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Alexander Skarsgard: Gym Guy!

Alexander Skarsgard: Gym Guy!

Alexander Skarsgard works on his fitness as he heads into Equinox gym on Sunday (January 8) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 35-year-old True Blood hunk donned his workout gear and carried his gym bag into the fitness center for his intense cardio session.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

Have you seen Alex on the cover of August Man‘s January 2012 issue? Check out the shot in case you missed it! Alex shares a cover with his fellow True Blood co-star Joe Manganiello.

Alex can next be seen on the big screen in Battleship, coming out on May 18.

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307 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgard: Gym Guy!”

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  1. 101
    Canuck Says:

    @ladybug: That’s a good point.

    Is anyone else having a Lady McBeth moment? Out, out damned SPOT? Lol

  2. 102
    Camille Says:

    True enough, it’s just too much. You still need the human element to play off the supe stuff. Plus, they give way too many bit characters major storyline and screen time. I think Arlene and Terry are funny, but I don’t give two sh*ts about their damn baby, etc. Waste of air time.

    Probably most of the people reading these comments actually. I don’t get why the constant need for attention on some nameless forum, but whatever.

  3. 103
    ok Says:

    Well we now know who dump who, dont we kate…

  4. 104
    Skars is a God Says:

    Woohoo! Love me some Alex.
    Beautiful man, great human being and a superb actor!

  5. 105
    seeshay Says:

    how nice to finally see some new photos — thanks JJ. I agree with all the above posters that Alan Ball has sadly failed to capture most of the best parts of the book series — both Eric’s charm and the good strength of women. I don’t expect that to change in S5 but I think Alex has enough movie projects lined up that he will do fine. I think Battleship is a popcorn movie, not a vehicle to showcase his acting talents, but I am hoping that The East will do that in a major way. Does anyone have any idea when that movie is due out?

  6. 106
    mforman Says:

    @#89–PR Pro—You made an excellent point. The creature now only gets attention again with the pap calling on herself, going to the salon, the vet and my favorite the paps innocently finding her and MP and his poor daughter at a crowded mall, with her holding hands with that poor teenage girl and making sure the paps got the photos of the hand holding. She wanted a perfect little family photo op, she is so desparate because she has nothing coming up in the New Year, and will do anything to stay relevant.
    So of course her loonies get mad, they actually think she deserves to get attention. What a laugh.

    #99–STOP—I know I said I wasn’t going to respond to any of these awful posts, but this one bothered me more than the rest. Have you seen any of AS’s films? Honestly he has been in this business for a very long time and each and every role he has ever taken on, whether here or in Sweden, are completely different and he brings something special to each and every role. I really don’t think you have seen anything he has done because I don’t think you could say the things you are if you had seen PUSS or Generation Kill, for instance. The only one here that is coked up is KB and it is widely known throughout HW, we aren’t making that up. Yes, AS drinks and he has never hidden that, on the other hand everyone that the creature comes into contact with knows about her drug habit. OB did not fire RB either after the break up, in fact I believe she still represents him, she is one of the biggest publicists around and I think AS gave her an offer she couldn’t refuse, he took control of his publicity and RB has to come to AS before she pulls her stunts, he decides when to be papped now, not her and her games. RB knows the money maker he is and will be. AB has said more than once how that AS is the sweetest and hardest working guy he has ever worked with and was thrilled with his casting. KB even lost Ryan K, who used to help her after the nightmare know as WW and the fact that, that was part of the reason he was fired or demoted, whichever you want to call it. She only has paid for friends, in 10 yrs in this business she has not one friend that isn’t on her payroll, that has to tell you something. AS only keeps making friends and contacts in this business, whereas KB once again only has the people she pays(by the way, did your check clear, this month), and little by little her circle gets smaller and smaller. Her reputation in HW, which none of us have made up is that of box office poison, a pariah and an extremely unpleasant and nasty person to work with.

    @#98–Camille–You are so right, when AB writes the scripts they are just awful, also when he directs they aren’t so hot. He really needs to step back for the upcoming season and let the others take control, Alexander Woo writes amazing scripts as do the two young women whose names I can not think of. That is why I was so glad the executives at HBO stepped in last season, and took control and gave the fans what they wanted up until that last episode. We all can only hope for the best this season.

