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Robert Pattinson & Betty White - People's Choice Awards 2012

Robert Pattinson & Betty White - People's Choice Awards 2012

Robert Pattinson sits next to Betty White during the 2012 People’s Choice Awards held at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on Wednesday (January 11) in Los Angeles.

The 25-year-old British actor skipped the red carpet but later hit the stage to accept the Favorite Drama Movie Award for Water for Elephants.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Robert Pattinson

The drama, which co-starred Reese Witherspoon, beat out The Adjustment Bureau, The Help, Limitless, and Moneyball.

10+ pictures inside of Robert Pattinson and Betty White at the 2012 People’s Choice Awards

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Credit: Kevin Winter, Christopher Polk; Photos: Getty
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  • pickles

    No criticism of Rob intended, but it seems unlikely that Water for Elephants beat out The Help, Limitless, or Moneyball. I think the “peoples Choice” is a PR gimmick and that awaard was bought & paid for so Reese looks good. She let Rob go pick it up because she was afraid no one would applaud her. Smart move, Reesey.

  • Klaas

    Wow, how disgusting does he look?What a fugly beard. And how he always desperately wants to be original, this time by leaving the shirt unbuttoned,it’s pathetic.How anyone can look into this mans face and say he’s good looking is beyond me.

  • Ugly

    Robert Pattinson looks awful. His shaved head looks terrible, along with his grungy looking outfit and dirty fingernails. These awards are always rigged. They give them to whoever shows up or has a movie they need to plug.

  • Asha

    Oh Rob. He really knows how to turn his fans off by cutting off those lovely locks.

  • Em

    Yikes. Patinson looks disgusting. Awful hair and beard. Does this guy ever take a bath? Poor Betty being stuck next to him. I bet he smells bad.

  • gal

    he’s fatter.

  • UGH

    Of course he won cause all the twihards voted for him even if they didn’t watch the movie. I don’t know how that movie could ever bet out all of other movies.

  • Fat

    @gal: I was just about to post the same thing. He’s looking a little pudgy. For the life of me I will never understand how this guy gets movie roles because his looks and acting are hideous.

  • LaCroix

    Srsly I think someone who is attractive, or beautiful looks good in any hair style. If you need long hair to look good chances are you arent that good looking to begin with. Rob looks awful with no hair.

  • Mee

    You go Rob! Bitter whiners just had to watch The People’s Choice Awards then whine some more. Maybe next time, watch the Oscars then your argument will be more credible. Rob is well loved by the public, that is well known and why he won for People’s Choice.

  • Jess

    Love it!!!! Rib awww with Betty <3

  • Lily

    I bet Betty wished she was 60 years younger! :)

  • emma

    Water for Elephants and Betty White are awesome. This is the most perfect post ever.!!!

  • emma

    Water for Elephants and Betty White are awesome. This is the most perfect post ever.!!!

  • emma

    Water for Elephants and Betty White are awesome. This is the most perfect post ever.!!!

  • Since

    Kristen’s boyfriend looks laid back tonight. Betty White can’t replace her tho they both look chummy.

  • jayy

    uhm. wow. people are vicious. i’m not a huge fan of Rob either, but that doesn’t make me want to take him down about a thousand pegs just because he cut his hair short or grew a beard. his choice. let him do what he wants. simple as that, just leave him be.

  • Shoshanna

    Betty: aww
    Robert: ew

  • Robby

    @LaCroix: I disagree wholeheartedly. Good hair style can make or break a person’s image. That’s why investing in a good hair cut is so important. Good looking people are just better groomed than the average joe’s. Case in point: Kristen Stewart. She looked beautiful at the premier but with her Joan Jett hairstyle, she was well below average. A pretty person with an awful hair cut can look terrible or just average. But they are by far not anywhere near good looking.

    Rob may have shaved his head for a role. Who knows. I’m glad he isn’t afraid to mess up his pretty boy image for his career, though. Good for you, Rob!

  • Betty

    Betty looks adorable. Robert looks like his usual self, a bum. Someone needs to send him some soap, ASAP. There are pictures of him where you can clearly see his fingernails and they are really dirty.

