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Blue Ivy Carter: Beyonce & Jay-Z's Newborn Daughter?

Blue Ivy Carter: Beyonce & Jay-Z's Newborn Daughter?

Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z have reportedly welcomed a baby girl named Blue Ivy Carter!

The 30-year-old entertainer gave birth on Saturday (January 7) via a schedule C-section, according to E! Beyonce‘s reps have yet to confirm the news.

“Welcome to the world princess Carter! Love Aunty Rih,” family friend Rihanna tweeted.

Beyonce announced to the world that she was pregnant on the red carpet at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards in August by holding her baby bump.

Reports surfaced over New Year’s weekend that she had given birth to a baby girl named Tiana May, but they were shot down by Bey‘s sister Solange on Twitter.

Congratulations to the happy family – if the news is true!!!

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82 Responses to “Blue Ivy Carter: Beyonce & Jay-Z's Newborn Daughter?”

  1. 1
    emmaa Says:

    A baby girl! This will be one spoilt rotten baby girl. Just sayin.

  2. 2
    emmaa Says:

    In seriousness though this is nice news. Congrats to Bey and Jay.

  3. 3
    roro Says:

    yes congrats to the surrogate! I wonder what the girl will think when she know what people say about her and about her fake parentts

  4. 4
    Sean Says:

    A C-section? Guess she didn’t want her thing stretched out

  5. 5
    Sue Denim Says:

    If she had a C-section she’s not the first woman to have it not will she be the last to do it so let’s not judge that, it’s just disrespectful to those that do and no they aren’t all rich.

    Anyway, all that rubbish aside CONGRATS to them! Very sweet.

  6. 6
    miapocca Says:

    4 months pregnant in August, should have barely been showing for a first timer, but people carry differently

    –She was therefore jumping up and down in her first trimester quite intensely, thats so scary to know

    –hope the baby came out okay and head and everyhting was well shaped considereing how much mummy was jumping up and down

    –travelling by air during the last month of the pregnancy

    -Beyonce is one strong woman

    –elective c sections..all these obgyn for teh stars should come underder scrutiny just as the precription docs in hollywierd

  7. 7
    miapocca Says:

    time fot jay z to start owning up to his other kids…cant imagine how a woman could be happy with a man who neglects or will not publicly acknowledge his other kids..


    next up is:




  8. 8
    Lou Says:

    So great for them. Regardless of rumours of how the child was born, she will be so loved and thats all that matters. Congrats!

  9. 9
    nes Says:

    arghh the name is just awful!

  10. 10
    Lola Says:

    I think that stars shouldn’t lie to their fans.

    Fans bring them money.
    Shame on Bey.

  11. 11
    Sam Says:

    A baby is always a reason to celebrate. Congrats!

  12. 12
    Tesi J Says:

    It’s actually Blue Ivy Carter… Congrats to them!

  13. 13
    cw Says:

    hope that kid doesnt have her dad’s nose OMG

  14. 14
    kallie Says:

    i’ll never say a bad word abt a baby because thats nothing but good news.. but we all now know she really wasnt pregnant!

  15. 15
    gglover128 Says:

    Congrats to them both no matter how the baby was born :)

  16. 16
    sillyme Says:

    I think she was faking the pregnancy, even eating differently and using other means to make it look like she was gaining in other parts of her body, but the baby is born and it is theirs, so time to move on. I wouldn’t be surprised if the surrogate mother didn’t know whose baby it was.

  17. 17
    Jude Says:

    Congrats Bee :)

  18. 18
    sammy Says:

    congrats on the bubba – in typical celebrity style they’ll be getting away with the fake pregnancy. no wonder they feel untouchable.

    i still think its nuts tho’.

