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Kate Bosworth: JewelMint Fashion Films!

Kate Bosworth: JewelMint Fashion Films!

Kate Bosworth is white hot at the exclusive private screening of her new short films for JewelMint held at a private screening room in Los Angeles on Thursday morning (January 12).

The 29-year-old actress and her co-designer Cher Coulter (pictured below) hosted the chic breakfast event, which kicked off a reoccurring monthly film series for their jewelry line. Check out the first one below!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

Kate‘s proud parents Harold and Patricia were at the event to support their daughter. Her aunt too!

FYI: Kate is wearing a cute Altuzarra dress, Jimmy Choo shoes, and JewelMint jewels and bag (the strap turns into a cute necklace or bracelet).

Kate Bosworth: First JewelMint Fashion Film
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Photos: Justin Campbell
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  • raf


  • Lola

    It couldn’t hurt this girl to actually put some effort into her hair. Or eat a cheeseburger.

  • Jack

    Usually I think she’s pretty, but she looks really crappy here.

  • Lauren

    So is this what she films when she can’t get real jobs? What ugly hipster jewelry.

  • Jeannie

    Where’s her ‘life partner’

  • speaktruth

    I love her outift, shoes and jewelry. Then, there’s the hair that doesn’t match any of it. She could have put in a little more effort with the hair. Something as small as pinning pieces of it back would have made a huge difference and completed this look.

  • Where’s Polish?

    You’d think her “Life Partner” would be at this event considering he filmed it.

  • Shiitake

    She’s usually criticised for being too thin (true) and consequently looking like a zombie, but honestly, she’s a solid actor (though run of bad movies lately).

  • Dieter

    HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THAT GIRL !!!!! She will be nominated for Oscar for her straw dogs performance. She is an actress just as good as Maria Bello !!!

  • Actually…

    Oh shocking. Kate Bosworth looks dazed and a complete mess at a fashion event. (/massive sarcasm)
    On another note, many of the comments on JM’s facebook post about the video are pretty good. (There are both positive and negative comments so everyone can enjoy it.)

  • ????

    She looks like sh*t for a 29 yr old and why look so grumpy your pic is being taken ? You know u love it And where is boyfriend he should be there 4 support? And no gold ring?
    And as her t*ts got bigger since her last pap outing in LA with boyfriend.

  • She’s in her own commerical

    This is called an commerical, A commerical, do you know what a short film means, the intake involved?! Stop calling yourself an actress this is just too pathetic. Short film really, really!! It’s very obivious this girl is NOT getting any work. Just like her jooree looks like crap so is she.

  • Kerry duggan

    I think I Just about see the gold ring on her finger .
    so she is obviously still with LIFE BOYFRIEND.

  • tissues

    I hope she took those tissues out of her bra when she got inside.

  • Macy

    She obviously has a major padded bra. Her hair looks like crap once again.

  • ladybug

    Well, apparently she didn’t spend the holidays at the salon. And why does she always seem to stand with her toes pointed in?

  • She’s in her own commerical

    @Where’s Polish?:
    Haha so this is what she boils down to her Life partner the big movie director doing her jooree commericals. Hahahaha seriously. I can’t even.

  • Actually…

    @ladybug: To make her thighs look smaller? Because you know she needs to worry about stuff like that.

  • Hanna

    Does she have botox in her lips? They look unusual big…

  • night owl

    Her lips look like they are going to explode.

  • ladybug

    @Actually…: Heh. Though quite a few other women do that now while posing. It looks idiotic.
    “BREAST IMPLANTS!!!!!!!” Possibly not, at the Straw Dogs premiere she also looked like she had suddenly developed breasts and she hadn’t . There are non-surgical tricks to making it look like you have breasts. I don’t like her but I’ve sort of admired that she hadn’t succumbed to having implants.

  • chelle

    Where did the boobs come from?

  • summer

    gurl, wash your hair.

  • JEN

    Where are all the celebrity guests if this is such a “chic breakfast event”?This looks like they got dressed. threw on their crap joolree, ordered room service (crackers and water) and then popped the commercial into the dvd player so Kate could fawn over what an AMAZING ~model~ she is!

    This broad is such a joke. Time to retire Kate and find a real job. Goodwill is always hiring, and if you dig hard enough you can find some slightly used designer duds.

