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Stacy Keibler Takes George Clooney's Dog For A Walk

Stacy Keibler Takes George Clooney's Dog For A Walk

Stacy Keibler goes for a hike at Fryman Canyon on Thursday (January 5) in Los Angeles.

The 32-year-old actress and former WWE wrestler, wearing GapFit, brought along a special workout buddy – boyfriend George Clooney‘s rescue dog, Einstein!

Over the weekend, Stacy and George soaked up the sun while vacationing in Cabo San Lucas with Alex Rodriguez and his new girlfriend Torrie Wilson, who’s also a former WWE wrestler and one of Stacy‘s friends.

15+ pictures inside of Stacy Keibler walking George Clooney‘s dog…

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stacy keibler george clooney dog 01
stacy keibler george clooney dog 02
stacy keibler george clooney dog 03
stacy keibler george clooney dog 04
stacy keibler george clooney dog 05
stacy keibler george clooney dog 06
stacy keibler george clooney dog 07
stacy keibler george clooney dog 08
stacy keibler george clooney dog 09
stacy keibler george clooney dog 10
stacy keibler george clooney dog 11
stacy keibler george clooney dog 12
stacy keibler george clooney dog 13
stacy keibler george clooney dog 14
stacy keibler george clooney dog 15
stacy keibler george clooney dog 16
stacy keibler george clooney dog 17

Credit: Albert Ferreira; Photos:
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  • ck

    20-1 George has seen her naked.

  • goopiness

    Nauseating award nomination campaigner = George Clooney and whoever he is paying to be his girlfriend this year.

  • mehm

    she is gross and ugly and very manly.

  • S@B*

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  • Tsvett

    I don’t understand why you hate her so much call her fat, ugly etc. since she looks quite well for a 32-year-old woman. :/

  • George Clooney

    Nice legs, I guess.

  • fabp

    good one, george..saving some money on dogwalkers! which bitch is walking the bitch :D

  • fabp

    oi, jj, B****H is not a bad word!

  • Kels

    Soo staged.

  • Darius

    What a load of fun going out being papped.
    Life’s one big party for strippers and wrestlers, yay!

  • Saph

    Even Georges dog doesn’t like her poor dog looks as interested in her as George does. So does this mean we get to see Stacy on the red carpet and George faking PDA? Funny how in Cabo he couldn’t even stand next to her. George needs to dump this blonde bimbo and get someone it is believable he is in to.

  • Tazla

    Stacy Keibler is far too good for George Clooney. She’s very attractive with a lovely figure. Why she wants an old commitment phobe like Clooney is a mystery. She’ll end up like the others, kicked to the curb after his two year limit on relationships. Meanwhile she will have wasted all this time when she could have been actually doing something with her life.

  • jess

    OK, girl just don’t start talking about marriage, and you will be AOK!

  • Bobby Joe

    @Tazla: Yes, she could go on rubbing her genitals on a rope in public.

  • what he does to women

    She is an attractive woman. The only thing I don’t like is when women date George they seem to become more so needy of him. Everything they do is around his life. They vacation with his friends in the places he likes. They go to the events that are about him. None of these women seem to have anything going on when they are with him. I’m sure Stacy was doing something before she got with George besides walking his dog.

    They just seem to drop everything for him. I don’t recall him going to any of her Promotion things. But maybe I missed that. It just seems like her job now is George Clooney’s girlfriend. Lots of perks.. but it makes them seem more like paid women.


  • Guest

    Pretty sad she has to use George’s dog to get publicity for herself. Why doesn’t she get her own dog. Oh yeah, if she had her own dog the gossip sites would not be interested in her. The whole thing looks very staged, it was for People magazine.


    Congratulations Stacy! You have just proven why Anna is not with George. Far too much intelligence, and not a dimwit who gets insecure over another woman’s message. Don’t worry I am sure Anna will think of something else to say to see what stupid pr stunt you will do. Lol! Priceless!



  • signage

    @what he does to women: That’s because they’re not real girlfriends. They’re publicity escorts.

  • fame game

    famehound on the left. fameho on the right. famehound appears entirely UNenthused by the “staged” “dogpap” shots. fameho, on the otherhand, same phony smile as always.

  • cu2

    10,000′s of sick perverts have seen her desparateness “naked”.

  • scooby dooby ugh

    dog on left looks humiliated George gave “permission” for her to stage her pre-planned papped outing and force his poor dog into the phony publicity escort foray. george looks miserable being seen next to her, now his dog looks miserable having to be seen next to her. like father, like son or doggy or whatever. dog on the left needs a therapist. he’s gonna need one for what’s coming as a result of his masters latest defiance on display.

