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Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: 'Purgatory' Screening!

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: 'Purgatory' Screening!

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux check out a screening of HBO’s Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory at the Ray Kurtzman Theater on Monday (January 9) in Los Angeles.

Also at the screening: Orlando Bloom, director Joe Berlinger, and actor Jason Baldwin!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Aniston

Here’s the synopsis of the documentary: “A further investigation into the arrest of three teenagers who were wrongfully convicted of killing three young boys in Arkansas and spent nearly 20 years in prison before being released because DNA evidence proved their innocence.”

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Credit: Christopher Polk; Photos: Getty
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157 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: 'Purgatory' Screening!”

  1. 1
    Whatevah Says:

    The Maniston came out from her cave…… haha desperate much for attention?

  2. 2
    Jen Says:

    so what do we think? Is Jen preggers or not?

  3. 3
    ab Says:

    she desperate

  4. 4
    Elle Says:

    Wow…what a coincidence! Aniston gets back in the public eye just in time for awards season.
    Even though she is not nominated and will never be nominated for any big awards.

    Justin looks rough. Guess Aniston forgot to tell him to comb over his receding hairline this time.

  5. 5
    Kay Says:


    No she is not pregnant. It is a crease in the fabric and babies don’t grow that low. Plus she is almost 43! Advanced maternal age.

    I swear her fans are way too desperate for her to have a baby. She could be dating Charlie Sheen and they would all say he is so great and how cute they are together.

    Justin does not hold open doors for her, does not help her out of cars, fails to hold his umbrella over her head. Far from a gentleman.

  6. 6
    pickles Says:

    I really like her! Don’t know what to make of him, but I’ve enjoyed his acting in some movies I saw. I try not to get all wrapped up in the “drama” the media tries to create about her private life.

    I just wish her well, because I happen to think she is a very likeable person. I enjoy her movies. Movies should be fun, too, not always so heavy and serious and “artsy.”

  7. 7
    TC Says:

    Don’t think she’s pregnant either. She doesn’t want any kids and finally said as much in a recent print interview for Elle Magazine. But of course, those of us who have her number knew all along she’d never go the baby route. That was always Brad’s dream. Not hers.
    Justin is looking rough. If a 10-day Telluride holiday makes you look like that, then no thanks.

  8. 8
    ex-Jen fan Says:

    They’re so compatible! FUGLY.
    And they are among the HOTTEST people of today?

  9. 9
    sorella Says:

    Woah she’s looking rough here. Guess since hooking up with Justin, he got her to stop travelling with her own personal hairstylist, firs time I see her hair looking bad!! The closed mouth smile does not suit her face as it emphasizes her long chin, it takes alot of photoshop to make JA “naturally” pretty and you can see that in candids that “natural” shots are not her friend. And with all her money, she should buy Justin some face powder or something to blot his extra-shinny skin.

  10. 10
    Anastasia Says:

    guys im 90% sure she’s pregnant1Can’t you see the bump under her coat?plus her face looks a bit rounder than before which is usual for pregnant women.i say watch this space,there might be an announcemment soon!

  11. 11
    Lim Says:

    He doesn’t look that good in these pics.

  12. 12
    Lim Says:

    He doesn’t look that good in these pics.

  13. 13
    Whatevah Says:

    They do look rough, Maniston even looks older than her age here, and what’s that on Justin’s forehead?

  14. 14
    mary Says:

    God, you are really missing JENSTIN here!!!!!you do not like them but they know much about them right?

  15. 15
    Tazla Says:

    Justin and Jennifer look totally miserable in these photos, especially Justin. Maybe the price of fame is getting to be too much for him? At first he was probably excited to be dating a celebrity but perhaps now things aren’t looking so great anymore? Who knows, maybe it’s just a bad day.

  16. 16
    tick tock Says:

    they can’t even stand next to each other. she’s not preggo just fat since she was skiing recently.

  17. 17
    Tru Says:

    blah her movies are lame and so is she

  18. 18
    SERA Says:

    THAT is supposed to be hotter than Marilyn Monroe? CRAZY

  19. 19
    Chameleon Says:

    It’s probably her purse under her coat. but I bet somebody enjoys the speculation.

  20. 20
    mary Says:

    Jennifer Aniston pregnant? When the media announced collapses! JENSTIN the baby is more than ever expected!

  21. 21
    God she's HOT Says:


  22. 22
    SERA Says:


  23. 23
    pair of birds!!!! Says:

    my favorite couple, are living making love… all day and night they celebrate the happiness of being together making love …

  24. 24
    ann h Says:

    She’s got one button undone so people think she might be pregnant.. Then people will be all abuzz about her. What a phony.

  25. 25
    Shoe-Be-Doo Says:

    Fugly to the max… Isn’t she supposed to be the most beautiful women on the planet not ?????

  26. 26
    Shoe-Be-Doo Says:

    Fugly to the max… Isn’t she supposed to be the most beautiful women on the planet not ?????

  27. 27
    ME Tonight Says:

    Looks prago This time .

  28. 28
    bluh Says:

    why does everybody have so many negative things to say? she has never publicly done anything offensive to anyone, neither has she slandered anyone’s name. She has made a few comments here or there in regards to her ex, but under the circumstances in which her marriage ended she handled it very tastefully. Brad left her. It’s apparent he dumped her specifically for Angelina. Why do Angelina and Brad fans hate Jen for?

  29. 29
    dd Says:

    @Whatevah: I was about to write that. LOL

  30. 30
    The ORIGINAL Miami D. Says:

    @bluh: Darling, Snagyomangelina fans are obsessed with Jen. There is no rhyme or reason, other than backlash because Jolie took a lot of heat for being the homewrecker that she was. But, most of Jens fans couldn’t care less anymore, they just defend her on the internet because Snagyomangelinas fans are so disturbed and obsessed. See all the nasty comments above for all the proof you will ever need ^^^^^^^

  31. 31
    Anon Says:

    @ bluh & original miami d. – She is hated because she’s been coattailing Brad and Angie for 7 years. She’s made nasty comments about Brad and Angie in the press, she’s talked about their kids inappropriately. She’s used her goddess circle friends (Chelsea Handler, Kristen Hahn) to trash Brad and Angie in the press AND SHE IS NEVER CALLED ON IT. Meanwhile, Brad can’t say two words about his love for Angie without his x being dragged into the conversation. It’s only been recently that Brad has opened up about his love for Angie in Parade magazine and he had to take a lot of sh*t for it afterwards. Brad’s x is coddled and treated like a child. She needs to grow the f*ck up.

