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George Clooney: 'The Monuments Men' Director!

George Clooney: 'The Monuments Men' Director!

George Clooney totes a large carry on through his terminal at LAX Airport on Sunday (January 8) in Los Angeles.

The 50-year-old actor was joined at the airport by his girlfriend Stacy Keibler.

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George has his next film project all lined up! He is adapting the book “The Monuments Men” for the screen, where he will serve as the director – and possible head up the cast.

“I’m really interested in telling the story of how these very unlikely heroes went miles deep into a mine and found all the art and returned it,” George told E! of the true story of art experts who search for priceless works that were stolen by Nazis during World War II.

FYI: George is wearing a Junk Food tee.

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Credit: Justin Erik; Photos: National Photo Group
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  • susan

    i read the “Monuments Men”. It was a good book and best of all a true story. I can only hope George does a good job.

  • Saph

    What happened to Stacy’s fake smile to go with the fake relationship? I do hope George took his lifts to NY with him he looked like a troll next to Stacy with her extra high heels and even higher hair. Someone needs to buy her a mirror. When is he going to dump her? This is as good as can do it is making people miss Elissabetta and most hated her but at least she was interesting and not classless and lazy like this one is. Must be costing George a fortune no wonder he has to keep lining up jobs. Saw Fixing Pete nice to see George likes his girls with no talent Stacy and Elisabetta should do a show with each other it will be a tough contest on who sucks the most . Don’t think Stacy is going to make it to Lake Como though George is looking mighty irked at her in most shots. Poor guy managed to keep her away all vacation then get’s trapped on the red carpet with her and you can tell these two are not a happy couple. I don’t even think they like each other!

  • roxanne

    Do people actually believe these two are a couple? And that he likes women?

  • Tiziana

    She must have a pretty high self esteem, although people are mentioning that she does not look very pretty with her hair done like on the pics above, she is wearing it instead of doing something better.
    It looks like she is above all criticism plus she looks very arrogant and convinced of herself.

  • sally humezl

    Really tell me more about this.




  • Holly Golitly

    Why would any women like to make love to Mr.Clooney,when he had sooooo many other women before ?!

  • mehm

    George and his ugly giant.

  • §§§§§

    @ Holly Golitly: because it’s a very well paid job, not too many skills required. The candidate is only required to smile and follow its master and maybe open its legs from time to time!

  • Guest

    Why are all the gossip sites saying there are many job offers coming in for Stacy, obviously they are not, because all she does is escort George around. I guess that his her job now.

  • Gossipgirl

    Another day of Gay Try Hard I want another Oscar Clooney and his budget rent a ho. Hopefully he will take a break after awards season; sick of him.

  • maggy


  • signage

    @maggy: Oh please, you and saph claiming that Canalis had class made me laugh. She was every bit as trashy as Keibler. They’re both useless famewh*res.

  • signage

    Let’s recount some of Canalis’s antics, many of which are the same as Keibler’s. She pretended to share a dog with George, one of her press releases claimed that George’s security people were around her all the time despite photographic proof otherwise, her press releases said that she wanted to get married. In other words, same famewh*re, different day. They both participated in staged photo ops and dishonest press releases. They both have a trashy background, Canalis having been one of Burlusconi’s girls and being mostly known for dancing half naked on Italian tv and doing a soft p*rn movie, and Keibler having “wrestled” half naked on U.S. tv and masturbated on wrestling ropes in front of underage boys. The only difference is one speaks bad Italian and bad English, while the other one speaks only bad English.

  • signage

    The only reason Clooney agreed to have Keibler as his publicity escort was as a favor to her real boyfriend and Clooney’s publicist, Stan Rosenfield.

  • Tiziana

    The pr excuse isn’t working , not for me. He has not only a bad taste, it is obvious that all these women need him, while he doesn’t need them.
    So he can manipulate and do whatever he wants covering his pathetic public love life with ” it is all for pr”. Annoying and manipulating people will not help to “win” an award, just saying…

  • signage

    @Tiziana: Oh but he and his publicist can never admit that they are wrong, so they keep doing the same thing over and over again.

  • Cleanse UnOriginal Tweetquotes

    Littering unoriginal quotes on your twitter twatter makes you seem all the more unoriginal and well….plain ol’ whorish.

  • Cleanse ForumDickTaters

    Cleanse forum control freaks on COH that micro-manage who says what according to which picture aligns with which thread in however many posts that equate with something or other that’s only about george on this side of the paragraph and only about stacy on the fourth sentence down on the right side of that page but only in the sentence that mentions stacy in that whichever paragraph…LOL!!!!

    Reminds me of an obnoxious fat girl in second grade ordering everyone around at her birthday party by tellin party guests how many times they were allowed to lick the icing on their given cupcake before they ate it…..or else they were thrown out of the party or fat obnoxious control freak party dick tater threatened to shut down the party instead of shutting down the control freak that had invaded her very own unfulfilled personality.

    what a riot watchin the dotless dick tater control who types what on her silly my way or the highway control freak from hellum forum. LOL kooooooooookie wannah sour cooooooookie??? LOL.

  • hedge

    Hollywood is run by nincompoops


    Sorry, for fans I need a little info
    that Up in the Air2?

  • Tiny Whipped

    How come inflated egos always come with tiny other parts? Or is it just me and mine? lol

  • signage

    When George rids himself of the unclean publicity campaigns involving rent-an-escorts, people will want to see his movies again.

  • Cleanse

    Cleanse the rent-a-ho!!!

  • Cute n Gullible

    Poor Shailene. Pity her parents. She’s seriously GULLIBLE. Why would her parents be “proud” that their daughter has a “deceptive” mentor let alone an old “mentor” who fake-dates prostitutes!!!!