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Blue Ivy Carter: Statement From Beyonce & Jay-Z!

Blue Ivy Carter: Statement From Beyonce & Jay-Z!

Beyonce and Jay-Z have officially confirmed the happy news that they’ve welcomed a baby girl named Blue Ivy Carter.

“Hello Hello Baby Blue! We are happy to announce the arrival of our beautiful daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, born on Saturday, January 7, 2012.”

“Her birth was emotional and extremely peaceful, we are in heaven. She was delivered naturally at a healthy 7 lbs and it was the best experience of both of our lives. We are thankful to everyone for all your prayers, well wishes, love and support,” the couple wrote in a joint statement.

Jay also recently released a track called “Glory” online, which features Blue!! Be sure to listen to the sweet song, where he gushes about his newborn daughter.

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64 Responses to “Blue Ivy Carter: Statement From Beyonce & Jay-Z!”

  1. 1
    f Says:

    Celeberities and their ridiculous baby names, that wont make your kid better!

  2. 2
    cece Says:

    Congratulations to Beyonce and Jay Z.
    Is it bad I wish I was that baby?…lol!

  3. 3
    tara Says:

    Giving birth was he best experience of her life?? Man…she’s gotta try eating cake.

  4. 4
    sanoga Says:

    “Delivered naturally”? It was a c-section…

  5. 5
    Callie Says:

    The last article I read said she had a C-section now this says natural. I hope there were no complications and Beyonce did have a natural birth, much less recovery time :)

  6. 6
    f Says:

    Child with stupid name.

  7. 7
    Sarah89 Says:

    ”her birth was peaceful” lol that’s not what I think about when someone gives birth. :p But congratz to them. :)

  8. 8
    sceptic Says:

    Wow, it sure sounds like the “birth” was “magical” and just “perfect”. Beyonce can do “anything”.

    *Note sarcasm.*

  9. 9
    UGH Says:

    So I just listen to the song glory and I have to wonder what happen to his other kid…I didn’t hear a song about his other child oh well guess Blue runs the world.

  10. 10
    MMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    this is one woman who need’s to get her dad back as her manger asap,
    had he been so, he would have handled this mess a lot better

  11. 11
    mickey Says:

    Obviously E News, who are the ones who said it was a C-Section were wrong. Glad Bey was able to have it naturally. Congratulations!!!

  12. 12
    Luiza Says:

    B had a miscarriage… WOW I am even more happy for her

  13. 13
    Tiffany Says:

    not if he delivered natrually

  14. 14
    sanoga Says:

    @Smh: Hey, I have no judgement one way or the other. Obviously B and her doctors decided that a C Section was the best option and there’s nothing wrong with that. I just don’t see why they would be blatantly dishonest about it.

  15. 15
    Luiza Says:

    I knew it was a normal delivery.— ” scheduled c-section” , she would set it for january 4! She loves the number 4!

  16. 16
    BeyStan4eva Says:

    Peaceful delivery? ha

  17. 17
    bn Says:


  18. 18
    meh Says:

    best experience of her life because she didn’t have to carry it for 9 month or push it out herself…thanks to the surrogate this vain biotch has a brat.

  19. 19
    Luiza Says:

    We will see pictures of her pregnant and giving birth on her next album or DVD. *and all the haters will shut up*
    Write that down.
    She married in 2008 and we only saw pictures in 2011. She loves to show her intimate life in her work.
    Keep the love on B.
    Oh and awesome SONG JAY Z . We can hear baby Blue crying in the end of the song!

  20. 20
    LaCroix Says:

    natural? I doubt it!

  21. 21
    Frozoid Says:

    Why nothing posted here about the news reports by lots of angry parents at Lenox Hospital who say Beyonce’s security team prevented them from seeing their own babies? Total PR nightmare for Lenox Hill Hospital.

  22. 22
    Epic2012 Says:

    LOL The media’s tea got clocked once again.