  32. 32
    ellie' Says:

    How sweet you have been looking for her…

  33. 33
    I say... Says:

    looks like Justin’s been crying his eyes out. Karma!!

  34. 34
    ellie' Says:

    Keep on trying to convince yourself..that she needed her x..thanks for always checking on her sweetie…

  35. 35
    The ORIGINAL Miami D. Says:

    @Anon: I totally disagree when you say that Jen has “coat-tailed” Brangelina. She, like them, is often asked questions regarding them, by the media. They have all answered questions pertaining to the triangle that the media keeps alive in order to capitalize on the drama of 7 years ago. Neither party has ever said anything horrible about the other. Additionally, when you say Jen made “inappropriate” comments about their kids, you are LYING. She was asked a question a couple years back, I believe it was about whether or not she and Pitt are still in touch, and she jokingly replied that “sure, and I babysit Maddox” – or something to that effect. Then she ALSO stated CLEARLY that it was time to let this whole thing die and go away and reiterated that there were no good or bad guys involved in this and it’s perpetuated by the media and not any of them. It’s pretty funny that Snagyomangelina gets a pass (if only by rabid Brangie fans) when she refers to the movie MAMS as when she and Brad fell in love, especially after years of him denying they had any relationship, other than friendship, until afterwards, yet when Jen answers a question she’s the devil incarnate. It’s beyond time to let it go, on both sides, but the media hasn’t sucked the last dime out of the triangle as of yet, so they will continue to perpetuate false quotes and stories that some fans will continue to buy into. Get your heads out of the sand and let people live their lives, and you may end up with a more interesting life yourself! And, I can have any nickname I want for AJ, but I don’t promote lies on behalf of either side, because I wasn’t there and it ain’t nobody’s business but their own.

  36. 36
    lafamepoma Says:

    I heard that she’s pregnant, well i don’t know but this jacket is quite misterious.

  37. 37
    ellie' Says:

    So good to see Jen & Justin. your both look great..

  38. 38
    aha Says:

    WOW! This couple is so beautiful and hot……NOT……..

  39. 39
    bobby sue Says:

    She has *got* to be pregnant. When has she ever had a stomach that big? She always wears form fitting outfits too. She looks about 3-4 months along. Those pics of her in that black flow-y dress where her boobs were hanging out I guarantee were the early bloat/ fullness you get with pregnancy. Good for them! Congrats.

  40. 40
    Anon Says:

    original miami d #37 – If you are asked questions you don’t want to answer, then the answer is “no comment.” It’s laughable you use that argument. Other celebrities have been able to manage. Funny, how she keeps herself in the headlines by continuing to talk about a dead marriage.
    x has made numerous spiteful comments about Brad and Angie to missing a sensitivity chip” (Vanity Fair Oct 2005), to Angie is uncool and inappropriate” and “considering the source, nothing is unbelievable” (Vogue Dec 2008) and then trying to be cute by saying, “we all go to the Hamptons together. I’ve got Zahara on my hip and Pax…” (GQ Jan 2009). She’s made all these nasty little comments meant to hurt, and NO ONE CALLED HER OUT ON ANY OF IT. She’s just a spoiled little brat using her publicist to keep that image of the girl next door alive for all you hens. Poor hens.
    And Angie trading nasty comments with her? Puleze! That’s a load of bullsh*t. Prove it! Angie has NEVER made nasty comments about x in the press. In fact, if she did, she’s be called on the carpet for it, unlike x. That’s the double standard. x gets away with insults and name calling, but if Angie would get all the ire and the heat for doing the exact same thing.
    It’s funny how you talk about x wanting to let go, but if she’s constantly bringing them up in the press, is that the characteristics of someone who wants to let something go?! Yeah, uh-huh.

  41. 41
    ha Says:

    So what if they’re pregnant or not… no biggie.

  42. 42
    yep Says:

    Awesome, supporting their friends. I am happy for the people who were in prison and now free! DNA! Amazing couple!

  43. 43
    The ORIGINAL Miami D. Says:


    “missing a sensitivity chip” (Vanity Fair Oct 2005), – Ok, so to YOU it’s NORMAL for your husband to walk away from the marriage and onto a private plane and photo shoot with his lover within moments of telling you he wants a divorce so he can be with her? Hmmmmm….OK??

    “Angie is uncool” – Jen said that AJ’s statement was uncool. That was made on the Oprah show – live – when asked how she felt about AJ declaring, in a interview that she “really wants their kids to watch MAMS so they can watch their parents fall in love” WHILE HE WAS MARRIED TO JENNIFER ANISTON. Oh, yes, that was TOTALLY appropriate for AJ to say. Funny she didn’t decline to answer that jewel of a question that could have easily been answered in a way as to not hurt ANYBODY, but chose to dig the knife in deeper, and used her kids to do it. She outed herself as a villain right there!

    “and then trying to be cute by saying, “we all go to the Hamptons together. I’ve got Zahara on my hip and Pax…” (GQ Jan 2009) – And….I guess the real issue for you is the fact that she had the audacity to say the names of the kids? I remember reading the Brangie posts on here when that went down and you all got your panties in a bunch because she had the nerve to utter their royal names. Wake up and get over the fact that she was trying to add some humor into something that tore her apart, that she was trying to get everyone to let go of, IDIOTS!