  19. 19
    chris Says:

    People should stop saying that beyonce wasn´t pregnant. I am not defending Beyonce I am defending the kid. The effects that this rumors may have on the child are serious, so let it go and let beyonce and jay z handle the situation.
    Besides even if she wasn´t pregnant, nobody knows the real reason why she would invent this lie. So please let it go…

  20. 20
    alicealice_oh Says:

    IVy – there is ‘IV’ Blue from Blueprint.. congrats bey&jay! ;)

  21. 21
    Marianne Says:

    I think Ivy Blue is a super adorable name. And personally I think Beyonce was really pregnant, did a little padding in the beginning, to make it more noticeable,and it got out of hand. Either way, that baby is going to be well loved.

    Also, she could have had a C-Section because of a complication in the birth, she could have been in labor for too long. We don’t know. Don’t Judge.

  22. 22
    Alrighty then Says:

    I don’t like the name. It’s not the worse celeb name but it’s still not that great to me. Ivy reminds me of Poison Ivy and Blue? Seriously? Why not purple?!? I mean REALLY SON. If you’re gonna name your freakin’ daughter a color name, at least choose one like pink or red….. XD

  23. 23
    rt3r44 Says:

    Weird she said she was pregnant in Aug. though and she wasnt even that big either,how she give birth already

  24. 24
    Britney Says:


  25. 25
    gffy Says:

    Fake preggo give a fake birth to a girl..
    Good job boynce for covering up so good

  26. 26
    Luiza Says:

    Sorry haters she was really pregnant.

    People really believe that she paid a fortune for an entire hospital shut up and pretend that was her that was lying on the desk of the hospital.

    A lot of people knew about this pregnancy! She had several professionals around her, you think she’d turn to each of them and say, “Okay, give me your bank account and not tell anyone that my belly looks fake.”

    Only anonymous people were saying that her belly looks fake. HATERS, fans of Britney and Rihanna.

    GET OVER IT! She is now a happy mommy.

  27. 27
    Hold It Says:

    Aunty Rih???? Keep that Baby as far away from that STRIPPER!!!
    Congrats Bey & Jay!

  28. 28
    Camilla Says:

    @roro and all the people that liked that post are idiots. Even if Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s baby was delivered by a surrogate, biologically the baby’s parents would still be B and J as surrogacy involves taking the egg of a female (Beyoncé) and fertilizing it with the sperm of a male (Jay-Z) and implanting it into the uterus of the surrogate. Just goes to show how stupid these people who make up and spread these rumours are.

  29. 29
    dooliloo Says:

    congratulations to the surrogate who had the baby for Beyonce and JayZ.. you get your pay day now! hard to believe she had a “baby” today when she was apparently walking around in SKY HIGH HEELS and eating oysters the night before. lol.. there have been blind items around, talking about this for the last few months. SHE was not pregnant (didn’t want to hurt her figure), they had a surrogate — next will come the AMAZING PICTURES how she lost her baby weight. *wink wink*….

  30. 30
    a fan Says:

    Congrats to the Carters!!! I love the name. God bless them. =)

  31. 31
    Qiana Says:

    Dude people shut up. Who in the hell fakes a pregnancy? Name one person you know that would do that? She was pregnant, and she had her baby. It was obvious.

    Her hands were swollen, her feet were swollen, and so was her face.

  32. 32
    Heather Says:

    congrat to beyonce and jay

  33. 33
    Heather Says:

    Congrat to Beyonce

  34. 34
    Jade Says:

    You do know that certain medications can cause swollen face and feet. But I’m more confused about the timeline. I thought Beyonce said her baby was due in February or did I read that somewhere?

  35. 35
    Blanca Says:

    It’s Blue Ivy Carter!!!!!
    Gwyneth Paltrow just twitt

  36. 36
    Luabloe Says:

    I’m sorry but it IS shocking to use a surrogate mother!!!!! Why would another woman risk her LIFE to give birth to a kid you’re not willing to damage your body for???
    These people are disgusting, seriously…And paying the hospital to have the whole floor to yourself is just plain ridiculous, i wouldn’t want to see that woman even if she gave birth in the same hospital than me; like everybody cares about them….
    Open your eyes “Bey” and “Jay”, you’re not the center of the world, you’re stupid and self indulged, people don’t give a fµck about you…..

