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Jay Z: New Song 'Glory' For Baby Blue Ivy!

Jay Z: New Song 'Glory' For Baby Blue Ivy!

Check out this newly released song by Jay-Z written for his newborn baby daughter Blue Ivy, titled “Glory”.

The 42-year-old rapper’s latest track dropped just days after wife and mama Beyonce gave birth on Saturday (January 7).

“You don’t yet know what swag is / but you was made in Paris / and mama woke up the next day / and shot her album package,” Jay-Z raps in the song. You can even hear a baby cry at the end of the song – rumored to be the cries of Blue herself!!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jay-Z’s song to his baby girl Blue Ivy??

Jay Z: New Song ‘Glory’ For Baby Blue Ivy!
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Credit: Larry Busacca; Photos: Getty
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  • Courtney

    it’s a sweet jeasture from a proud daddy to his baby girl and something that’s been done many times previously

  • apple

    lol wow just born and already being pimped out

  • Me

    This little girl will be so pampered, but the song is so sweet. She’s Daddy’s little girl.

  • Tia

    Sentiment is lovely but the lyrics are dopey and awful. Congrats to family (and surrogate?) lol. Fastest pregnancy in world history!

  • Luiza

    BeyoncĂ© had a miscarriage from a previous conception… sad, but I am even more happy for her!

    We can hear baby Blue crying in the ned of the song!Priceless!

  • Oh

    Makes perfect sense now. She was pregnant miscarried then wore a fake bump. Very sad and strange. She just wouldn’t be honest. Even thought none of our buisness still strange.

    Time and unforeseen occurrence befall us all even Jay Z and Beyonce.

  • ha ha

    JAYZ AND B, U NEED TO GET OVER YOURSELVES NOW DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!! my head’s gonna explode!

  • ela

    The kid is barely born and they’re shoving this down our throats. I am sooo over these two. They are unbearable at this point and will only get worse unfortunately.

  • Mary

    I wonder if they’re going to dress her up in those tacky House of Dereon clothes. What was the point of putting her cries at the end?

    I’m happy for them, really, but all of this news is a bit unnecessary.

  • Nameless

    I’m sorry, good for them but who seriously cares?

  • yeaaa

    So sorry to hear Bey had a miscarriage before… Congrats!

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    @apple: ..ahahahaha If he was pimping the kid out he would have sold the baby’s pictures already, like your favorite celebs did. Hate harder please. ahahahaa

  • yeaaa

    @ Nameless ur comment is unnecessary.

  • Mel

    What a beautiful song. It expresses the love from a parent to their newborn child. God bless your precious gift.

  • chucky

    his english is very bad. the poor child will be raised by dumbf****

  • Lucas

    Black Ivy Carter

  • Tina

    Please… enough already with this baby, it’s just another baby born in this world, just because is Beyonce’s baby they thing is a special baby , it is special for her parents but to all of us it’s just another baby and God help she don’t look like Jay Z.
    Congrats to the surragate mother i wish her well.

  • Mark

    you was?????? God help us all.

  • a fan

    love the song. i love his style. jay z is one rap’s greats and beyonce is an icon. deal with it. all this ignorance. beyonce and jay have been blessed with a gift that so many don’t have the chance to have and i for one hope that god continues to shower them with love and blessings.

  • Mary o

    To the surragate mother i wish you a speedy recovery and spend the money wisely.

  • Mary o

    i wish a speedy recovery to the sorragate mother and spend the money wisely.

  • sam

    read on a blind they did this for sympathy.. if thats the case than they shld be disgusted with themselves. miscarriage isnt a cause for publicity.. these two jst need to keep quiet for a while.

  • Mary o

    i got it now, the surrogate mother is french.

  • A

    Ghetto trash, both of them.

  • ashleymisss

    this is soo cute!! congrats

  • longchamp

    the lyrics are beyond gross

    hard to tell what the daddy loves more – the baby or the ‘swag’…

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    …Look at all the racist going HAM. ahahahahaha …I hope Jared keeps posting on them.

  • A

    @[~Fug Face Man!ston~]: I am black and I still think they’re filthy ghetto trash.

