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Justin Bieber Covers 'V Magazine' Spring 2012

Justin Bieber Covers 'V Magazine' Spring 2012

Justin Bieber shows off his sultry side on the cover of V Magazine‘s Spring 2012 preview issue.

The 17-year-old entertainer or, “pop’s crown prince…comes of age in [the] cover.”

For this issue, which is the magazine’s seventy-fifth, the publication decided to “devote to the artists, performers, and pop stars who inspire sartorial magic and help bring all of our favorite fashion to life!”

Other musicians who are featured in this issue include Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Lana Del Rey, Ke$ha, and more!

Pick up your issue on January 12! For more from Justin, visit

Bigger cover inside…

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justin bieber v magazine cover 01

Credit: Inez & Vinoodh; Photos: V Magazine
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  • Abigail

    SULTRY?! Hahahahaha. Oh how you make me laugh like a mad person in front of my computer alone in my room, Jared! Hahahaha. I can’t stop laughing.

  • Sara12

    Out of all the people they could’ve put on the cover, why him? It’s a known fact that he doesn’t sell magazines that well when he’s on the cover, and it honestly would’ve made more sense to put Katy, Gaga, or Adele on the cover.

  • sara

    Sorry Justina, to be a prince you gotta be a BOY. Plus. the REAL PRINCE OF POP IS MR. Justin Timberlake.

    Stop Trying..


  • superfly

    Hahahaha LESBIAN

  • Gossipgirl

    18?? He looks like a 14 y/o girl. Give me a break!

  • bobbyweiner

    beautiful girl

  • Guy

    Definitely NOT a prince of anything, he is maybe a prince of teen music but not something as big as pop music entirely. Also, is it jut me or do you feel like her borrowed that top from Rihanna? That’s a really odd top for a guy…

  • jasmine

    as much as i dont like him i cant help but feel bad for him. He looks ridiculous, who set this up for him?

  • Monica

    The people who are making comments should read the article, he talks about people hating him for no reason. I always wonder what kind of people make homophobic comments and disparaging remarks about a 17 year old kid that has probably acheived more in his lifetime through hard work and sacrifice, than most of you have. Good for you, talking crap about a KID whose accomplishments you will never live up to; yeah you’re really sticking it to him…HAHA

  • tim

    i swear when i saw the thumbnail i thought that it was a photo of a young demi moore with short hair!!

  • kablamo

    Pretty girl.

  • Sara12

    @Monica: No ones hating on him, it’s a clear fact that he looks like a women on that cover and it doesn’t help that he’s wearing that shirt either. Why is it when people aren’t up a celebs ass it’s called hating. Everyone isn’t going to like him, and they’re entitled to their opinions.

  • Me

    I legit thought he was a woman at first and second glance.

  • Shannon

    LOL!!!! He looks like such a girl

  • giuseppe sallo

    Jared is a celebrity latcher. He gets paid to write nice things. The guy makes a living off of us/celebs. Gossip is the new pornography,w e just can’t look the other way. it’s sicking our obsession has turned the mediocre into money making celebs. Most whom are talentless. The talented don’t need press, that’s why they’re rarely talked about.

  • llws88

    “….Isn’t she lovely!…”

  • lana

    He looks sooooooooo girly in those pix. cute but girly

    he really needs to hit the gym or something

  • SarahC

    I like Justin Bieber, I have no problem with the kid but seriously? There are so many things wrong with this magazine cover…his feminine look, his shirt, it’s just all wrong.

  • Darina

    I think he’s fine as he is, and I don’t care if he looks girly or whatever. You can be whoever you want to be in the music business, as long as your music is good. The problem is his music is not that good and he is definitely not the new prince of pop. That is really reaching. He has never even had a hit song that reaches past really young teeny bopper girls into the mainstream pop music audience, and it’s not looking hopeful, either.

  • Sean

    Wow. He really does look like a lesbian. Gonna feel sorry for him when his teenage fans go through puberty and bail on him.

  • billionairefriendscom


  • Arnald

    He takes pills to keep being a child and still have fans. How ridiculous is that??? ROFL Pathetic…

  • rick

    @monica Shut up!you and all the beliebers are so go around talking how great you guys are then attack people for saying anything bout guys come across being just as hateful as non-beliebers..the ones getting mad at disney for making a joke on “jessie” bout him is just as stupid.he’s been made fun of since the day he got’s like you are suprised he gets made fun cant he when he looks like that on the cover…”excuse me miss”

  • rocknmovies

    They call Justien Bieber, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Lana Del Rey, Ke$ha, “musicians”? LOL! What instruments can they play?

  • kenny

    I saw Jared Leto wearing the same ‘thing’ and he looked a lot better in it. Sorry justin XD

  • Michelle

    @rocknmovies Not to cause drama, but Justin can actually play piano, guitar, drums, and trumpet. Just saying :)

  • lalal

    @Michelle: Where did he buy those instruments? In Toy’s r Us?

  • Smh

    @rocknmovies: Awkward moment when Justin plays 5 instruments and clearly lady gaga plays the piano and it’s JUSTIN . So that joke on you dumbass. Know ur facts before you speak fool.

  • Smh

    @rocknmovies: awkward ass Moment when JUSTIN spell his name right bitch plays 5 intrusments and lady gaga clearly plays the piano so if u wanna talk know facts asshole

  • Smh

    @Monica: Omg Ikr!

  • Smh

    @superfly: What’s wrong with lesbians? Exacty dumbass

  • Smh

    @Sara12: Awkward moment when clearly he does too seek magazines dumbass anything with his name or face on it sells asshole

  • lol

    As Justin said in a quote: ‘I’ve always hated playing instruments. I never thought I could become a star by playing them. Now I thank my mother so much for everything’

  • camillus

    Prince of his own fame inside his little girl head. He looks more and more like a teenage lesbian, I don’t understand why he’s popular, tweening girls don’t have that long of an attention span, should justine bieber be out with the girls have a pj party, what a wimpy, useless to society little girl. I have a right to hate him so don’t start with you need help bit, I at lease can make up my own mind not have some publicity teame shoving this little beyotch shoved down my throat…

  • John

    OMG…Seriously?? I laugh so hard in front the monitor until my roomate have to stop his games and see what so funny. It is so ugly, Justin Bieber. His public relations team is suck. Paid random girl and claimed she is pregnant with his child, 17year old appear as sex symbol with Mariah Carey, then showed up in Time Square ruined the Beatles music..really!?? LOLOLO
    I agreed, he really got no talent. Playing little bit music instrument doesn’t mean you are talent. None of your music is written by urself, and look at now..everything that Justin Bieber market is using his ‘ pretty’ face.He just to be lucky can attention by people. In reality, there are tons of people really better than him. Im just be honest.

  • brenda

    He is such a pretty little girl.

  • NiNa

    Does he wear a girl’s shirt? Looks so…
    Would be a beautiful girl

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