  • phony fameho strikes again

    ROTFLOL. golly, the camera man just “happened” to be on the trail to “set up” the shot at the “same time” the fameho just “happened” to be posing and smiling at the camera WHILE HIKING??? what a joke. another cheap fameho minus an original personality.

  • silver imposter

    she reads COH & JJ to see what’s being said about her then she/her PR call paps to “stage” pics that further “prove” she’s nothing more than a desparate fameho who signed a publicity contract.

  • silvercopycrap

    the imposter is still pretending to be someone else. it’s part of their deception strategy to undermine someone and to cause confusion about who is who. mimick other posters, try to imitate their posts in order to confuse and distract. secret envy breeds obvious contempt. envy and mental illness should be strictly prohibited.


  • Tazla

    @what he does to women:
    That is exactly right. It’s like they completely lose their own identities once they hook up with Clooney. They no longer appear to have any life of their own. Of course we don’t know for sure if he takes any interest in them as women who have their own identities but it doesn’t look like it.

  • anthony

    I don’t dislike her since I don’t know her, she is cute and has a great body … but this looks like a photo shoot not random pap shots

  • aunt honey

    she loves to pretend she’s beating the crap out of women and would go so far as to rub her gross twat on the ropes doing so shaking her $%%% in the air so perverts can mind skunk her. she’s a disgusting famewhore with a phony smile. now that you know what she stands for, your concept of cute and great body is everyone elses concept of gross famewhore.

  • Step down

    George says he doesn’t “ever tell anyone how to live their life.” Meanwhile for the past year he didn’t hesitate to tell the entire world that the Govt of Sudan isn’t honest about how many tanks they parked on the border of S. Sudan, according to the manner that they choose to “lead their lives.” George decided to play mr. morality spy then and set up satellites to spy on the GOS’s “indecent” behavior. In otherwords, George Clooney thinks it’s his “responsibility” to tell the entire world how Sudan’s govt. should live their lives according to what George says is a decent posture for the GOS to uphold ….

    SO WHO THE HELL ARE YOU GEORGE CLOONEY TO TELL SUDAN to talk truth and maintain decency when you yourself are the epitome of DECEIT and indecency with your PR hooker escorts parading around with you- trying to fake the public into believing these fake girlfriends are actually real girlfriends???
    The GOS must be laughin their heads off at your hypocrasy. Unfortunately, your PR charades are far more pathetic and a disgrace to intelligent decent women, than they are funny.

    Resign as the UN messenger of peace because you don’t stand for peace. You stand for indecency ala PR whore escorts in order for your ego to stay popular and relevant in the media. The vulgar combination which you stand for will never be equated with “peace”. It is your perogative to stand for indecency and vulgarity, but resign as a messenger of peace for the UN because women worldwide don’t want YOU representing vulgarity and indecency on our behalf. We stand for decency and integrity. You do not, so RESIGN!!!

  • PETA Patrol

    Poor dog is prolly scared to death thinking the famewhore might try to start bashing the dogs head against the ground since famewhore thinks it’s “fun” to kick and bash and wrestle people, let alone animals, especially if $$$$ and fame are included. keibler famewhore will prolly try to strip down to a thong next time she calls the paps to take her picture walkin the dog, in high hopes she can get her arse papped while it’s shaking in mid-air in front of the poor doggy. It’s no wonder the dog’s as humiliated as can be. Why “rescue” a dog when you turn around and jeopardize the same dog by “forcing” the dog to be papped with a famewhore who loves violence and sticking her skunk hole in the air? Dog needs rescued again now….way to screw up the dogs life…just so your lame ego can stay relevant in the media.

  • Citiz

    Notice that the pap agency is Startraks, notoriously well-known for arranging shoots with the photographied subject. This was planned and a lame move for an irrelevant celebrity.

  • cowbulls

    I think Stacy is one of the sexiest women I’ve seen in a long time.


    Cowbulls sure that’s true as long as you do not count in true intelligence, being secure, and resorting to outdated methods to grab the Hollywood brass ring which sure in h*e*l*l did not even remotely factor in George’s decision here. Well honestly it never does, and that is smart on his part. Why? A real woman would not put up, or participate in this s*h*i*t*. I do have to give him kudos for that. He knows what market he can work with. Lol!

  • signage

    The poor imposter dog that Keibler got just for famewhoring purposes looks miserable. She’ll probably dump the poor thing in a shelter when she’s done using him.

  • here a dog there a dog

    Wonder how much it cost fameho to “hire” the pap to take her “staged” picture? Fameho looks like a fool as usual.

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  • Cristian

    She is an attractive woman. The only thing I don’t like is when women date George they seem to become more so needy of him. Everything they do is around his life. They vacation with his friends in the places he likes.