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Katie Holmes' H.Stern Ads - Nearly Topless!

Katie Holmes' H.Stern Ads - Nearly Topless!

Katie Holmes strikes a seriously sexy pose in this new image for H. Stern‘s brand new campaign.

The 33-year-old actress, who was nearly topless in the shoot, will be featured in the line’s campaign when it launches in the fall; the images below are used in Israel right now!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

Katie‘s hubby, Tom Cruise, recently told People that he falls more in love with Katie every day.

“It’s been quite an amazing five years because of her,” he shared.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Katie Holmes’ super sexy shoot for H. Stern?

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Photos: H Stern
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  • pickles

    With all that eye make up it looks like she has raccoon eyes.

  • camilo

    sorry but she looks bad in this!

  • Chrissy

    What’s that burning smell? Desperation much? LOL! Clearly they have a feeling this campaign is gonna be huge since they are starting it out in ISRAEL! (Really?) I’m trying to figure out who Tommy Boy paid this time to get his ‘wife’ a ‘gig.’

  • http://KBergmane Kristina

    don’t think this is pretty……

  • BEAN

    Lol not sexy in the slightest. Poor thing.

  • Lola

    She’s looking rough.

  • Mlllllle

    Xenu is f…king pissed !

    I don’t like the way she abandonned her carreer, and I don’t like her latest choices, but I must say that she is quite sexy, too bad she is hiding herself all the time, I think she can be a great actress.

  • Sarah89

    lol I can totally see what the photographer was going for.. it didn’t turned out that way though. :p

  • Raquel

    they are NOT starting it out in ISRAEL!

    H. Stern is a BRAZILIAN brand and these images are also used in Brazil.

  • jessa


  • WOW!


    especially that second picture!!!

    she looks so rough, what happened to her???

    gone are the days when people called her cute!!!! LOL!!!

  • wth

    Why do all these none sexy women persist in trying to be sexy

    Reese, Katie, Jennifer, Gwyneth,.. Gosh you are pretty.. NOT SEXY. deal with it and go on. Nothing bad

    Just stop trying to be what you are not. YOU ARE NOT SEXY.

  • ???

    What type of woman is sexy for you? Playmate type (fake blond hair, fake boobs, fake tan, ….)?

  • ???

    @wth: What type of woman is sexy for you? Playmate type (fake blond hair, fake boobs, fake tan, ….)?

  • irene olson

    Poor Katie; she does not have any acting talent and I think she is failing as a model. Sexy she is not.

  • LR

    She looks trashy, but at least they didn’t photograph her telephone poll legs.

  • ha ha

    she looks horribly fake, this would not make me shop there

  • Sunny

    I think she looks really pretty in the pictures. I don’t understand why people think that she looks ugly.

  • SO weird!

    the lower part of her face is all crooked, like contorted. Very tensed, NOT SEXY at all, not an once of the hotness they tried to ”achieve”. At least , they didn’t include her elephant legs in those pics.

  • M Martell
  • annie

    There are 7 pics to this set and they are awesome, although I think some of the others are nicer , they’re gorgeous and quite exotic looking, the ones on the sand.
    The first lot she did are nice too, and so is the video of the photoshoot.
    Katie is a beautiful looking girl, but unlike most other hollywood actresses is not afraid to be seen in baggy trackies and tops, and no make up , so in way she must be confident in her own skin, and for that I admire her, although I don’t always agree.
    I wish she would do more racy photoshoots , movies, clothes, and really showed what she’s got, because she can put everyone down, I have always believed that.
    And anyone who says she han’t got it, go see her in Disturbing Behaviour , and the Gift when she was 20- 24 that’s the weight she should be, always, now she’s a bit thin and it’s taken away a bit of her natural sexiness. yes, yes, yes, I’m a great fan!

  • UC

    She tries too much doesn’t exude sexy. Just reeks fake. Her unsexiness is practically tattooed across her wonky face.

  • lennie

    Well… if that is supposed to be sexy, then sorry but it isn’t.
    You can’t be sexy when it shows soo much that you “pretend” to be sexy (while you’re not).

