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Zac Efron: Lakers Game Night!

Zac Efron: Lakers Game Night!

Zac Efron quickly makes his way out of Staples Center on Tuesday (January 10) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old actor was joined by a friend as they watched the L.A. Lakers take on the Phoenix Suns and win with a final score of 99-83. Way to go, Lakers!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Zac Efron

The day before, Zac was spotted with a few friends exiting an office building after having a meeting.

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron and a friend leaving the Staples Center…

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97 Responses to “Zac Efron: Lakers Game Night!”

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  1. 51
    monique Says:

    @Zzz: Did any of us say we had a “problem” with Zac being buzzed? No. I know that Zac’s been drunk, buzzed, wasted, etc. He’s a 24 year old man for God’s sake. I’m older and I’ve been all of those things too. But that doesn’t mean I’m a bad person. I simply said that there’s no proof in these pictures that he’s any of those things. You see what you want to see because you have this negative view of Zac in your head that can’t be dispelled by anything. You might think we’re “thin skinned”, but it’s obvious that you’re thickheaded. And it’s obvious that you’re accustomed to making things up and putting words in everyone’s mouths, because none of us have ever glorified Zac and proclaimed him a “saint” — Zac’s a grown man. He’s consumed alcohol, smoked cigarettes, partied hard, and guess what? He’s living his life and he doesn’t give a **** what you think. And neither do I. But last night he looked great and you need to get over the fact that this guy who you despise so much, is 10x more respectable and successful than you’ll ever be. And he doesn’t waste his time hating on people he doesn’t know. So why don’t you go drink your milk, take your vitamins, and eat your vegetables. Your brain could use the nutrition.

  2. 52
    lauren Says:

    thank you for telling these bap crazy ppl to chill out,

    i heart you forever.

  3. 53
    monique Says:

    @lauren: It’s not like they’ll listen, but thank you :)

  4. 54
    lauren Says:

    anytime, ive given up on trying to argue with these fans, at this point idk what these fans are arguing with anymore.

  5. 55
    Zzz Says:

    what are you zac’s mother? And just so you know I feel asleep
    halfway through that comment are you trying to write a book or something? You also see what you want to see and that’s about all I got out of that comment.

  6. 56
    monique Says:

    @Zzz: HAHA if you’re falling asleep halfway through a simple paragraph it’s just further proof of how stupid you are. I don’t fall sleep through your comments, I just stop reading after the first attempted words because your sentences are so jumbled and grammatically incorrect that they don’t even make sense. K, bye.

    @lauren: They’re haters not fans. And they don’t even have a valid argument about anything because they’re all just average people living their average lives and sitting at their computers hating on Zac, a person who’s actually successful.

  7. 57
    monique Says:

    @Zzz: Oh, and is calling me “Zac’s mother” supposed to be an insult? I’m obviously not his mom but if I were, I’d be proud as hell. That’s one great kid.

  8. 58
    VanFan Says:

    Zzz did not fall asleep reading your post. I will quote him: “And just so you know I FEEL asleep….”
    Hmmmm….I guess that means that even when he’s awake, he feels like he’s asleep? I know one thing. His brain is asleep pretty much all the time. :)

  9. 59
    monique Says:

    @VanFan: LOL. I <3 you. He/she needs his milk, vitamins, and vegetables. That always helps me from “feeling” asleep.

  10. 60
    Whatever Says:


    Drinking and partying hard will bring Zac a hangover and eventual alcoholism. Far to many celebs ended up in rehab. Why should Zac be another statistic? We all know that Zac is a man so the responsible thing for him would be to stay away from drugs and alcohol. He’s not immune to addiction. He looks clean in these pictures but he does look out of it. Maybe he is just tired or something else could be going on. I know one thing is for sure, he needs to slow down. My personal opinion is that he’s be to one too many clubs and downed far too many alcohol substances. Mark my words, he will end up in rehab if he can’t stop with this obsession with partying hard and drinking.

  11. 61
    Whatever Says:

    I meant to say that he’s been to one to many clubs.