    So, in an attempt to understand you, I can only deduce that you feel that AJ had every right to spill the beans on when the love affair started, thereby causing tremendous hurt and embarassment to Jen, instead of doing what you would demand Jen do and not answer. Seems to me you are pulling a HUGE double standard or…………………….YOU’RE JUST PLAIN DUMB! I mean really now, Jon Voight has said much worse stuff about his daughter than AJ ever did. The man couldn’t even correctly pronounce his grandchilds name for christ sake, in addition to calling AJ bat s h i t crazay.

  44. 44
    The ORIGINAL Miami D. Says:

    Jon Voight has said much worse stuff about his daughter than “JA” ever did.

  45. 45
    yep Says:

    @Anon: can’t really think you are serious! jen has gotten in movies because SHE makes money! a fact! she has a fan base and they/we love her and like seeing her and do go to her movies! the ex situation has nothing to do with it! you guys have been hating for 7 years and jen just keeps moving forward. just because you don’t want to recognize the truth doesn’t mean it isn’t the truth. jen never followed jolie path of foreign charity work – she has continue to be true to her path which i respect even with brangelina fans hating on her! she continue to support the her charities and this year continued the same with breast cancer awareness and with haiti she donated. she continue to make movies, continues to live her life and continues to grow as a person. however, for whatever reason paid or love hate to hate you don’t want to recognize the real truth. as a jen fan – i still like jolie and respect what she does! i don’t go hate on her article just because you do! i am an adult and at times it is seriously really hard because after 7 years it seems ridicules in my opinion to continue such hate unless being paid as even a child sees the truth. jen does charity, jen does movies, jen has a fan base and jen has moved on!!!!!!!

  46. 46
    yep Says:

    @Anon: do you really think people don’t see – open your eyes – it has nothing with taking sides. jolie has made diggs , the james bond, starting saying her children are calling her uncool when they were way to young, calling jen out in the media – i’ll be glad to talk to jennifer – (tacking), jolie took the movie jen was to do = a mighty heart – those are a few! don’t pretend – we/ jen fans see what jen has said too – didn’t you read the real miami d! also, we/jan fans recognize jolie charity work while you/brangelina fans continue to mock and dismiss jennifer’s charity. time to move forward! i am happy that innocence people were freed! can’t image 20 years for a crime i didn’t commit! as a jen fan it is good to see her and justin!

  47. 47
    The ORIGINAL Miami D. Says:

    @yep: No matter how much common sense you attempt to share with some of these people, it will never sink in. They honestly feel the Brangelina are royalty and are thereby allowed to live by different rules than any other beings. Nice try though.

  48. 48
    **** Says:

    On a positive note…..gorgeous Orlando has surfaced! LOVE HIM!!! Don’t care about anyone else in the picture.

  49. 49
    tota Says:

    love her

  50. 50
    tota Says:

    good look for them

  51. 51
    tota Says:

    she looks good

  52. 52
    krankie Says:

    they look great.

    she looks amazing esp.for her age–at least she doesn´t look as horrible as skankelina–she looks at least 10 years younger than this gross junkie!

    great couple…love,their style.

  53. 53
    tota Says:

    great actress

  54. 54
    tota Says:

    hot couple

  55. 55
    raf Says:

    she is soooooooooo pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. 56
    The ORIGINAL Miami D. Says:

    One of the most endearing qualities that Jen has about her is that she has such a friendly smile and down to earth attitude. She does not strut around with a smug look on her face and putting on heirs, like some other ladies we all love to loathe… I think that’s one of the reasons people find AJ so unappealing. When she was young, she was a wild child, at least that’s what she presented to others, and now on the red carpet she just has a look of contempt and a smugness about her that makes it difficult to believe she really does those charities for anything other than self promotion/recognition. Not that I know her personally and understand her reasons for anything she does, but aside from the humanitarian/UN stuff she does, a majority of the things she’s done in her life were based on self gratification and attention getting only, well along with her desire to be rich and famous. And don’t even try to tell me that 10 years ago she would have sported the same attitude towards the paps taking her pictures. She would have run a old lady down to dive in front of a camera to be noticed. Awwwww how they change when they make it big….

  57. 57
    pair of birds!!!! Says:

    if jen is pregnant omg … I have a heart attack, but I do not think that is …

  58. 58
    ally Says:

    I feel sorry for Heidi Bivens who was lied to time and time again.
    The media excepted Jen’s word for it that Justin had been separated before he started fcuking Jen, BULLS.H.I.T!!!!

    Of course Justin anjd Jennifer are going to say that but that’s not what Heidi Bevins mother said. And they know it. Why is it okay for Jennifer Aniston to hurt another woman like that and her fans and the media turn their heads and go along with the lies. Make google your friend and see how Jen broke that 14 YEAR RELATIONSHIP UP.

    Heidi Bivens is NOT looking for pity like some ppl we know but did ask to keep the lovey dovey crap out of her FACE.
    Aniston was asked to not make a big deal out of this so called ‘new love’ to stop rubbing it in but every chance she gets she thinks nothing of it.
    That’s sadistic.

  59. 59
    The ORIGINAL Miami D. Says:

    @ally – Don’t worry babe, I pity you. And anyone that would believe that they know the insides of a couples relationship, especially people they don’t even know, deserves as much pity as they can get. Take care….

  60. 60
    elz Says:

    @pickles: I agree with you i hope everything works out well for them ! i don’t believe the crap that the media writes about her its just not fair. I love her movies they’re great when you just want to have a laugh and escape from reality for an hour ! Justin’s so hot i wish i was her :( x

  61. 61
    elz Says:

    I agree with you i hope everything works out well for them ! i don’t believe the crap that the media writes about her its just not fair. I love her movies they’re great when you just want to have a laugh and escape from reality for an hour ! Justin’s so hot i wish i was her :( x

  62. 62
    MIke Says:

    That is the face of somebody going through a break-up. He looks like he’s been crying.

