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Sophia Bush: An Evening With 'One Tree Hill'!

Sophia Bush: An Evening With 'One Tree Hill'!

Sophia Bush attends The CW’s presentation of An Evening With One Tree Hill held at the ArcLight Theater on Thursday (January 5) in Hollywood.

“What a night. #OTHinLA (pic) I am so grateful for my castmates, who are wonderful friends, my family really. We have taken an incredible journey together. #PaulJoyTylerMark
ShantelRobJacksonStephenLee (yeah that’s in our seated order ;),” the 29-year-old actress wrote on her WhoSay page.

Also coming out for the event: co-stars Lee Norris, Robert Buckley, Jackson Brundage, Tyler Hilton, Bethany Joy Galeotti, Stephen Colletti, Shantel VanSanten, and Paul Johansson.

FYI: Sophia is wearing Kimberly Ovitz‘s “Zen” dress.

20+ pictures inside of Sophia Bush at An Evening with One Tree Hill

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sophia bush evening one tree hill 01
sophia bush evening one tree hill 02
sophia bush evening one tree hill 03
sophia bush evening one tree hill 04
sophia bush evening one tree hill 05
sophia bush evening one tree hill 06
sophia bush evening one tree hill 07
sophia bush evening one tree hill 08
sophia bush evening one tree hill 09
sophia bush evening one tree hill 10
sophia bush evening one tree hill 11
sophia bush evening one tree hill 12
sophia bush evening one tree hill 13
sophia bush evening one tree hill 14
sophia bush evening one tree hill 15
sophia bush evening one tree hill 16
sophia bush evening one tree hill 17
sophia bush evening one tree hill 18
sophia bush evening one tree hill 19
sophia bush evening one tree hill 20

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  • Josekun

    Magic woman Sophia!

  • llisa

    Haha, way to cut out the rest of the cast from the first photos Jared. Your pathetic hard on for Sophia is so transparent.

    BTW Sophia’s dress is the most hideous creation ever. And those shoes? What was she thinking? Did she lose a dare or something?

  • Claire

    Thks for posting about OTH Jared :) The cast looks awesome, I love Joy’s dress, she looks gorgeous !

  • llisa

    Oh and the fact that you know what she wearing means her agent or her people probably told you to sell this story with her as the poster girl?

    What a self-centered trick. It’s a Night with One Tree Hill not a Night with Sophia Bush, all though the entire male cast has had the pleasuring of experiencing the later.

    Get it straight, she’ll never be as big as you want her to be.

  • Babboom

    Where is her lap dog Austin?

  • Duh

    @Babboom Austin had to fly back to Texas for family reasons.

  • AN

    The cast looks great! Go away haters!

  • Jess

    Joy looks absolutely stunning. I love her hair, makeup, and dress. Shantel looks super pretty too. I also love Paul and Tyler.

  • Ana

    I was at the event last night. For all you Sophia haters. Joy said every speech she gave as Haley to Brooke Davis was truly heart felt. That her and Sophia are very close even thought do argue they love each other. She said Sophia is wonderful so back off. Jennabeans24 was there also she heard every word. You can think all the horrid things you want but this cast truly cares about one another.

  • Dee

    Wow Joy looks gorgeooous!! All the girls do! Joy just happens to be my fav lol always has been.

  • sasha

    Agree Ana! Sadly those haters are some (few) Joy’s fan
    After that, they say Sophia fans are stans or idolitry Sophia, they so the same even worse with Joy because they are disrespectful with Sophia

    And maybe for you, her dress is the most awful but it’s not a rule, each his own! I prefer Joy’s dress, very elegant but Sophia’s dress is not that bad, I like the brownish colour nor the black part and love her shoes!
    Shantel is classy!

    I love Sophia & Joy & now Shantel grew on me

    babboom SHAME ON YOU, Austin is with his family for personal reasons!

    If Sophia is a not a good person, I don’t think Joy wil be as close & friend with her! And don’t think Joy appreciate people bitch on her friend!

    They both cried when thet talked about their friendship

    Respect people, respect!

  • Pat

    @sasha: I think that’s not really fair. I’m a Joy fan and I have never hated on Sophia. I like both girls and there are a lot of people who bash Sophia who aren’t Joy fans. Just don0t put us all in the same bag, please :) All fanbases, whether it be characters, actresses/actors and couples have their crazy fans. You have Joy fans insulting Sophia, Shantel, Hilarie… Sophia fans insulting Joy, Shantel, Hilarie. And same for everyone else.

