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Rachel Bilson: ShoeMint Behind the Scenes Video!

Rachel Bilson: ShoeMint Behind the Scenes Video!

See how Rachel Bilson and celeb stylist Nicole Chavez‘s ShoeMint collection comes to life in a newly released video.

“Understanding the footwear design nuances that make a shoe feel both authentic to my personal style, and are versatile enough to work with all women’s styles, has been a terrific learning experience,” Rachel told People.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Rachel Bilson

Rachel and Nicole teamed up with footwear designer Steve Madden to create a new way of buying footwear specifically picked for shoe lovers.

Making of a Shoemint Shoe
Just Jared on Facebook
Photos: ShoeMint
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  • Molly

    I love Rachel! She’s so gorgeous and sweet. Can’t wait for Hart of Dixie’s return.

  • Molly

    Btw, this was kind of a pointless video to post Jared. He clearly has some kind of obsession with her, he hates not being able to post about her so he puts random stuff up. lol

  • devaney

    The only reason this girl has a career is because of Hollywood NEPOTISM

  • Anonymous

    There is no way that many BIG words came out of her mouth NATURALLY. I don’t think she could even spell versatile or nuance let alone give you the proper meaning of the words if she was asked.
    Shes an actress and not even the best one at that. Comedy is the only one she can pull off and only if she is playing a ditzy girl again. She makes it sound like she made the shoes all by herself. lol.

  • periwinkle

    Another day and and another f@rtshion line that BraTchel designs or co-designs – as self-claimed.
    Oh plzzz just knowing how she kisses the butts of these famous fashion designers for years yet all that her generic face could grab is/are to be a signature model of “some” ice-cream bar & shades store.
    And most likely to be more believable on what she (only) contributed on that shoe line is to get them on the tabloid news w/ her precious name topping the headlines.
    PS. And Jared, do take note of this thread…

  • rafferty

    Looks just like a mutant seahorse I have in my aquarium.

  • monreal

    @4 – One does not need to even stare deep into her eyes and would realize that there is absolutely NOTHING behind them.

  • maya

    i like the shoes they look comfortbale, rachel’s amazing i really miss her i her show too so plz more pic about her

  • whizbang

    Let’s all check these out….
    Scarlett Johansson does… D & G
    Megan Fox does… Armani
    Natalie Portman does… Dior
    Blake Lively does… Chanel
    Evan Rachel Wood does… Gucci
    Diane Kruger does… Calvin Klein
    Frieda Pinto does… Estee Lauder
    Leighton Meester does… Vera Wang
    Emma Stone does… Revlon
    Mila Kunis does… Dior
    (and even that Twilight starlet) Ashley Greene does… DKNY
    And then…
    BilPOOO and friends does… “”a shoe”” – LMAO!!!

  • yep she’s back,,,,

    jared she’s back and you are not saying anything,
    what’s up her check not cleared yet?

  • Charlie

    Cute video. Love Rachel, she’s adorable!
    Can’t wait for Hart of Dixie to return :)

  • call me crazy but…..

    You have a mutant seahorse in your aquarium! Oh, jeez, that’s really sad! I hope your poor seahorse has a good life though.
    Well, seahorses aside, I just don’t get the recent fashion for girls to wear ugly, chunky donkey hoof shoes. But then I just don’t get a lot of girl fashion. My Y chromosome wonders WTF it’s all about!!

  • trisha


    Yeah, keep telling yourself that.

  • trisha


    That’s how much you know. Go look at the other videos from Shoemint. She said it.

  • trisha


    Yep. All the way to the bank.

  • yep

    Love her in Hart of Dixie!

  • Molly

    @whizbang: All of those people you listed are just the faces of those brands. Rachel actually has her OWN line. A line that is selling out like crazy. Nice try.

  • Molly

    @devaney: You’re the same person I responded to above, but how is she famous because of her relatives? Nobody even knows anybody in her family except “maybe” her dad. You act like her family is the Kardashians and the Hiltons and she came into show business from being known as famous. She became famous from the start of being on The O.C.

  • Molly

    @devaney: @periwinkle: @rafferty: @monreal: @whizbang:

    That’s just sad you use so many different names.

