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Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler Head to Hugo's

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler Head to Hugo's

Vanessa Hudgens and boyfriend Austin Butler grab breakfast at Hugo’s on Thursday (January 12) in Studio City, Calif.

The night before, the 23-year-old actress rocked a Jenny Packham dress while attending the People’s Choice Awards.

“Had sooooo much fun at the People’s Choice Awards last night! We grabbed some pics along the way and backstage :)” Vanessa wrote on her official website, along with some photos of her getting ready for the big night.

FYI: Vanessa is wearing an Express sweater.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler going to Hugo’s…

Just Jared on Facebook
vanessa hudgens austin butler hugos 01
vanessa hudgens austin butler hugos 02
vanessa hudgens austin butler hugos 03
vanessa hudgens austin butler hugos 04
vanessa hudgens austin butler hugos 05
vanessa hudgens austin butler hugos 06
vanessa hudgens austin butler hugos 07
vanessa hudgens austin butler hugos 08
vanessa hudgens austin butler hugos 09
vanessa hudgens austin butler hugos 10
vanessa hudgens austin butler hugos 11

Photos: GSI Media, WENN
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  • Darina

    Jared, they are not going to grab breakfast, they are going to grab each other, for all to see.

  • bleeker

    Ugh, trashy girl. I wonder if she mounted him in the restaurant?

  • Alexis

    I don’t recognize them when they aren’t making out.

  • Ka simply

    Hi all

  • class…

    It’s not what you wear, but how you behave. These kids are fresh from the trailer park.

  • susie

    I wouldn’t touch the menu after them, it prolly smells fishy.

  • sony

    these people suckk let me tell you that
    and btw you look boho queen V i love you

  • tomasiy


  • tomasiy

    Vanessa is going to Australia today hope she’ll have a safe flight.

  • Sean

    I’m surprised they don’t have their tongues down each others throats

  • :)

    OMG. They’re not making out. I can’t believe it.

  • ?????????

    Don’t they know how to make breakfast at home???

    That way they can do whatever they want to each other in private.

  • :]

    what about the these two do the people commenting like so much?
    every time i see a post of them theirs heaps of comments.

  • ivy

    you guys are just mean… Vanessa looks gorgeous.

  • Marie

    While I have never been an over-the-top fan of VH (cute as a button but average talent IMO) I have to laugh at the criticisms of her relationship with AB. I get the whole Zanessa thing since it was crammed down every orfice known to man the minute HSM became the iconic symbol of a generation but people do change, grow up and grow apart. I have no doubt that ZE and VH will love each other always in one form or another. How could they not? But the bashing of her new relationship and the feigned outrage over her public displays of PDA are laughable at best. Since when did a 20 something beautiful girl showing affection for the guy she calls her BF become a crime in the Hooters, Victoria Secret thong wearing, plastic surgery loving USA? This is what young people in love/lust do. If Kim K can become a household name from a s*x tape and is looked up to and adored by those who keep her and her clan rich without celebrity from genuine talent then I can’t hate on VH who is mild offender by comparison.

  • jr

    I swear I had no idea people were such prudes and had such a problem with people.kissing till I came to this site. Me and my girl kiss wherever and whenever we feel like. Why? Because we can and because we care about each other. And ill be damned if I’m going to let a bunch of prudish people tell me how to treat my girlfriend and how we should handle our relationship. They’re dating they have the right to kiss when they damn well please. You think if u keep complaining its going to stop them? I doubt they care what you think. Live and let live people we need more love in the world and less whinning.

  • jr

    Hahaha I love it. Shoot I love that comment more then I do my own, very well said.

  • Yeesh

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Austin is such a cutie… can’t believe it wants to tap that…..

  • kami

    does he do any kind of work? like, does he have a job?

  • sasha
  • Sabrina

    Actually, they were making out in the car. Jared just didn’t post the pic. Seems like they just can’t stop showing their love. -_-

  • de Cosmos

    Would somebody turn the hose on them, please.