  • Melanie

    Sophia Bush looks GORGEOUS.
    I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Katy

    You haters are so f*cking OBVIOUS.
    I knew the second I saw the title of this post, the haters were going to have a coronary.
    Your jealousy is SO apparent.
    Accept the fact that Sophia Bush is LOVED and ADORED by millions of people all over the world and whether you pathetic haters like it or not, SHE is the most famous from the cast.
    Every time you losers lash out bacause your favorite has been overlooked by the media, the industry, etc., it’s absolutely hilarious because you make YOURSELVES look lame and pathetic.
    You morons can preach that you’re supposedly “not jealous” of how much Sophia gets attention from people all over the world until you’re blue in the face…..but you’re lame little rants say otherwise.

  • Jenny

    It’s too funny to see the haters get all suicidal.
    Hope you guys are taking your meds.
    Any ways, Sophia Bush looks absolutely amazingggggg as usual!!!

  • Crystal

    FYI Joy was the first to sign on for season 9. Sophia and James were the last holdouts. James agreed to be only part time. He does not like working with Joy. He is polite but was ready to move on with Bono’s Daughter, who can blame him. Sophia does not have ANY control over how the show is promoted. Get over it.

  • Ali

    I went and read the fanforum boards. Too funny. The Joy lovers will not discuss what Joy said about her friendship with Sophia and the love the share for each other. For all these years Joy fans have been spreading the hate rumors. How sad for them all that Joy in her own words on video for all to see ended that lie. Yet they can not admit it. Hugs to Joy and Sophia two amazing actors and friends!

  • ballsy

    Wow poor Shantel got cut off………I guess she doesn’t have Jared on her payroll!! I think Sophia is waaaaaaaay overrated as an actress, as a beauty, as being perfect. The true talent on that show has always been Joy but unfortunately she is not a media hog! James not like working with Joy is a joke, maybe the other way around. Imagine working with a piece of wood. He is good looking but he is so wooden. It was Joy who made Naley what it was and he was lucky to have had the opportunity to play opposite her. Even Mark said Joy has chemistry with everyone on the show.

  • H

    best tv show ive ever seen.

  • Philipp

    @Crystal: actually, Sophia was the first one to sign on, she recently said so in an interview as well.

  • marcy

    Love Joy and Paul!

  • AN

    @Ana: @Ana, ITA!

  • yep

    love sophia! and the other cast too!

  • Kellz

    “The true talent?”
    Oh please, just because you as a Joy fan and her other fans believe that little theory and have convinved yourselves of that, does NOT by any means make it true. There you haters go on your idiotic rants again. Tooooooooooo amusing.
    Pull your head out of your a$$ and accept the fact that the reason this show has been a success and has made it this far is because of all of the actors(especially those who have stuck by it from day 1) on the show. Joy and her character is a part of the show. She is NOT the entire show and she is NOT the only talent. I seriously doubt this show would’ve even made it past season 1 had all it done was focus solely on Joy instead of all of the staples of the show.

  • linda

    lmao some of you here are so pathetic. Joy and Sophia would probably laugh at some of these arguments here and may be disappointed too. these comments are just plain sad.

  • stella

    awwww where are the others :(

  • Bella

    weeooww go Sophia <3

  • token

    Sophia Bush is oh-so-pretty but such a terrible actress.

  • Cindy

    Bethany Joy is oh so pretty but such a terrible actress.

  • ewwww

    @token: Don’t worry,
    Sophia is great at ‘s c**k sucking,
    she’ll use that skill to get a job like she did before.

  • Lol

    Oh, I thought it was Joy who was great at c*ck sucking……or was that Shantel??? I guess the skills will come in handy for the future since they both suck.



  • A

    Where’s James Lafferty? </3

  • Wow

    Unbelievable. These morons will type anything and expect to be believed. Stop these nasty remarks and grow up. The one who starts it is always trying to get at Sophia. Jealous much. Hopefully Joy will get a photo shoot for Zooey magazine and that will shut your mouth for a minute.

  • http://thisis_love emily

    People who say that Joy and Sophia are terrible actress, go away. I’m sure you don’t even watch the show, so shut up.
    They are wonderful woman and Shantel too.

  • Meela

    Sophia’s so pretty, but this whole ensemble is terrible! The dress and shoes make no sense together and unfortunately make her look frumpy. Her hair looks greasy and limp, which makes it look thin. Her best years were 2006-2009, she looked gorgeous at every event in those years. I don’t know what happened since then, but she needs to change it up.

    Joy and Shantel look great, though Joy looks quite a bit aged, but I think it’s because she’s too thin, IMO.

  • hokiegirl517

    Wow!!! Everyone from the cast looks amazing! Sophia Bush is my favorite but I would NEVER hate on the rest of the cast…From the post on here it shows some fans age and IQ….GROW UP folks!!!

  • Gina

    Sophia Bush looks the absolute best and most beautiful. She took a risk with her outfit instead of playing it safe and I think she pulls it off great. Absolutely loveeee this woman!

  • Appliances

    Joy looks absolutely stunning. I love her hair, makeup, and dress. Shantel looks super pretty too. I also love Paul and Tyler.