  37. 37
    a fan Says:

    thanks Bianca. Still love the name. I wander if we’ll know the weight and all or maybe well just have to wait till TMZ find the birth certificate like they did for the marriage license once its filed. lol. Seriously, I am so happy for this wonderful couple to have such a blessing.

  38. 38
    ESP Says:

    I like Bey, but she did not handle this correctly.
    When rumors started after that European tv show, her camp should have gone into major pr mode. Pr is part of the game, so don’t give that oh her right to privacy, wanting to keep her privacy at this specail time in her life…
    All Bey needed to do was have a print interview and not address these rumors. Just have an interview about her life now,, and possible House fo Derion kids clothing line…let interviwer feel her baby bump, take some pics if differnt clothes. Wear some form fitting. Some sheer there at baby bump. Chaging in front of staff .
    Now there is always a ?

    How come Bey did not a big baby celeb blowout shower???
    Ok, there is nothing this wants, but pr pr pr. Clebs could have given money and Bey could ahve taken that money and given it to baby .kid charities. Aswww, celebs giving to charity..,,all get pr there.

    NEXT, and I am Black AMerican , mixed, generationally mixed, but ummm no way no how Bey-A Back AMericna, with some Creole from her mother, but her dad is all Black and Jay-Z who is 100 % Black, so no way they can have a mixed looking, Creole, very light, small nosed baby.
    IMPOSSIBLE. Bey’s sister’s little boy is mixed looking. Solange is ugly and looks Black like their dad. I am not being mean. Solange is average looking and makes herself look ulgy with her style.
    Solnage’s ex was a Black guy but light and kind of a mixed look.
    If Bey’s mom, Tina, a Creole, had married a White man, pure White or married a White Creole, or someone mixed, her kids would have come out on the other side. Beys’ dad is all Black.
    NEXT, is Bey going to do a Micheal Jackson. Those kids of Micheal’s are not his biological kids. They are his kids. He bought and paid for them . A Black man like Micheal, not mixed, does not ahve three pure White , 100% all Caucasian kids.
    Black men genes are stronger than Black women. That is Black women, if they marry White, they kids tend to look more mixed or all White. See Eartha Kitts daughter. Not all of the time. Depends on how strong the Black women’s genes are. Some have kids who look brownish. Sone Black guys, fewere though, kids look mixed or go as White-Derek Jeter, Kris Humpheries. Their dads are not that Black though. Quincy Jones kids look White and go as White by Peggy lipton.
    Quincy is really a Black guy. It really depends.
    Still , the kids HAVE to MUST have some look, eyes, color, slight skin color, smile, expressions, laugh, voice, mouth sahped, like their paretns. Micheal Jackosn’s look, not jsut skin color, but no eye shape , smile, nothing like him. Earhta Kits White daughter looks just like her, only thing is Kit the daughter is White, blond.

  39. 39
    ESP Says:

    Oh Paula Pattons ;s looks 100% White, blond. BUT Palua is Biraical, ixed.
    The child looks jsut like Gloria Loring, Robin Thicke’s mother.
    I do not know if Paula Pattons ‘s mother is White Blond.
    It is usually Black guys who pick White women. I doubt, would be surprised if Palau Patton’s mom is nBlack, dad is White.

  40. 40
    PaulyneZI Says:

    This is Blue Ivy Carter ;)

  41. 41
    ESP Says:

    Naming the child Blue is kind of dumb. Just like Harper Seven, Apple, Banjo, Morrocan.

    Blue is an old name in cleb world that stunned celeb world so Bey messed up here in tyring to go for originality.

    Elijah Blue Allmam, Gregg Allman and Cher ‘s sond was born about 37 years ago.

  42. 42
    Lola Says:

    REALLY JJ?! Remove my first comment why? I’m pretty sure someone else said the same thing. I hope the SURROGATE and child are doing OK.