  63. 63
    reeven Says:



  64. 64
    Anon Says:

    #44 Miami D # – Guess it really is true…Jen hens are idiots. Only a hen like you could not see the contradiction in continuing to talk about your x husband in the press years after her left you, as well as his current partner and children who she doesn’t even know, and then in the same breath say that she’s moved on. She whines that people only ask her questions about her relationship. Well, they do because SHE ANSWERS THEM SPITEFULLY ADDING FUEL TO THE FIRE! It makes for a great tabloid headline and keeps her name in the press. But talking about a badly ended past relationship only keeps the press interested in it and asking questions about it. Has Sandra Bullock ever said one word about Jesse James?! NO! And guess what, NO ONE EVER ASKS HER ABOUT HIM! Her interviews are always about her work, her son or her philanthropy work in New Orleans. Imagine that folks. It really is that simple. x just needs to SHUT THE FVCK UP, but she doesn’t want to because bringing up Brad is intentional and is done to remind people that she was once married to him. Charlie Day said in an interview that when he was on the Horrible Bosses set, x said to him, “Do you know I was once married to Brad Pitt?” Says it all right there folks.
    Oh, and the uncool comment DID come from her interview in Vogue Dec 2008. It even made the cover. The cover says, “Jennifer Aniston: “What Angelina Did was Very Uncool.” When the quote made the cover, she “claims” she was appalled the interviewer pulled that particular quote out to put on the cover. Puh-leze. x knew exactly what she was doing. You don’t think she knows how the game is played after being in the industry for as long as she has with the nasty Huvane as her publicist?! Poor hens. You’ve been so manipulated by your idol it’s laughable.

  65. 65

    DID NY
    DID LA

  66. 66
    Larenjen Says:


  67. 67
    Larenjen Says:


  68. 68
    WHORE SON Says:

    I wonder if he is getting paid more than jlo’s piece

  69. 69
    Mmmm Smile?????? Says:

    this dog looks too miserable jen maybe it’s time for a raise.

  70. 70
    longchamp Says:

    hmm. smiles bit contrived, bit wan?

  71. 71
    Lexie88 Says:

    What has she done to justify such nasty comments. She looks pregnant and I hope she is pregnant. She has kept a very low profile lately. She is not too old and deserves to be happy.

  72. 72
    ellie' Says:

    Jen is the most sweetest person ever.. How you people have such hatred towards her are completely in saying..Not one thing you say about Jen is the truth..

  73. 73
    Noticed Says:

    WHY do you allow all this trash talk about Jennifer when any negative post about Angelina is removed????? So biast and unfair.

  74. 74
    Todd K. Says:

    I think Angelina is much prettier then Aniston.

  75. 75
    yep Says:

    @Anon: calling names you are really good at along with using profanity! maybe you might think about respecting others opinions and realize that using profanity doesn’t really make a point only shows more about your character. notice how jen’s fans recognized two sides and have the ability to see both! and still choose jennifer aniston – we are adults, educated, working people with a sense of doing the right thing. hate to hate is a very shallow emotion and will continue to eat you.. wishing you happiness and love

  76. 76
    Ann Says:

    Did u all recalled Justin Theroux acting in Charles Angles movies. He really like cartoon… LOL

  77. 77
    Possibly Says:

    Jen is a comedian who is not an actress. She has an interesting big nose and a long jaw.

  78. 78
    friarsuck Says:


    Nah, she’s just getting fat, as older chicks tend to do. Plus vodka puts on the pudge.

  79. 79
    peace please!!!! Says:

    God, how much evil in this blog! why?
    Which the crime he committed Jennifer Aniston?
    Because you speak so badly of her?
    Jennifer Aniston is one woman living her life and how we all own in search of happiness …

  80. 80
    anon Says:

    JT is a short MPB poser with a little gun around his neck. What a douche. CAA tried to create a shallow tough guy image, he thinks he is so cool…. but he looks FAKE. If he met a real biker with a real gun he would run! MR BOLOGNA INDEED! She is obviously trying to get people talking with the big coat for attention/money/film again. I don’t believe they are a couple. I believe he is doing this CAA escort contract until the movie is released…… total junk.

  81. 81
    yep Says:

    @anon: we all are waiting for the day that you have to show your face when you make a comment! jen and justin are the hottest couple in hollywood! awesome!

  82. 82
    Ann Th Says:

    I look like idiots jennifer haters: perhaps it did something to you? What happens to her and Pitt is a matter for them and not you the Brangelina … If someone cualpa which should Jolie would hate to mess with a married man (even respect that) .. maybe it hurts to tell you that Jen humor as I care to Maddox or whatever .. it hurts you? please make your own life and leave the demarcation live in peace .. Jennifer already exceeded and you do not? Brad’s cheating maybe you or her? now that Justin is happy with quiet .. let them live ..MATURE .. Still do not understand why the hate? maybe she did something to you? jolie is a family of you to defend it? idiots are not the only to hate is Jolie’s lesbian, that takes children to erase her past. During the divorce of Jennifer and Brad, Jennifer acts in an extremely quiet and in no time I blame Angelina for their separation.
    So stop writing hateful comments as if they cared so much we know who is the only culprit, and you will blow them big fans

  83. 83
    anon Says:

    i find it humorous that we have crucified angelina jolie for stealing brad from jen. However, there hasn’t been one negative word about her breaking up a couple who were together for 14 years. How odd is that?! In my opinion, she is no less of home wrecker than angelina is.

  84. 84
    massie Says:

    how can people think evn for a second that the guy is that hot? really… I don’t hate on Jen Aniston, but this Justin loks rough and mean to me. look at those evil eyes, why does he have to do a fuss above his eyebrows all the time??? weird…

  85. 85
    sick Besito Says:

    @Ann Th: my dear Lord… You need only to go and look @ FF UK … To understand the meaning of evil and hate for this pass 7 1/2 years toward Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt…. People hate this most Hottest wonderful beautiful couple AJ and BP … Why??. BP him self have stated that his marriage was dead long before AJ come in to His life… While they are still married, Jennifer Aniston treats him like sh*it … He stated so many times he wanted a family, but she is to selfish to give him any… don’t give me any cr*p by saying she had a miscarriage …. Thanks God he left her sorry @ss … I wish AJ and BP all the happiness in the world… Long live the King and Queen of the World the Jolie Pitt and their lovely Family !!!