  • emmaa

    Like her or not, girl knows how to dress.

  • Macy

    Where is everybody? Naturally there aren’t any photos of any other guests. Did anyone even go besides Cher and her parents? There isn’t even a photo of them for pete’s sake.

  • Macy

    Wow, I just watched that video. Her hair looks like straw in it, especially the last 6 inches or so. Brutal! I love how the one necklace she takes off and hangs has an achor on it. Nice homage Bosworth. *rolls eyes*

  • Torii

    I just threw up a little in my mouth. Geez, could this woman look any worse? Those lips, the botox,the stringy hair! Go homeand sleep it off

  • longchamp

    loooove the nude shoes

  • ladybug

    @Macy: At least with this ‘short film’ you could tell what product was being sold. As opposed to the Vanessa Bruno ‘short film’ which was nonsensical.
    And apparently Kate wants her hair to look terrible, it’s fashionable.

  • commonsense

    JJ if it was such an “exclusive private” breakfast event you would be name-dropping celeb names all over the place and you know it!

  • Eresyn

    Her feet look idiotic,( why on Earth can’t she stand normal?) her hair is a mess (and she has a hair stylist LOL), her bra is too obvious and wtf …a “short film”???? that’s obviously just a commercial LOLOL ;)

  • Macy

    Well you know, haute couture doesn’t need to make sense. Cheap crap however….
    Straw like, damaged hair is never fahsionable. I don’t care who you are. It looks terrible. Have bed head all you want, but at least keep it healthy.

  • Eresyn

    I think she really thinks letting her hair go like that ,gives her a carefree, modern look, even more volume…but it’s a big FAIL…nothing can hide the fact that she’s got horrible hair, probably due to lack of nutrients and bleaching it non-stop…

  • Broadway Baby

    My mom & I saw her shopping at Barney’s the other week. I gasped in horror at how painfully thin she is. Hollyweird needs to stop kissing her a$$ and be real (ha). Clothing hanging off bones is not pretty, or beautiful, it’s scary & sending the wrong message to kids & people suffering with eating disorders.

  • ladybug

    @commonsense: Not even anyone from the other Mint companies.


    Comb your hair and eat something girl!

  • Anorexic

    in the vid she looks like she has a eatting disorder…sad

  • chelle

    @ladybug: I have always wanted a pursue that can double as a necklace or bracelet ….WTF?

  • Macy

    LOL I know, that’s what I though. It’s totally stupid.

  • kathy

    she needs to gain some weight and fix her hair. How in the world did this girl become a “fashion icon” ? Geez

  • Shannon

    At least she’s not singing.

    She looks painfully thin in the commercial. I think I saw every bone.

    God, her hair. She needs to cut it all off & keep it short to make it look fuller. Scrunching it up doesn’t cover up the fact that you’re hair is thinning.

  • ladybug

    @Shannon: I wonder when this was filmed-you can’t really see her chest bones in this one but then again there seemed to be an attempt to not show that area close up.
    What was the purpose of the breakfast? Was it an investor-type breakfast and hence no celebs? Or was this a daytime replay of her Nylon cover dinner, in that perhaps some celebs were invited but no one showed up?

  • raf

    @Dieter: hahahahahahaha!!Oscar???this is the best joke ever!!!

  • AbFab

    You know she’s way too thin when she uses what appears to be a necklace as a belt. Love the gold purse in these pics.

  • donnadew

    Here she is again, dirty, drugged and badly dressed. How come Jessica Simpson made so much money on fashion and this little rag can’t even sell a couple of cheap necklaces? Something’s going on here that I don’t understand.

  • bonita

    I think the commercial is fantastic! Usually films for products sold online look like infomercials but this one is much more creative. Her necklace is great and I like the purse a lot.

  • Reviews

    I love the video!

  • little m

    i don’t know why many of you want her to do sth with her hair – you don’t understand? she DID, and it was probably expensive stylist. And her hair look like that. Just think how she looks when she get up in the morning… I’m truly sorry for her.

  • Kerry duggan

    What I want to know is how the hell does this girl get boyfriends what favours is she offering them to date her so desperately?

    Also how very creative kate , a cheap chain strap that turns into necklace or bracelet now I know what to ask for 2012 Xmas. Lol (rolls eyes)