  • wth


    Where did you read that in my post. NO.. I could make a long list of women who are “average” looking but have amazing sex appeal. this has nothing to do with superficial things. Beauty doesn’t equal sexy. not having on clothes does not equal sexy. Pouty lips doesn’t equal sexy. Being greased up does not equal sexy.

    So you may need to step outside the box you live in.

    The women I said before are not sexy. Pretty.. perky, cute.. ..not sexy..

  • Tw Words

    Female impersonator.

  • Question

    Was this a photo shoot for a horror film? She looks so scary (and kind of stinky). Not sexy. Never sexy.

  • Gigi

    Quite honestly, she looks like someone who hasn’t had sex in five amazing years.

  • Anybody know?

    Whatever happened to Tomkat’s slave bus?

  • Anybody know?

    Also, where the heck is Tom’s mother?

  • blue

    she look sick. skinner everyday, but doesn’t help her, she’s not slender figures and she need to get it. don’t starving your self katie, it’s useless.

  • Face

    Uh, campaign for what? Clothing? Radio? World domination? So vague and not sure what Katie Holmes is accomplishing for this “campaign.”

  • Kelly

    Why does her arm look so manly in these photos?

  • Sammy2001

    The picture with the black top is the best out of the two but nether one is really sexy and she looks vacant in these photos no emotions at all, just a blank look not good at all for a ad , but its still better than her acting .


    Horribly unflattering photographs.

    The arm in the first looks deformed, the face particularly attractive.

    The second isn’t any better, the bodice doesn’t fit at all and she appears to be flat chested. Again, horridly unflattering maquillage.

  • speaktruth

    Wow is this unflattering for a girl who’s naturally pretty. They actually spent the time and money to make her look bad…to make her look good. Good job you big dummies lol

  • Chrissy


    If you read the post, it says “will be featured in the line’s campaign when it launches in the fall; the images below are used in Israel right now!”

    So, they are starting the campaign with these photos in Israel right now.

  • dari

    Not attractive at all. She looks like she’s been sucking on lemons.

  • Dear God!

    Did Tom cut her photo-shopping allowance?

  • ms Pickle

    ugh….all i see is all that eye make up and her failed efforts to look sexy.

    after failing everything…she is trying to be a model?

    not with those elephant legs and ant sized head.

    what a joke

  • annie

    have a look at the pics on the beach, actually there are14 of them- stunning!
    My providing a link expertise is a bit – well not so good, so I will direct you.
    Katie Holmes Girl Next Door photo gallery 77!
    Come on Tim , go have a look , I did this just for you!

  • kingkayski

    Her career as she know it has been done long time ago,these naked pictures of her is not gonna revive it,go home Katie,just look after princess sci and father sci.

  • http://comcast Dee

    I’m sure she is a great gal but no matter how much Tom tries to make her sexy like his ex-wife and his ex-girlfriend it is not going to happen. She cannot act, no matter how many gigs Tom finds for her. Tom falls in love with her more every day, oh come on, when he was jumping on Oprahs couch I thought that had to be two people that was more in love than any of the rest of us could ever be. LOL

  • I say…

    Yikes, i thought i was seeing someone a transvestite!!!

  • Rocky

    She talks and smiles out of one side of her mouth. Not attractive at all.

  • d


    Sorry Annie, the pics of her in the gallery are not attractive, not sexy. She looks like a tranny. It’s amazing anyone hires her for modeling. She has no connection, charisma with the camera and it shows in the resulting photos.

  • gizella

    She has taken on a very hard look and not because of the pose. It is a sad story when a potentially good actress marries a freak and really can’t command a stage anymore. All she has is that spoiled little brat to make headlines now along with her hard-to-take husband……

  • Sarah

    I wish they would have made her softer and prettier.

  • Sarah

    I wish they would have made her softer and prettier.

  • anon

    Yes they are very harsh pix, it won’t help Katies acting career b/c you either can act on the big screen or you can’t.

    It’s the same with sexy you either are or you are not no matter what you wear. Katie gets called a pretty girl when done up but not sexy.

  • Laura

    Decidedly not sexy. Quite the opposite. She looks hard, unfeminine, and contrived. No appeal in front of a camera, whether acting or photography.