  • Anonymous

    Those shoes are astonishingly ugly. They make her feet look like the hooves of a pig or a donkey. I can’t understand why anyone would want to look like that. This unfortunate look is also accentuated by her short legs and large bum. She looks deformed like a genetic experiment gone horribly wrong. But she and Hayden Christensen are the best Hollywood couple ever and so perfect together. Can’t wait for them to get married!!! She’s been saying for years she’s dying to get pregnant and raise babies far away from LA and the Hollywood scene and he hardly ever leaves his farm in Canada. Couldn’t ask for a more perfect arrangement. She can design fugly shoes and clothing from a farm in Uxbridge. He can do whatever he does, which these days seems to be play Angry Birds and live off his Star Wars residuals.

  • Oh yeah…


    Yeah she is just stamping her family name on it. She is not creative whatsoever. When she tried she stole some design. To avoid such a shame and disgrace this time, she and her people team up with a real designer Madden.

    She has no talent or just little in term of acting.
    She should thank her lucky star every day. She is not relevant in the business and all she has thanks to her grandparents and mr OC and not her inner talent. She is like a parasite.

    She packed a few pounds in Canada, she barely can fit in her jeans.
    (we all do I guess).

  • eye roll

    @trisha: Those are called cue cards you read off what they say or you have your lines fed to you until you get them right in one take. If Paris Hilton can manage big words and the Kardashians that doesnt mean you have a big IQ. It just means some poor person that hates their life probably had to feed your lines to you until the cows came home.@Molly: No Gwen Stefani has her own LINE… LAMB, Rachel Zoe has here own LINE, Jessica Simpson has her own LINE, hell even Paris Hilton has her own LINE… Rachel Bilson has some shoes… Whoopdeefreakindoo.

  • call me crazy but…..

    Man, I don’t care for the dude, he’s a bit of a waste of space in most films I’ve seen him in, but I sure wish I could play Angry Birds and live off SW residuals for a few years! How cool would that be!!

  • Molly

    @Anonymous: Well, it seems there are a lot of people who like them. Considering they sold out out of every pair on the day of their first launch and continue to sell out within days.
    @eye roll: Your point makes no sense, whether it’s shoes or underwear, it’s her LINE. Paris Hilton selling perfume is considering a line but shoe label isn’t?

  • devaney

    Molly, Maya, Trisha, Charlie… yah so many names yet soo very deem obvious likewise
    Right back at all you pathetic fartards!

  • Molly

    @devaney: Honey I am in no need to makeup fake names, I’ve used Molly this whole time because that’s actually MY name. Yours are so obviously because the names you use are ridiculous and the way you constantly use the signs @ – / – & in every post and word you say. You seem over obsessed and pathetic to always use those same names on every post, why not just use the same one? Everybody knows when it’s you. And question, you’ve seemed to be posting here for years, yet you hate on Rachel & Hayden. So what exactly is your issue with both of them?

  • amaranth

    A NON news coming as always from a NON actress.

  • amaranth

    A NON news like as always coming from a NON actress.

  • monreal

    Real names or fake names?! Does it matter in a tabloid news?! Its not required to use (real names) even on fansites isnt it?!
    Tsk when some loyal fans cant think of some firing lines anymore, mentioning of fake names/multiple users would definitely & predictably save their day.

  • daaarn

    No cleared checks for Jared yet!!!

  • Charlie

    @devaney: What did I ever say to you? And I’m here to let you know that I only comment under my name. ‘Right back at you all?’. This is my first comment towards you, you weirdo. I don’t know for the others, but that’s actually my name. No offense, but you sound SO crazy. lol

  • Philipp

    @Anonymous: Sad having to go on a gossip site to bash on an obviously gorgeous girl to feel better about yourself, isn’t it? Before you go all judgy-bitter on people, you should at least gather all the facts to make an informed opinion. Rachel was a straight A student and is in fact, very smart (not unlike Sophia Bush, whom the pathetic haters on this site also frequently trash). I wanna see what the people who post hurtful stuff on this site have to show for themselves that makes them so much more beautiful, smart, nice and special.

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  • http://hollaback holloma

    @call me crazy but…..:

    I could not agree MORE!!! I’m ready for this trend to be over!

  • Appliances

    She has no talent or just little in term of acting. She should thank her lucky star every day. She is not relevant in the business and all she has thanks to her grandparents and mr OC and not her inner talent.