  86. 86
    Ann Th Says:

    any person who makes a good review on this blog about Jen and Justin, other than it is attacked as she drops 10 negative votes. Because they hate maybe you did something? Jennifer is an incredible actress, but you Jolie fans will fall ill, Jolie became famous only because they belong to the love triangle 7 years ago .. If Jennifer did you overcome it should too.
    To say the truth I get negative votes minimum 8 …..

  87. 87
    Ann Th Says:

    Sure, it’s so! this blog should be called (Only for those who hate Jennifer and Justin). if you put something good out of them will fall 10 envious over. Because they hate so much? Ever said anything bad about Brad and Angelina may have said. Always try to avoid this issue and if you say something in a sense of humor will fall on you ..
    Justin and Jennifer seem to me a very nice couple .. hopefully be happy The past that back .. have to overcome.

  88. 88
    I say... Says:

    This is a free country. You speak bad of Angie, Brad & kids. We say negative things about your Jen…its just how the world rotates.

  89. 89
    rose Says:

    Jen Aniston is pregnant?This baby will be the most beautiful of the world !!!!!!!!so happy for her…

  90. 90
    Probably Says:

    Pregnancy is good for jen. Please refrain from PR for the time being.

  91. 91
    ahem Says:

    Actor Jason Baldwin, JJ? Jason was one of the 3. Jeez, this thread was only to promote JA. …truth.

  92. 92
    pair of birds!!!! Says:

    Jen my dear, we’re all really missing back soon with good news and great, we look forward …

  93. 93
    Ghost Says:

    Not Pregnant ! It would seem that the fans she has are slow learners. Jennifer has a movie to promote and the games have just begun. Every single movie she has ever done has some form of drama to sell it to the public. If you look at the very beginning of her career she has done the very same thing as she does now. Not only is she predictable in her actions but shallow in the results. Bottom line : You would be better off worshiping a door **** than this immoral tvrd.

  94. 94
    Ghost Says:

    How would anyone but her Doctor know she is on fertility drugs ? The answer is that they wouldn’t. GossipLuvver, You need to take your head out of your azz. You have heard squat. She is not pregs, Nor will she ever be.

  95. 95
    ariella Says:

    She is going to need a 4th nose job as her nose is dripping onto her to lip. She beat Audrey Hepburn????!!!!???? Teroux looks as if he has been smoking, drinking and staying up too late his face looks like a chewed toffee…they suit each other.

  96. 96
    couple fake!!!!!! Says:

    Brangelina also deserve each other, her anorexia with some guy who snorted or injected and he Greasy like somebody who smoked, the perfect couple DRUGS !!!!!!

  97. 97
    yep Says:

    @anon: actually not jen fans you brangelina fans bringing it up! lol! us jen fans have moved on so long ago! jen is amazing and just keeps on moving forward! (still don’t get why brangelina fans swap names and write a mean comment about jolie – guess to get the sparks to fly – whatever) JUSTJEN!

  98. 98
    yep Says:

    @sick Besito: like you really know the truth! jen had a miscarriage! so the baby thing was a plan and a great one buy brad/jolie on oprah show! however it wasn’t true then and not now either! i am happy for brad/jolie and their family. but keeping a lie going is just wrong. brad was unhappy and had an affair! life happens! it has been 7 years and as a jen fan i have moved forward years ago! wishing jennifer only the best!

  99. 99
    yep Says:

    @I say…: you know you comment sounds like a 7 year old! lol! jen is lovely!

  100. 100
    yep Says:

    jen, your fans are missing you! glad you are enjoying your time away. SMILE! with your teeth! you have a pretty smile! (i don’t like the bab’s thing) justin, the hardness goes away when you smile . i am looking forward to seeing WANDERLUST! KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

  101. 101
    blue Says:

    Truly hoping that Jennifer is pregnant! Turning the page,,,, moving on with her life. This can be only great news for her,,, she wants a baby so much! As for Brad I’m really happy for him,,,he has evolved and matured well,,,,a father,,a producer and a great actor,,,a satisfied man indeed . He is happy with his life and his family,,,at peace. All and all I’m really wishing Jennifer finds HAPPINESS and satisfaction in her life too,,,whatever she wants to do with it. If you truly love someone you would be happy for them that they have found their true love,,,without feeling scorn or remorse in your heart,,, and be at peace with that. Setting them free,,,,, that it’s ok.

  102. 102
    Wow! Says:

    Both faces looks like they came from purgatory!!!! Must be be hellish where they came from….

  103. 103
    Petail Says:

    She’s PREGNANT!!!!!!!! Yayayayayayayaya!!!!

  104. 104
    besane Says:

    @yep: Ah the “Hopeless Miscarrige Myth” by Aniston Fans. Didn’t know there are still those who are hanging on to the hope that this woman really wants babies. Don’t WANT for her, she’s the one who made the decision so far not to, and let her husband go who really wanted to. Nobody lost, everyone won.

  105. 105
    Barbara Says:

    Calling it…she’s preggers. Will be announced in Feb to coincide with Wanderlust launch.

  106. 106
    Fan Says:

    Hope she is too, offspring with those bushy eyebrows and long face, hmm

  107. 107
    ann Says:

    oh my god guys!!!leave her alone…if you hate her so much why do you even read her post???such spite wont get you anywhere in life!!

  108. 108
    mary rose Says:

    My girl is pregnant,im so so happy for her…

  109. 109
    devil's advocate Says:

    If ole Jenn is pregnant does anyone know who the father is????

  110. 110
    couple fake!!!!!! Says:

    Certainly the father of Jen’s son is not a dirty old man, greasy stoner and drunk or betrayed, cowardly and flopped

  111. 111
    WanderSLUT Says:

    Old Granny Aniston is not pregnant. Her tummy is just bloated from drinking vodka and not enough time for yoga. Old Granny don’t have any plan to have kid/s because she doesn’t want her kid/s to ever be compare to the JOLIE-PITT’s gorgeous kids. If Old Granny will have kid/s, she will feel sorry for herself because her kid’s will going to have a lot of insecurities specially if the kid will look like her. That will be another poor kid, no talent and no brain like Old Granny and the JOLIE-PITT kids will continue their MOM and DAD’s legacy. Old Granny’s kid/s will just be in the corner. Poor thing.

