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Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler Get Kissy at Lakers Game

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler Get Kissy at Lakers Game

Vanessa Hudgens kisses beau Austin Butler at the L.A. Lakers game on Friday (January 6) at Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The couple watched the home team beat the Golden State Warriors 97-90.

Vanessa, 23, and Austin, 20, watched all the action from court side seats while sitting next to Dancing with the Stars pro Cheryl Burke.

Also spotted checking out the game: One Tree Hill‘s Sophia Bush (in a Bren “Air” blouse in Blush) and Charlize Theron!

Earlier in the week, Vanessa stepped out in two pairs of short shorts while going to the gym and grabbing lunch.

FYI: Austin is wearing the AllSaints Tonic Scoop and leather jacket.

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Credit: Noel Vasquez/Getty; Photos: AKM, SplashNewsOnline
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  • grf


  • Ada


  • lauren

    let’s be real, the only reason why she’s going to a lakers game is because so she can be scene and get her taken, and gets to make out with austin.

    free publicity.

  • Comical

    Here we go again….

  • Em

    Showmance! Shame because most people liked her before she became a famewhore.

  • Comical

    …forgot to add YAWN!

  • anne


  • Charlie

    It’s like you hate us. -_-

  • anne

    You are a Vaustin fan… Right? Hahaha you really love Vanessa

  • tare

    So cute!

  • yets

    austin is gettin so sexy.

  • lauren



    i’m not a fan of them or her,

    it’s called being honest

    get over it.

  • tare

    Nothing ever could be more fake than zanessa… Hahaha
    Vanessa looks so happy here!

  • p

    Sophia Bush should’ve been the headline.

  • ?????????

    Awwww not popular enough to get courtside seats like Zac could.

    What a famewhore and complete bitch

  • tare

    Like efron used to do with her? Hahaha please…

  • lauren

    um..”zanessa” wasnt fake, how was that fake?

    if anything it was zac who wanted to be all private?

  • lauren

    un no it was the complete oppposite?
    wtf is your problem? why are you such a hater?

  • lauren

    also @tera
    i highly doubt zac goes to lakers games to be scene,,he goes because he likes the lakers, you selfish p**CK

  • Dianne

    Everytime I see this two together..I feel Im gonna threw up..They look horrible…Vanessa Hudgens looks getting more ugly and ugly…

  • rach

    Is there any place they go where they don’t make out in public?

  • tare

    Hahaha they were fake!
    That relationship was pure PR

  • lauren

    then explain how it was ”pr” then?
    since you tend to know everything?

  • tare

    Yeaah, they were at the games JUST before his premieres… Wooow he hates that… Just check on the dates…

  • malena

    What a beautiful girl!
    Glaaaaaaaad to see her finally happy with a real men!

  • malena

    I think they were… They have just the preess in front of thems

  • lei

    i think vanessa is really in love w/ austin now.

  • begum

    stupid vanessa i started to hate you ! zac is the best !

  • Moira

    Hey its the PDA loving couple, where would our relationship be without the PDA we are happy and in love and we have to make sure everyone knows it, oh they are so happy. Do people work that hard to potray happiness? Even if they are why is it important. And if her last relationship waz pr who got paid, she or zac, becos you make it sound as if the pr thing was to zac’s benefit. Am thinking if it waz pr for zac’s benefit then she must have being paid big time. It takes two to tango you know. Glad my josh got out when he did, he can do much better and he will.

  • Theresa

    Why not take you own advice and not bring his name up on her thread since you were the first to mention him.
    I mean OMG how dare she go to a game and even worse how dare she kiss her boyfriend there. I mean come on people open your eyes the only reason you have a problem with it is because it’s her; anyone else and you wouldn’t say a word.

  • malena

    All the people here, the “haters” are zac fans… wooa, they used to hate Vanessa because she was dating Zac, then they hate Vanessa because she BU with him, and now they hate Vanessa because she is happy with other guy? Lol WTF people! I think she doesnt want zac anymore, why are his fans so mad at her hahaha

  • boji

    This loved up couple are tops in my book. I think Austin is not afraid to show his affections for v. They seem so good together. I like the pic of him kissing her hand. If any of you find the pics not to yr taste, just skip the page. I personally think v has found her match. No need to oggle and be all prissy minded.

  • The80sRule

    Staged and desperate for attention because her movies suk!

  • James Woods

    Who goes out and public and conducts themselves like this? Is this girl really this trashy?

    I guess the answer is yes since i’ve already seen the pictures of her posted online of other things she’s done but my god.

    I wonder if this is one of the reasons Zac dumped her.

  • em.