  43. 43
    sneg Says:

    @ESP: You’re point is what? Was it necessary to get into the racial stuff? I don’t care if you are black why even bring that up!! I think you’ve been thinking about Beyonce and her life way too much. Move on friend!

  44. 44
    DETAS Says:

    Why would she name her baby Blue Ivy after Jay’s former girlfried Blu Cantrell?

  45. 45
    Lila Says:

    I wonder if she had a c section and why? I am not judging, I myself was going for a natural birth and eneded up w- a c section and it worked out okay for me. But I do know it changed my body quite a lot. I wonder why she would schedule it. Who knows

  46. 46
    Lila Says:

    and whats up w- the surrogat ething- so random- she had a normal pregnancy- why would anyone even have that random rumor? Just cause she carried small? so did Jessica Alba but no one accused her!

  47. 47
    Amanda Says:

    How does Gwyneth Paltrow always manage to get herself involved in publicity that has nothing to do with her? Is she now working as Beyonce’s publicist?

  48. 48
    shalyse Says:

    okay for one ,stop with this “surrogate mother ” and she faked the pregnancy stuff because,OVBIOUSLY she didnt, i dont think she’d want to hurt her career like that, and really there would be no point to lie anyways. All of the beyonce ” HATERS” are probably just jealous of her beauty,fame, and fortune. Just because her belly apparently wasnt that big means NOTHING. everyones different. and because she had a c-section means nothing either! and personally i think blue ivy carter is a beautiful name! so all you beyonce ” haters” stop hatin,because its just jealousy. why can’t you just be happy for them…. #teamBey

  49. 49
    ok Says:

    @ESP: Solange’s ex husband has a white mother. Yes, he is biracial hence the reason her son looks like he does. I do agree that Beyonce and Jay-z’s baby will not look like Solange’s son–but, genetics is really something else. We’ll see when the the baby is five and they finally decide to present her to the world for the first time.

  50. 50
    Candi Says:

    Congrats Jay and Bee!!!

  51. 51
    TitaS Says:

    Congrats Beyonce & Jay♥ May God Protect Ur New Bundle Of Joy No Matter If She Carried Or Someone Else Did Its Still There Daughter!!!

  52. 52
    angel22 Says:

    dame just cant take the nagatives

  53. 53
    angel22 Says:

    dame just cant take the nagatives

  54. 54
    angel22 Says:

    dame just cant take the nagatives

  55. 55
    abigail Says:

    Let’s hope she doesn’t look like the father >.<

  56. 56
    Vee Says:

    Congrats to Jay & Bey!! For all the ppl hollering surrogate, I doubt it. Mariah and J Lo 40 year old selves had twins!! These past preg prime ladies were able to have twins, pop them out and get back in shape like that. I doubt 30 year old with even more money for trainers, nutritionists and lypo believes she needs to fake a preg bcus she’s worring about getting that body back. Thats a normal healthy age to have children and she is young enough to bounce back quicker after ONE just biologically speaking.
    Realistically, if they were lying it would be best to not even mention C-section. That procedure can leave heavy scarring and even with the best dermatology surgeons it may be months before she will be able to show off her coveted stomach without airbrushing.

  57. 57
    kimberly wallace Says:

    @camillus</a You are one ignorant, confused, prejudice individual….and I kinda feel for you because you are totally ignorant to life itself…hate. Look in the mirror whom or whatever you are. If you are unhappy with yourself then make some changes for the better. Its individuals like you that make abortion legal…..get a real life,,,stop the hate and try a new thing….LOVE

  58. 58
    LetterB(Let-herB) Says:

    Wow! I cannot believe how many people put so much time and energy in spreading negativity. I really do not care what anyone says or believes I know that Beyonce was very much pregnant and I am happy for her and husband. Also, for the record a c-section is a very common procedure for women especially if they are well past their due date or had a difficult pregnancy as many doctors will have concerns about the complications that could happen with a vaginal delivery for the baby and the mother. Many women prefer a vaginal delivery, because you can bounce back faster. C-section means a longer recovery.

