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Halle Berry's Body Slimming Secrets Revealed!

Halle Berry's Body Slimming Secrets Revealed!

Halle Berry uses a foot brace to get around Bristol Farms grocery store on Monday (January 9) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 45-year-old actress, who was joined by her beau Olivier Martinez, injured her foot several months back in a goat chasing incident in Spain.

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Halle‘s trainer Nat Bardonnet recently revealed some of her client’s body slimming secrets!

Halle eats five small meals per day, gets plenty of protein through drinks or energy bars, and works out four days per week! “If we can work four muscles at once, we’re going to!” Nat told Us Weekly.

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  • Don’t like her anymore

    Don’t like her ever since the whole ugly split with Aubrey and her weird comments about her daughter’s race. I liked her before, but after that “no thanks”… she lacks wisdom and class.

  • caucasian

    Look at this pic, published 7 January 2011.
    Is it the same ring?

  • ela

    @Thomas Hurst:

    What the hell does her movie have to do with black people? Not all black people think alike!!

  • ela

    @Don’t like her anymore:

    Get over it already! Her comments aren’t weird at all, her daughter IS black, like it or not.

  • A

    @ela: No, she isn’t. She is both white and black.
    I am sick of the one drop rule, it’s racist and outdated. I’m also sick of black people claiming every biracial people out there (like Halle and no I don’t care if you think she looks black, she is biracial.)
    I am black myself and I always feel embarrassed when other black people claim every person with a drop of “black blood”. Is your self esteem that low? I don’t see non black people eager to claim “black” unless they are pressured to (like celebrities). it makes us as black people look foolish and desperate. So please, just stop!

  • luka


    Nobody is “claiming” them as black moron, it is what they are. Period. What exactly is your definition of black? Someone directly from Africa? Last time I checked, the majority of black people in this country were mixed race unless they just arrived in this country. You need to go back and take a history lesson..”black woman”.

  • huggy bear

    biracia is what their both are not black so just stop the racal bull shut

    who care any way she is a fool look who she with can do a let better

  • Will_D


    They are pressured? LOL You’re an idiot. I doubt very seriously that you are Black american. If you were, then you would know that what you say is pure nonsense. You would also know the history of Blacks in america much better than you appear to show.

  • o

    they are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring, both look like two old dried up bumbs

  • o

    i mean old

  • jess

    @Don’t like her anymore: #1

    Her daughter is Black. If you have a problem with that, SO DAMN WHAT!

  • denise

    @huggy bear: #&

    Both Halle and Nahla are Black. And proud of it!

  • jess

    luka @ 01/10/2012 at 4:21 am #6
    Nobody is “claiming” them as black moron, it is what they are. Period. What exactly is your definition of black? Someone directly from Africa? Last time I checked, the majority of black people in this country were mixed race unless they just arrived in this country. You need to go back and take a history lesson..”black woman”.
    Your comment is spot on.

  • old news /slow day Jared?

    Old news about Halle Berry’s dieting ‘secret’…has been published all over the Internet before. Don’t know if he’s even her current trainer, she’s had so many and they only mention her to sell their books, services, etc. Fact check?

  • Fact check

    Old news about Halle’s so-called diet/weight loss secrets. They’ve been posted all over the internet for years no matter who the trainer is. They always mention her to sell their books etc. Fact check?

  • newsworthy???

    Newsworthy???Halle’s charade w/the fake bf and the fake ring go grocery shopping, hmmmh. Let me know when go to Coldstone for dessert or get their tires rotated. Placing bets on how much longer Ollie Euro-trash will still be around??? Any guesses if he will still be around once their joke of a movie goes straight to dvd.

  • Tack


    It’s obvious you’re neither Black nor African American, judging by your passionate slanted comment. If you are, then you’re an ignoramus, who has been misguided into thinking that race has no relevance in the micro-fabric of America and that African Americans (no matter how white-looking) are not historically and categorically considered black, whether it be implicit or explicit.

    Since the majority of Black people in the Americas and the Caribbean are mixed with European blood, do you suggest then that they all claim to be non-black or bi-racial ?. Would that make them look less ‘foolish and desperate’. ?. Or, if in fact you are black, more ‘self-hating’ like you.

    No, you stop! With YOUR foolishness!

  • Tack

    that should have been…

    Or, if in fact you are black, more ’self-hating’ like you. ?

  • A

    Good god, you’re a moron.
    No, not all African Americans have white ancestry that’s a myth and a lie.
    Yes, I am in fact black, 100% black, have two black parents and have no direct white ancestry.
    There are many African Americans just like me. Enough with that ridiculous myth of “We are all mixed”, no, we are not all mixed, furthermore, biracial means having one parents who is of one race and another parent of another race, it does not mean having a great great great….granddad who was white. So again, enough with that BS, you make me feel embarrassed to be African American.
    Halle Berry is biracial, she has one white parent and one black parent.
    Nahla has one biracial black/white parent and one white parent, she is not “just black”, she is in fact more white than she is black.
    I am not talking about phenotype so before you spew that garbage; I am talking about facts. That said, to none Americans both Halle and Nahla look biracial and will thus be treated like biracials, not black. You are actually insulting us who have 2 black parents, i mean, what are we? if a biracial person is black, then what the hell am I? A darker skinned person gets treated far worse in society than a light skinned or biracial person. Fact.
    So please stop insulting me and other black people (with two black parents) like me. White people do not claim biracial people as white because they’re not, they are both black and white (or something else and white).
    Let biracial people embrace BOTH sides and stop jumping on them to only claim their black side!
    I can almost hear you now “There are African Americans who are light skinned and look biracial but are not!!”, calm down sweetie because MOST African Americans do NOT look like Halle, Nahla or Alicia Keys and you know it. In fact, it was something like 5 % of African Americans who are classified as “light skinned”. Most of us look West African and it seems like some self hating African Americans don’t like that but they are quick to claim their great great great irish grandpa.
    Embarrassing, have some damn pride in yourself. I don’t see your Irish side embracing your black a*s but you’re quick to claim them like the self hating negro you are. We can do better as African Americans but until you start supporting those artists and entertainers and people who are and look West African like most African Americans do, then we as people are screwed.

  • Jaye

    A @ 01/10/2012 at 2:25 pm
    Unless you do Genetic DNA testing, you don’t know what your true racial mix is. While word of mouth passed down from generations past can contain lies, half truths or convenient memory losses, the DNA doesn’t lie.
    There was a wonderful PBS program that did extensive studies and testing on some well known people to determine their true genetic/racial mix and most of them, like Chris Rock, were very surprised at the results. 100% Black? From your mouth to God’s ear, but don’t bet your life on it being true.

  • Tack


    Where in my comment did I say ALL Black people ?.

    Reread what I said… …MAJORITY of Black People.

    So sorry , your argument was for naught..

  • Don’t like her anymore

    @ela: I don’t like her comment because it is ignorant. Why put a label on a child? She is the one segregating her. I don’t look at a person by their race but by their character. Like MLK said, something like… “I look forward to a day when we are not judged by the color of our skin but the content of our character.” One of my all time favorite sayings!

  • Carolann

    @ela: Wrong! Legally if the father is white then the child is a white ratio over the black! But what difference does race make for anyone? Are we still back in the dark ages, we won’t get along up stairs if we can’t get along down here!! Food for thought!!!

  • louisvega

    the future holds so much more for her to rush into something to soon.the true love of your life is out there,to find in due time. god bless.