  23. 23
    Epic2012 Says: Beyonce & Jay-Z did NOT pay 1.3 million to rent an entire maternity floor

  24. 24
    SDF Says:

    People, people…please stop sounding stupid. Obviously the previous news that Beyonce’s daughter name was “Ivy Blue” was INCORRECT, therefore them saying that she had a “C section” is also INCORRECT. They clear it up in their joint statement. Don’t believe everything you hear…..You weren’t there so stfu and be happy that she delivered a healthy baby!

  25. 25
    yaas Says:

    of course a baby is always a good and happy news!
    but this baby isn’t a queen or god or i don’t know what, it’s just a child and i think that those kind of person juste think they are better than anybody one..
    a child born in a little hut in south africa deserve the same welcom than this Ivy born in a hospital where parents paid millions to close the!

    aagh people

  26. 26
    Luiza Says:

    Rich, Poor, Black, White, Superstars, Nobodies, Christians, Muslims– It doesn’t matter who you are…there is NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING as great as the feeling you get the moment you become a parent….and tell your kids cause “we all know it is true…our greatest creation was you”. Love to you all—-JayZs #1 Fan :)

  27. 27
    Skys Says:

    So much hate on here….I hope some of u haters get some sort of counselling…..

  28. 28
    Rachel Says:


    Beyonce didn’t have that baby. Her surroage had a natural birth.

  29. 29
    Epic2012 Says:

    The thing about her closing down the hospital was simply not true, it was just revealed. She did not pay 1.3 million USD to shut off a floor; she had normal accommodation and there was minimal disruption. The guy was clearly looking for money, claiming he didn’t get to see his baby… why did he tell the papers rather than complain to the hospital? (they did not receive a complaint) once again media’s tea got clocked .

  30. 30
    Luiza Says:

    @Rachel are you a Rihanna and/or Britney fan? Only those kind of people keep saying she was not pregnant.

  31. 31
    Rachel Says:

    I dont believe that Beyonce was pregnant and that’s my choice. Others believe she was pregnant.


    People can believe whatever they want.

  32. 32
    Tia Says:

    I agree with Rachel. Surrogate used.

  33. 33
    Luiza Says:

    Ok…Birth without C-section is called “Vaginal child-birth”; “Natural” birth means no medication, doctors, or medical intervention…usually a mid-wife and/or birthing coach. She may have had a ‘vaginal’ birth, but I doubt she had a ‘natural’ birth, even because she was in a hospital FULL of doctors… anyway, I am happy for her.

  34. 34
    KT Says:

    Why didn’t she delivered at her home if she wanted privacy. Her crazy ass bodyguard refuse a father from seeing his twins! Man if it was me I would be in jail cause god alone knows.

  35. 35
    Lucas Says:

    I like better black ivy Carter

  36. 36
    Sheena Says:

    Nice to know that her surrogate gave birth peacefully.

  37. 37
    wanda Says:

    Jay & Beyonce,
    Congrats on your new baby. Don’t listen to these ********. I think your baby’s name is absolutely beautiful!!!!!! And, either natural or c-section, It’s a tough job, and a blessed baby who will have two amazing and talented parents. WELCOME TO THE BLUE IVY XOXO

  38. 38
    OHNO Says:'s_daughters_name_in_latin.htlm

    People just look at this.. the childs name turned around.
    Look it up in the Bible. It is really strange that a Christian mother would call her child after Luficers daughter. Eulb Yvi

  39. 39
    OHNO Says:

    It was a prostethic.. Look at
    In all different sizes and shapes, for every months and even body suits…
    She did not deliver that baby herself.. All the skinny women in LA have had bigger belly’s than her.
    And yes everyone is different when they are pregnant but that does not mean anything.
    Her stomach just went lost on the interview and every now and then it would get bigger and smaller.. isn’t that strange?
    Ofcourse they are saying it is not a c-section, because you could see the scars than.
    However I do not wish any bad on the baby. It is not her fault whatever happened or people lied about.