  112. 112
    Pitt-iful loons Says:

    They look so happy! I’m sure that additionally to their expected baby this summer is the added delight that Brad and his girlfriend both lost their nominations:) hahahahhaahhahahahahahhahaha!

  113. 113
    Carolina Says:

    @WanderSLUT: hahaha Funny Kid!

  114. 114
    WanderSLUT Says:

    I think Huvane was working over night cleaning up this site. Maybe Old Granny Ticky read my comment last night and she doesn’t want the media to read it what had happened with her life during her marriage. If it’s true that Old Granny was indeed had miscarriage, the question is “was Brad the father or from someone else? because Brad said in His interview that He never have thoughts of having a kid/s not until He met Angie. Maybe the father of her baby is one of her so called circle of friends from Matt L, to Mathew P. and to Joe Francis who knows. Brad knows that Old Granny Ticky was and still is a SPORT F*CK, why would he think Old Granny Ticky will be a good mother to His kid/s? Poor fans and Old Granny Ticky, too desperate that until now still hoping for Brad. If they insist that Old Granny Ticky had miscarriages then there is only 1% chance that she can get pregnant and considering her age. Next month for the promotion of her movie the headline will be ” Old Granny Ticky and her boytoy had a baby” and after promotion, it will turn out it is just a puppy. See, how I busted their plans. I am sure this message, Huvane will delete it. That’s how nasty she/he is.

  115. 115
    Guest Says:


    Well Pitt post marriage claimed he never thought of children until Jolie, but go back and read all his interviews while he was married where he said how much he wanted “little hers (referring to Jen)” and talked about how he and his wife were trying for a child. Not to mention his comments to Marie Claire in 2004 about having a nursery set aside in their home. In other words, he has a revisionist attitude to his history for unknown reasons. Because if he is truly happy with Jolie and their family what does it matter to either acknowledge (or at least not lie about) the fact that you had tried previously for a family and had wanted one with your ex-wife? Seems awfully desperate to me.

    Jen is well rid of him and I hope the rumors of her pregnancy now are true!

  116. 116
    WanderSLUT Says:

    to Guest, you got that wrong because when Brad mention “little hers” that was when he was in Oprah show promoting Troy which obviously he already started filming Mr & Mrs. Smith. So “LITTLE HERS” means LITTLE Angie. I believe that Brad and Angie were already met before they even started filming Mr. & Mrs Smith. I think there was an interview where Angie said she first saw Brad when she was filming Alexander and Brad was filming Troy. I think Angie said that they were waiting for Troy crews to finish the studio and they were next. They maybe used the same studio since Alexander and Troy has the same era in which they can use the same background. But on that time, it was just a little glimpsed. And maybe Brad already inquired about Angie through Simon Crane whom who works with Angie for Lara Croft as a stunt coordinator and then Troy. But they officially met during the first script meeting and we all knew what happened next. I believe Brad when he said he never wanted kid/s until he met Angie. He was totally changed when he was away from Old Granny Ticky. And I’m glad he did.

  117. 117
    He's only "HERS"Bud!!!! Says:

    While chinni had her dog name tattooed on the bottom of her foot …LOL…. La Jolie had Brad’s name tattooed on her “Asss” …. see the different ???

  118. 118
    He's only "HERS"Bud!!!! Says:

    I wish everyone give this Bermuda sh*t triangle a rest… BP is very Happy living His Life to the Full with the love of his Life … Move on people… stop link.. Drag… Brings…. BP name … in to everything that move ( GC on the GG?) ( found finger and head NOT SO NEAR BP home?? lol) ….. you people WILL NEVER EVER CAN…. Can you???? you know why????? Because BP and AJ are the King and the queen of the world and because They “” OWN”"” YOU!!!!!!

  119. 119
    He's only "HERS"Bud!!!! Says:

    Chinni: take that garbage out Brad!! Pick up those sox Bard!!!!! LOL

  120. 120
    He's only "HERS"Bud!!!! Says:

    On the national TV…. rengengaaaaa????? LOL

  121. 121
    yep Says:

    lol! changing names to hate! so sad! Jen needs to smile her natural smile! Her hair looks fine! Looks like they have been up or stayed up all night! so what? they are real people! it is too bad that you make a choice to hate then recognize the article! DNA – people spent years in prison for a crime they didn’t do! happy for them and hope the movie does well for the for directors and producer!

  122. 122
    yep Says:

    @WanderSLUT: they should take your comment down – slander! also a miscarriage is very very sad! that is why brad said – “i am glad angie is the mother of my children” instead of like a normal person ” my children are lucky/fortunate to have angelina for a mother” in his parade magazine article! intentionally to hurt! move on! every time you hate – you just point 3 fingers and a thumb back a you. sad that you don’t realize you are keeping the past alive for your favorite stars – so all they charity work – goes right out of people’s mind. like at the republican convention on tv – can’t remember the question but i remember the bet was $10,000.00. keep on hating you are hurting the people you so care about more – hate is blind especially since you can’t see that i am telling you the truth! i wish jennifer the best! i am happy for her she has grown as a person and actor this past year! justin is ok – nice looking – to hard for me personally! i would love for jennifer and aaron eackhart (not sure of the spelling) to get together.

  123. 123
    yep Says:

    @besane: i don’t care if jennifer has a child or not! however it doesn’t take away from her having a miscarriage. i am her fan because i like her and love her movies! i don’t hate on brad or jolie and i am happy they have 6 beautiful children. if jen wants children great and if not that is fine too! i think jen and justin are a hot couple however what bothers me is the hardest i see in justin. he certainly is a talented writer, actor and a nice looking man. guess i was thinking more of some one like aaron for jen! anyway i am looking forward to seeing wanderlust!

