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Jessica Simpson & Nicole Richie: 'Fashion Star' at TCA!

Jessica Simpson & Nicole Richie: 'Fashion Star' at TCA!

Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie promote their new reality competition series, Fashion Star, during the 2012 Winter TCA Tour on Friday (January 6) at The Langham Huntington in Pasadena, Calif.

The twosome, along with designer John Varvatos, will serve as celebrity mentors to up and coming designers, while model Elle MacPherson hosts the show.

During the panel, Jessica shared her next project will be launching a line of clothes for pregnant women.

“The next thing you will see from the Jessica Simpson collection is maternity,” she told reporters.

FYI: Jessica covered up her baby bump in a green Roberto Cavalli dress with YSL shoes and Amrapali earrings. Nicole paired her Chloe dress with Miu Miu heels and House of Harlow 1960 jewelry.

15+ pictures inside of Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie at the TCA Tour…

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  • tim

    God, she’s huge!!!!

  • Not

    That’s what a pregnant woman looks like… take that Beyonce !

  • sindywhereyube

    jesica is the bizzz. this woman will own and take over everything…she is very savy

  • sindywhereyube

    she is good in business wow

  • tams

    weird that nicole richie is there concidering how she dissed jessica simpson and lauren conrad for not having a ‘succesful’ clothing line.

  • Courtney

    @Tim what do you expect she’s 7 months pregnant and with your first child you tend to gain more weight than you do in later pregnancies and she maybe having complications that she doesn’t want to speak about before the child is born. never been pregnant myself but my mom had really difficult pregnancies

  • maye

    im confused as to why people give jessica S. so much sh*t?? its confusing.. her ex treated her like she was nothing & yet she was in the wrong????? meh!!

    i hope she has a successful career so hateful/insecure people shut up!

  • yep

    love nicole style! i am happy for jessica she looks so happy!

  • Mia

    She is seriously glowing and she looks great!
    Ofcourse she is big at the first one, not like Beyoncé who only is ”big” around her stomach area. Nicole looks actualy very tiny, more tha usual

  • Ginger

    She is the only woman that I know that always puts her hands on her stomach? is she afraid the baby is gonna’ pop out? Don’t like J.S. She is one big hypocrite…

  • Diff body

    Everybody has different body , not all pregnant woman are huge. Beyonce is pregnant , leave her alone. Hilary Duff is pregnant and she is not fat like Jessica same with Nicole when she was pregnant.

  • taylor

    someone who talks ill of a baby has to be the lowest form of life.. even in the context you put it in..

  • lexy hates bilson

    These 2 losers need to stop!! If Jessica had any actual talent she could design her own maternity clothes…notice how she’s not wearing any of her crappy clothes or shoes!! You also don’t see Nicole Richie wearing any of Jessica’s crap either!

  • ha ha

    what a blimp!

  • gerd

    Nicole looks like Barbara Walters

  • ESP

    Ginger said nothing wrong about Jessica’s babay.
    Reread Taylor.
    Jessica does always hold her hands across her baby. Pr is pr. We know it the baby is there.
    Jessica Simpson is worth about, around , net, net that is must be $300 million. GODFORDBID that that girl marries No job ugly, moocher, very smart highly educated slick no good sperminator Johnson.
    Being realistc, when someone has so much money, why marry. It makes no sense. Have her baby. Give him upfront like $300,000 that is 3 hundred thousand and of course papers that if anything happens to her, child will be raised by her parents and sister. As prrof to him, honey, you get a high life, tons of expensive gifts and $300,ooo cash maybe 500,ooo, that her folks have power of attorney over her and her money. In other words, there is $0.00 for him.
    I give JS and Johnson a good 3 years.
    When it ends, it is going to end ugly.

    @maye, Jessica Simpson and her parents were wrong , so wrong in how they handled Mick Lachey.
    Nick treated Jessica very well. He was the third person in the marriage. Since Nick, Jessica’s other guys have not been so good. Tony Romo dropped her like a hot potato on her birhtday because he , obviously, did not want to dress up at a themed Ken and Barbie birthday party . He would have been the laughing for sure of the NFL.

    Jessica and John Mayer did not work out.

    Now Jessica has this loser Johnson.

    BEst to Jessica. She is not a bad person, just immature a bit with picking wrong guys and transformong herself to wahtever man she is with.
    She is worth hundreds of millions from her brand which doesn’t matter on her fame at this point. Actualy, it is beter if she not so up at stores or do any more flops in show business. . It is a brand name and product.
    Her brand is so big, it can live on . It has a life of it’s own.
    Like Gloria Vanderbilt sold her brand name and swan eons ago, and it still lives on.
    JS brand has so many products and is in major dept stores.
    People buy it and don’t know who she is.