    I don’t know her reasons but it’s clear her intention is of being seen with this guy. Like i’ve mentioned before, she seems uncomfortable and annoyed most of the time in candids by herself, with friends and family, a good percent of the time she is hiding her face. But somehow when Austin is around she’s putting on some show…
    Clearly she still isn’t uncomfortable with candids, why else would she seem annoyed in most of the other ones? So I can’t believe this story of ‘oh this is the real Vanessa’ and all of that, because then you are saying the real Vanessa is only happy with Austin and annoyed most of the other time.
    I think this relationship is new (3-4 months?) mind you a quarter of that she was working. And within that time they’ve managed to created a really exciting relationship, all the traveling and adventourous things they are doing, honestly at this point it’s probably infatuation, that can easily be decieved as love.
    Austin may be mature, but he is a 20 year old guy and i don’t doubt he is crazy about V, but I think he is young. I also think he really just likes all the excitng things he gets to do now. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him jump in and go on her promo tour with him and i’m sure V maybe likes the idea of having someone always willing and capable of being around.
    I’m not denying their happines, but i also don’t think this is very serious… Vanessa has been in the business long enough to know the less you give the media, the more your are protecting your life and the people in it. She’s said it herself in her own words. She knows how to protect a relationship and this isn’t it. I think she’s just having fun. Which is fine.
    I don’t know why but after every comment on a V thread, I feel i have defend this is my opinion and I have the right to share it. Obviously I know V won’t read this and she won’t care and it won’t change things. But I’m just annoyed because as much as I love the career driven V, i’m not so crazy about this ridiculously obvious PDA her. It’s just weird that she knows a camera is right there.

  • jaded

    Definately courtside seats…her manager is also in some of the pictures. She looks so gorgeous in these pics.

  • malena

    Austin is tall! How cute!

  • Whatever

    Yada Yada Yada. Everytime new pics come out, its the same thing. Get over it already!!!! So what she’s showing public PDA!!!! You people sound so jealous.

  • zac-is-wack

    @lauren: The only real thing in “ZANESSA” is Vanessa. Your idol ZAC is the fake part. A whole chunk of fake!!!
    You must be cringing inside to see Vanessa so happy with a real dude like Austin. A good catch. At least he doesn’t look fake, and certainly not gayish!

  • malena

    i love how she is really true to herself, she is living her life, she doesnt need or want to hide her feelings, the only problem here is her past disney relationship, but is ok, no one out of that world cares about that anymore, she is just having fun…

  • zac-is-wack

    @?????????: You complain that Zac should not be mentioned in Vanessa threads but you’re always the first one to bring that douche name here. His tattoo should be DOLO – instead of YOLO! Douche only love’s ownself!

  • Vera

    I like v and all,and think she and austin make a cute couple if not necessarily a great couple but why the constant PDA, you love each other we get it, they don’t have anything to prove to anyone but to themselves and that is where the reality truly lies. Are we in it for ourselver or for people. She doesn’t have to let the papz dictate how she lives but when she begins to live her life for them it becomes questionnable and her life in the past months has become a reality show without dialogue,and the papz know it, oh here goes vanessa hudgens we are sure to get a little drama. And before you jump on me, liking someone doesn’t mean you have to agree,accept everything they do and that is where i find fault with Maria and Boji are you guys truly mothers? How do you guide your kids? If this girl walks out naked you will applaud her and give reasons for her doing so, true love chastizes. You don’t have to go the way of the haters, nor state your disapproval but defending everything is plain stupidity. Nothing wrong with PDA but in their case and i think the PDA is important like a life line to the relationship.

  • zac-is-wack

    @lauren: you deserve a clap because anytime JJ starts a thread you are the first one to comment. It’s like Vanessa is a timebomb in your head. Hope it doesn’t blow up on you soon. The more you hate the more you love, is the case here obviously.

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    U haters!!get a life,!!plz???!!!!whats the point that u have to waste ur time to comment bad comments to Vanessa???she is doing what she want to do,u have no authority to judge her,Go away,!!yack!!!

  • Enna

    Too much PDA lately! Not good

  • lauren

    what is your problem?
    clearly your a zac fan because everytime theres a zac posts u have to hate on him?why are you such a hater?

    so im assuming your a v fan then?

  • Theresa

    Ever since she started showing affection for him in public people have been jumping on the “hate or disapproval” bandwagon; more than usual. My question to those of you who seem to have the biggest issue with this is why; if she’s not doing anything any other couple would do or other celebs have been seen doing what’s the big deal? We’ve seen her kiss her past partner in public before so why all of a sudden is it the whole she’s a famewhore or she’s just trashy; unless my memory is completely failing (which I don’t believe it is) none/most of you didn’t have a problem with it then so why have such a big issue now.?

  • Michelle

    @Theresa I think it’s the fact that every single time they’re out together there’s a picture of them kissing? I’m not sure. I’m mostly just tired of hearing about them all the time. And with Zac, the most they did in public was usually just kiss, and even then it was very seldom. With Austin she’s kissing him right in front of the paps all the time, so it makes the whole relationship seem a little off to me. I don’t even actually mind the kissing, it’s the straddling him in public places and making out with him next to their friends that bothers me. I’m a more private person and hate PDA though, so I guess it’s all just a matter of opinion.

  • Horrormom

    Her fake smile turns me off

  • zac-is-wack

    @lauren: tough luck lauren. i don’t like ZAC but i dont hate him. he’s crappy and gayish! And a douche. not like —- isn’t hate. I can live with Zac hooking up with whoever he chooses, girl or boy. But you dear lauren, can’t take the fact that Vanessa has a better guy now!