  • Marie


    ITA! They are in a relationship and obviously like each other and aren’t afraid to publically show it. For those who have issue with this (and unless they are dating VH and AB at the same time they are dating now there shouldn’t be an issue) just put the shoe on the other foot. If you were happy with your partner and freely showed your feelings for them at a mostly respectful level when out and about would you appreciate the negative snark about your relationship? Like Jr. said live and let live. Enough miserable lonely haterate drinking people in the world that I don’t need to bloat myself up on it as well.

  • Marie


    You mean like all the upstanding folks that post her at JJ’s house? LOL

  • !!!!!!!!!!!

    @?????????: Zac doesn’t have strippers in his pad that’s why he goes to strip clubs a lot!

  • suckefron

    I hope Zac (?) and Vanessa fans can just make peace and anticipate for “The HSM Reunion: Troy’s Got Bolt-ons.”

  • sam

    hahahha omg i was thinking the same thing suckerfon loool yeah they will do like a reunion omg that would be soooo cool

  • maria

    @?????????: I’m really sick of your stupid comments. You profess to not be a fan of Vanessa OR Zac’s, and admit to being rude just to get people upset. Well, that’s a lie, cause you ARE a Zac fan. What is this nasty desire, as a mother, to constantly degrade and belittle this girl, who’s done NOTHING to you? Go check out golden boy’s posts and you’ll notice there aren’t Vanessa fans pulling that kind of crap. Grow up and stay away. And I hope no one bullies and treats your daughters like you do.

    @Marie: @jr: Love your comments! It’s mind boggling to read the stupid comments about these two, but we all know where the trash comes from.

  • Jasmine

    @Marie: …says the person who feels the need to censor the word SEX.

  • Jasmine

    I was never a fan of HSM and don’t care for either Vanessa or Zac. I’m glad they’re both fading into obscurity because they’re mediocre and HSM started the stupidest trends I’ve ever witnessed. However, this girl is trash. She should ride her boyfriend at home, or at least not in front of an audience and she knows full well that the paparazzi are watching her with their creepy zoom-in lenses. I’m actually 100% surprised that they aren’t playing tonsil hockey here. Like someone else said–I can’t recognize them without them doing that stuff. It’s obnoxious and classless.

  • jenna

    I totally get why people are bashing this couple, saying how they need to get a room. The pix of them in Miami at that hotel were not just of them kissing. I don’t think anyone here would have a problem with that. Van was repeatedly straddling him in public, in a way that was so overtly sexual that he had a visible HARD-*N! She was posing while riding him, arching her back, sticking her as* out…it was really gross. I would be very uncomfortable if I had to share space with these people. You people who think that stuff is ok in public really need go learn some basic manners.

  • ?

    Now that was just plain rude. You don’t know them. you don’t know her. Sitting behind a computer pretending like you do doesn’t make you superior it makes you classless. They’re out living their lives and are happy while you hide behind a computer screen acting like it makes you brave. I guess you got to get your jollies off somehow but doing it this way is sad.

  • maria

    @Jasmine: People throw stones at things that shine, Taylor Swift says. It’s also true that miserable people can’t stand to see others happy. Sorry, there is nothing wrong with kissing your guy, so you can just go back to your miserable world of unhappy people and preach there. We like Vanessa, and we like that she’s happy.

  • maria

    @jenna: She was NOT repeatedly straddling him. Cameras have “burst” features where they can take dozens of shots in a few seconds. Then if Jared here just buys those photos, it looks like it lasts longer than it did. And if you think that’s a hard-on, you don’t know much. Let’s just say it’d be much more noticable. The guy is just “blessed”. And thanks for being classy and bringing that up. If you are so unhappy in your life, you should work on it, instead of pointing fingers at those who are.

  • Haters Suck!

    those pics were nearly two weeks ago maybe it’s time to get over it. And you didn’t have to share space with them but the people who actually did didn’t seem to care so maybe it wasn’t as bad as you think. Pics turn something that may have lasted a few seconds and turn it into something more then it is.
    Anyway, Austin that Yankee hat is killing me dude. Vanessa did you really have to date a Yankee fan it’s driving me crazy? Other then that they make a good couple.

  • Juliet

    Have that guy got just one suit of clothes?

    He is wearing the same pants, the same shoes and the same jacket everyday…..

    Even the dating expenses are covered always by Vanessa…..