    #104–ok–Yes we do know who did the dumping and that really is such a great thing. He truly deserves soooo much better.

  7. 107
    steph Says:

    i have been dying for a gym photo! i know he loves his privacy…but thanks for giving us a little taste. :) hot as always. :)

  8. 108
    ladybug Says:

    @seeshay: The East is scheduled for sometime in 2012, which narrows it down completely! I suspect fall. I wouldn’t be surprised if WMK and Disconnect are also fall releases.

  9. 109
    texas swede Says:

    @seeshay: Not soon enough. IMDB still has it as in production. I think it is going to show a lot of folks why he is doing what he is doing. One of the things I enjoy the most when I get the opportunity to work is watching an actor go from themselves into a character in an instant. Watching Alex go from himself to someone so not him in a split second is a gift.

  10. 110
    Cafélady Says:

    Wow…not long after a new post, and then prompt the haters going nuts…lol

    @the trolls:
    Wow! It’s always nice to have some continuity in life. (s)
    And it’s almost as sure as the amen in the church (and no, just to say it instantly; I’m not religious, at least not in an usual sense..)…every time after jj has made a new post the haters feel to be forced to let know us their boring thoughts and opinions…lol…and to make it complete, it’s always still the same too…lol…Like I said, this I would call continuity! lol
    I would say we all took now a note of it that you -the trolls- have done your ‘duty’ now…and now back to the important people and things!


    @ the regulars:
    I think we’re all happy about this new post, and of course I’m happy too! He looks good as usual. I know and respect too, that alex loves his privacy – so this was that much more super nice, to have let us this pic at least!
    But I guess this was it again for the next weeks…until TB is back in production…

  11. 111
    texas swede Says:

    @ladybug: Sorry not trying to feed them but now they are copying my style of separating paragraphs. I just don’t want anyone thinking it might be me.
    And I have to say I am amazed at the strides one has made in their gain of vocabulary content and knowledge of how to use it. Or is their life partner doing the posting for them now? ;)
    Sorry. Going to my corner now. But you have to admit I am usually good and have not been bad in a long time.

  12. 112
    Haters gonna hate Says:

    @ STOP Go ahead, post your hart away, unleash your obsession. That only shows what we fans already know; even haters/anti fans are fascinated by him. They can’t stop reading, talking and dreaming about him. Well hate is love it’s purest form, hate is new love <3

  13. 113
    Cafélady Says:

    @texas swede:
    Sorry for copying your style of separating paragraphs. I found it just a good idea. I’m sorry that you apparently thinking because that, that I would be a troll…lol…but #110 was really me – the real cafélady. I’m sorry it wasn’t my intention to give a false impression. But I hoped it would be clear that I meant it sarcastic (to the trolls).

  14. 114
    texas swede Says:

    @Cafélady: Cafelady I would never consider you a troll. I hold you in the highest esteem and consider you a friend I have yet to meet. I find your using my style a form of flattery.
    The two trolls I was referring to are STOP and AIB.
    Please accept my apology for making you think I meant you?

  15. 115
    Canuck Says:

    @texas swede: Hahaha for the life partner comment. Bad TS, bad… ;)

  16. 116
    lafamepoma Says:

    If you are in love, and you want ypur partner to stay, listen to this beautiful song

  17. 117
    texas swede Says:

    @Canuck: @115
    Making a face like Eric after draining Sookies Fairy Godmother………”UM em sorry.”

  18. 118
    PRPro Says:


    Oh Kate, sweetheart, time to take your meds and have a good rest. Your bitterness is showing, k?

  19. 119
    ladybug Says:

    @texas swede: And I have to say I am amazed at the strides one has made in their gain of vocabulary content and knowledge of how to use it. Or is their life partner doing the posting for them now? ;)
    Sorry. Going to my corner now. But you have to admit I am usually good and have not been bad in a long time.”
    I suspect a TB related troll myself. KB related trolls seems slightly more … unhinged from reality.

