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LeAnn Rimes Bares Her Bikini Bod in Maui

LeAnn Rimes Bares Her Bikini Bod in Maui

LeAnn Rimes hits the beach in an orange Acacia bikini on Wednesday (January 4) in Maui, Hawaii.

“Private cabana w/ hubby and best friends…..doesn’t get any better than this!” the 29-year-old singer tweeted.

Earlier in the day, LeAnn and husband Eddie Cibrian landed at the airport where they were greeted with flower leis.

“It’s balmy and gorgeous! Two days of relaxing before I perform a private show for Hyundai and the PGA Tournament,” LeAnn wrote in another tweet.

10+ pictures inside of a bikini-clad LeAnn Rimes at the beach in Hawaii…

Just Jared on Facebook
leann rimes orange bikini hawaii 01
leann rimes orange bikini hawaii 02
leann rimes orange bikini hawaii 03
leann rimes orange bikini hawaii 04
leann rimes orange bikini hawaii 05
leann rimes orange bikini hawaii 06
leann rimes orange bikini hawaii 07
leann rimes orange bikini hawaii 08
leann rimes orange bikini hawaii 09
leann rimes orange bikini hawaii 10

Photos: Bauergriffinonline, FameFlynet
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  • ems

    she’s only 29?!?

  • Libby

    Well, looks like she found another weirdo-looking friend…

  • Kizbit

    OMG! Enough of her already! Is anyone even interested in her? And what does she do, other than vacation???

  • Mikaela

    She probably pays every magazine/blog and her publicist needs a bonus!! Enough of her already!! She’s a homewrecker, annoying and since her music isn’t selling her private life is. Now all she needs is a reality show!! Can somebody give her a cheesbuguer, that girl needs some food ASAP!!!

  • http://j lohan#1

    Hot hot hot …… got wood?

  • nyc123

    quite pathetic person. please let my children grow up to be complete opposite of this woman. she seems so deeply insecure and shallow.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    You’re really beneath the bottom of the heap when your obsession seems to become the next Courtney Stodden. She must be blowing TLC, MTV and E! execs for her own reality show.

  • ha ha

    I’m convinced this woman is mentally ill

  • smc

    All she is – is a publicity hound!!!! She seeks photographers out and then poses for them half naked!!!

  • Mimi

    Must be nice to be so rich you can just go from one tropical vacation ot another. Having said that, she looks like a porn star…ewww…especially when she’s hugging her “best friend”.

  • From Paris with Love

    The second pic is disgusting. Two living stereotypes of the American fake bimbo.
    dyed hair
    whitened teeth, possibly veneers
    fake tan
    basketball implants
    over-ripped body
    jewelry at the beach
    wedges on the sand
    oversized shades
    posing sticking out your boobs and butt
    laughing histerically
    and voilà !

  • Mimi

    @From Paris with Love: Oh they’re definitely veneers! She had her little rat teeth all capped when she was married to Dean Sheremet. Now she’s got horse teeth.

  • Toni

    She obviously pays for everyone to travel with her which basically means she has bought her friends they same way she bought her husband. Can’t she and her husband handle being alone? How sad that someone once known for having an incredible voice is now a d-lister (that is being generous) publicity hound who pays for photogs to follow her while she poses in the most unnatural poses imaginable. Seriously, you’d think she would be able to act a little more naturally now with all of the practice she has had in the fake paid for photo op department. I guess she is a slow learner.

  • sillyme

    She’s not very good looking…I think a fuller face would help. Seriously, she would look so much better with a few pounds. Look how much better Tori Spelling looked when she filled out after her latest baby.

  • Sketchy65

    She is such a skank!

  • Jane

    @From Paris with Love: I’m right there with you on that one. If I didn’t know this was Leann and a friend I would have thought they were Playboy bunnies or Penhouse Pets!

  • calla

    Oh, look. Leann Rimes pretend frolicking on a beach. *yawn*

    But srsly….With all the time she has off from working, you’d think she would go to the doctor about that boob that has slid over to rest under her armpit. I just don’t get it why she leaves it that way.

  • bob

    @Mikaela: your mouth is full of shit. go girl….good education


    She looks great. Good for her.


    She looks great. Good for her.

  • Kari

    Nice stretch marks in pic#2…from losing all that weight (that according to her “didn’t lose”)………can’t stand her and her twitting.

  • Jerry

    This ridiculous, false woman. I can’t anymore with her.

  • Jerry

    And I think I prefer Steven Tyler’s swimwear pics to hers!

