a life for herself. If I could make money my simply looking like someone else, and being their body double, why the hell wouldn’t I? How do you make such an assumption from a 2 minute video. How ridiculous. Get a grip. We know you’re secretly wishing you looked like her.

  • nah

    forget it.

  • sass

    she’s pretty and resembles angelina, but would not call her jolie’s doppelganger.

  • smlong

    wow! she is very pretty and looks alot like angelina, without trying to hard.

  • Apple

    @snake eyes: Jealous much?

  • wth

    @me: Seriously. I remember her from years ago.

  • Apple

    @me: This was uploaded on you tube yesterday.

  • lol

    Ha Ha. Pluuze. This chick is bucked toof’d

  • Torrance

    May not be quite Mary Kate & Ashley but she probably looks like Angelina more than anyone in the world right now aside from Angelina’s own mother.
    And she may be a watered down version, but she’s still prettier than any of us and some other Hollywood actresses out there!

  • Me thinks

    Me thinks she looks more like Angelina than Megan Fox looks like Angelina. I think she could find work as a AJ lookalike

  • vfgd

    sorry dont see it, she has a fatter face and bucked teeth! Angie is much prettier.

  • lauren

    holy shit!! there’s only one angelina and I adore her but this girl looks just like her!!

  • http://we betamax

    Jared even you are beyond this. This is no news.

  • Tru

    very pretty. looks similar but not as beautiful. still,lovely girl.could work as double for sure..

  • Al

    Very pretty and natural looking. Perhaps if she had Ang’s money and plastic surgery she’d look better tham Ms Jolie… :)

  • anthony

    She remind me of Mandy Moore in a way actually. A few features are similar to Angelina but no way I would mistake this girl for her.

  • p124

    lol NO

  • jess

    Wow, could be sisters!

  • Bella Coola

    I am surprised Jared posted this. She looks like a young Angie.

  • Joe

    Sort-of. Well, from the nose up.

  • Joe

    Sort-of. Well, from the nose up.

  • Bella Coola

    @Wayne: Angelina has a chuby face in her younger days. If Angelina gained weight, she’d have a less defined jawline. This girl looks like a younger, healthier Angelina.

  • umm

    Lol…no one wants to be a Jennifer Aniston impersonator!

  • jules

    oh please jolie looks very healthy classic beauty juicy lips amazing jaw line even when younger this girl is very pretty and has some similarities for sure- i’d like to look like her, but she is no Angelina.

  • Adeeba

    I swear I thought it was Angelina! She looks EXACTLY like her!

    Everyone else on here with their rude comments are jealous low lifes who are ugly and do nothing but put down gorgeus ppl

  • J

    WOW amazing

  • Joe

    Looking at this again, she looks like a mix of Miley Cyrus and Angelina.

  • Allison

    She definitely looks like her, without a doubt :) This woman is very beautiful, I’m jealous!

  • Bennie Ball

    Yeah i’d have to agree with you. They look absolutely NOTHING alike, perhaps the hair like the color and length of it. But thats pretty much it. I also think that Angelina has much stronger features.

  • ali

    eeeerie ….. so similar …… creepy

  • http://JustJared anymouse

    she looks like a very much younger Angelina, like when Angelina did the movie “Gia”

  • Whatevahmang

    There is certainly a likeness – but, I don’t know. There’s only one Angelina Jolie and to resemble her would be both a gift and a curse. I would think casting agents would not want to use a look-alike. It’s better to be unique and have your own characteristics. She’s a very lovely girl though.

  • Carla

    Okay wow! She’s stunning and looks very similar to Angelina Jolie. She also reminds me of Miranda Kerr a little bit. But wow, she is gorgeous!

  • sea

    OK, Angelina is unique but this girl is very unique too, awesome likeness.

  • Rachelle

    WTF wuz that?

  • ajdklas

    This woman seems so sweet. And yes, she’s stunning and really looks like Angelina! Goes to show you she’s not that unique in her looks. I know several women that could pass as her twin as well. All are beautiful.

  • Ka simply

    This young not mom old Angeliwa

  • Me Thinks

    Me thinks that this could be AJ half-sister. Jon Voight was known as a ladies man and wasn’t his womanizing the cause of her parent’s breakup. Just wondering cause the resemblance is more than just a co inky dink.

  • LadyB

    Yep she DEFINITELY looks like Angie Jolie. But it doesn’t mean anything, she still has to work hard to make it in showbiz. Nobody is going to hire her just because she looks like Angie. She has to have talent to back it up.

  • LadyB

    If you listen to the interview, she said that “I would like to work as an Angelina Jolie look alike”. And the interviewer said “I know you have done some”. Does this mean she has already done some double work for Angie herself?

  • kRISS

    She is natural, looks much better than Jolie

  • jessie r

    she is pretty, angelina is beautiful with full luscious lips.

  • teri

    We really need a new thread for Angelina herself. : )

  • lil

    very pretty but not charismatic. they could be sisters anyway