  20. 120
    Cafélady Says:

    @texas swede:
    There’s nothing to apologize. :) I guess it was just a case of misunderstanding and this happens easy :)
    It was just for it (that I had this thought) because your comment was direct after mine…and I fear I have sometimes a sense of humor which often don’t comes good to others (not the first experince of mine with it *sigh*) so I thought instantly it must had been a bit misunderstanding for you…I mean, I’m german and I know from my (american) family that the german humor -especially the one of mine- is sometimes a bit…weird for them…lol (hope it’s clear what I want to say)

    It’s flattering for me too and very nice to say that, that you consider me as a friend you would like to meet once – I can say with you it’s the same for me too :) but I fear that’s a bit difficult lol
    and thanks for the compliment too, the feeling is mutual. :)

    Personal I find it a bit a pity that jj allows that everyone can copy every nickname…especially in case of ‘troll-assembly’s’ lol
    even it wasn’t the case this time, but I remember it happened earlier already…
    This makes it hard for the regulars sometimes to distinguish between the people…and it brings sometimes a bit confusion anyway – like one can see…

  21. 121
    Canuck Says:

    @texas swede: Loll! :D

  22. 122
    Truebeehll Says:

    Waaait!!! STOP and AISB! Speaking of True Blood, am I smelling moyerism, with a hint of a stinking dog here? Because beehll and alsied fans really hate him and they are like creepishly stalkerish and obsessed with him (even more than his fans). Btw, did you notice how much they actually know about Alex, who they think is “nobody”? They seem to spend a LOT of time studying and writing about some balding dude who no one is interested in. Funny! About the show, yes, TB has turned into a trainwreck but we can’t stop watching.

  23. 123
    Trolls. Says:

    I see the 2 trolls are still on here, you really have earned your free peace of monthly crapmint from your employer kb for spewing hateful comments about beautiful Alexander.

  24. 124
    chelle Says:

    Nice to see a pretty face after the month of hell I just finished ….2 dead siblings last one passed early this morning … and boyfriend have now been charged with 2 counts capital murder …makes one wonder if all the time I’ve put in is worth it …I hate peds rotation especially in trauma

  25. 125
    texas swede Says:

    I don’t show it often but I really do have s sense of humor. I promise to show more of it in the future. I am a hard person to truly get to know.
    Cafelady……You and I are cool. we will always be ok with each other. Spending time in Europe helps me to understand your humor and I enjoy it.
    I made a decision in Season 1 of TB not to relate the books and the series. I was a book fan and will always be. I feel the bad feelings about the last couple of books have been due to folks expecting more excitement and more laid out instead of left to imagination. I blame this on the series. Charlaine’s style was always to involve our imaginations and let us run wild with it. That is what made me love the books in the first place. And I can imagine how hard it was to write them once the series came out. After all this was her character she invented, she developed, and had to see become someone she did not recognize. Yet she has kept her the strong woman we respected from the start. And I am sure she will end it with her being the same woman. We are lucky she continued to write them. She could have just quit. Notice she has not made her usual cameo appearance the last 2 seasons.
    As far as the season goes I simply loved season 1. I could have skipped season 2 and not missed a thing. Season 3 brought my interest back. Season 4 gave Ball the chance to redeem himself and he failed miserably. Instead of focusing on the Sookie and Eric story (which would have brought even higher ratings) he focused on the witch story. Just like the maenad in season 2. His own storylines instead of what the public wanted. Ball does not believe in happiness and uses his medium to promote his belief rather than give his public some entertainment that brings them some happiness. Now GAME OF THRONES {which followed the book story almost perfectly} and BOARDWALK EMPIRE are getting all the award nominations and the actors from those shows are getting nominated. I hope the producers limit his involvement this season since he is doing another project for HBO this may be a move to do so. And many of the future book characters are dead [Sophie Anne, Claudine, and Bubba never was, so that cuts many book stories out completely. This only means more Ball storylines. Season 5 will be my decision. It will also be the final contract year for many of the regular actors. It is going to be a VERY interesting season!!!!

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