  124. 124
    yep Says:

    @He’s only “HERS”Bud!!!!: actually you are a jennifer aniston article – so she owns you!

  125. 125
    Ohreally? Says:

    @WanderSLUT: Bullsh*t! The truth is there on tape…can’t change history loonbaboon. Loons always make up fairytales but that’s all they are. The absolute truth is: Jennifer has been pregnant by Brad TWICE. Brad never, ever, met Angie until the rehearsal of M&MSmith. Another truth is: Jennifer is the only woman he ever loved enough to give his name, and looks like 6 kids still isn’t enough for him to ask his live in girlfriend to be anything other than his brood-mare. Truth hurts, that’s why the loons make up stories.

  126. 126
    He's only "HERS"Bud!!!! Says:

    @yep: Thanks for holding me together man…… Literally …. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  127. 127
    yep Says:

    @He’s only “HERS”Bud!!!!: you are welcome! lol! own!

  128. 128
    WanderSLUT Says:

    to #126, Really! I got my facts on their video. And for your info, Brad and Angie’s LOVE story is not a fairytale, it’s real, it’s destiny. Fairytale are just for kids, like an UGLY DUCKLING sold her soul to the devil and promised she will do anything as long as she can get her FAME through a famous PRINCE and wala! the devil found a Prince who was heartbroken and took the opportunity. As you can see, there was no love there. As for Brad and Angie, destiny triumph over fairytale. THE END!

  129. 129
    He's only "HERS"Bud!!!! Says:

    @Ohreally?: Pregger TWICE??? LOL.. Only in la la land …

  130. 130
    yep Says:

    @He’s only “HERS”Bud!!!!: own!

  131. 131
    yep Says:

    @WanderSLUT: interesting so you are the only one who can decide what is real based on who you like? bias much? looking forward to wanderlust!

  132. 132
    yep Says:

    looking forward to seeing wanderlust! and having some jen and justin time!

  133. 133
    besane Says:

    @yep: Didn’t know you had Aniston’s medical records. There is no proof she had ever been pregnant or had a miscarriage, just “sources” = her PR team ramping up the pity-party for desperate fans like you who WANT her to want children. Oh well, if pregnant, good for her, if not pregnant, good for her.

  134. 134
    couple fake and losers!!!!!!!! Says:


  135. 135
    Confused... Says:

    She looks pregnant….the coat is obviously too big for her in the shoulders and length of arms and Jennifer would never be caught dead in an ill-fitting jacket like that….so, obviously she needs it to be big enough around the mid section to hide the bump! At any rate, it doesn’t really matter and these are all just opinions, but I do wonder why there are so many HATERS out there. If she is pregnant and announces it right away, then she’s seeking attention. If she tries to keep it private for awhile, then she’s hated on for that???? I just don’t get it???

  136. 136
    Guest Says:

    @ Ohreally? :

    It agrees.
    Since it is not honest, happiness does not come to her.

  137. 137
    Guest Says:

    @ besane :

    # 137 is a mistake.

    besane,It agrees. Since it is not honest, happiness does not come to her.

  138. 138
    LOL Says:

    @Confused…: You’re really confussed, Jennifer Pregnant LOL, that chick is not getting pregnant for those Greek hips to spread and her shaved nose to blow up. She spent too many years eating chicken salad everyday for lunch to go back to being a porker. Plus she was taking male hormones to keep her weight down, don’t forget the cigarette and pot smoking along with the margaritas and now she is Chelsea’s BFF it is vodka.
    Right now she can’t exercise for four hours a day, because she have to keep her eyes on the wee lad otherwise he may run back to his girlfriend of the last fourteen years.
    Wonder how long he will stand being a keep man, none of the two can get work, but she have millions, since she don’t give to charity, she should be able to pay him for a couple of years.

  139. 139
    manuella Says:

    Acho que vc deveria deixar a sua opiniao para vc e deixar eles em paz pq eh a melhor coisa que se faz ,vc naum tem nada melhor pra fazer do que ficar falando mal dos outros que sao melhores que vc ??.
    E va pentear os seus cabelos duros que os dela sao melhores que o seu .

  140. 140
    WanderSLUT Says:

    to #126, FUN FACT/S FOR YOU. Both Alexander and Troy were filmed in the same studio @ Shepperton Studios, Surrey, England in 2003 and in Morocco. Maybe this was the time Brad Pitt personally asked Angie to be his partner for Mr. & Mrs. Smith since both Catherine Zeta Jones and Nicole Kidman dropped off. Angie agreed since she doesn’t have movie line up after Alexander. I believe this was the beginning of their Love story. When Brad first saw Angie, he got mesmerized by her. Think of it, that there were few single gorgeous ladies with Brad’s opposite in Troy but none of them got Brad’s attention and I am sure they wish it, like any woman. Remember, Old Granny Ticky mentioned it in one of her interviews that she was kind of upset that her husband when he came home from filming Troy, Brad did not wiggle his tail just to see his wife. She expected it, why not? for not seeing each other for 6 months, if her dog wiggles his tail every time she comes home but why not her husband? Brad had a problem already, Angie on his mind. Remember Old Granny Ticky said too that she told Angie how excited her husband was, just to work with her. Lesson #1, if your partner keeps mentioning someone else name even if your partner denies it, deep inside there is something in it. Mr & Mrs Smith started filming, the more Brad cannot get rid Angie in his mind, that’s why he open it to Old Granny Tcky and told her that truth that he is in love with Angie and Tiky thought it was just a physical attraction. Ticky pushed Brad to have sex with Angie as long as He will still remain married to her. But Brad said to Ticky a big NO because Angie doesn’t deserve it. Brad asked for the divorce giving most of his properties to her as long as he got his freedom. Now, Brad got what he wanted, a beautiful family with His Angie. How could you not love their story, it’s about destiny not a fairytale. Me, LOVE IT!

  141. 141
    yep Says:

    @WanderSLUT: i feel for you! changing you name and hating so much! must be angelina or a paid person as a normal person couldn’t hold on to such hate for no REAL reason. may you find peace in your life.