  40. 40
    issie Says:

    funny how there wasn’t the usual “mom and baby are both doing well”…i guess bc mom was peacefully sitting in the corner while surrogate gave birth

  41. 41
    taylorrr Says:

    im sorry but this is so creepy… not the birth of a baby… but the announcement! we all know she didn’t really have the baby herself so it seems weird!!

  42. 42
    sam Says:

    @Frozoid: celebrities have more power than we know, and that sh*t is scary… the hospital shld be ashamed of themselves.

  43. 43
    Epic2012 Says:

    why did he tell the papers rather than complain to the hospital?

    “(NICU), and to date, no families have complained to the hospital about being denied access to the NICU.”

  44. 44
    mo Says:

    @Epic2012: bcos the hospital wld not have done a thing…. and 2 prevent a parent frm seeing their newborn is disgusting

  45. 45
    quiarab Says:

    Thats what it said in other articles especially yahoo

  46. 46
    melissa asherman Says:

    YES the baby was real… and YES she delivered naturally – not a C Section as it was “rumored”

  47. 47
    f Says:

    jared, how could you remove my poison ivy comment? free speech or not? Maybe stop posting about trash like willow smith instead and leave my comments alone!

  48. 48
    pala Says:

    Good 4 her

  49. 49
    Kley Says:

    First it’s due at this time, then it’s due at that time, first it’s a c-section, then it’s a natural birth, first her baby bump is big, then it’s small….Does anyone notice a pattern here? LIES is the pattern. The surrogate gave birth. This narcissistic phony did not.

  50. 50
    Beyonce Fan Says:

    Beyonce Delivers Baby: Prompts Search For Pregnant Pictures

  51. 51
    Beyonce Fan Says:

    Beyonce News and Pregnancy timeline

  52. 52
    4rom Pillow with LOVE! Says:

    why celebs soo much obsessed with all the things like the baby’s first screams, poops,etc and also make others be obsessed with that?

  53. 53
    4rom Pillow with LOVE! Says:

    forgot about this Stupid song!

  54. 54
    James Says:


  55. 55
    oOoOo Says:

    Thats so fake

  56. 56
    jessica Says:

    Might have been nice for them, but wha tabout that poor Dad who couldn’t get to see his twin baby girls being born because security wouldn’t allow him to get there in time. Morons. The world revolves around THEM, I forgot.

  57. 57
    Robin Says:

    Blue is not a good name …they should have thought about that Blue means depressing and down….not smart hmmm

  58. 58
    Robin Says:

    Blue is not a good name …they should have thought about that Blue means depressing and down….not smart hmmm

  59. 59
    M Martell Says:

    That is a bad name.. but so is Apple, Bear Blu, Moroccan Cannon, Zuzu Audrey Peterson and Egypt???????

  60. 60
    Frozoid Says:

    Lots and lots of anger from New Yorkers about how Beyonce and husband’s special treatment prevented parents from seeing their newborns.

    Can you say huge backlash?

  61. 61
    AGA Says:

    Come On Some Of YOU—-Use your brains for once!!!!! There is NO WAY that other parents would be stopped from going into the NICU!!
    Think about it—-If this “fathers” prem twins got really sick or worse the hospital could be sued for ALOT more than the supposed whole floor fee. ALSO the area he is talking about is for sick and prem bubs,where Blue was perfectly healthy and on time. PLS try not to be so gullible.
    Also for those others complaining “WHY were’nt we told etc” Celebs DO NOT have any obligation to tell the world everything about there private lives esp involving babies. Some do of course,but some may want privacy in the most special moment of their lives.

    P.S. Any-one remember Katie Holmes changing tummy-All forgotten now.

  62. 62
    fake and phony Says:

    My official F*CK OFF to Beyonce and Jay-Z
    and her fake pregnancy.
    They are disgusting.

  63. 63
    Tonya Says:


  64. 64
    patmitchell Says:

    I am so happy for the two of you, Beyonce and J-Z. May God grant you much love, peace and happiness with your precious bundle of joy in Blue Ivy Carter. God bless all of you and I love the three of you.

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