  59. 59
    Vickie Says:

    PLEASE, we all know she did NOT carry this child. Yes, SOME people don’t get that big, but some people aren’t big to begin with. Sorry folks but with her thighs, hips, rear & chest – she is a curvy woman & curvy women GET BIG. I’ve done it twice & lost it each time, the hard way. Look @ Jessica Simpson – she looks terrible & so did I. Pregnancy is not kind to curvy women, especially fit, toned, curvy women. You can keep those curves looking great UNTIL you find out your pregnant and there’s NOTHING that can be done about it. No matter how much money you have.
    The first thing that happens is your boobs get so enormous that it’s almost freakish. The butt & hips widen & fill with cottage cheese by the 5th month. There’s NO WAY someone with Beyonce’s shape, ONLY SHOWS with a slight baby bump. NO WAY.
    And for people wondering WHY she’d do it – Because her team & herself KNOW how hard it is for her to just stay looking trim WITHOUT a pregnancy. Why risk it, she can afford to let someone else do all the work.
    Also, if she were carrying that baby herself, there’s NO WAY she would have SCHEDULED a c- section. She’d be too worried about getting her post baby body back in shape & a c section would just lengthen her down time AND would cut through her abs causing more work.
    They HAD to say scheduled c section so she wouldn’t have to try & answer questions about a birth that she didn’t have.
    Here’s the real thing though – there’s NO DR. in his right mind that would ALLOW her to sched. a c section more than a month from her actual due date, which she said was late Feb. A Dr. is not going to risk a baby’s life & deliver a premature baby of at least 6 weeks.
    PLEASE Beyonce, it kinda makes me mad that you could go on stage & feel o.k. with rubbing a fake bump, didn’t you feel like an idiot? Or, did you just think we were all idiots?

  60. 60
    lacrystal Says:

    I love the name

  61. 61
    Mrs Wright Says:


    Sometimes a C-section is necessary for the following reasons:

    Pelvis to narrow to allow the child to be born without risk to the mother.
    Complete Placenta Previa = this means the placenta is completely covering the cervix and to proceed with a natural delivery could result in the deaths of the child and the mother.

    Sadly, so many misguided people have been making many rude and thoughtless comments ever since Bey announced her preganancy.

  62. 62
    carla nicholson Says:

    Any woman who has had a baby should know about the first three months of pregnancy the baby is at risk. Dancing in high heel shoes a doctor wouldnt even advise that. I believe a surrogate mother gave birth ti that baby. A C section looks like Beyonce would be in to good of shape than to have that.Hell you danced all through your so called pregnancy that baby should have slid out your you. You paid for a wing of the hospital so the other women wouldnt see the surrogate giving birth and you and Jay watching. Sorry Beyonce fans you been Pranked!

  63. 63
    carla nicholson Says:

    Vickie you are sooo right!

  64. 64
    Neek Says:

    generally you dont have a choice to choose whether to have the baby natural or a c section it depends!

  65. 65
    Neek Says:

    generally you dont have a choice to choose whether to have the baby natural or a c section it depends!

  66. 66
    Neek Says:

    People please stop hating & be happy for others! I see why our society is so messed up. Some of these post are horrible! Respect others, their privacy & happiness! Despite what the situation is i do believe Bey was pregnant this baby has more money than you haters will ever see now hate on that!!

  67. 67
    kLOVE; Says:

    Hope the surrogate is doinggg well ohh and the baby too!! hahaha

  68. 68
    kLOVE; Says:

    Hope the surrogate is doinggg well ohh and the baby too!! hahaha

  69. 69
    kLOVE; Says:

    Hope the surrogate is doinggg well ohh and the baby too!! hahaha

  70. 70
    Neek Says:

    @kLOVE;: Are you male or female i would assume a young male because you are not funny and make no sense haha!