  12. 62
    Olive Says:


    LMAO he was sipping on coke the whole time.

  13. 63
    monique Says:

    @Whatever: Unless you’re a close personal friend of Zac and you know what he does on a daily basis, including how he spends his nights with his friends and/or alone, you’re in no position to say that “he needs to slow down.” You’re absolutely entitled to your personal opinion. But unless you’re a fly on the wall or you’ve seen a secret stash of pictures which involve Zac downing shots every night or stumbling out of clubs at 3AM, you really have no idea what’s going on outside of what people are claiming to know on the internet. True, there have been pictures of him at clubs and sightings of him partying and drinking. True, he was there the night one of his friends had a bad judgement call involving a DUI. I’m not saying none of these things happened. But the past few weeks we have seen him working and hanging out with family and friends. He spent a quiet New Year’s away from the public and no one heard of him getting out of control with partying or drinking. There has been no recent pictures or sightings of him doing anything that you’re stating. Before you condemn him to alcoholism and rehab, maybe you should wait to get some proper evidence that he’s this excessive alcoholic and drug user that you assume him to be. From what I know and have heard, he drinks and parties no more than the average 20+ year old person. Just because he’s in the spotlight and scrutinized by many people does not make him any different than a young person living their life and having a good time. I see this website as a place where people can come to support their favorite actor/actress/musician. But instead it’s turned into this place where groups of people with opposing opinions have cyber wars with one another, viciously trying to prove that we individually are right and the other is wrong. We can go back and forth about this, but it’s clear that we have two different opinions and I’m not trying to force mine on you. There’s no point. You seem much more mature than some of the other people here who are saying some pretty egregious things, but now that I’ve said my point of view, I have nothing else to say. Oh, and I apologize if this paragraph is too long. I hope you didn’t fall asleep. Apparently I’m trying to write a book.

  14. 64
    isf Says:

    I don’t know where you guys are from, but where I live, it is extremely normal for guys his age to go to clubs and drink on a regular basis…and they don’t end up in rehab, so…I don’t know where you’re coming from.
    ok, maybe he’s wasted in those pics…so what? I don’t see anything wrong with it.

  15. 65
    monique Says:

    @isf: I live in LA, and all my guy friends go out and drink on a weekly basis. And they all have jobs and are successful, good hearted people. They’re just having fun. So I agree with you. I don’t understand why some people are making such a big deal out of nothing. However, I still don’t think that he’s wasted in the photos. The fact that he’s able to sit properly in his chair and watch the game in a lucid state (while drinking a soda, mind you) is proof enough that he’s not drunk or wasted. Just because he’s not clean shaven and he’s not smiling from ear to ear, that shouldn’t give people an incentive to insinuate that he’s drunk. Those are callous remarks and it makes no sense.

  16. 66
    ????????? Says:


    Thank you

  17. 67
    monique Says:

    @?????????: :)

  18. 68
    ????????? Says:

    I’ve just given up arguing with anyone lifes too short.

  19. 69
    superfly Says:

    People are SOO wack on here. Ofcourse if a guy has dressing style, pouts his lips like that and ALWAYS wears make up we would all assume he is gay. No problem with that, that’s just how it is.. period!

  20. 70
    superfly Says:

    People are SOO wack on here. Ofcourse if a guy has dressing style, pouts his lips like that and ALWAYS wears make up we would all assume he is gay. No problem with that, that’s just how it is.. period!

  21. 71
    superfly Says:

    People are SOO wack on here. Ofcourse if a guy has dressing style, pouts his lips like that and ALWAYS wears make up we would all assume he is gay. No problem with that, that’s just how it is.. period!

  22. 72
    hohoho Says:


  23. 73
    monique Says:

    @hohoho: *yawn* How original.

  24. 74
    hohoho Says:

    is that his boyfriend now?

  25. 75
    Scorpio16 Says:

    What do U think ladies?? Hot or not?? I think sooooooooooo NOT AND WHAT AN EPIC FAIL!

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