  • Katie

    Major stretch marks–see pic. 2. Must have had a ot of weight on before

  • LisaLipps

    I’m laughing so hard! Rat teeth? LMAO

  • ynop

    I think these photos are quite interesting considering her husband’s ex Brandi was on Housewives this week vacationing in Hawaii and showing off her KILLER figure. I guess Leann felt the need to strut her (lack of ) stuff…

  • Jenna

    Does she do anything else than going from one vacation to the next?? And I agree: She looks like a porn star in these pics. Horrible fake woman!! She needs to stop flaunting her private life in front of every camera. Nobody’s interested in you, girl! Now go and hide your scrawny ass and blown-up boobs! Eww…

  • jj

    I don’t like but that’s one fine piece of ass she has. Yes I also think she’s mentally ill.

  • ljh

    She is just gross!

  • Faye

    I’m sure that since she is there to perform, she is not paying one penny out of her own pocket for her and her friends to be in Hawaii..

  • Tomax

    If she gained weight, you people would still be criticizing the hell out of her.

  • Marisa

    Jared you really need to stop posting these posed pictures. She has serious mental issues & you are enabling her. Never thought I’d say this but, I ‘m begining to feeel sorry for her. EC & his friends are using her for their own entertainment . EC is a disgusting, selfish pig. She looks so pathetic in these picture. Obviously copying Brandi again. The pose with one of EC’s friend is just like Brandi & Camille. This poor wretched woman does not have one original thought. Her life is make believe & she lives through twitter. Her whole appearance is a mess. Botched breast implants, veneers that are too big & all those stretch marks. So JJ stop since you are one of the main culprits in this train wreck that is LR’s life. God I can not stand EC & his ” friends” bunch of vipers. So glad Brandi kicked him out. Stay home & look for work loser. I’d like to slap those crevices he calls dimples right off his face

  • Barbara

    @ha ha: I’m convinced you’re right

  • Barbara

    @Jerry: Funny one

  • Danielle

    @Marisa: Very astute observations

  • le-annnie

    Is he her professional husband like all the other girls in Hollywood that just tote their husbands everywhere that have no career. I wouldn’t suggest my husband always come with. I’d suggest he stay home and look for work and help his kids more. I’d feel used and eventually like the sugar mama that she is. Her body is all messed up from trying to fast too hard..I hope she is sain when this falls apart, nothing about this looks real. NOT even her boobs.

  • ali

    she is not pretty But she looks a-m-a-z-i-n-g !!!!

  • Stretch Marks

    How did she get stretch marks on her butt?

  • Kellie

    LeMan has managed to find a friend who’s got the same male chromosome overload as she has.

  • Bruno

    M.@ali: please maybe from a distance. A long, long,long distance. Bad boob job, huge veneers, stretch marks, flat ass & scrawny legs. Quite the looker. Add to that she’s as dumb as a stump & you have the beauty that is a horse named LR. She is never going to look like Brandi not matter how many ptocedures she has done. Brandi has a tall lean model’s figure & gorgeous features. LR should retire her bikinis & concentrate on more important issues like her non- existant career & what’ s going to happen when what’s left of her money is gone.

  • Kellie

    @Marisa You’ve whacked the nail on the head there!

  • d


    Of course she looks good. She called the paps and knows they are there to take her picture.

    You ever been to the beach? Wearing large metal jewelry? If so, how’d that work for you? Even metal tabs on a bathing suit get hot enough to burn you, let alone a big honkin’ piece of metal on your bare skin. And have you ever tried to walk on the beach in wedgies let alone shoes? And, when you walk or play on the beach–do you run around sticking your chest out? If so, how’d that work for you? And oh yes, I know when I go to the beach I always go bo-ob to bo-ob with my girlfriends for pictures NOT.

  • chloe

    WTF IS UP WITH HER BOOBS LOL…. Im laughing so hard! WTF seriously ahahah- Probably my Grandma has better boobs than that and she is like 70 LOL FAIL.

  • Jane

    @ynop: I was thinking the very same thing. Of course she had to have a sexy “friend” with her to mimick Brandi and Camille.

  • Jane
  • http://deleted julie

    If not for her false boobs what bod would she have left to impress?

  • Go away please!

    Grrrrr her and her husband are so annoying they are always there and what do they do that they can go on so many holidays. I dont care if she thin of 50 stone she needs to go away.

  • Jane

    @julie: But the problem is…the boobs and the body do not impress!

  • whatsoever

    Besides everything that has already been said about her body (with which I agree), the bikini she is wearing is gross and does not flatter her at all. Is she THAT dumb?

  • FFer

    Love the Harry Potter sunglasses.