  • Bella Coola

    This child needs all the help/love she can get, because she’ll have a face only a mother or father can love. Yikes!

  • clem

    You should change the photo Jared, we can see BeyoncĂ©’s nipples on it…

  • meeeeeee

    @Mary o: um the surrogate mother jokes, played out and corny.

  • if

    @meeeeeee: and yet honest and truthful.

  • Lila

    aww!! I got all teary eyed from this! Thie birth of a baby is really amazing! Of course, once that whole blissed out in love feeling mellows a little you find ( I find) that taking care of the kid is great but also a whole lot of WORK and the kid (my 2 yr old) isn’t always NICE and pleasant and sometimes is bratty—! And sometimes it is REALLY HARD to be a parent. But it is also the best thing ever!

  • -.-

    @apple: stfu and worry about your own shit and how you can make your own money and get your ass off the internet talking about people.

  • Seriously??

    I will never understand you people. You claim not to care, say you’ve had enough and complain…..blah blah blah….yet you took your ”precious” time to listen to the song and then comment on it. If you’ve had enough of them just blasted well scroll over the post when you see it geez. I don’t understand why haters are almost always the first to comment. And for the love of all things academic….learn to spell people…’s “surrogate” not ”surragate”…there is spell check for a reason.

    On a brighter note….Congrats to the Knowles and Carter families on the new addition :) Wish you all the best Beyonce!!

  • Zoe Moon

    Wow, oh WOW!!. A beautiful and remarkable song. I cannot get that beat or chorus out of my head. Congratulations! Again I hope she looks like her mom! But with that gene pool she will be something amazing when she gets older.

  • Facts

    He already has a previous child with someone else. Where’s the song devoted to him?

  • LaCroix

    lmao at the genius from Jay-Z ..NOT!

  • Shawyntawnne

    Yeah, fo’ shoz…..She be pregnant ’bout as real as da long hair dat sewed up on my head! These two da biggezt fonies in all da worlds!

    Make me shamed be black…seriously!

  • Orbeli

    Some of you are so negative and jealous. Seriously I pity you, you can’t even appreciate good news and happiness. I hate when people talk shit about children. I can’t believe you have THE NERVE to say that after hearing the miscariage part in the lyrics, even if they had a surrogate who are you to juge people ? Are we in the middle age to mock people because they can’t have children ? You should be ashamed! Just because they’re celebrity doesn’t mean we have to be cruel. God it’s disgusting !

  • Orbeli


    A sentence start with a capital letter just saying since you’re so intelligent.

  • Julia

    Congratulations to the proud parents! But the song is too early, I think. When did he had time to write it and record it, if she was just born on Saturday? So, instead of spending precious moments with his newborn daughter, her hurried to the studio to make extra dollars? Doesn’t sound too precious to me. Also, if he wrote this song before the birth, then it also doesn’t have any value in it, because he is talking not about pure feelings, but something we all want to hear and awhh, how sweet :) nothing personal, just business.

  • Congrats

    You guys are so harsh and cynical!
    For what it’s worth I wish them well and I think the song is cute. They seem like a nice family.

  • James

    No one cares!

  • sam

    There both so in the public face with this baby, like it’s Jesus Christ come back to earth…… why demand the public interest in your child then demand privacy in all other aspects of your personal lives.

    It’s as if it validates their own importance on pop culture, how interested the public is in any child they might have , they desperately want to be the black Brad/ Angelina, and sorry they ani’t good looking enough as a couple for anyone to care much about their kid.

  • longchamp

    @orbeli #2 comment: …but lack of subject-verb agreement, as in your critique of chucky, is obviously indicative of superior intellect.

    movin’ on: reaaally hoping that the parents who were kept away from their babies by these self-important a-holes’ security detail sue the pants off the hospital…

  • Namea

    This is a nice gesture but what I want to know is what about his son? How would he feel if Daddy only found his sister important enough to write and sing about and not him? Heck I didn’t even know he had a son until recently! I hope they raise her well and not to be some spoilt rotten no manners bratty kid.

  • Mad

    It’s annoying.

  • BeyonceTribe
  • x

    song? what song?