  142. 142
    yep Says:

    @WanderSLUT: also on the settlement jen might have gotten a house however brad walked away with a lot more plan b company that is a fact!

  143. 143
    Confused Says:

    LOL….I’m not confused whether she’s pregnant or not (I don’t really care). I just don’t get why people are so hateful….just like your statement, what’s up with the name calling and derogatory comments??

  144. 144
    WanderSLUT Says:

    @yep: There is no hate here. I am just stating the facts and the possibilities that had happened in Brad and Angie’s Destiny. Don’t expect that they pay me just because I stated the possibilities what had happen in the beginning of their Destiny. Just try to analyze all their statements and connect the dots on it and you can figure it out what happened. And thank you, I’m having peace when I’m telling the truth and if not, closer to as possible. Is that what we should all try to do to have peace is keep telling the truth instead of lies and blaming someone else for your on fault? Tell that to your idol to be a real woman, stop following the orders from the devil PR machine even she knows it’s wrong. Remember, Ticky’s word ” I’m at peace whatever the plan is” is not a statement from a strong woman, this is a statement from a robot who accepts what a human dictates her what to do. I know it’s Ticky’s business to keep her relevant because there is nothing else that she can offer. I really do hope that it will end so soon then we will all have peace.

  145. 145
    cam Says:

    wanderlust is telling the truth. Even the directors and producers of MAMS commented that you could see there was chemistry between Brad and Angie the first time they met. But Brad said it wasn’t about looks and he was intrigued by her charity contributing 1/3 of salary andr Humanitarian travels around the world for the UNCR . He is quoted as saying” he literally chased her around the world”. I’m sure lust was his first attraction to Angie but Brad was not known to date women on the same level as him as far is looks. Juliet lewis, Paltrow, Givens (although I think she was very attractive when Brad dated her),Sinita and Aniston. He was definitely the better looking in those pairings.

    Qiute Honestly, I believe Brad would have probably settled with a woman of color if it wasn’t for his image. He sure dated almost as many as Robert DeNiro. Angelina came close with her lips and exotic looks.

    And I like others were shocked by him dating JA and eventually marrying.

    It’s funny that her fans like to use Ted C as the gossip bible for all things JP’s but he was one of the first people who said Brad would never marry JA.

  146. 146
    ahem Says:

    Jennifer is desperate….her and that ***** Handler. Handler’s whole team at E! are not funny. Damage Control by the Huvane Bros.

    Rock on Joan!

  147. 147
    LOL Says:

    @Confused:Name calling is what Jennifer’s friend Chelsea does, with Jennifer laughing in the back ground.
    So don’t talk about people calling out that phony can’t act actress.
    Jennifer got a couple of movie projects from Plan B, half of the sold house, they keep their income separate, she want Plan B after putting next to nothing in the company.
    She have her production Co, but is too cheap to fund movies for herself.

  148. 148
    Steve Hannah Says:

    She is very beautiful, not the most by ant means.

  149. 149
    besane Says:

    @cam: Brad’s marriage to Aniston was ARRANGED by their agents, and both actors went along with it for PR purposes, not really in love or being soulmates. Brad got depressed he said, with the “boring life” with this cocaine/dope/weed addicted non-babylover. Anyway, that’s an ancient history and good riddance. What’s important is now, and the wonderful family and life he built with Angie. Life is short, you owe it to yourself to do the right thing. Brad did it right!

  150. 150
    nikko Says:


    Yes, I think she’s pregnant.

  151. 151
    Miller Says:


    Wow hens are dumb, do you think this ho would be seen skiing and drinking if she was pregnant? Also her pr pimp denied it on gossip cop. Face it hens, this old cow dont want a kid.

  152. 152
    J.Anus~stain~ Says:

    @nikko: If she is pregnant, I have the Great wall of China to sell you !!!!!! Bwahahaha …

  153. 153
    Mrsdavis Says:

    I might get a lot of flack for what I’m about to say but I don’t care it’s my opinion…and this isn’t just because I love brad and angie but this new man of hers is hideous on all levels and she isn’t really pretty to me. Yes she has a nice body but that’s about it and her movies are all horrible..I’m just saying…it’s my opinion and I’m entitled and I’m not being a hater at all because I’ll give credit where it’s due

  154. 154
    Mrsdavis Says:


    Ok good I thought I was the only person to think like this…I’m sorry but she’s not hot at all…she does have a nice body though. I think she’s desperate and her movies are so damn terrible…she’s always overshadowed in the movies and she’s not believable and I hope she’s pregnant so people can shut up about the whole competition with brad and Angie, even though it’s obvious that there isn’t any competition because brangelina are winning beyond Charlie sheen and are the hottest cple on the planet and have 6 kids an great movies under their belts and awards to go along with them…I mean the list goes on

  155. 155
    Mrsdavis Says:

    To add to everyones comments about why people say negative things about Jennifer..well let us not forget that all of her fans trashed Angie and brad accusing them of cheating and Angie being a horrible homewrecker..both brad and Angie both said that they never took it to that level when brad was still with Jen…the only stated they fell in love..which doesn’t mean it got physical. Angie even stated that she would never do that because her father cheated on her mom and she couldnt fall for someone who cheats on their wife.I have been in the same position before where I feel in love with someone else without being physical. We don’t know what happened only what about Jen coming between her new man and his gf of 14 yrs..there’s no difference…people act like she’s golden and america sweetheart..she doesn’t do anything that brings value to this world other than her horrible cheesy movies…it’s time to move on from Jen and bradgelina because he has been with Angie longer than he was with Jen so that says a far as homewrecker’s evident he wasn’t happy and more than likely they had issues plus he wanted a family..people should face the fact that him and Angie make a better couple than him and jen

  156. 156
    Sallyann Says:

    Go get psychiatric assistance you need that really badly.

  157. 157
    Sallyann Says:

    yours is a case of the kettle calling the pot black . You are far more ugly than anyone else just look at your comments.

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