    He is kind of homelss……

  • Emma

    @bleeker: It is you who are trash!!!

  • bella

    @bleeker jenna: When you saw your writing,you I’ve laughed

    Oh please….just don’t start with that crap!!!!!

  • yets

    just be Happy Vanessa as long as you do not hurt anybody your fine.
    we love you.

  • ……

    I am very sure that he uses her for himself..

    Looking at pictures of Vanessa and Austin.

    He doesn’t look at her. She seems so happy and he seems like he couldn’t care less…How sad

  • BOJI

    Glad Vanessa had a great time at the PCAs. Missed seeing her all glammed up. Cool that she spent as much time as she can with Austin before her overseas trip.
    Marie and Jr, you both rock with your comments.
    @ Suckefron, afraid I won’t be seeing The Reunion” Troy’s got Bolt-tons”. However, would love your critique on said movie, hahahaha!
    Sad how some sleazy comments here reflect the mindset of the person who said it in the first place.

  • roxy

    the ‘RATS’ are out!!! and are leaving their rabies on this tread. have some consideration at least, she cant please everyone cuz she is not in love anymore with your ‘beautiful’ boy. she found a real man, is happy and in love. why does it bother you too much? normal couples make out!!! nothing worng with that, find a man and go kiss him…haters go away if u dont like her! dont hate and spread love its better that way. peace!

  • maria

    @VanFan: I apparently did not see the JJ post on Zac. And I have NOT posted on Zac!s threads in a LONG time.

    @Deb: So she straddled his lap a few times with clothes on, at a private resort. No different than what she did with Zac. She didn’t get hate for that, did she?? As far as Austin, I beg to differ. The guy is just endowed, and it was evident only because he was lying flat. Can’t help that. Why can’t you just leave them alone? This supposedly inappropriate behavior by a BF/GF is not hurting you in any way. What gives?? I had issues w/ Zac WHILE he was WITH Vanessa. You’re having an issue here over this that is happening a YEAR after they broke up. What’s your point, Deb?????

  • maria

    @VanFan: As a matter of fact, I haven’t posted on Zac’s threads since his appearance at The Box, when someone had to belittle Vanessa for shopping, another questionable behavior to Zac fans. Which made me stop and read the comments there. So you all have no problems with his penchant for nude or burlesque shows, and we don’t see anything wrong with kissing your BF OR even straddling him on vacay. Not that one is anything like the other. I guess I’m happy she’s not into that stuff, and just enjoying a nice new relationship. To each his own, I guess.

  • Haters Suck!

    i haven’t checked out the “golden boys” latest posts but I wouldn’t doubt if there are Vanessa fans on there talking crap. And ya know what I’m ok with that considering all the crap being spewed by zac fans including you, you honestly think it wouldn’t piss some Vanessa fans off and want to
    go talk crap about zac. Just be thankful Ive stayed out of there so far cause then things would turn onto a real mess.

  • evz

    I’d rather see Vanessa kissing or straddling her boyfriend than her going to clubs and getting drunk or kissing random guys. In this modern world we live in, there are so much worse scenario you can see than the pic all the haters complaining about.
    Vanessa is happy. She’s living her life as You all Haters do. Do yourself a favor, if you so much hate this girl, don’t go to her post. End of discussion.

  • angel

    The way I see, it’s always Vanessa who first try touching
    Austin barely does something affectionate to her

    Please don’t be so emotional ahead of the other
    Pushing and pulling plays are necessary between lovers’ love affair, Vanessa!!!

  • maria

    @Haters Suck!: I am so sorry I said that. I didn’t read any of his posts on JJ, just JJJ, and it was a different story there. Like you, I just don’t post there anymore. I really don’t care what he does, even if questionable. He’s living his life the way he wants, and he isn’t hurting anyone now. I wish people would feel the same about Vanessa. She isn’t hurting anyone doing her thing, and enjoying her new guy.

  • ?????????

    looks like her sorry Ass has been dumped. Awwwwwwwwwwww what a shame.

  • ?

    What do you mean dumped? That’s a one year endorsement traditionaly, candies gets a new spokesperson every year. Vanessa’s year was last year her year is up so they got their next person and will get a new person next year. God you’re both evil and ignorant.