  71. 71
    Neek Says:


  72. 72
    Arbia Mau Says:

    The reason why the hospital was tight security is because they did not want people to see that Beyonce was not having the baby, exactly Ingrid Jackson is a real person this is the lady that gave birth to the baby for Beyonce & Jay Z. Think about it when Michael Jackson kids were born he did not secure the hospital like this, in fact we did not hear anything about his kids being born, but this is the reason the hospital was in such an up roar because they wanted people to think that Beyonce was having the baby. Ingrid Jackson checked in because she actually gave birth to the baby not Beyonce. Thats a dam shame.

  73. 73
    lari Says:

    Ok people look .. I hate to be the one to point this stuff out but first f all .. to whoever it was that said once we see the color of the baby we will know the color of the woman they paid to carry this baby… ok maybe you dont understand what a sarogate is.. If in fact they did use a sarogate, this means that someone else carried a baby for them but it does not mean they are not the bio parents of thid child. generally a sarogate mother is impreganted with the egg and sperm of the bio parents. in dumbed down terms they took Jays sperm and beyonces egg and made a baby in a tray then put it into supposed sarogate! 2nd of all.. why does everyone assume she was not pregnant? if she was 4 months in August then this would be the 140th month in January do the math people… babies take 40 weeks to fully mature it makes sense that she would deliver now.. and I also am curious why everyone assumed it was an elective c-section.. Planned and elective are not the same thing.. Most C-sections are planned in advance.. all this means is there was a reason she could not deliver naturally.. She is a small framed woman its possible the baby was too big or breech or any number of reasons… I think instead of trying to find a fault in everything that happens in the world poeple should just be happy for them and stop trying to make this about something other than the birth of a child…I think its crazy and kinda crappy that everyone is ripping this apart like they are and drawing their own conclusions about what took place during a private family moment.. Who cares how they did it? Bottom line is they wanted to be parents and now they are.. Why does it have to be all about the gossip?

  74. 74
    liam buckley Says:

    Just wanted to say it’s NOT Ivy Blue, it’s Blue Ivy either way it’s” yuck” …..Still better than Paltrow’s daughter Apple….However, I’m disappointed, I thought it would be something unique after all her name is Beyonce….

  75. 75
    liam buckley Says:

    Just wanted to say it’s NOT Ivy Blue, it’s Blue Ivy either way it’s” yuck” …..Still better than Paltrow’s daughter Apple….However, I’m disappointed, I thought it would be something unique after all her name is Beyonce….

  76. 76
    liam buckley Says:

    Just wanted to say it’s NOT Ivy Blue, it’s Blue Ivy either way it’s” yuck” …..Still better than Paltrow’s daughter Apple….However, I’m disappointed, I thought it would be something unique after all her name is Beyonce….

  77. 77
    katea Says:

    i just want to say that yo are a very luck parents for your lil angel and congradulations kids are blessing from god and thats all it matters adn be a good parents to her adn be proud that you have her as your child. Good Luck

  78. 78
    TRTaylor Says:

    Congrats & Much love to the family. May God continue to bless you guys now & always. A Star is born! (as daddy/Jay Z said, God don’t make no mistakes). Miss BIC (Blue IVy Carter) will flicker and shine forever!

  79. 79
    perfect456 Says:

    so where are the photo’s of her so called baby girl? wasnt she supposed to be due in febuary??

  80. 80
    Iceman24 Says:

    Who cares? The name is stupid and she really was NOT pregnant…… NEXT!!!!

  81. 81
    Love on Top Says:

    @sillyme: Umm Surrogate mothers use The Mother and the father to be egg and sperm…so I’m sure she knew. All surrogates do is carry the kids and push em out.

  82. 82
    Barb Says:

    Wow.. who gives a crap. I don’t know why i’m even commenting but whenever a celebrity has a baby it’s as though the earth did a cartwheel or something. So what.

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