  • CanD

    Ok love the hair cut, and the finger porn is to die for. Pics with Betty are adorable. Only slight negative thing i have to say is I wish he hadn’t been slouching in his seat when pics w/Betty taken. I’m sure even his mother would like to see him sit up straight once in awhile. Thank god he didn’t have one foot on the seat like he usually does. And either way i’d love to have been sitting besides him this evening.

  • Liz


    I agree. @jayy:

    I agree with both of you. Rob is just simple. He dresses down and up when he feels like. As for his hair, just because he cut it that doesn’t mean his ugly.

  • Ly

    so much hate to one young actor what if he’s fatter,his hair,etc leave him live his life. For the record he looks very handsome.

  • CanD

    @Betty: Don’t forget Rob’s a smoker hence one reason why his nails might be dirty. Although as often as i look at large hq pics of him i hardly see the yellow on his fingers even though he apparently is a chain smoker.

  • LaCroix

    @Robby: that is your opinion .. But I feel when someone is beautiful they will look beautiful no matter what they wear & how nice their haircut is. I see the face not the exteriors that compliment the face. That is the appearance of being attractive. Not real beauty IMO.

  • Sim

    @jayy: People are just voicing their opinions on someone who some think is not good looking. We do live in a world where appearances are everything.

  • Sim

    @LaCroix: I think you make perfect sense. Kind of refreshing it isn’t really critical or mean but you do get your point across perfectly. I do agree with you.

  • Robby

    @LaCroix: I still don’t understand why you are just looking at the face. If a person takes good care of their hair, they will also take good care of their skin and face. One leads to the other.
    If a person is poorly dress, that can diminish their looks, just like hair is an accessory to looking good. I firmly believe we should judge a person’s attractiveness on things they can change, not what they were born with and can’t help fixing (facially).

  • Jenna

    Yay for Betty – but she should get rid of that hamster next to her…! ;)

  • emma

    sexy and manly

  • emma

    sexy and manly

  • Emily

    Does Robert Pattinson realize that you are supposed to look somewhat presentable when you attend award shows? He is always under dressed, looks dirty and sloppy, and there’s normally some hair issue whether it be a lame haircut or nasty facial hair. I think it’s incredibly tacky and immature that he can’t bother to put forth any effort into trying to look the least bit nice when attending.

  • yajaira

    like him better with this hair cut, haters GET A LIFE!!

  • camila

    so cute!!!!!!!!!!

  • Observer

    I watched the PCAs, cowering on my sofa, watching via my shuddering, lagging Ustream, and even with its 15 minutes later than real time delay — this show defecated with bells on.

    I only sat through this grimness to see R. Pattinson in all his glory. And what did I get for my stamina? A nearly bald, thick-set, shuffling Brit make an apology of a speech while clearly making some sort of ‘point’ to world with his new ‘radical’ buzzcut.

    The above was my first take ….
    And my more considered one …

    This, clearly, is Pattinson’s decision to make. And while I miss the transcendant version he presented as before, I recognise that this was a necessary exorcism for him.

    But wasn’t it something to see someone be beautiful, truly male yet open, funny and interesting and — at such a young age — fascinate the world? Pattinson has palpable presence. This we know, or people wouldn’t talk about him in the first place. There is a reason people are enthralled by this young man — even the one’s who say they aren’t.

    And while I’m being honest here, lets all stop pretending it’s just teens who find this guy mesmerizing. It isn’t. It’s older women, men, media and the industry as a whole that is waiting to see what Pattinson has in the kitty. The truth is this: There is something of the soul about Pattinson, something that waits — and is waiting to be unleashed.

    And that is why, in time, many believe he will become one of the greatest actors we have ever seen. When Pattinson finally realizes this, maybe he will allow himself not to be afraid or pressured by his own beauty once more. Because right now, this young man clearly just wants a break from the relentless focus on his looks. Now, at the outset of 2012, Pattinson’s statement is this:

    I am more than hair, face and body. Now let me show you.

    Frankly, it’s a class move any way you look at it.