    @whoever about her size, yes she is huge. Her boobs are like an FF cup. JS is short and just very pregnannt.
    She looks like most pregnant people I am sure you know too.
    Beyonce, I like her, I hope there is nothing funny about her pregnancy.
    Why all the covering and covering.
    Beyonce should for pr, wear something that shows she is pregant.

  • anonymous

    Did a crane lower Jessica Simpson into that chair? She’s so huge, she couldn’t possibly move on her own. That’s what happens when fat cows like Jessica Simpson get knocked up.

  • Ginger

    @taylor: Taylor you are a form of low for even suggesting I would say something bad about her baby. My comment was about how she always hold her stomach… I still don’t know why she always do that. We KNOW she is pregnant, she doesn’t need to do it all the time.

  • Rachel

    @ all you idiots who want to call her names, I would almost guarantee you are fat or you mom is or someone. Just do us all a favor and just shut the hell up. Shame on you. You are the reason why women get up and want to have eating disorders and try to be a size 0. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with men now days. There is a difference between obese and being a whale and having some curves. She is beautiful and when she was bone thin she looked sickly. I am proud to have curves but I am sure to you idiots a size 4 or 5 is even fat. Little girls should not have to wake up every day and worry about growing up and being a size 0. We should encourage healthy eating and exorcize. You people are the most judgemental bunch of shrews I have seen in all my life. I am thankful I found a good man one of the few left who actually tells me when I started losing weight that he didn’t like it and that real men want a woman with some meat on their bones and some curves. All of his friends feel the same way. Someone way too skinny is a turn off. It’s just sickening what men have become and what they have brainwashed women into believing. Since when did stick figures with no boobs become gorgeous!! VS models have curves and are known for their bigger frames. The clothing there fits me a size or two bigger because the secret is a man designed it and apparently he had real balls and testosterone. He wanted women to look healthy and liked CURVES. Jessica SImpson is not always my favorite person, she can act stupid when she really is not to get attention. But she is a hell of a lot smarter than you idiots making fun of her. She has millions and almost a billion coming in every year. So I am sure she eats and lives how she wants. So take your stupid comments home too mommy boys.. but don’t take them to other women. No one needs to feel ugly just because a size 00 is grotesquely appealing too you.

  • Rachel


    I totally agree with most everything you said. I think Jessica is a good person a bit naive and immature, but she had brains enough to build an empire. I don’t the Kardashian’s are having as much luck with their clothing as Jessica has. She knows how to style for sure. As for all these horrible comments about a crane lifting her in and crap, that is for the birds. She does look very pregnant and she is short. I thought I was short but she is like 5’2. I like Jessica best when she probably weighs about 125, but that was still not skin and bones. Even her size when she got up too 140 or so is not obese. I have seen and been around unhealthy people who are morbidly obese, some of the nicest people I know but still way too fat. I don’t make fun of them, I feel sorry for them and hope for their own sake and health they start eating well and exercising. I just think it’s sick how many people what seems to be most men on here or bitchy women who are jealous go off on her, Kim K, Beyonce, and any celeb like they know these people, but just for the sake of being mean or jealous. I am standing up for the bullying. It amazes me how many adults are bullies these days. That is why a law is pretty much being passed on gay bullying but bullying in general. I have experienced it myself. It’s obsered and it needs to STOP! I think messing with people’s hearts and minds and causing them to even want to kill themselves has reached an all time high and comments from above and on many websites show this over and over just what kind of bullies people are. I think they should go to jail for it, I truly do. Serving some time in the slammer might actually help some of these jerks to realize they can’t go around saying such things to people, it hurts in my opinion more than being punched in the face. Words do run deep and they can wreck someone’s life. So I wish people would just learn to keep their comments to themselves.

  • Amanda

    @lexy hates bilson: I am so sick of seeing you commenting on every Jessica post. You’re a c-u-n-t, so why don’t you find something productive to do with your life? I’m sure there’s a street corner ready for you.

  • fan of lexy

    Amanda is really Jessica Simpson. Abstaining from alcohol while being knocked up is obviously getting to you, Jessica/Amanda. Why don’t you go eat another buttered pop wrapped in a package of bacon, you fat blimp, and dream of the day when you can go back to washing down every single one of your 7000 calories/day snacks with a bottle of vodka.

  • Appliances

    She is the only woman that I know that always puts her hands on her stomach? is she afraid the baby is gonna’ pop out?